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Historical photos of people and places in Crawford County.

Contributions of photos of historical interest in Crawford County would be most welcome. If you want to submit a photo, send it to us via Email. Thank you.

1908, Patron Photos in the Crawford County Atlas

  • Index of names for links to the 1908 photos.

The Old Mill - Location Unknown




  • Boyer Store and Post Office on a postcard, ca 1917.

Buck Grove

  • Fourth of July, Buck Grove Orchestra, Drug Store and Post Office in 1910, School Souvenir Card from 1896 and the town in days gone by with photos of the Orlando Bicknell Family and the Methodist-Episcopal Sunday School Christmas Souvenir Card from 1897.

Charter Oak

  • E. M. Hardy E. M. Hardy and friends, ca. 1905.
  • Charter Oak 1911 Boys and Girls Basketball Teams, 1938 Methodist Sunday School Class.
  • Charter Oak 1910 Auto and 1926 Girls Basketball Team
  • St. Boniface Catholic Church Photos, 1883-1928


Dow City

  • Two photos of Dow City saloon, ca. 1900, and people in Denison.
  • The Red Quilt handmade by Cora May Jones Schouten.


  • Kiron photo gallery from Glen Gustafson.



  • Manning lies just east of the Crawford County border with Carroll County
  • 1914 Cars and People Near Manning.



  • McKinney farm.
  • St. Ann's Basketball Team, ca. 1949-1952, Vail, Iowa.
  • St. Ann's 1939 photos of St. Ann's School Grades 1 and 2, and Grades 3 and 4.
  • Young women from Vail High School.


  • Photos of the Westside water tower (1919), Roller Mill (1918) and High School.