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From: Tim Eakins (tle1eba@msn.com)  

June 26 2006
Annual visit...Mother was a Bolwar,her sisters married into these families: Wilkinson,Kinney,Lepper,Lang.Bolwar family lived in Floris. Mother (Jeane Bolwar) graduated from Bloomfield High,appox. 1941. Please keep up the good work. Wonderful site!

From: Mary Stephenson (dixielady33@hotmail.com)  

June 12 2006
Looking for PEDENs. I see thery are spelled PEYTON, PADEN, etc.
You do a terrific job!!

From: gloria greer (gcco.gigi@juno.com)  

June 2 2006
looking for information on Jeremiah Greene Chambers. He lived in Drakesville for many years. He passed away in 1896 in Ottumwa. Thought perhaps he was buried in Drakesville. We have no record of where he is buried. Thanks..Gloria from Arizona

From: Fred (fptackle@yahoo.com)  

May 25 2006
Good work, Really helped me find my peeps.

From: John Bennett  

May 8 2006
Great job on the site. I'm researching ancestors Andrew and John Bennett who lived in Davis county in the late 1840s and through the 1850s

From: Janise (dayofluv2003@yahoo.com)  

April 28 2006
I am looking for any information on Onnie Vaughn who had a son name Charlie Martin. I am also looking for information on Bessie Davis and Berta Davis. I believe they were in Georgia and Alabama. I currently do not have dates at this time.
Thank You

From: Maggie B (maggie2010@gmail.com)  

April 21 2006
great book!

From: Betty L. Storms (bettslou@earthlink.net)  

April 15 2006
Love the site. Was in Davis Co Summer of 2004 visiting cousin Dorothy Goldizen (Hi Dorothy} Will be back there in June to finish up the Gandy research and recheck on the Jackson Hall Cemetery to see if the stones are still standing that I had pulled from under the ground on the Gandy family. See you all soon. Looking forward to my visit. Noticed on the site that none of the three Gandy brothers that were in the Civil War are on the brass dedication area in town. Betty

From: Jim Childs (jbchilds@voyager.net)  

April 10 2006
I enjoyed the site.It is very user friendly and easy to navigate.My family names are Walker and Childs.They had settled in Davis County in the early
years and then moved westward.Keep up the great work.

From: Jenny Randall Stork (j.stork@comcast.net)  

March 19 2006
Your website is very good. I was stopping by to look for John and Peter Randall

From: mgbada south (onyeocha@yaho.com)  

March 18 2006
its cool

From: Darlene McKerracher  

March 14 2006
Very nicely done site - easy on the eyes
Looking for Drury Clark

From: Dennis Edward Watts (wattsneb@hotmail.com)  

March 9 2006
Bruce Watts was my grandfathers from Davis Co and my grandmother was Helen Russell, Gfather was Samuel D. Watts,married Harriett Berry,his father was Johnson Watts married Nancy McMains his father was John Watts. Also other family names are Whitacre, Alexander.

From: Darline Duncan (dad1037@yahoo.com)  

March 9 2006
I read over your archives and see I have signed in before. I have a few more surnames now. My families came to Davis Co. in the 1850's from Decatur and Ripley Counties in Indiana. I think they came to start a new church. At least they were instrumental in getting it started. William BARKER and his wife Lucinda (BECRAFT) donated the land on the IA/MO border for the church and cemetary to be built. Other surnames were LAWRENCE, MOZINGO, FORTUNE, McLAUGHLIN, CLEMONS, ELDER, MILLIKEN, McDOWELL, STEVENSON, married into families surnamed HOTCHKISS, CORRICK, BROWN, CHRISTY, GRADY, PETEFISH, HART, TUCKER and others. Most lived in or near Bloomfield at some point and seem to be buried there. Some moved back and forth across to Scotland Co., MO. I would sure love to see at least an index of the marriages later than 1854...most of my families had children who would have married 1860-1900...and I have not found a lot of them because I don't know who they married.

From: Diane Richwine Osborne (lockup73@yahoo.com)  

March 9 2006
I'm searching for Joshwa (Joshua) Richwine and Mary E. Cecil and family. They resided in Davis County. Some of their children (or all) may have been born there.

From: Jerry Merten (jmerten@ftlbd.fruit.com)  

March 5 2006
I am researching the FRYMOYER family. George and Suzie (Whitmer) Frymoyer. They had children in Davis County, Ralph, Oliver,and Neal. Any information would be helpful. George

From: debra stufflebeem griffin (dnana1177@bellsouth.net)  

February 20 2006

From: Teresa Rortvedt (pgrortsr@verizon.net)  

February 3 2006
Love all the things that you have added to the site. I am researching the Martin, Fenton, Hopkins, Stookesberry, Pirtle, Hancock Family Lines.

Keep up the good work!!!!

From: COLLEEN (colleenstout57@yahoo.com)  

January 29 2006
gg grandaughter of JOSEPH FOUNTAIN (1812-1899)and ELIZABETH HARDESTY (1843-1927)continually hoping to break throught the

From: Catherine Dixon Willits (kate-2@inebraska.com)  

January 12 2006

From: Donna Sidney (imdsidney@aol.com)  

January 5 2006
Have just rejoined the society and hope to find info
on the family of Ebenezer Tolbert/Talbert. Lived in Davis Co 1840-1870

From: Ora Stoner (c-o-stoner@wavecable.com)  

December 20 2005
This is an excellent site - I am researching the Charles William Cook and Nannie Augusta Simmons family. He was born in Bloomfield, IA Dec. 5, 1871 and she was born Nov. 9, 1876 also in Bloomfield, IA. They were married Dec. 31, 1896. His parents were James B. and Sarah (Bartlett) Cook. Her parents were Augustus Simmons and Betty (Horn) Simmons. This is as far back as our information goes.

