'Western Gazette'

was first issued in Bloomfield in 1854 by owner/editor George W. JOHNSON & his associate J. KISTER. That same year Rev. Jesse B. BOWEN started the 'Radiator', with A.J. DICKERHOFF as editor & C.P. OBER as printer. Ober later bought the paper and renamed it the 'Iowa Flag' or 'Ober's True Flag'.

By late 1856 Bowen owned it, calling the paper the 'Bloomfield Union & Davis County Democrat'. Another short-lived paper was the 'Democratic Weekly Union', also by Rev. BOWEN. In Troy, 'Wards Own' was started by William G. WARD in 1857. Ward's paper had quite a reputation......"As a newspaper, a good joke". Hosea B. HORN also had a brief-run paper in Troy, the 'Davis County Index'. 'Democratic Clarion', 1858, by A.P. BENTLEY & Amos STECKEL. 'Union Guard', 1863, publisher A.M. KARNS & Col S.A. MOORE & M.H. JONES, editors. Henry JONES & Cyrus H. YOUNG owned it in 1868; E.T. WHITE purchased it the same year and renamed it 'Davis County Republican'.

This last paper continued publication into the 1900's.

Source:  Newspaper Collection of the State Historical Society of Iowa, by L.O. Cheever, 1969 & Notes on the History of Iowa Newspapers, 1836-1870, by K.Y. Macy 1927



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