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Deloit News from the Denison Review

April - July, 1917

Denison Review, Wednesday, April 4, 1917

*By invitation from the teachers of the Deloit school about forty ladies assembled in the various rooms on Thursday afternoon after visiting the several grades they repaired to room 3 and 4 where the high school pupils entertained them with their usual good music; Miss Caster giving an interesting talk on the Camp Fire Girls; Mr. Webster delivering an entertaining discourse on the Boy Scouts. These two societies are being organized now for the benefit of pupils and school in general. Miss Caster and Mrs. Bessie Myers, have the Camp Fire girls under their supervision while Dr. Graham and Prof. Webster are Scout masters. Mrs. Joe True read a letter from the president of the Parent-Teacher Organization in Denison, Mrs. McConnaughey, along this line. Mrs. Tolen Johnstone opened the meeting and then explained the object in view of the gathering.

The occasion seemed to meet with great favor and twenty-six signers sanction an organization of this kind so the following officers were elected; Mrs. George Hutchinson, president, Miss Lovice Morris, vice-president, Mrs. Joe True, Secretary, Mrs. H. C. Mauk, Mrs. Bessie Myers, Mrs. E. N. McNeal to choose a name for the organization. Mrs. Albert Winey is to choose 3 or 4 to act on entertainment committee. Adjourned to meet in two weeks, Thursday afternoon at school at 3 p.m. April 12. Immediately upon adjournment the high school assisted the teachers in serving refreshments consisting of hot coffee, cake and doughnuts which all enjoyed immensely. The afternoon seemed filled with the enthusiasm feeling of good fellowship, determination to make this organization as much of a success as in other places. Deloit is growing with the country and is as much up-to-date as any other place on the map if our boosters will remain loyal. The age of Progression is upon us and we mean to move onward with the masses and by better cooperation with teachers, the parents will make better men and women of their children.

*Mrs. Boysen entertained the L. A. Society of the M. E. church last Friday afternoon. There were fourteen present. Some crocheted, some darned and patched but the industrious made pretty aprons for an Easter sale. Mrs. Wm. Cook who spent the winter in Florida was present with her cherry pleasant ways with many interesting stories. A delicious lunch was served which netted about $4 and which most of us call a supper for it consisted of hot coffee, 2 kinds of salad, beet pickles, hot buttered buns, meat loaf, doughnuts, cookies and cake. All departed jovial and refreshed declaring Mrs. Boysen the best cook in town.

*Mrs. Wm. Worley entertained Mrs. Jas. Spence at dinner Sunday after which they enjoyed an auto ride.
*Joe True and family and Mr. Fred True called on Uncle John Newcom last Sunday afternoon.
*As usual on Wednesday afternoon the W. W. met to be entertained by Mrs. Wm. Worley. Eleven were present and sewed on aprons after which she served. Needless to say all enjoyed themselves very much.
*Mr. and Mrs. Merle Myers took Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Winans and Mrs. Ella Winans in their Overland to Denison Saturday to do some trading.
*Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Campbell.

*Mr. and Mrs. Bert Darling entertained at dinner on Sunday, Andrew Swantz and family.
*Born on Sunday, April 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle VanFleet, a 9 1/2 lb. boy. The family moved into the house where Millard Turner used to live.
*The roads being somewhat improved allowed Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Myers the pleasure of spending Sunday in Deloit.
*Mr. Chas. Campbell is still out at Fred Neuman's doing some painting but expects to finish this week.

*Clifford Browne, who is teaching at Kiron, spent Sunday with his parents and visited with his aunt, Mrs. Raymond, who expects to depart the latter part of the week for her home in Kansas.
*Elder C. E. Butterworth filled the pulpit last Sunday morning and evening at the L. D. S. church.
*Mr. Arden Newcom, Loyal Winans, Arthur Winey and Ruth Jordan were entertained at supper by Mr. and Mrs. Russel Newcom Sunday.
*Mrs. Ike Zea will entertain the L. A. S. Friday afternoon. A large attendance is desired.
*Miss Nathalie Allen has arrived in Deloit and will begin her class in music this week. She has been doing substitute work in the schools at Pierson, Ia.
*Mr. and Mrs. Mauk, accompanied by Ben Patrick and Edna Browne, attended the movies in Schleswig Sunday evening.

*Mr. and Mrs. Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. Marolf, of Denison, autoed to Deloit Sunday and were entertained at dinner at the home of Mrs. Streeter.
*Mr. and Mrs. Fisher moved Monday into the Gene Brogden house in Deloit from the Steve Newton place.
*Rev. and Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Jhn. McKim were delegates to the Missionary convention held at Sac City last week. They report a very large attendance wide-awake-interest and profitable in details.
*We are sorry to report that Mrs. Freml has a severe case of pneumonia and has had a nurse from Vail in attendance.
*Frank True of Avoca, arrived Sunday evening for a few days' visit with his brothers, Fred and Joe.