From: Karen Meeker (bakak@sbcglobal.net)  

December 1 2005
Hadn't visited in awhile so thought to check in this morning. Love all the pictures of tombstones in Bethlehem cem. Thanks to all the time spent on doing so. Karen

From: Paul Higbee (Pyglit39@hotmail.com)  

October 24 2005
Looking for Higbee family info. Granfather was Tom T. Higbee deceased 1973, married to a Ida Jones, I think her first name was Ida can't remember.She was a teacher at a 1 room school that sat on our cousins farm.Also looking for Jones and Ryan(cousins) family info would be great. My uncle was John David Higbee (b.1922) who commited suicide in Bloomfield in 1961 I believe could have been 1962. He Had 5 boys Married to my aunt Jane. My father was William Jesse Higbee(b.1924) He passed away August 7th 1987. Feel free to email then I can call back. Me, my wife and kids are planning to come to Bloomfield in 2006.

From: Bob Todd (bobtodd32@comtekmail.com)  

October 23 2005
Great Site. I'm still looking for a Surname & Researcher Name List. I am trying to blend several 1970 & 80 vintage set of family history notes. Searching for inrormation and descendants of the three Becraft brothers and sisters that married the three Lawrence brothers and sisters in Indiana and relocated in Davis County along with many other family members. Good Luck, Bob Todd in Manassas, VA

From: Carol Buelt (grannycj@hotmail.com)  

October 20 2005
Looking for info. on the Latta family from Bloomfield. My father is Ralph Latta.

From: werner boehi/bohi (boehileberman@aol.com)  

October 14 2005
looking for relatives bohi/or boehi homesteaded in this area 1850-1860

From: Lori Sattler (llsattler@abe.midco.net)  

September 28 2005
Hi, I really enjoyed your site and am looking for any family of Jacob and Mary Hellman Grasser and Jacob and Mary Hellman Grasser Dieffenback. Would love to hear from anyone in the family. I am a ggggranddaughter of John Fredrick Grasser.

From: Charlotte Wixon (wixonbc@aol.com)  

September 16 2005
Great Site! Working on family lines of Baker, Wade, and Glasgow in Davis and Appanoose counties.

From: Judy Brown (forte1956@hotmail.com)  

September 16 2005
Looking for information on James W. Shull who married Glenetta Charlotte Keith. Was told he is buried in a cemetery in Drakesville but cannot find dates or where his wife is buried. Anyone else researching him?

From: Chris (okchris@earthlink.net)  

September 8 2005
You did well, wish my ancestors were here more. Looking for MURPHY, Thomas, Martha, John, Squire, Joseph and Mary Ann were here in 1860 census only. Why? and where did they bury Martha who died in 1868? By 1870 family without Martha was in Lincoln county, MO.

From: Dennis l. Shaw (fox-creek@worldnet.att.net)  

July 26 2005
great web site , im looking for a photo of the fox river school house , said to be on section 6 ,,,davis county

From: Edna Rhoades Hining (dhining@houston.rr.com)  

July 22 2005
Just looking for any info on the Hining's and Rhoades in Davis Co

From: Matthew James Hunt (matt@hunttech.net)  

July 21 2005
Wonderful site packed full of useful information! I'm working on the Hunt line from Preston County, WV... specifically the line from Thomas Anderson Hunt's parents - backward. I'm descended directly from his grandfather, James Hunt, Sr. I have the tree at http://www.hunttech.net/familytree . Thanks again for the great info!

From: Joanne Skelton (jskelton@oip.net)  

July 1 2005
researching the England family

From: Patricia Crawley (lilmissy13@Comcast.net)  

June 30 2005
Just found out William Hinkle couldn't have been Marion's brother. He was hung Aug 13,1858. Marion's father was born in 1851. William had an invalid wife & hired a young girl to come take care of her. The wife died from poison. Later years when the young girl was about to die she confessed she poisoned the wife. Does anyone know anything about this?

From: Pirate Chief (piratechief@gmail.com)  

June 29 2005
Love the site!

June 29 2005
My husband's Great Grandfather Marion Henkle whose brother William was hung on Aug 13,1858 for poisoning his wife. I am trying to find info on it. The original spelling of the last name was Hinkle but the family changed it out of embarrassment of what William did. Their father's name was William too.

From: Judi (Henderson) Rupe (dnjrupe@mtida.net)  

June 28 2005
Hi: Your website has come a long way from a few years ago. Much more user friendly. Think I am related to half of Davis Co. Dad and Gramps Henderson were born there. I have been working on our Hendersons of Davis Co., Iowa for more than 10 years. It is quite a project to sift thru all the records and sort out who belongs to who in our big Henderson family. It is good to know that some of them are still in the Davis Co., area. Many of our kin were buried in the Hopkins, Horn, Johnson and other cemeteries of Davis Co. Our Hendersons started out in section 35 and later in section 27 of Davis Co. Our eldest ancestor, Wm. Henderson (1796-1888) had a land grant there in 1850 acquiring it about a year after arriving in Davis Co. There were many relatives that also settled in other southern Iowa counties. Our history is awesome. Love your site, keep up the good info. Sincerely, Judi Rupe in Idaho

From: Betty (bettyanne@ditol.com)  

June 27 2005
Nice Site. Looking for Shick and Srofe They lived there in the middle 1800's

From: Susan Mingee (esmingee@natchez.net)  

June 27 2005
Searching for Henry and Lydia Mingee and Henry's mother Mary Ann who lived in Davis County, Iowa during the Civil War. Great site with lots of helpful links!

From: Mark Allen Whisler (mwhisler@ruan.com)  

June 22 2005
Researching my McGowen(Dick and Jean) roots. The old family farmis now county wildlife refuge on east edge of Bloomfield. I am also resarching my Whisler roots(Albert and Ada)former family farm west of hwy 63 near Mark. This a very nice web site.

