Cemetery Township Sec #
Adams Cemetery Marion 28
Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery Prairie 24
Anderson Cemetery Salt Creek 13
Armstrong Cemetery Prairie 5
Arney Cemetery Union 33
Baer Cemetery Soap Creek 7
Bailey Cemetery Marion 7
Baptist Cemetery Fox River 23
Bell Cemetery West Grove 5
Bethel Cemetery West Grove 14
Bethlehem Cemetery Salt Creek 16
Bloomfield South Cemetery Cleveland 30
Bragg Cemetery Wyacondah 1
Breeding Cemetery Soap Creek 29
Bridwell Cemetery Wyacondah 14
Brown Cemetery Roscoe  
Burgher Cemetery Fabius 29
Brumley see Hubbard   9
Cammack Cemetery Cleveland 21
Clark Cemetery Union 33
Catholic West Grove 18
Collins Cemetery Grove 34
County Home Cleveland 4
Chequest see Rouch nee Dutch Flats  
Cupp  Union 20
Davies Cemetery Cleveland 24
Dooley Cemetery Wyacondah 32
Drakesville Cemetery Drakesville 8
Dunnville Cemetery Lick Creek 32
Edwards Cemetery Cleveland 36
Evergreen Cemetery West Grove 18
Fenton Cemetery Wyacondah 32
Fiedler Cemetery Lick Creek 16
Fountain Cemetery Union 31
Fite see Litgner    
Floris IOOF Lick Creek 14
French Cemetery Grove 5
Glasgow Cemetery Salt Creek 22
Glassburner Cemetery Marion 28
Gore Perry  
Hammans Cemetery Fox River 2
Hamson Cemetery Marion 21
Harbour Cemetery Soap Creek 26
Heidlebaugh Cemetery Salt Creek 36
Hemm Cemetery Salt Creek 25
Hetzler Cemetery    
Hopkins Cemetery Fabius 25
Horn Cemetery Fabius 30
Howell Cemetery Wyacondah 8
Hubbard Cemetery Roscoe  
IOOF Cemetery Cleveland 24
Inskeep Cemetery Wyacondah 1
Jackson Cemetery Salt Creek 33
Jay Cemetery Lick Creek 26
John Cemetery West Grove 32
Johnson Cemetery Fabius 3
Kelley Cemetery Wyacondah 6
Kingdom Cemetery Soap Creek 25
Knights of Pythias Lodge Prairie 18
Lester Cemetery Cleveland 14
Lister Cemetery Grove 11
Litgner Cemetery Salt Creek 4
McConnell Cemetery Fox River 1
McCormick Cemetery Lick Creek 12
Morgan Cemetery Wyacondah 30
Mount Gilead Cemetery Salt Creek 28
Mount Moriah Cemetery West Grove 7
Mounts Cemetery Marion 21
Money see Bethlehem    
Newton Cemetery Fabius 11
Padgett Cemetery Salt Creek 29
Pansy Hill Cemetery Prairie 2
Paris Cemetery Fox River 8
Parrott/Peden Cemetery Lick Creek 2
Patterson Cemetery Grove 18
Pella/Pelly Cemetery Fox River  
Rewter Cemetery Perry  
Pierce Cemetery Salt Creek 18
Pollard Cemetery Cleveland 33
Pleasant Hill Cleveland 29
Pulaski Cemetery Prairie 7
Rater/Rader Cemetery Grove 1
Richardson Cemetery Union 35
Rime Cemetery Soap Creek 1
Roland Cemetery Soap Creek 26
Rouch Cemetery Union 5
Round Grove Cemetery Roscoe 9
Rudd Cemetery Soap Creek 17
Runkle Cemetery Fox River 23
Savannah Cemetery Wyacondah 10
Sherman Chapel Cemetery Soap Creek 10
Shinn Cemetery West Grove 7
Shunam Cemetery Perry 15
Small Cemetery Wyacondah 3
Spence Cemetery Lick Creek 8
Stark Cemetery Perry 2
Stiles Cemetery Grove 34
Stringtown see Richardson    
Sullivan Cemetery Cleveland 1
Swinney Cemetery Lick Creek 29
Troy Cemetery Union 26
Union Cemetery Grove 34
Washington Cemetery Fabius 11
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Marion 13
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Wyacondah 22
West Grove Cemetery West Grove 35
West Union Cemetery Fox River 10
Wheaton Cemetery Prairie 3
Wheeler Cemetery Marion 24
White Cemetery Perry 1
Wilson Cemetery Lick Creek 25



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