Family Photos

Family Photos from Crawford County.

Contributions of family photos with historical interest in Crawford County would be most welcome. If you want to submit a photo, send it to us via Email. Thank you.

  • Allen family at Mary Ellen Talcott Allen funeral.
  • Bicknell Orlando M. Bicknell family of Buck Grove.
  • Bonney-Zimmer Buck Grove.
  • Bral family from Deloit and Vail.
  • Brogan Vail.
  • Dobson Benjamin Dobson, Crawford County pioneer in a 4 generation photo.
  • Fineran Patrick and Bridget Fineran family of Vail, ca. 1890
  • Fineran Dale Fineran, ca 1941, Milford School #1, near Vail.
  • Ohde Ohde Sisters from Manning, 1940.
  • Pautsch Bernhard Pautsch family in Denison.
  • Pautsch-Kusel Bernhard John Pautsch and Ida Dora Margaretha Kusel.
  • Schmitt/Smith Family, Willow Township
  • Simons-Julich The family of Johann Anton Simons & Margaretha Johanna Julich of Charter Oak, ca. 1896-1900.
  • Strong-Dewolf Photo of Anna Spaulding Dewolf and Anna May Strong.
  • Whiteing Photos of George D. Whiteing Family, Home, and Store.
  • Wood William Orval Wood Family of Dow City ca. 1885 to 1914.