From: Misty Fountain (mistyfountain@myway.com)  

June 20 2005

From: Linda Henderson (dadme2003@yahoo.com)  

June 5 2005
Great job! Enjoy browsing. Researching Henderson, Grinstead, Wilcher and Forbes along with a little Christy.

From: Faith Tharp Stegon (fastgram@aculink.net)  

May 29 2005
Hi, haven't been browsing much, site is great! Visited Bloomfield in 1999 and wondered why my ancestors left to work in smelters. My list of names are THARP/MINIEAR/FLEMING

From: Roberta Day Idzorek (rdinm@earthlink.net)  

May 28 2005
Great website! I am researching my grandfather Ernest Lorin Butt(s), born near Floris, Iowa on April 28, 1892. His parents were Mary Elizabeth Grotjan from Chariton Co., MO, and George Wallace Butt(s) from Warren Co., IN. Birth Record 2, Davis County, IA, record # 3358, gives his father as Walter Butt, occupation farmer, and the Attendant as J. Swinney, M.D.. Birthplace (family tradition) also stated as Belknap. His parents were in IL in 1889 when a sister Arzella was born, and were back in IL in 1894. I did not see a listing for Butt(s) or Swinney in the 1891 Davis County Historical Directory. I would appreciate any suggestions for learning more about where my family lived, who they may have worked for, or why they may have been in Iowa for the short time they were. I live in Los Alamos, NM, and would be glad to help anyone seeking info in this area. Thanks!

From: Gary Martin (mamgem@sbcglobal.net)  

May 27 2005
Researching family of William and Mary Ann Martin of Bloomfield, 1880 to 1937.

From: Pamela Greiner Hom (pamelahom@pogowave.com)  

May 27 2005
I'm researching my greatgreat Aunt Etta Greiner Eaton, daughter of David Greiner(b.1837) and Mary Jane Sweeney Greiner(b 1837), born in Davis County Iowa, 1/29/1860, and am looking for a birth certificate. She subsequently left the county on a wagon train headed by her uncle Ransom Wells in the spring of 1864. If anyone knows anything about her or their trip to the Territory of Washington, I would be interested in knowing. Thank you.

From: darrell dietrich conwell (darrell-dietrich-conwell@web.de)  

May 18 2005
Very interesting webpage.

From: M.A. Pavey (mpavey@columbus.rr.com)  

April 17 2005
Researching the names Ira and Cynthia (ALEXANDER) Walton. Cynthia lived to be 103 years old.

From: Dr.Eze Mgbada eze@mgbada.com   

March 24 2005
A very nice site keep it up.

From: give (gimmesome@fastmail.fm)  

March 20 2005
nice site

From: Teresa Lindsay (teriann55@yahoo.com)  

March 13 2005
A few of my ancestors; HAGEN, ARNEY and KITTLEMAN lived in this county in the mid 1800's. It is an intersting site, learning the history of the county.

From: Eleanor Eckert (eleaneck@earthlink.net)  

March 10 2005
Nice site! Researching BOLLMAN, GRIFFEATH, CLARK, BIVINS, MITCHELL and SMITH in Bloomfield and surrounding towns.

From: Betty J. modglin (bjmodglin@aol.com)  

March 8 2005
looking for parents and silings of Winfield Scott Douglas. He was b.in Obion,Co.Tn. in 1847.His mother may have been named Ferobe. He married and died in Jackson, Co. Il.in 1913.Thanks for putting this great site on line. Betty

From: Nancy Gray Schweikert (jstnan@yahoo.com)  

March 7 2005
Glad to find your site. Harriet Downing, born 1826 was my GGGrandmother. She married Thomas King in Davis Co, IA in the 1840s, Came west on the Oregon trail,and is buried at a lost site on their Donation Land Claim here in Marion Co, OR. I will be visiting Davis Co in early or mid may to walk some of the cemeteries there. I have much informtion to share on Harriett`s descendants. Regards, Nancy Gray Schweikert, Scio, Oregon

From: Ray & Joyce Lunsford (Mjoyceshel1@aol.com)  

February 25 2005
Ancestors are Lunsford, Kinney, Gleason, Eller, Brunk, Hubbard.

From: Neschie Smith (Neschie2@yahoo.com)  

February 20 2005
Researching COLLETT family of Harlan and Bell Counties in KY. Ruth COLLETT married Everett SALYERS, also my line. Ruth COLLETT's were James Franklin COLLETT and Charity ?, b. abt. 1847 in KY. Am looking for info on Charity. James Franklin COLLETT's parents were Samuel COLLETT and Martha (Patsy) FULTZ(FULTS/FULKS), so I'm searching the FULTZ line, too. Anyone related to any of these lines? Please contact me so we can share info!

From: Paul Higbee (Pyglit39@hotmail.com)  

February 12 2005
I'm looking for Heckert, Higbee, Jones and Ryan family moved to bloomfield in 1880's?

From: Lola McCreary (lamccreary@comcast.net)  

February 11 2005
What a beautiful site. I did find an ancester in the First Settlers section. I knew he was in Iowa someplace.

From: Jennifer Kerr (Jeneker@aol.com)  

February 8 2005
I love your site, it is one of my favorites. Still searching for more info on the Wells families, children of Samuel Duncan Wells and Matilda Brunk. Looking for a picture of one of their sons, Philip Wells. He was my husband's great grandfather, who later moved to CA and died in 1880 and is buried in Alhambra Cemetery, Martinez, CA.

