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Sketch of Our Little City


A Brief Sketch of the Business Firms of Our Little City


Hotel Sax, erected by Sax Bros. was established and opened in 1897, by W S Zook, the present landlord.

The building which is one of the finest in the city was built at a sum of $10,000.

The photograph firm of Dunlap & Son was established in 1866. The approximate amount of capital invested in stock amounts to $1,500.

The real estate, loan and Insurance office of A C Lester was established 20 years ago.

Appleton’s Carriage & Wagon shop was established in 1897. C O Mendenhall is employed as a mechanic.

The tailor firm of Burgess & Wallace was established in 1896. Their work is neat in style & finish.

Miss Lizzie Wise’s dress-making shop was established in 1882.

Harvey’s Tinshop, established by J Harvey Leon in April, 1902 carries a $1200 stock and is located in the Dunlap building north of the square. Mr Leon does all kinds of plumbing and tinning.

W W Rawling’s grocery store was established in 1892. The approximate amount of capital invested in stock ranges from $3,000 to $3500.

Messer’s Meat Market, G W Messer proprietor, was established a year ago last fall and carries supplies valued at $200.

The jewelry firm of Sheaffer & Son, one of the oldest firms in the city, was established in 1861 and now carries a stock worth $10,000. The holiday display showed the latest designs in jewelry. The firm also deals in musical instruments.

C R Wilson, general merchandise establishment was opened in 1893. The amount of capital invested in stock is $3500.

D M Wise has been engaged in the livery business for many years and has a first-class line of livery stock and feed always on hand. He has probably $5000 invested.

Dr D R Allender’s dental parlor was first established in this city in 1870 and is one of the finest in the city.

L E Goode, dealer in poultry, furs and  produce of all kinds, was established 5 years ago, and is one of the best stores in the city.

W P Caldwell is a prominent insurance agent and represents several of the leading insurance companies of the United States.

Sherman Reeves’ photograph gallery was established in 1886. The present amount of capital invested is $15,000.

Mrs E S Mills, dressmaker, occupies rooms over Cook & Russell’s dry goods store.

The North Side Drug store of Masden & Co, was established in August 1902, successors to R H Todd & Co.

A Rankin & Son, proprietors of the Royal Tea Co., carry a $300 stock of teas, coffees, soaps, extracts, etc.

The Hotchkiss & Deupree Real Estate and Loan office was established in 1898.

Wm Brenneman & Brother, hardware merchants, were established fine years ago and a carry a stock worth $3000.

The Traverse shoe Co., established in December  1902. The amount of capital invested in stock is $5000.

T A Wahl & Son, proprietors of the north side harness shop, established August 15, 1901, successor to W L Saunders. Amount of capital invested in stock $2500.

Stevens & Melers’ shoe shop was established in 1877. They  manufacture and mend shoes.

Clark & Son, proprietors of the Cash Meat Market, which was opened on November 25, 1902, carry a stock valued between $200 and $300.

N S Johnson & Son, grocers, established 1867. The amount of Capital invested in stock, is $12000.

The Union Barber shop, S H Rogers proprietor, was established in 1894.

T D Doke has been engaged in the livery business during the past fifteen years to which time he has been doing a general livery and feed business.

Lafe Beggs, proprietor of the West End grocery store, established November 1, 1902.

Sax Bros., lumber merchants, established in 1884.

Tony’s Lunch Room, conducted by Mr and Mrs J Lowenberg, was opened one year ago. Tony Lowenberg, proprietor.

Wm T Herrod, harness dealer established 3 years ago, and carries a stock worth $700.

H T Mendenhall, dealer in furniture and undertaking, established in business in 1873. Present amount of capital invested, $3000.

Kinnick, Barton and Galpin, West side barbers, established in August 1902.

J F Gesham’s Art Gallery was established in 1901. The amount of capital invested is $800.

Mrs Nellie Kelsey, dressmaker, established in September in the Trimble block.

The Blue Front Grocery was established November 26, 1902. John J Ethell proprietor. Amount of Capital invested in stock is $3500.