*Passion Week is being appropriately observed at the M. E. church this week. Services are held each evening. The events of Jesus' life are reviewed day by day by the pastor, Rev. Allen. Palm Sunday Services were held last Sunday morning.
*Miss Mable Cose, Miss Nellie J. Caster and Mrs. Helen Johnstone were delightfully entertained at the McNeal home Thursday evening of last week. Then on Friday evening they were also favored by accepting an invitation to the John Anderson home where a bountiful supper was served to them. These parents have the true spirit toward our teachers.
*The basketball outfit has arrived for our school and will soon be in operation for the children. This is a good, healthful, outdoor game for girls especially - and boys too.

*Mrs. Bob Childress honored the school by a visit Wednesday last.
*Mrs. Streeter has been entertaining a son-in-law from Creighton, Neb. He came to Omaha with a load of cattle. The readers will remember him as Charles Tyler.
*Mr. Earl Winans took charge of the Bloomer Cream station, formerly run by Clarence Cose, Monday. He will pay exactly the same price for produce as Denison pays and you will receive prompt attention and courteous treatment by patronizing him. He solicits your business.
*Miss Blanche Hedges resumed her school duties on Monday after a pleasant week's vacation.

*Mr. and Mrs. Guy Martin loaded their car on Wednesday then visited with friends till Sunday night when they departed for Aitkin, Minn., which is the county seat. Their town is twenty miles distant. They will be near Darlings, Horrs, Wedlocks and others from Deloit. We are sorry to lose them from our circle but they wish to improve their land and hope to return to us again as they liked Deloit very much.

*Moellers hustling garage man, Mr. Knut LaVoss has moved into the John Taylor property.
*Mr. Ralph Beamon went to Denison Tuesday to help John Taylor attach a disc to his tractor engine. Ralph is a busy man this week as for pastime he is erecting a new wash house and summer kitchen.
*Mr. and Mrs. Art Graham returned Saturday evening from Cameron, Mo., where they have been the greater part of the winter on account of Mr. Graham's health. They have been greatly benefited by the change.

*The boy scouts held their first business meeting at Dr. Graham's office on Friday when they took their obligations and were sworn into offices. Those who can will send for their suits this week while those who cannot will be given three months to earn them.
*Mrs. H. C. Mauk has taken up the work as correspondent for the Review and begins her duties today. She requests that all who have items not to hesitate to hand them to her as she is comparatively a stranger here and will miss some. Hand your notes to her not later than Sunday.

Denison Review, Wednesday, April 11, 1917

*Hans Lackman of Vail, was a Deloit caller Tuesday.
*Ben Patrick and H. C. Mauk motored to Denison Thursday on business.
*Francis Webster left Thursday for an over-Sunday business and pleasure trip to Des Moines.
*Rev. and Mrs. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Winey and Mrs. James McKim attended the Sunday school convention Wednesday and Thursday at Denison.
*Mrs. Guy Martin Jr. is enjoying a visit from her sisters, the Misses Gillian and Elsie Hedges of Avoca.

*Mrs. Joe True entertained the Willing Workers at her home Tuesday afternoon, which was spent in making aprons and Easter decorations after which a delightful lunch was served.
*The many friends of Guy Martin are glad to see him back in Deloit.
*Walter Williams, of Brogan, stopped between trains on his way to Omaha Saturday.
*Mrs. Ed Johnson of Lake View, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Childress.
*Dr. V. K. Graham and Prof. Francis Webster, our Boy Scout Masters, are wearing their new scout uniforms with real military airs now-a-days.
*The drug store has had a spring cleaning and painting both inside and outside, which has greatly improved the appearance of the same. Mr. Mauk has recently purchased an iceless fountain which he now has in running order and will serve you with all kinds of soft drinks and ice cream.

*Mrs. James McKim will entertain the Ladies Aid Society Friday afternoon. The afternoon will be spent in work for the Aid after which a lunch will be served.
*Mrs. Jim Abbott arrived home on Thursday from the hospital at Denison, where she had been for several days having her tonsils removed.
*At a meeting of the town council Monday night, Jim Abbott resigned from the office of mayor and O. W. Wier was appointed to fill the vacancy.
*There will be a dance at the Grill Hall Saturday evening, April 14th, - music by Piersoll's orchestra of Carroll. Everyone invited.
*Mrs. Merle Myers and Mrs. H. C. Mauck spent Tuesday afternoon at the McNeal home for the purpose of deciding on a name for the new club. After discussing several names, they decided to call it,"Mothers' Council".

*Mrs. Stanley Browne, Mrs. Raymond, Miss Edna Browne, Fred True, Frank True, B. Patrick, T. A. Wiebers and Lawrence Stubbe attended a box social at Kiron Friday night.
*Rev. Allen closed a very interesting and instructive week of sermons Friday night. Special music was very effectively rendered each evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Myers, of Herring, spent Sunday at the Schuler home.
*Maurice Winans and sons spent Sunday at the Streeter home where he joined his wife and babe who have been visiting here this week. All returned Monday to their home in Wall Lake.