From: Della M. Shafer (thescoop@cox.net)  

February 3 2005
Davis Co. connections: Sardis SMITH, d.1891, bur. Inskeep Cem., Martha (SCARLET)BLANKENSHIP SMITH RICHARDSON, Joseph L. RICHARDSON, John R. BLANKENSHIP

From: Dolores Sanderson (djs4432@hotmail.com)  

January 31 2005
Great site. Thank you for all your hard work

From: Aimee Stubbs (stubbsam@westminster-mo.edu)  

January 19 2005
I am looking for information on William H. GOODSON who was born in Davis County app. 1868, the child of Jacab and Elizabeth GOODSON.

From: Craig Downing (cpdowning88@msn.com)  

January 15 2005
I have just started reseraching my family tree, because my kids keep asking me about Downing street in Elgand. I do now that my great grand father Ralph Downing grew up in Davis Co. He was married Clementine Barker. If anybody help please Email me thanks. nice web site. Craig Downing

From: Karyl Ann Sumner Bainbridge (tedb@ruraltel.net)  

January 8 2005
I am interested in Sumners, Dotsons, Lynches, Lanmans and allied families in Davis County. Think this site is the greatest

From: Elizabeth Nash (dnash1@cox.net)  

January 3 2005
My gr-grandfather was born in Davis County 26Mar1851. Was his father William O. Jackson buried in the Jackson Cemetery northeast of Floris? The 1860 or 70 Federal Census has a Jesse L. Jackson in the Wm. O. Jackson family of Davis County. Jesse was father to my grandmother Martha E. JACKSON Troup. The family left Iowa and homesteaded in Ellsworth County, KS where she was born. Jesse married Annie C. ENOCH 30Oct1874 but I have no record where.

From: Dan Baldwin (Dan@DanBaldwin.info)  

December 26 2004
Researching Henry D. PARIS. m1845, one child b.1857 Mary J.

From: Georgie Golden-Trammell (GMGT45@comcast.net)  

December 17 2004
Family names Spilman, McCullough,Dotson, Golden, Shephard, Pease, Jones, Piaggi. Father's family traced to per Revolution. Mother's to pre-revolution and prior to CA Gold Rush (1848 CA)

From: Michael J. Thayer (mjrattler@aol.com)  

December 11 2004
Interested in Thayer history in Davis County, IA.

From: Timothy Eakins (tle1eba@msn.com)  

December 10 2004
Grandfather: Warden Bolwar,Floris, died 1965
Mother: Jean Bolwar Eakins Brown,died Dec. 2002
Father: Robert W. Eakins,Eldon, died 1968
Aunts (Bolwar) girls:
Lucille Wilkinson,Irene Lepper,Pauline Kinney,Ruth Lang
My message is simple: I miss them all!


December 6 2004

From: norma ann cox mielke (namielke@hickorytech.net)  

December 4 2004
Looking for Parker relatives, - william, john, urban for genealogy purposes. Noticed 2 infant deaths - 1886 and 1888 and 1889. Trying to determine if they are my relatives. Also a Lucy M Parker, 72 yrs, - 1889. Good website. Thanks.

From: john d. benge (johndbenge@excite.com)  

November 30 2004


November 15 2004

From: Amy Steen (asteen2@msn.com)  

November 11 2004
My mother's maiden name is Quigley and doing some family research. thank you for the Davis County cemetery listings - it appears we're related to at least most of the Quigley members listed, if not all. Mom and I have been looking through your site and really appreciate all of the effort to make this such a success. Thank you!!

From: Ngoy Steve (mugu@aol.com)  

October 9 2004
I love this site,and I have landed.

From: Robert Merz (r.merz@sbcglobal.net)  

October 3 2004
Great website, Iwas delited to find obit on my relative Francis Boone Goodwin nee Sappenfield. I am interested in learning about a murder commited by her son John David Goodwin around 1881, of which he was cleared

From: darrell douglas (darrellldouglas@yahoo.com)  

September 14 2004
just browsing,looking for mention of any Douglas' in your great site.

From: Virginia Freeman Gentry (vagentry@hotmail.com)  

September 14 2004
I was born in Bloomfield, and have many connections to Davis County. I love to walk the cemeteries, and do every chance I get. This sight is WONDERFUL, much better than most. I have many pictures of my grandmothers (Wilma Spilman) from when she worked at the hospital. Came back for Moms 50th class reunion last year. What a town!! Keep up the good work.

From: margaret blanton (mblanton@rose.net)  

September 1 2004
researching John & Calfurna Stockham. Also Wm. W. George; his father David Washington George.

From: Patsy Shafer (pshafer@msn.com)  

August 21 2004
Hi I'm trying to find info on my greatgrandparents Francis and Bert Morse I don't know much info except that my grandmother was born in Davis county on 3-15-1923 and sometime after then the family moved to the New London\Lowell area in henry county. A big appreciation to all who put this site together

From: Deb Barker (iadavis@netins.net)  

August 20 2004
Have received several photo's of Davis County folks. Will start with the ones that are labeled. Feel free to prove relationship and claim! Source; Tax Assistance Records

1) Chleo C Baughman, School Teacher, Center #4, 1946 - 1954
Daughter of J D Baughman & Mary Fannie Millsap, Born 18 Sept 1898. Brothers, Vaughn b. 16 May 1894; Kyle J b. 14 Jul 1902; Wyatt f b. 5 Nov 1911; Harold, b. 13 Apr 1907; and a sister Claudia married a Reese, b. 17 Jul 1877. Chleo's mother Fannie was the dau of J L Millsap & Mahala Collins.
Studio, Gresham, Bloomfield, Iowa
2) Fern Collins, no info, Studio E M Reeves, Bloomfield, Iowa.
3) Harold Pirtle, b. 5 Aug 1893 to J M Pirtle & Florence DeVault. Brother R M born 10 May 1890, mother Florence born Ohio, 28 Sept 1871, daughter of Hiram DeVault & Mary Miller, J M born 14 May 1886, was the son of J D Pirtle & Caroline Kinnick. Studio, E M Reeves, Bloomfield, Iowa
4) Marquerite Christy, no info, childhood.

