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The Ten Mile House

Since travel was so time consuming when provisions were needed it was only natural for some enterprising young man to start a service center for farmers in a convenient corner of his farm.

One such place, commonly called the 10-mile house, was a two acre plot on the northeast edge of section No. 31 in Otter Creek Township (10 miles north of Denison or two miles south and one east of Schleswig).

The road along this place was one of several that led to the "bottom road" to Deloit and Denison, not to be confused with the "ridge road" further to the west. The title to the land passed to Albrecht J. Boock in 1875. He expanded the service center by opening a blacksmith shop and building a "hall" that served for dances, meetings and a frontier saloon.

The Morgan Post Office was located here. It was established February 2, 1877 by Albright J. Brock, who became the first Postmaster. He served seventeen years until Detlef Wieck succeeded him on February 12, 1894. The post office was discontinued November 12, 1894.

Source: Schleswig, Iowa: The First 75 Years.

Photo submitted by Michael Malone