*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reimers attended services for the first time since their accident last December and enjoyed it immensely.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Winans entertained Mr. and Mrs. Blair Richardson at dinner Sunday.
*Mrs. Merle Myers was a Denison shopper Friday.

*The L. D. S. church was beautifully decorated Easter Sunday with a profusion of potted plants and cut flowers, purple and white streamers and white bells. The following program was well rendered: Song - choir; Recitation - Marjorie Heldi; Recitation - Russell Wescott; Recitation - Dorothy Turner; Song - Primary class; Recitation - Edna Wescott; recitation - Paul Craig; Boy's Quartette; Recitation - Chrystal Newcom; Exercise - Primary Class; Trio - Inez Gail, Leta Winans and Rebecca Winey; Recitation - Lesle Wescott; Recitation - Raymond Moeller; Trio - Edna Wescott, Dorothy Turner, Mildred Cose; Recitation - Allen True; Sunbonnet Babies - Primary Class; Recitation - Lowell Newcom; Recitation - Mildred Cose; Solo - Iva Mason; Easter Bells - Dorothy Turner, Mildred Cose, Chrystal Newcom; Song - Myrtle Cose, Sarah Gardner, Margaret Cost; Song - Choir; Lord's Prayer - Cong;

*The dredger from the county line near Brogan has started toward the lake and is working a double shift, day and night. What there is of Brogan is lighted with electric list. It's about time for Deloit to wake up and get lights. We surely ought to be able to have them if Brogan can.
*Easter Sunday was observed at the M. E. church with a program by the Sunday School pupils and also with special music by the choir. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers, the Easter lily having a very prominent place.
*Fred Moeller and E. McNeal went to Omaha Friday and brought back the latter's new auto truck.

*The many friends of Mrs. J. L. Miller will be sorry to hear she has been quite ill all week.
*Mother's Council will meet at the school house Thursday, April 19th. All members are urged to be present.
*Miss Mildred Butterworth has returned from her extended trip and as several have requested she take up her music class again, she has decided to do so and all former pupils who would like to resume their study may leave word at Mrs. Jordan's or phone her at Dow City.
*Mrs. August Johnson and her two sons, of Mason City, arrived Saturday for a visit at the J. D. Newcom home.

*The Religio program was well attended Tuesday evening. The paper by Jennie Richardson was especially good and well rendered as was also the solo by Guy Johnson.
*A crowd of about twenty young people met at the L. D. S. church Tuesday evening and went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Estes where they held a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. Will Rounds. The crowd took their lunch and all report a very enjoyable time. These young folks will be at home in the house vacated by Jno. Rounds after April 15th.

*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moeller and Mrs. Ralph Beaman were Denison shoppers Monday.
*Mrs. Carl Winey visited Mrs. Blanche Winans last Thursday afternoon.
*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mauck entertained Dr. V. K. Graham at dinner Sunday.
*B. C. Patrick, T. A. Wiebers and August Lorenzen left Sunday for a trip to Omaha.
*Wm. Ehlers is on the sick list this week.
*Mrs. E. A. McKim went to Nicholsenn hospital at Omaha last week for treatment, Mrs. Sarah Newcom and Mrs. Janice McKim accompanying her.
*Miss Flora Robertsen sold her property to Joe True Friday and will move to her home previously purchased in Dunlap.

*Mr. and Mrs. Jessen and daughter Miss Emelie arrived Thursday from Whittier, Cali. For an extended visit with their daughter, Mrs. Herman Grill.
*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jessen and Mr. and Mrs. Lafrentz of Schleswig, spent Sunday at the Herman Grill home.
*Mrs. Herman Grill was hostess, Friday afternoon, at a birthday party for her mother, Mrs. Jessen, of Whittier, Calif. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jessen, Mr. and Mrs. Lafrentz of Schleswig, Mrs. Broderson and daughter, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Gess and Mrs. Evers of Denison.
*H. C. Mauck entered into his new duties as secretary of the school board Wednesday.

Denison Review, Wednesday, April 18, 1917

*Mrs. Joe True entertained the officers and members of the various communities of the Mothers' Council at her home Monday afternoon at a business meeting.
*Guy Martin Sr. and family have decided to move back to Deloit and Mr. Martin will resume his duties in the bank. We are very glad to welcome them back again.
*Mrs. Hill of Des Moines visited at the home of Mrs. James McKim, Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cook of Denison also took Sunday dinner at the McKim home.
*B. C. Patrick and T. Wiebers were in Omaha Monday evening and while there witnessed the wrestling match.