C T Sullivan, livery barn, established about 2 years ago. He carries a full line of livery goods and has over $6000 invested in the business.

Ed Fry, successor to D H Shaw, is doing a good grocery business at the old stand near the Wabash depot.

Jos Higbee represents the Continental Insurance Co., which is well represented in Davis County.

The Boston store, Herr and McCarty proprietors, established in 1893, and carries a stock worth $10,000.

The hardware firm of C A & J C Harter was established on the west side of the square in 1900. Amount of capital invested, $7000.

The drug firm of Gibbons & McAchran is the oldest business firm in the city, having been established in 1856. The amount invested in the building is $6500, amount invested in stock, $8000.

The Davis County Savings Bank, established January 1, 1900, has twenty stockholders composed of a number of leading farmers, business and professional men of the city. Capital stock $25,000. G W Phillips, cashier; A H Fortune, assistant cashier. The business of the bank has grown steadily from the day it was first opened.

John Burgess’ Jewelry store was first opened in this city June 5, 1877, and has at present a stock worth $5,500.

Wishard’s shoe store opened in 1890, carries a $10,000 stock.

C D Fortune’s dry goods store was purchased of John H Taylor in 1896. The amount of capital is $12,000 and is rated as one of the best stores in the city.

Dr E D Beauchcamp and T York, proprietors of the Bloomfield Drug Company established during the past 3 months, carries a stock worth $3500.

The grocery firm of C E Young & Co was established in 1882. The firm also deals in coal and grain in which their approximate amount of capital invested is $4000. The same amount is invested in groceries.

N E Barton, successor in the livery business to John Guthrie for the past two years. Mr Barton has put in an almost new stock of carriages and buggies, and carries a heavy stock of feed and baled hay. Mr Barton has in the neighborhood of $4000 invested.

The Hotchkiss Grain Co. has sold 53 car loads of timothy seed this year, besides shipping 10 car loads of oats. The grain house is situated near the Wabash depot and has a capacity of 40,000 bu. Is equipped with modern machinery for cleaning grain and seed.

Grider & Garner are insurance men of long standing. They represent two leading companies of Iowa.

Mrs Mary Hinkle’s tailor and dressmaking shop, over Herr’s dry goods store.

The Two Toms Clothing store was established by Hardy and Davis, March 2nd 1902.

Smith & Marmon, abstractors and loan agents, established in Trimble block July 29, 1902. J  M Smith has been engaged in real estate business during the past ten years.

The Hawkeye Cigar Factory was established in 1881, Jas A Dunn proprietor, G W Dunn salesman.

The output amounts to 300,000 cigars each year. Since the establishment of this industry $75,000 have been paid out in wages.

The grocery firm of Collins & Shaw was established in December 1901.

Claude C McCann, proprietor of the marble and granite works, the first marble shop in the state of Iowa. Mr McCann carries the largest stock of marble and granite in southern Iowa and has a capital investment of $5,000.

W A Herman’s cigar factory was established in 1890, has five employees and a business that is rapidly increasing being this year nearly double that of last year.

Rouch & Lorenz, dealers in furniture, curtains, carpets and rugs, carry the largest stock in the city. Jas Rouch has been established in the business since 1882. The present firm was established six years ago. The business is making rapid growth and is fully equipped for undertakes work in the city and country.

The Fair Store, Ed Cox proprietor, was established in 1898, carries a large stock of goods at low prices and is strictly up to date. The following clerks are employed, Misses Fannie and Jennie Patterson, Ella and Mable Tomey, Mrs Cox and daughter, Mamie.

J P Tombs, dealer in implements and vehicles was established in blacksmithing 35 years ago, during the past 12 years special attention has been given vehicle and implement work.

The new firm of Kincart and O’Neal, dealers in musical instruments, will be opened January 1st, 1903. Headquarters for the new stock will be furnished by Hardy & Son, south side hardware merchants.

Pearl Surton, who has been shaving in the city during the past seven years, has occupied the south room of the Taylor-McGowan bank building for four years. Jas Sutton, assistant.

