County Courthouse Records

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Clerk Circuit Court-Case Files-Index 1869-1884
Clerk County Court-Judge’s Minute Book-Index 1855-1879
Clerk District Court-Case Files-Index 1880-1900
Clerk District Court-Record-Index 1844-1859
Clerk Naturalizations-First Papers 1864-1929
Clerk Probate-Bonds & Letters-Adm 1866-1884
Clerk Probate-Bonds & Letters-Exec 1878-1896
Clerk Probate-Bonds & Letters-Gdn 1868-1885
Clerk Probate-Case Files-Index 1880-1900
Clerk Probate-Complete Probate Record 1844-1889
Clerk Probate-Deed Record-Adm 1869-1890
Clerk Probate-Deed Record-Gdn 1869-1891
Clerk Probate-Deed Record-Referee's Deeds 1881-1916
Clerk Probate-Docket-Gdn 1869-1888
Clerk Probate-General Index 1844-1879
Clerk Probate-Inventories & Appraisements 1871-1903
Clerk Probate-Record 1868-1889
Clerk Probate-Wills 1879-1911
Clerk Probate Court-Judge’s Minute Book 1844-1867
Clerk Vital Stats-Divorces 1906-1993
Private Church, Bibles, Cemetery, Scrapbooks Records 1800-1900
Recorder Deeds-Land/Town Lot-Record-Adm & Gdn 1869-1885
Recorder Deeds-Land-Index 1846-1890
Recorder Deeds-Land-Record 1846-1886
Recorder Deeds-Town Lot-Index 1846-1890
Recorder Deeds-Town Lot-Record 1846-1890
Recorder Homestead Record 1878-1962
Recorder Maps/Plats-Irregular Plat Book 1850-1973
Recorder Mortgages-Land-Index 1865-1886
Recorder Mortgages-Town Lot-Record 1870-1882
Recorder Original Entries, abstract 1844-1858
Recorder Vital Stats-Births-Record 1880-1904; 1906-1941
Recorder Vital Stats-Deaths-Record 1880-1904; 1906-1939
Recorder Vital Stats-Delayed Birth Record 1873-1940
Recorder Vital Stats-Marriages-Index 1844-1918
Recorder Vital Stats-Marriages-Record 1844-1953
Treasurer Old Age Assistance Pension Tax List 1934-1937


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