*Miss Mildred Butterworth of Dow City, was a Deloit visitor Tuesday.
*Dr. V. K. Graham, B. C. Patrick, Fred Moeller, Francis Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Joe True and family, Miss Carter, Miss Cole and Mrs. Johnston were some of the Deloit people to show their patriotism by attending the Rally in Denison, Tuesday evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moeller and Mrs. Herman Grill were Denison shoppers Wednesday.
*At the L. D. S. conference just closed at Lamoni, Ia., Elder J. B. Barrett learned of his re-appointment to this district and is expected here this week. He will occupy the Dick Brogden property during the latter's a

bsence in Minnesota. The people are all very glad to welcome this family to Deloit.
*Mrs. Schuler who has been under the doctor's care for some time is much better now. Her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Turner, is caring for her.
*Clifford Browne of Kiron returned home Saturday to spend his week's vacation with his parents.
*The basket ball standards are in place on the school grounds ready for use.
*Mrs. James McKim entertained the Ladies Aid society at her home Friday afternoon. The afternoon was spent in making aprons for the coming bazaar. After this Mrs. McKim served a delightful lunch. All departed declaring the hostess an ideal one. After the ladies had departed, Mrs. McKim served lunch to the following gentlemen; Mr. Boysen, Harry Mauck, Don Wilkinson and Jim Abbott.

*Miss Edna Browne was a Denison visitor Friday.
*Mrs. J. L. Miller and Mrs. J. W. True called on Mrs. Young Friday.
*The Roberterson's took their last dinner in Deloit with the Joe True family Friday.
*Grandma Williams was a Denison visitor Friday afternoon.
*Mrs. McCord of Defiance, visited a few days last week with her friend, Mrs. Vanderwall.
*Millard Turner drove to Deloit Friday after Miss Ida Turner, who departed with Mrs. Raymond of Denison, Saturday to Kansas. Miss Ida visiting a year there with her aunt.
*Rev. Allen was a Boyer visitor on Thursday.

*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mauck, Ben Patrick and Don Wilkinson attended the band fair at Denison Thursday evening.
*Joe True and family and Mr. Francis Webster, motored to Dow City on Sunday and took dinner with Miss Cole, who returned home with them in the evening.
*Geo. Hutchinson and family and Mr. Webster were Denison callers on Saturday.
*Mrs. H. O. Mauck and Miss Edna Browne were Denison shoppers Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shives of Denison took Sunday dinner with the Dick Brogden family.

*Miss Caster spent Sunday at the home of her brother at Underwood.
*Mrs. Helen Johnstone made a business trip to Council Bluffs Saturday returning to Deloit Sunday evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. George Prentice of Denison motored over and spent Sunday with Mrs. J. Worley.
*Mr. Chester McGrath of Denison spent Friday in Deloit on business.
*Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Miss Cecil Burell, Miss Buchanan and Mr. Lawson of Ute motored to Deloit Saturday to attend the dance. They report a very enjoyable time.
*Matt McCormick of Denison was a Deloit visitor Saturday evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mauck had an over-Sunday guests, her mother, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Hibbs, Miss Vera Jacobs, Miss Mary Jane, Mr. E. T. Jacobs, O. S. Jacobs and Mr. Pooler of Lake City, Ia. and Miss Edna Brown, B. C. Patrick and Don Wilkinson of Deloit.

*The boy scouts have ordered their new uniforms and are very proud of the fact that most of them earned their own money for the suits. They will don them as soon as they arrive and scout masters will start training the boys at once. We should all be very proud of our boy scouts and the campfire girls.
*We understand that guy Martin has purchased the McKim property where Chas. Robertson lived and will repair and remodel the same. At present he will occupy the property vacated by Dale Cose.

Denison review, Wednesday, April 25, 1917

*The Dick Brogden home was the scene of a double surprise party Wednesday evening when about fifty members and friends of the L. D. S. church met for a reception for Elder Barrett, who has recently moved here from Lamoni, Ia., and also for a farewell party to the Dick Brogden family who will leave soon for Minnesota. The ladies brought well filled baskets and after spending the evening in a social way, refreshments were served after which Willing Workers presented Mrs. Brogden with a beautiful bouquet of carnations. At a late hour, all departed with the best of wishes for both families.

*Mothers Council held its first regular meeting at the school house last Thursday afternoon. After the business meeting, the girls' glee club sang two very appropriate selections. Mrs. Jacob Sims, of Denison, then spoke to the ladies on "What Various Mother Clubs are Accomplishing." Lieut. Scout Master Webster, displayed his Boy Scouts in real manner, after which Mrs. Winey and Miss Morris served a delightful lunch. The next meeting will be held Thursday, May 3. As this is a business meeting every member is requested to be present.

*Mr. and Mrs. Jim Abbot and Mr. Jed Abbot spent Sunday with friends in Jackson township. Later they all drove to Brogan to see the dredges.
*Mr. Loyal VanFleet and family moved to town Monday occupying the Jed Abbot house.
*Walter Williams of Brogan, while unloading rails, had the misfortune of having two rails fall on his hand, cutting of a finger. He left Monday for the hospital at Ford Dodge where he will stay until he is able to use his hand again.

