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The Iowa Press Association's
Who's Who in Iowa

A Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business,

Professional and Public Life

Published by Iowa Press Association, Des Moines, Iowa, 1940

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Biographical Name Index

A... I...
Adkins, James Casper  Irwin, Charles Edward
Andrews, Mabel E Ives, Herbert Pearl
Armstrong, Augustine W J...
Armstrong, Clyde Calvin Jenkins, Martin E
Aubry, Frank Wilbur Joy, Charles I
B... Joy, Ralph E
Bailey, Flora B K...
Bailey, Floyd W Kaser, Elmer L
Bandy, Mrs Hattie Elizabeth Kelley, Frank
Batterson, James Walter Kempf, Charles John
Bengtson, Ferdinand C Kidd, Joe M
Bennett, George A L...
Bessmer, Carlysle David Leeper, Cleve L
Black, Newton Perle Lehman, Hugo Frederick
Blake, Alfred F Leinbach, Roger Wilson
Bligh, Dwight C Lewis, Gar L
Brolsma, Jacob G Linder, Ross Owen
Brown, Milton I Luther, Russell Hoffman
Bruce, Harry S Lyon, Morton Grist
Buckman, W W M...
Burger, Evan A McColl, Anthony Milroy
Burkett, Earl R McDonald, Fred
Butterfield, Edwin J McDonnell, Thomas J
C... McKinnon, Gordon Charles
Chance, Edward P McMenamin, William L
Chapler, Mrs Elinor G Major, Lafayette
Chapler, Keith Mendenhall Mann, Hiram Lee
Clampitt, Samuel Frank Mershon, Clinton E
Clampitt, Wesley David Miller, Mrs Laura E
Clancy, Schuyler Colfax Mills, Redfild Clipper
Clothier, E E Modlin, Hanford C
Conaway, Lester A Morrison, William Henry Jr
Cook, Charles Cameron Mullmann, Arnold
Cooper, Floyd Gilbert Myers, Bert
Cornelius, Charles L N...
Cox, Arthur W Neal, Verne A
Craft, K Russell Northey, Robert Franklin
Craft, Malcolm O O...
Critchett, George B O'Malley, John C
D... Osborn, C Robert
Danilson, Vern Osmundson, William Howard
Daw, John F P...
DeFord, John Elmer Paterson, Archie Stuart
DeFord, Leonadus Hamlin Paul, Irvin N
Diddy, Clude A Pearson, Townsend A
Dingwell, E W Percy, Allen Truman
Doop, James Oliver Perry, R Jesse
Doran, Lucien Sheridan Peterson, Clifford Conrad
Drew, Loyd Swain Peterson, Henry John
Dugan, George Joseph Poffenberger, Lee L
E... Pontius, Russell R
Edward, Frederic Pringey, Bruce Franklin
Eikenbury, Morris W Q...
Ellsworth, Oran Dudley Queale, William A
Elvidge, George R...
Emmert, Elmer Allison Regan, John George
Enos, Edward O Roberts, Leo
F... Russell, Gordon Britton
Fail, Charles Serier Jr Russell, L'Verne
Feller, Robert William S...
Feller, William Andrew Sackett, George H
Felter, Allan Gordon Schaal, D Russell
Fidler, Amelia Schiltz, Hal W
Foltz, Mrs Eoise Grosenbaugh Scott, Walter E
Ford, George Alva Smith, Howard W
Forrester, Chancy A Smith, Raymond B
Foster, S T Smith, Ulysses Simpson
Fowler, Lowell Snyder, Scott
Fransham, Arthur Spencer, James Andrew
French, Leonard A Stockton, William T
Frush, Robert E Straight, Halver Rufus
Frush, Roy Caldwell T...
G... Tack, William
Goodwin, K Robert Thompson, Oscar A
Green, Harry T Towns, Don R
Gregory, Curtis Weber Trimble, Fred L
H... V...
Hall, David W Valentine, William D
Hall, H Guy Vanderlinden, J S
Hall, Vern J Van Meter, Wilbur L
Hamlin, Fred C W...
Hammond, James E Whitehead, Glenn Edwin
Hannan, Daniel Edward Wiese, Henry Oliver
Harvey, Fred F Wiese, Lee Oliver
Harvey, Robert Mitchell Wifvat, Harry
Haymond, Harold Everest Willis, Blake
Heins, Lloyd Schafer Witmer, E Arthur
Heynen, Arthur Whorton Wood, Albert George
Hile, Warren Workman, Ben H
Hill, Edwin Lincoln Wright, D W
Hills, May Althea  
Hinchliff, James H  
Hoffman, Ralph L  
NOTE: This book contains a 1940 copyright notice, but no evidence could be found that the copyright was renewed. Accordingly, the copyright is presumed to be expired and the book in the public domain. Sources checked: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/cce/, http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm, and http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/renewals.html.

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