From: Carol Jane Reed (cjreed@dc.rr.com)  

August 20 2004
What a treasure for many. I am searching for Hezekiah H. Mack b. Haddam, CT. He was living in Grove & working as a shoemaker in 1880. His children are Oliver and Carrie M. ages 18 and 15 in 1880.


August 13 2004

From: Kathryn Weller (darrellweller@excite.com)  

August 11 2004
just found this webb site .
y daughter was in your store a few days ago and bought some nice things

From: Laura (Mystry9302@aol.com)  

August 10 2004
Hi, Great site. I am searching for any connecetion to the BENGE family line. I have traced back to Elisha Benge, b 1827 and married a Nancy Combs 2/15/1846 Surry Co., NC.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

From: Richard Krayenhagen (bnr2ks@earthlink.net)  

August 6 2004
This web site is a treasure. I am researching the Krayenhagen and McReynolds` families who were rurals neighbors one in Wapello and one in Davis county From 1920 to 1960.The families are included in many of the files located here. The Iowa Gen WEB project is a good idea

From: G Brad & Peggy McKee (horsetraders@hotmail.com)  

July 23 2004
We have started a Gift Shop with many Amish and Hand made furniture and crafts. Be sure to stop in when you are in Drakesville and say Howdy !
www.AmishCorners.com or search "Drakesville"

From: Sue Zimmerman (rosebudz76@hotmail.com)  

July 21 2004
Nice site. Looking for information on William PEARSON, Ann Armstrong PEARSON, John S. BALLENGER, Catherine J. PEARSON BALLENGER.

From: Bryan Veatch (bryanlv@netins.net)  

July 14 2004

From: Jo Anne Peck (twnsuper@aol.com)  

July 12 2004
I am searching for Douglas descendents. there were three children, Lewis Lafayette Douglas, Georeg Douglas and Jacob Douglas, born in Davis Co. and three children, Lucinda Douglas, George Douglas and Jacob Douglas. that died in Davis co.

From: John Hewes (jahrn@hotmail.com)  

July 9 2004
I received the two-volume CD set of Davis County Genealogy. I am very pleased, and recommend it to others who are looking for an easy way to find surname documentation in Davis County. My interest is in the McMains surname.

From: Lucy Weaver (north@defnet.com)  

July 6 2004
Just happened onto your site..checking for information on the Wheaton family. Nice site!

From: viola huggins thomas  

July 4 2004
I check this site often--am looking for Veatch and Huggins history. You have a lot of information and I am thankful for those who give of their time to get this info to us.

From: Joanne Lloyd (Joanne47@comcast.net)  

July 3 2004
Wonderful site! Searching Paris,Parris,Parrish, Stufflebeam, Stoppelbein, Stufflebean, Landman, Self, Cimmings, Cummings, and the Ramsey Families.

From: Smokey Bassett (smokeybassett@juno.com)  

June 21 2004
Davis Co. surnames: Bassett, Walker, Bowling, Millsap, Puffer... mid 1800's.
This is a great site, keep uo the good work!

Smokey Bassett
Rocklin CA

From: Pamela Armstrong (grayladi@swbell.net)  

June 5 2004
My mother was born in Bloomfield, Goldia E. Roberts. I have been researching her family and her grandmother was Sarah Edith Cossel, daughter of William and Martha Cossel, Davis County, Iowa. This site is great and as I get more into my Roberts/Wilson/Cossel roots, I hope to find more names here. Great site!

From: Evelyn  

June 3 2004
Researching Barnhart families in Iowa. Interested in the Barnharts of Davis County, any info that may link to my line. Thanks please post.

From: Celeste Marentis (cmarentis@ec.rr.com)  

May 18 2004
I just checked out some of the information available on your site and discovered family members. I'm a decentant of Clell Birchmier. I would love to get more information.

From: Beverley F. Sissom-Riley (riledaisy@aol.com)  

May 12 2004
My mother was Gladys Armonia Overturf. Her father was Henry Bascomb Overturf and mother was Amanda Tate. Her siblings were Edith (Lynch),Clarence,Herbert and Hilda (White). Perhaps we are related.

From: Roxanne Jacobs (billroxanne@verizon.net)  

April 21 2004
Just found this site in searching for BEAMANs and KELLYs from the 1840's to 1870's. Keep up the good work; we who are too far away to get there personally appreciate the good info.

From: Waydella Hart (cindyp@carrollsweb.com)  

April 16 2004
Researching York family and was just brousing the site. I have 2 children with the surname of York and they had a lot of relatives in Bloomfield area of Davis County that they are interested in doing genealogy on.

From: M W Potts (pincap5@yahoo.com)  

April 11 2004
Am doing research on my Great Grandfather Berl. He came from Austria and in practices the Jewish life. Any info on this?

From: Ron Sherrow (rshe905948@aol.com)  

March 29 2004
You have a wonderfull site, you have put alot of hard work into it and you can be proud of it. I found my G uncle James Franklin Ranes was b. in Soap Creek Twp. Davis CO. IA. Thank you.

From: Audrey Badgett (ambadgett@aol.com)  

March 9 2004
Joseph Henry Powell Badgett married Margaret Burns and they had one daughter Agnes Badgett. Joseph and Margaret divorced. I am interested in the daughter Agnes,did she marry, who? etc. She was living with her mother margaret and grandmother Agnes Burns in 1880 census Davis Co Iowa.