*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim were Denison callers Saturday.
*Dr. V. K. Graham and O. W. Wier were business callers at Denison on Wednesday.
*Mrs. James Abbot was a Denison shopper Saturday.
*Miss Etta Stubbe and Dr. V. K. Graham, were Denison visitors Thursday.
*Mrs. Jessen, of Schleswig, is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Herman Grill.
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Browne and daughter, Miss Edna, were Denison visitors Saturday.

*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newman of Boyer, Sundayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Campbell. Mrs. Nancy Dunbar, after a week's visit at the Campbell home returned with them.
*Elder Barrett filled the Denison pulpit Sunday morning and the Deloit pulpit in the evening.
*Aunt Mary Newcom came to Deloit Saturday to do her usual trading for the first time since Xmas. She reports Uncle Joe to be feeling quite well.
*The boy scouts are now wearing their uniforms and are very busy making their camping and parade grounds north of the Grill Hall. When the camp is completed the boys will spend part of their nights in camp.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Spence of Boyer and Mrs. Francis Webster took Sunday dinner with the Joe True family.

*Mr. Arlo Mason was entertained at Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson.
*Mr. and Mrs. Dick Brogden departed Monday evening for a six months sojourn with friends and relatives in Minnesota.
*Mrs. Carl Streeter has been confined to her home for several days suffering with rheumatism, but at present is much improved.
*Little Lyle Worley has been absent from school the past week on account of tonsillitis.

*The ladies aid society of the M. E. church will meet with Mrs. Geo. Hutchinson Friday afternoon. Everyone cordially invited.
*H. C. Mauck and family motored to Denison Sunday.
*B. S. Patrick took Sunday dinner at the Willkinson home.
*Mr. O'Banion and family returned Saturday after spending a week's vacation at Ames and Woodbine.
*Clifford Browne returned to Kiron on Sunday and will resume his school duties.

*T. Wiebers left Sunday to spend a week with his parents northwest of Denison.
*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mauck, Miss Johnson and Miss Browne motored to Kiron Sunday evening.
*Watch for the date of the big baseball dance.
*Mr. and Mrs. Joe True were Denison business callers Thursday.
*Mr. George Prentice of Denison was a Deloit caller Thursday.

Denison Review, Wednesday, May 2, 1917

*Next Sunday morning, May 6th, Rev. F. F. Travis, of Odebolt, and Mr. C. H. Young of Wall Lake will address the congregation of the Deloit Methodist church in the interests of the Retired Preachers' Endowment Fund. They will also give addresses at Boyer in the afternoon of the same day. Don't fail to hear these men on this worthy cause.
*Mothers' Council meets Thursday May 3rd, at the school house. Everyone member is urged to be present.
*Miss Martha Stubbe of Boyer, has been visiting the past week with her friends and relatives here.

*Chester McGrath of Denison was a business caller here Tuesday.
*H. C. Mauck was on the sick list the first of the week but is better at present.
*Martin Lorenzen was a business caller at Denison Tuesday.
*Be sure and attend the second annual May Festival baseball dance at Grill hall, Saturday evening, May 5. Music by the Kernan's orchestra of Omaha. A good time assured to all. Everybody come.
*Mr. John Saggau and family were Denison visitors Wednesday.

*A number of little friends of Frederick Mauck gathered at his home Wednesday afternoon to help him celebrate his fourth birthday. The afternoon was spent in playing games after which the lunch was served to the little tots. The table was very prettily decorated in pink, blue and white streamers and individual candy baskets with a birthday cake and four candles for a centerpiece.
*Mrs. J. S. Miller was a Denison visitor Friday.
*Mrs. Vanderwall and daughter, Mabel, were Omaha visitors the latter part of the week.

*Mrs. May Rudd and daughter, Gladys, of Dow City, visited at the Dobson home a few days the latter part of the week.
*Guy Johnson, of Arion, spent Sunday in Deloit.
*Mrs. Jim Fisher has gone to Colorado to spend the summer with her parents.
*Mrs. Allen returned home Friday after spending several weeks in nursing at the Denison hospital.
*Mr. James Abbott spent Thursday and Friday in Omaha on business.
*Leonard Burris and Walter Osterland attended the dance at Dunlap on Thursday evening.

*Mrs. Guy Martin Jr. and baby spent the week with friends and relatives at Avoca, Mr. Martin joining her Saturday night and all returning Monday.
*Word received from Mr. and Mrs. Dick Brogden states their safe arrival after a seven hour delay caused by a freight wreck ahead of them.
*Mr. Carl Winey has been enjoying trips in several automobiles with a view of purchasing one.
*Miss Ruth Jordan, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Barrett, of Denison, returned home Sunday.

*Mr. Fred True took Sunday dinner at the Joe True home.
*Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mauck and family, B. C. Patrick, Dr. V. K. Graham and Mr. Francis Webster took Sunday dinner at the Wilkinson home.
*Mrs. Purcell of Sioux City and Mrs. Miller of Onawa are visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
*The Morrison family have recently located in the McKim property.