S L Berry’s real estate office was established in 1900. 10,000 acres of land has been sold in the past two years and the cash sales have amounted to nearly a half million dollars.

The steam laundry was established in this city four and one-half years ago by C R Cheeney, manager and proprietor. The new building in which the plant is located was erected in 1900. The employees are Misses Dora Livingston, Della England and Ruby Barnett.

Hatton’s One Horse Tin Shop, established in 1880, gives special attention to tinning, plumbing and furnace work. Mr Hatton is assisted by his sons.

H H Patterson’s barber shop was established two and a half years ago and has a long list of patrons.

W W Reeves’ blacksmith and wagon shop is located near the south east corner of the square. Mr Reeves has been engaged in the blacksmithing in the city for twenty years.

M F Broadwell, lumber merchant successor to Newman & Son in 1900, has a stock investment of $12,000.

Jas E Devault is employed as bookkeeper and R L Jamison as general manager.

I N Beckley’s blacksmith and repairing shop was opened in the city in 1900.

A L Beckley’s blacksmith shop was established in 1901. I N and A L Beckley moved to this city from Coatsville about three years ago.

The Bloomfield Produce Co. was established in the city about 15 years ago. Henry Horr, the present manager, has been in the employ of the company during the past five years. Large shipments of produce are made every year. In busy seasons one car load of poultry is shipped each day.

R H Osterhoudt does all kinds of wagon and carriage work and was established in the business in November 1901, when he succeeded J Langenstien. Mr Osterhoudt has been engaged in this line of work in this city during the past nine years. Special attention is paid to hose shoeing. T F Van Horn is employed as assistant.

Leopold Mayer, successor to the Gutman-Schnorr Clothing Co., was established in the city, December 16, 1902.

The Bloomfield mill, W E Noffsinger and J M Smith, proprietors, was established in June, 1901, and is doing a good business.

The following list constitutes the corps of physicians practicing in the city; Dr J J Selman graduated at the Cincinnatti medical college in 1854. Shortly after commencement he located in this city and is still a practicing phuscician.

Dr H C Young is a graduate of the Keokuk medical college and has practiced in this place since 1891.

Dr J W Young, graduated from the Rush medical college of Chicago, in March 1902, since which time he has been practicing in partnership with his brother, Dr H C Young.

Dr A H Shelton graduated at the Cincinatti medical college in 1889 and has spent the past seventeen years practicing in this city and county.

Dr G Giles graduated from the Keokuk medical college in 1898 and has spent the past two years practicing in this place.

Dr E J Shelton graduated from the Keokuk college of physicians and surgeons in 1864, and founded the Shelton private hospital in 1873.

Dr Amanda L Shelton graduated from the Keokuk college of physicians and surgeons in 1892 and is a practicing physician of the Shelton hospital.

Chas D Shelton, youngest son of dr E J Shelton, is a graduate of the St Louis college of physicians and surgeons and has practiced in this place since 1890.

Dr C C Heady graduated at the Keokuk college of physicians and surgeons in 1889, has practiced in this place since 1890.

Dr Clara L Kemble has practiced in this place since 1894, having graduated from the Keokuk medical college in 1892.

The Exchange Bank, Steckle & Son proprietors, established by Amos Steckle  40 years ago, was succeeded by the firm of Steckle & Son in 1885.

W E Galpin, Boot and Shoe store including gents’ furnishings, was established in 1898.

Miss Una Henderson’s Millinery store was opened in the south side of Galpin’s shoe store last summer, and carries a fine line of ladies millinery goods.

Apley & Co’s, department store, established in May 1902.

John H Plank has been engaged in the insurance and real estate business in this city during the past 28 years, and represents insurance companies for both fire and lightning.

Wishard & Battin, harness makers and dealers established in 1894, carry an average stock and manufacture all harness both heavy and light.

Russell’s restaurant was established in the east side, July 26, 1891, when he succeeded Mrs Mollie Stevens.

Eakins’ meat market was established seven years ago.