From: loretta james (njessop5@wmconnect.com)  

February 29 2004
i am looking for these names jacob jane loila ethel elworth leonard gertrude lillian mahlon harrison ada wilma treesie emma alva harry orval selvester william grant elise benjamin leona ellen hjohn lloyd lissie bessie sarah walter emma alvin please email me

From: Antoinnette Maize (tonim89005@yahoo.com)  

February 21 2004
What a great site-!!! Thank YOU-!!! I'm searching Maize, Black, Henry, Smiley,Gray & Applegate. Thanks Again, Toni Maize in Nevada

From: Chris (chof@suffolk.lib.ny.us)  

February 14 2004
Great site! Am researching Atwood, Runkle, Bybee and Quigley. Ancestors in those cemetery listings made my day.

From: Lori Trenk (knert@aol.com)  

February 13 2004
Wonderful site; the cemetery section has my kin. Thanks

From: Mary Jane Mutchler Ryan (geraldb57@msn.com)  

February 5 2004
What a wonderful website you have. I have been able to acquire so much information from the site and when I opened up the site today,the site had posted many old unidentified photos that came from the Glen & Wayland Mutchler farm in Davis County, Iowa. I ended up with the wonderful family album but so many of the beautiful photos were unidentified. I thank you so much for posting the photos and information on my family. Hopefully some names can be put with all the great photos. I am researching Mutchler, Benge, Hining, Christy, Hinkle, Fisk. Thank you again for helping. Sincerely, Mary Jane Mutchler Ryan

From: Erma N. Herrmann (enjh@carrollsweb.com)  

February 1 2004
Thanks to a cousin who lives in Bloomfield, I have been enjoying your site. Excellent job! I am researching both Davis and Van Buran Co. for my Fathers lineage. They are the JACKSON, HUNT, ADAMS & BELL families. I have visited several times for reunions and research. The help in the libraries, courthouses and even the cemeteries have been terrific! Keep up the great work!!!

From: Galen Leroy Smock (cutlasss@iowatelecom.net)  

January 30 2004
My grandmother(s) and grandfather are buried in the Harbour Cemetery--Tom Harbour was my uncle,He donated the log cabin that sits in Drakesville.Wille Berl was my aunt.GLS

From: Eldon E. Lawson (e.lawson@sbcglobal.net)  

January 25 2004
My ancestors, Abraham K. and Margaret Drollinger/Trullinger are in the Drakesville Cemetery.Gr GF Barton W. m. Mary Ann Miller Feb. 15, 1852. Who were her parents? You have a fine web site.

From: Frances Morton (mrtnfranc@cs.co)  

January 20 2004
Researching MCCOY = MY GREAT GREAT GDFATHER left Davis Cty about 1860 with 2 younger sons settled in CA.
Found "land record" on this site - what now

From: Luanne L. Henthorn (lavynder@greyface.com)  

December 7 2003
You have put together a really great site. Keep up the good work.

From: Roma June Spurgeon (romaspurgeon@hotmail.com)  

January 9 2004
I was born and raised in Davis County and graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1957. Just came across this as I have been enjoying my computer. Hope to use this site more as I get into geneology. Keep up the good work!

From: Don Gorton (DDGorton1@aol.com)  

January 6 2004
Great site! I am a descendant of Paris and Wooden families of Fox River Township, 1850's - 1870's.

From: Genie Fountain Marshall  

January 3 2004
I'm a descendant of early Davis Co. pioneers Elizabeth Knowles and Moses Fountain. Hope to find other descendants along with Deb.

From: Pat Johnson (busterb@frii.net)  

December 20 2003
Looking for the family of John H. BAKER. He was here from 1849-1853. Wife Polly may have died in Davis Co. Also, the background on this site makes it hard to read the small script of the text.

From: Margaret (Lowe) M. (mmathena@accessus.net)  

December 8 2003
I am researching the Lowe surname and am interested in hearing from anyone that had Lowe's at onetime in davis Co. Iowa. daniel and Hannah D.(Baber) Lowe were my 3rd great and are buried in the Wheeler Cem. in Davis Co. near Drakesville,Iowa. Thanks

From: Ava Powell (bufflo39@aol.com)  

November 23 2003
Great site. Looking for the children of Joseph Morrison Mc Cormick and Rachel Teater-- Frank and May.

From: Betty Crawford (bettyanne@ditol.com)  

November 23 2003
A very good site. I am searching the Shick and the Srofe/Shroufe families. They lived in the Davis Co. area in the middle 1800's
Thank You

From: Jeaninne Shipley (tjships2@cubawebnet.com)  

November 11 2003
Great site. I'm looking forward to more information. My relatives were Stufflebeams, Whislers & Caylors

From: Pearl F Johnson pearlfjohnson@hotmail.com  

October 30 2003
I am researching my ancestors - Henry or Henery Sparrow, his wife Anna Sparrow and their youngest son Samuel Sparrow.

From: Stefanie Smith Beal (stefaniebeal@yahoo.com)  

October 23 2003
I am looking for William and Elizabeth Smith (NC) both died here in 1840s-1850s. Their grandson, Daniel Smith was born in 1857 in Davis County. I believe that William and Elizabeth's son, William Jr., stayed in IA instead of migrating with the rest of the family to Chariton County, MO in the 1860s. Thank you.

From: Carol L. Pilcher (clpilcher@southslope.net)  

October 12 2003
Making change in e-mail address.

From: Georgia Bell (thomfbell@hotmail.com)  

October 7 2003
Great website, and I did find a few bits of information. I am researching Creel, Murphy, Johnson, Rown, Mckee families.