Denison Review, Wednesday, May 9, 1917

*Mrs. George Newcom of Odebolt has been spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. E. A. McKim.
*The Epworthians met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson last Tuesday evening.
*Mrs. Hess has been spending a few days with Miss Morris.
*Mrs. Morrison has been visiting at Boyer for a few days.
*Mrs. D. S. Hull has been visiting a couple of weeks at the Newton home and called on her old friends, Mrs. E. A. McKim, Mrs. James McKim, Mrs. Red Schuler and Mrs. Ben Beaman.

*Rev. Allen's wife has been spending a few days at home enjoying a visit with her daughters, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Purcell and helping prepare for the wedding of her daughter, which took place this week at the parsonage.
*Ralph Beaman is carrying his hand in a sling. He was working with a piece of machinery and got struck on the back of his hand, nearly breaking some bones.
*Mr. Bob Childress was a Denison shopper Tuesday.

*Jennings Newcom arrived in Deloit Friday to make some short calls on relatives.
*Mrs. Winnie Browne showed her loyalty by going to her school every day this blizzardly weather.
*Earl Riggleman has a new Ford.
*Those who wish to know the particulars about the Red Cross should enquire of Miss Lovice Morris.
*The many friends will be sorry to hear that Mrs. S. Horr is in poor health, overwork being the cause. She will go to Lemmon, S. D. for a rest at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Claude McKim.
*Mrs. Ray Green and Mrs. Don Fink visited the dentist in Denison Saturday.

*Mr. Herrington of the hotel has just returned from Rochester, Minn. where he had been to consult the doctors in regard to his health.
*Mr. Mayberry and Miss Helen Vanderwall came up from Denison and spent Sunday at the Vanderwall home.
*Mrs. Mattie Cose, Mrs. Vanderwall and Mrs. Allen spent Friday afternoon with Miss Lovicie Morris.
*The Mothers' council which was to have met Thursday afternoon was postponed until this week, Thursday, and will meet at the school house. Mrs. Carl Winey will serve a lunch and Mrs. Johnson has charge of the program. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

*Miss D. S. Hall returned to Denison Saturday after a two weeks' visit with old time friends in Deloit, where she used to wield the birch.
*There was a business meeting of the school board Friday evening to transact some special business.
*Among those whom we saw board the train Saturday for Denison were Mrs. Riggleman and daughter, Miss Lucy Flint, Mrs. Roy Green, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Childress, Mr. and Mrs. L. Miller, Fred Landon, Mrs. Russell Newcom, Mrs. Wayne Snell, Mrs. Fisher and daughter, Mrs. James Turner, Milt Childress and granddaughter Miss Ardath Cose, Mrs. Vanderwall, Fred Rickman and Miss Ruby Cose and Miss Iva Landon and others, whose names we did not get. It being the first pleasant day the people took advantage of it, some going to take in the demonstration at the Denison bottling works.
*Mrs. Guy Martin, Jr. and babe returned home Sunday evening after a pleasant visit with the home folks at Avoca.

*There was a large crowd came up from Denison Saturday night to attend the May festival baseball dance held at the Grill hall.
*The Ladies' Aid society will meet this week with Miss Lovicie Morris and a good attendance is desired.
*Guy Johnson came up on the train Saturday night to spend Sunday with friends.

*Sunday at the Methodist church was devoted to the raising of a permanent endowment fund for the support of the veteran preachers of the conference. The northwest Iowa conference has launched a campaign for raising $200,000 the proceeds of which are for the support of the retired preachers. Rev. Allen presented the cause in the morning and Rev. Ellison and Mr. C. H. Young, of Wall Lake, gave splendid addresses in the evening. They were also at Boyer in the afternoon. Next Sunday will close the campaign and Rev. Kamphoefner of Webster City will give the address.

*Miss Adelaid May Allen, youngest daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Allen, was united in marriage to Mr. Willard B. Thorpe, of Ottawa at the Methodist parsonage on Tuesday, May 1st, Rev. Allen officiating. Miss Allen has resided in Deloit only a few months, but in that time has made many friends. She has been active in all kinds of church work and has won a place of respect in the social life of the community. Mr. Thorpe, in the several visits he has made here has made a very favorable impression. Everyone joins in wishing this worthy young couple a long and happy wedded life. They left immediately for Wynat, Neb. Which place they propose to make their future home.

Denison Review, Wednesday, May 16, 1917

*The ball season opened with a game between the Stars and Stripes of Omaha and Deloit at Lake Wood Park. The score was 4 to 2 in favor of Deloit. Those who attended report a good game and there was a big turnout of Deloit people to cheer the boys along.
*Bert Darling is putting in a cement foundation for scales on the George Winans farm.
*Mrs. Mason and Miss Iva Mason leave Tuesday with Avery to consult a specialist.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Campbell drove up to Boyer to spend the day with their daughter, Mrs. Fred Newman, who has been very ill.