D H Elam, proprietor of the Curl hotel, became landlord  of the same August 1, 1902.

The Duckworth bakery was established in 1897, is furnished with all up to date fixtures for the work.

The grocery firm of Curl & Grant was established November 21, 1901. The present firm has capital to the amount of $8,000 invested in stock.

G W Goodpastor, wholesale dealer in poultry, butter, eggs, hides and furs, the oldest firm of the kind in Bloomfield, was established in 1888 on a very small scale. He now employs from ten to fifteen hands six months of the year.

B Loeb’s grocery established thirty years ago carries in connection a fine line of queensware.

Leasure’s restaurant established in 1897 is one of the neatest and most popular places in the city for meals and day boarders. Fresh roasted peanuts, hot popcorn, and fine candies always on hand.

Robert Roesler’s shoe shop is located two doors south of the Travers block.

The real estate firm of Gibson & Russell, established nine months ago, are doing a good real estate business and also represent several reliable insurance companies.

The Taylor-McGowen bank established in 1899, has a capital stock of $54,100.

Dr L L  Pitman has been one of the leading dentists of the city for the past eighteen years.

The up-to-date millinery stor, Mrs Mattie Thompson, proprietor, employs Miss Helen Clayton as trimmer and Miss Mattie Ware as Clerk.

Miss eva Putman, proprietor of the Chicago Racket of which the millinery department is a specialty, succeeded the Ferguson Sisters’ in 1898. Misses Emma Moore and Alma Rominger are employed and Misses Etta Puttman, Maude Ferguson and Susie Meier as clerks.

W H Taylor & Son, dealers in clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, were established in 1892, and own the building in which they are located on the south side. The upper floor is occupied by G A Blomberg, merchant tailor. The clerks employed by the firm are Paul Rhodes and Jas Milligan. Messrs Frank Black and Ralph Hill assisted during the holidays.

G W Curl’s south side restaurant opened September 1st, display a fine assortment of nuts and candies, and confectioneries.

The hardware firm of Hardy & Son, established on the south side in April 1902, carries a large stock of furniture in connection. Messrs. Will Ritchie, J Walter Phillips and Jeff Prevo are employed as clerks.

A L Green, proprietor of the south side drug store, succeeded the firm of Mathews & Guernsey. Jehu Guernsey and Miss Odessa Swinney are employed as clerks.

W L Baldridge’s grocery was established in September 1900, and succeeded the firm of Carroll & Carroll. The approximate amount of capital invested in stock is between $2,500 and $3,000. Messrs. Ira and Ed Baldridge are employed as clerks.

Hill & Co., general store established by Wm Hill in 1857; now comprises five departments. The dry goods, boot and shoe, cloak and fur, carpet and curtain, and men’s furnishing goods. The regular corps of clerks are Messrs Chas Black and Duff Burchett, and Misses Ollie Rominger, Blanche Burchett, Lillian Warrington and Lora McNeff. Cashier Miss Ruth McAtee. During the holidays the force is being strengthened by Misses Martha Wray, Marquerite Selman and Mrs Sue Pittman.

Dr J C Swinney graduated from the Keokuk college of physicians and surgeons in 1888. Located in Floris and moved to this place in 1897.

Dr E D Beauchamp graduated from the Keokuk college of physicians and surgeons in 1882. Has spent sixteen years practicing in this city and county.

Lulu M Gilbert, D O Graduated from the S S Still College of Osteopathy of Des Moines in June 1900. And has an extensive practice in this city, also in Davis and neighboring counties.

Dr A M Ford, who recently located here has a growing practice in dentistry and occupies office rooms in the Traverse block. Dr Ford is a graduate of the dental department of the Northwestern University of Chicago. He received his degree in 1897, graduating with high honors being the tallest man in the class. Dr Ford is a young man and is well up in modern dental work.

German-American equation Premium Life Association, Burlington, Ia., incorpraped under the state laws of Iowa with an authorized capital of $200,000. Claude C Dabney, special agent. Office above Beauchamps drug store, west side.



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