From: Carter Bearinger (mgoblue000@hotmail.com)  

October 5 2003

From: Judy Ponichtera (youngdove@aol.com)  

October 2 2003
Very nice website. Makes genealogical research much easier. My ancestors are Elisha and Nancy McClure who lived in Davis county during the 1850 Census. Three of their children were born there. Thanks, Judy

From: Susan Coy Lowe (essiejesse@aol.com)  

September 21 2003
I am researching the Coy genealogy. William and Sarah Jane Steele Coy and Daniel and Sarah Morgan Coy. The brothers were originally from Beaver Creek, Greene Co. OH. Daniel and his family was in IA abt 1842 and William and his family arrived sometime in 1855 and left for CA after the 1880 IA census and was in CA by 1885. Will be checking out this site for the Coy genealogy. Cheers.

From: Linda Shogren (teech@pacbell.net)  

September 15 2003
Wonderful site! Very interesting - still not finished looking around and already have added a couple of bits of information on 'my' people. Researching POSTON, MATHEWS/MATHES, BENNETT and other families in Davis and surrounding counties. Thanks for the wonderful website!

From: Kelly Leighton  

September 13 2003
Fantastically helpful website on my Peter Horn and Frances Horn ancetors!!

Thank you very very much for the content you have put up. Most sites are requests for information, yours actually has content that has been extremely helpful!

Kelly in RI

From: Carol Bridal  

September 6 2003
Hi there! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your web site. I just wish all web sites were half as good and as easy to use as this one is. Nice Job!

From: Bryon Downing (elybrown@ecentral.com)  

August 31 2003
You have a wonderful site I am a decendant of William Marcellus Downing and Samuel Bell Downing. I am so happy to find information about my family here. Keep up the good work!

From: Nancy Alexander Kane (nan7@winco.net)  

August 27 2003
Just found this site, am looking for info on Alfred and Ellen Patterson families and also anything on the Duckworth familes. Thank you

From: Carol L. Pilcher (clpilcher@mchsi.com)  

August 20 2003
I am in and out of your site daily. You did a tremendous job. Am researching: Bilby, Brooks, Brown,
Ager, Hemm, Hootman, Jones, Pilcher,Rude, Jessop, Henderson, Mowery, Woodin, King etc.

From: Jack Hammell (jhammell@kc.rr.com)  

August 13 2003
Elliott - I'm interested in anything on John Elliott, a Wesleyan Methodist minister in Drakesville about 1860, and his family. Also interested in the Hanlons (may be spelled differently), especially James Hanlon who married Charity Elliott.

From: JoAnn R. Merrell (dalem@sisna.com)  

August 12 2003
Looking for Brooks, Bunch, Varner, Hinkle, Feagins in Davis Co. Iowa.

From: Nancy Lee Toothman (Phleb1732@aol.com)  

July 31 2003
I love this web site very much. It is so full of information that I spend more time here than I should. I am looking for my roots there in Draksville, Bloomfield, Milton and Belknap. They are the Randolphs, Hamiltons and Overturf's. If you have any info on them I would be very happy to get it. Thanks a bunch. Nancy Toothman

From: Jack F. Beaman (jbeaman1@juno.com)  

July 31 2003
I was looking for members of the Beaman family, and I found a Alonzo Beaman with a couple of dates dealing with Fabius Twp Original Land Entries. I'm not sure, but I think Alonzo may have been a member of my family. Any suggestions?

From: Sally Ford (tdford@cvalley.net)  

July 21 2003
I am researching ROMULUS CLOYD and his mother MARGARET DALTON.

From: Timothy Meyer TD Meyer at I won dot com

July 21 2003
Great format easy to use. Searching for Grindstead,Tharp and Van Horn names

From: Sharon Smith (jwslsmith@mchsi.com)  

July 19 2003
Great site.Really enjoy looking at it.What a great change. Very helpful.

From: Dale Niles (Security718@iowatelecom.net)  

July 18 2003
I had linked to your website via other sites in search of information on the surname of Niles. I was not able to find any info as of yet but I am new to this and may be able to find something another time. Thank You.

From: Darline Duncan (DAD1037@Yahoo.com)  

July 18 2003
Came to your site through another and was really impressed. You have a lot of good info listed and it is easy to browse. I did have a problem with trying to connect to other links from your site...for instance I tried to order the CD's but it wouldn't open for me. I'll write to someone. I downloaded the addresses for the Library and Genealogical Society. My surnames are many but a few are Barker, Becraft, Fortune, McDowell, McLaughlin, Lawrence, Grady, Stevenson, Martin, Shook, White. There were several families who came from Southwestern Indiana to Davis Co., IA and Scotland Co., MO in the 1850's and 1860's. Most were related in some way and they pretty much stayed in the area way into the 1900's..lots in Bloomfield and Stiles.

From: Kirsten Llamas (kllamas@bellsouth.net)  

July 17 2003
I am a direct descendant of DAVID CREIGHTON (through his daughter Eleanor) who lived in Davis County (Salt Creek Township) and Troy (where Eleanor was a student at Troy Acadamy) during the mid 19th century. We are also related to the Mizes who lived in Davis Co. Both families moved on to California in the 1850s.

From: John Hewes (jahrn@hotmail.com)  

July 14 2003
I'm a descendant of the McMains family which has pioneer ancestors in Davis and surrounding counties. I found some death information at the site. Great Site!

From: Ora Stoner (c-o-stoner@charter.net)  

July 13 2003
You have a very interesting set up here. I didn't find any of the connections I was looking for but that is to be expected. I was looking for anything on Charles William Cook (born 5 Dec 1874), wife Nannie A. (Simmons) Cook, his father James Berry Cook and his mother, Sarah Elizabeth (Bartlett) Cook. Thank you.

From: Billy M. Taylor (billy888@htc.net)  

July 13 2003
I just found this web page. Thanks so much. I am interested in learning more about my following ancestors: William Taylor (1810-1864) buried Taylor Cemetery and King family living near Drakesville. I know William had one brother, Samuel and a sister. I think he may have had more relatives. There were many Taylor families in Davis and Appanoose Counties in 1850 and I would like to learn more about my Taylor family. They were born in Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio before coming to Iowa 1845-1855.