*Mr. and Mrs. Lit Dunbar and daughters visited at the Isaac Zea home on Sunday. Mr. Zea has been having the old fashioned grippe which is not a pleasant companion.
*Miss Iva Landon is home again after a two weeks' stay in Denison at the George Zea home.
*Miss Castor accompanied Mrs. Helen Johnston to Denison Saturday and remained as her guest over Sunday.
*Mrs. James went to Denison Monday to spend the day with the club to which she belongs. She assured us she had a splendid time.
*Orville Jacobs of Lake City is visiting his sister, Mrs. Mauck.
*Broder Boysen has had the painters and paper hangers at work on his house and it looks spic and span, inside and out. He also put out a hedge on the west and south sides of the house.

*Mr. Mauck's brother, Clarence, has been visiting him.
*Joe True has been adding decorations to his porch which improve the looks.
*Mrs. Jim Abbott went to Battle Creek to visit a sister and is home again after a weeks' recreation.
*Miss Bernice Cone of Madrid has been a pleasant visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe True.
*Burton McKim and wife, who have been visiting his aunt, Mrs. J. L. Miller, departed for his mission field last Thursday, the Des Moines district being his field of labor this year.
*Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson and Miss Kathryn Vennick spent Saturday and Sunday with friends and relatives at Manilla.

*Uncle Bob Childress reports his cottage at Lake Wood well under way.
*Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Myers Hanson were in town Saturday evening.
*Mrs. Chas. Cose and daughter, Mrs. Bob Childress, Stanley Browne, Miss Lelia Childress, Misses Winans, Isaac Zea were Denison shoppers on Saturday.
*Mrs. J. L. Riggleman and Dale and Ruby motored to Denison Saturday.
*John Fleming and sisters attended the M. E. services Sunday morning at Deloit and Miss Olson and Miss Turin of Kiron, who are visiting at their home, accompanied them.
*Milt Childress was a Denison shopper Friday afternoon.
*Mr. and Mrs. Milt Childress and Mrs. Mattie Cose entertained the pastor and family at supper Thursday evening.

*Mrs. Arnold accompanied her niece, Mrs. Beatrice Riggleman, to church Sunday morning. Mrs. Arnold is here assisting in caring for her brother, J. D. Newcom.
*The L. A. S. will meet with Mrs. S. D. Newton Friday, May 18th. Everybody bring shears, needle and thimble and work will be provided. A fifteen cent lunch will be served. A cordial invitation is extended to all.
*Preparations are in progress for the observance of children's day by the M. E. church.
*Mrs. Ethel Baker and son were in Deloit Saturday evening.
*Traffic has been held up on Main Street on account of a large cement culvert being put in.

*Mrs. Sarah McKim returned to her home in Odebolt Monday. She has been staying with her mother, who is far from well.
*Chas. Campbell is busy painting at the Newman home near Boyer.
*L. J. Jensen shipped a car of cattle over the Central Saturday night.
*Mr. Wieber, the barber is away and Mike Myers is found in his place during Mr. Wieber's absence.
*Mrs. Hemple went to Logan Friday with her mother.
*Dr. Graham is driving a new Dodge car.
*The Willing Workers met with Miss Bessie Myers Wednesday.

*Ivan Patchen left Saturday morning for the northern part of the state to visit his cousin, Floyd Patchin.
*Mrs. Alma Prentice accompanied her daughter, Mrs. Lelia Childress, to a Denison hospital Monday. We hope for the best.
*Walter Williams of Brogan was to Deloit Saturday to visit his mother.
*J. L. Miller and wife, George Winans and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Winans called at the J. D. Newcom home Sunday afternoon. Mr. Newcom has been a shut in for a long time and does not improve very rapidly and is glad to have his friends call to help pass the time.

*Dick Patchin is busy putting up a hen house for S. D. Newton.
*The little grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schuler visited them Friday.
*Miss Hallowell is visiting Miss Cole for a few days.
*Mr. and Mrs. Allen autoed out to the Inghram home Friday, returning in time for the Aid meeting.
*Mrs. S. D. Newton received some lovely carnations on Mother's Day, the gift of her daughter. They were carried to the church Sunday that others might enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

*Leonard Butterworth, of Dow City, spent Sunday in Deloit.
*Dale Cose spent Monday forenoon in Denison on business.
*The Mother's council met at the school house in regular session, Thursday, with a large attendance. The Camp Fire girls entertained the mothers with ice cream and cake, the Boy Scouts serving the refreshments. All report a very enjoyable time. During the afternoon, Dr. Graham, with the assistance of Professor Webster, our congenial principal, drilled the Boy Scouts.

*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim autoed up to the Bob Childress home, where they went fishing.
*Rev. Allen and family took supper at the Murray Woolsencroft home last Wednesday evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. Homer Huckstep and Mrs. Wm. Huckstep attended M. E. church services Sunday morning in Deloit.
*Professor Webster expects to be called to Ft. Snelling soon.

