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Iowa in the Civil War


Delaware County in the Civil War

"Brave men are always honored, and no class of citizens are entitled to greater respect than the brave volunteers of Delaware County, not simply because they were soldiers, but because, in their association with fellow men, their walk is upright and their character and honesty without reproach.

The Iowa Volunteers - May they ever be remembered with love and gratitude for answering so readily to the country's call; for defending with untiring zeal the nation's honor and the cause of right. May their names descend to posterity with those of Washington and the heroes of the Revolution."

T. H. Bowen  

Alexander Voorhees, 21st Iowa Indantry

Allen Scott, 21st Iowa Infantry

Demosthenes Scott, 21st Iowa Infantry

Cornelius Scott, 21st Iowa Infantry

Aristides Scott, 21st Iowa Infantry

William Ord Hart, 21st Iowa Infantry

Joseph Poor, 21st Iowa Infantry

Alonzo Root, 21st Iowa Infantry

Salue Gattshall Van Anda 21st Iowa Infantry

Elisha R. Root,  21st Iowa Infantry

Delaware County Civil War Draft Registration Rolls, 1863

Henry Potter, 21st Iowa Infantry

Robert Risher, 21st Iowa Infantry

Walter M. O"Brian, 21st Iowa Infantry

Benjamin F. Odell, 21st Iowa Infantry

John A. Green, 21st Iowa Infantry

Frederick Keidel Civil War Veteran

Soldiers buried in Evergreen, Hopkinton and Upper Bay Settlement Cemeteries

Reunion of the 21st Iowa Infantry, 1872

Delaware County Soldiers Buried at Andersonville, 1861-1866

Our Civil War Fallen Heroes

Pensioners on the Roll, as of 1 Jan 1883

Family Connections to Iowa Civil War Soldiers


Delaware County Civil War Units

Memorial & Appreciation

The First Infantry
Third Infantry, Co. C
Third Veteran Infantry, Co. A
Fifth Infantry, Co. K
  Ninth Infantry  
Company D.; Company E.; Company F.; Company G.; Company K.
  Twelfth Infantry  
Company F.; Company H.; Company I.; Company K.; Other Officers
  Twenty-First Infantry  
Company C.; Company H.; Company I.; Company K; Company Unknown; Officers;
Company K, (a second history)Addendum 'Black River Bridge' engagement

Washington Hopkins Casey, 21st Regt. Iowa Vol. Inf.

Twenty-Seventh Infantry
Officers; Company E.; Company F.
A History of the 27th Iowa Infantry, by Captain George S. Pierce, US Army
  Forty-Fourth Infantry  
Company A.; Company C.; Company E.
  Forty-Sixth Infantry   
Company A.; Company F.; Musician
Miscellaneous Infantry Units
Second Veteran Infantry; Fourteenth Infantry Battalion; Sixteenth Infantry
Seventeenth Infantry; Thirty-First Infantry; Thirty-Second Infantry;
Thirty-Sixth Infantry [Gray Beards]; Thirty-Seventh Infantry; Forty-Eighth Infantry
First Infantry, A. D. [60th U. S. Vols., A. D.]; First Iowa Infantry [African descent]
One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Illinois Infantry
  First Cavalry  
Company C.; Company G.; Company L.
  Second Cavalry  
Company B.; Company C.; Company I.; Company M.; Unassigned; Unknown Company
  Fourth Cavalry  
Officers; Company B.; Company H.; Company K.; Company Unknown
  Sixth Cavalry  
Officers; Company B. Company G.; Company K.; Company M.; Unassigned
  Seventh Cavalry  
Officers; Company B.; Company E; Company H; Unassigned
  Eighth Cavalry  
Officers; Company L.; Company Unknown
Miscellaneous Cavalry Units
Fifth Cavalry; Second Missouri Cavalry; Fifth Veteran Cavalry
Third Battery Light Artillery
Engineer Regiment of the West, Co. F


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