From: Phyllis McMillan (moonbeam157@juno.com)  

July 4 2003
Enjoy your new format. Researching Boyd/Finch surnames.

From: Jacque Songer (jlsonger@cox.net)  

July 3 2003
Enjoyed visiting your web site. Found Songer and
Odell families listed in "Pioneer History Of Davis
County" index and wonder how I can obtain copies of
actual pages. Thank you for all the hard work of
maintaining the web site for Davis County.

From: Ellen Hollin (ejhollin@aol.com)  

July 1 2003
I have many ancestors that lived in Davis County, Ia. The Lawson, Christy, Comer, Fisk, Henkle and Hill. They arrived there in the early 1850's.

From: R.D.Lee (Blackeagle337@aol.com)  

June 30 2003
Chief Blackhawk spent his last days in Davis Co. I am seeking any info.on his descendants Nasahashuk, Namequa and Gamesett. Thank you very much........

From: karen stephenson nerakduck@starnetok.net   

June 29 2003
looking for jim valintine brown,james brown feb. 12-1840,eliza allison, sara cain, my grandmother mary evalena brown march 26-1866 married jobe purl cain does anyone have information on brown, cain, berry, huff. would like to know if brown had indian blood. nerakduck@starnetok.net thank you karen stephenson

From: Darlene Lister (Tobit415A@aol.com)  

June 29 2003
I'm thoroughly impressed with all you've done with this website. It's not only got gobs of information but it's snazzy too! I'm here looking for my LISTER relatives, William H. or William H.H. LISTER and his wife Minerva (maiden name also LISTER) of Stiles or Grove in Davis. Minerva's father also here in Davis, Eliphaz LISTER, Jr. Would like to hear from anyone with them in their family line since I have no family records from my parents.

From: Jay Wilburn (jwilburn@netins.net)  

June 28 2003
Just checking!!!

From: Dianne Underwood (ddwood@mchsi.com)  

June 27 2003
Just wanted to let everyone know that I purchased the Davis County Genealogy CD VOL 1 and that it is well worth the money I spent.

From: Jeffrey Lawrence (jlawrence1@hot.rr.com)  

June 18 2003
The new format is great! I'm looking for info on the Tripp, Swindler, Lunsford, and Hines names. any help would be greatly appreciated.

From: Peggy Smith Johnson (peggy.johnson12@mchsi.com)  

June 8 2003
I really like the remodeled site. It is more user friendly. My roots run deep in Davis Co., my PARIS' came in the 1840's, the SPURGEON's & RICHARDS' in the 1850's & the SMITH's in the 1860's.

From: Bob Mitchell (rbmitchell@erols.com)  

May 27 2003
An impressive web site with a lot of useful information!

From: Charles Burgwin (ceburgwin@msn.com)  

May 25 2003
My 2nd great granduncle Thomas Burns Myers left Pennsylvania about 1845 and came West to Davis Co. His first wife died probably in childbirth about Nov 15, 1848. He married neighbor Samantha Gee on Mar 15, 1849 in Bloomfield. They had 2 more children before moving to California about 1853 where they are buried. As Thomas is one of your pioneers, I would like to find his first wife's name.

From: Rex E. Hunt (jrranch@wcisp.com)  

May 20 2003
Found your excellent site via Bloomfield Democrat article of May 14, 2003. Was born in Bloomfield & now live in Calif. Started researching my family 2 yrs ago. Found lots of info @ Genealogy room in Blfd. library on two recent visits to IA. Your site will allow me to continue my research of Hunt/Hungate & Ware/Murphy/Bridges/Fees branches of family tree.

From: Jean Trigg (jtrigg2@yahoo.com)  

May 15 2003
Good Website -- I have Garrett Ancestors buried in Troy Cemetery.

From: James Maiers (maiersj@hoffman.army.mil)  

May 6 2003
I've got relatives living in Davis county (Erhardt). We used to come up for visits to their farm when we were kids. It was great.

James Maiers

From: Mary Wirght (Shady1234@aol.com)  

May 5 2003
A lot of information on this site. But I must say I could do without the butterflies and other moving things. Just a distraction from my pupose of being here.Found the background competing with the text.IN some cases the backgrounf won.

From: Sheryl Wilcox (sheryls@iowatelecom.net)  

May 4 2003
I really enjoyed this web site. Thanks, Deb for the cd.

From: Kristi Parker (ksparker1@earthlink.net)  

May 2 2003
You have a wonderful site, Searching for Fentons. Have found quite a bit.

From: jan williams (colfax1grandma@yahoo.com)  

April 29 2003
looking around for my husbands side of family, hope to find info here about and hope i will be able to add some also..williams bloomfield-drakesville area..several buried at drakesville, my father-in-law harold williams..thanks for a nice site..jan williams

From: Smokey Bassett (smokey123@jps.net)  

April 29 2003
What an outstanding change to the Davis Co. site!
Thanks for posting my Bassett line, I'll be sending the linking Walker, Bowling & Humphrey/Umphries lines in the near future.
Keep up the great work!
Smokey Bassett, Rocklin CA

From: Vera  

April 16 2003

From: Loyd V. Lasley (landmlasley@centurytel.com)  

April 16 2003
I like your web site. My tribe of Lasley's came through Iowa. (Israel Lasley, married Caroline Mathews around 1846)

From: Carol D, Jones (batjacpro1@yahoo.com)  

April 9 2003
Thanks for the Web Sight address, did find my grandfathers and grandmothers gravestones on both sides. One in Bloomfield and the other in Troy. Will try to send you a copy if you wish, of what I have so far. Thanks for all your help at the library. Carol Dean