*Mother's Day was appropriately observed at the Methodist church last Sunday morning. A large congregation was present. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers. Miss Mable McNeil sang a solo entitled "Mother of Mine" and Rev. Allen preached on the subject of "Motherhood" it's Cost and it's Compensation. In the evening Dr. Kamphoefer, of Webster City, addressed a large congregation. During the day Deloit and Boyer subscribed $500 to the permanent fund for retired preachers of the conference.

*The newly elected officers of the Epworth League will be installed next Sunday evening. A fine program is being prepared.
*Miss Nathalie Allen entertained a party of friends Tuesday evening in a most happy way; it was called a field meet. The party was divided into contesting sides. The sports afforded much amusement. A delicious lunch was served and everybody had a splendid time.

Denison Review, Wednesday, May 30, 1917

*The Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Guy Martin, Friday afternoon. There was a splendid turnout although the weather was very threatening. Twenty-six lunches were served and the ladies whiled away their time at fancy work and visiting. They meet this afternoon at the church to clean house and want as good a turnout as to the luncheon.
*The Deloit school closed Friday with a picnic and as the day was lowering, some of them got a soaking before they could get to shelter.

*The L. D. S. will serve supper at the Brogden Building on Registration Day, June 5th. Don't forget the data.
*Mrs. J. Wilkinson came up to attend the L. D. S. Friday and on account of the storm was a visitor at James McKim's over night.
*Fayetta Noakes visited Saturday at the John Jessen home with the boys.
*Evan Patchin took dinner Sunday with Mrs. Laura Noakes.
*Star Spangled Banner in Pantomime at Grill Hall, June 5th.

*L. O. Myers and Millard Turner and families visited at Fred Schuler's Sunday.
*Elder Barrett of Deloit filled the Denison pulpit Sunday at the L. D. S. church.
*Elder C. E. Harp preached Sunday morning and evening at the L. D. S. church in Deloit.
*O. W. Wier and wife took their Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Lite Miller.
*Nora Jordan and Mrs. B. W. Richardson were Denison shoppers Saturday.

*Professor Webster left Saturday for Des Moines to enlist in Home Guards.
*Miss Castor went to Iowa City to take a course in the government school for nurses.
*Mrs. Johnson returned to her home in Denison to spend her vacation.
*Miss Cole goes to Dow City. Thus the corps of above teachers will go their different ways and new teachers with the exception of Mrs. Johnson will take their places this fall.
*Be sure to see the Civil War Heroes, Tuesday, June 5th.
*Mrs. Rye Dobson was a Denison shopper Thursday.

*Don't miss the Taldeaux of Liberty at Grill Hall Tuesday, June 5th.
*Deloit won the third game of the season from Odebolt. This was the fastest game of the season being a pitching battle between Cunningham and Maxwell. Score: Deloit - 2, Odebolt - 1.
*Mrs. Jessen and Miss Emelia Jessen, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Petersen and Mr. and Mrs. John LaFrantz visited Sunday at Broder Boysen's.
*Fredrick Petersen shelled and hauled corn to Deloit Thursday.

*E. A. Nelson of Adair, Iowa, a cousin of Mrs. Jay Fisher, is visiting them.
*Mrs. John Jessen visited overnight Friday in Denison with her daughter, Miss Jessen.
*Mrs. Will Foster visited at Mr. Isaac Fisher's Sunday.
*Jud Gary and gang of Denison are moving the house that Jim Turner and Milton Johnson recently purchased of Merle Myers on the farm to Deloit where it will be located on Jim Tuner's lot.
*Mr. Wm. Huckstep's smiling face was seen on the streets of Deloit Saturday. Mr. Huckstep reports he has 40 acres of corn to plant yet.

*Herman Grill and wife autoed out to the Nissen cemetery Thursday.
*The officers of the Mothers' Council met with Mrs. Joe True Tuesday and transacted business.
*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newman visited at Chas. Campbell's Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Horace Miller was shopping in Deloit Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Herring and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Childress, Henry Thompsons, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Jordan and Messrs. Homer and Perry Huckstep, with their wives, made Deloit a call Saturday evening.
* Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Graham overnight Saturday.

*Bert Darling is laying the foundation for a large barn on the Henry Schurke farm.
*Ivan Patchin returned home Friday from Lake Okoboji where he visited at C. J. Newcom's.

*Springtime - written by Lyle Darling, 11 yrs old - 6th grade - Springtime is here and the birds are all singing; The birds and the squirrels are in the tree tops a-swinging. The robins have young that will soon fly away; and sometimes you can hear the blue jay say "Jay! Jay!". The cattle are in the pasture and the horses in the field; the farmers are talking about the crops their land will yield. The meadow lark is on it's next and the violets are in bloom; and the roses and the lilies will be blooming very soon. Nearly all of the boys quit school to help out on the farm; and at night you can see them with the milk pails on their arms.

*Mrs. J. Wilkinson and Mrs. Green and Mrs. Beaman visited at James McKim's Wednesday.
*Rev. Allen was a Denison visitor Wednesday.
*Mrs. Ray Green and Miss Lucy Flint wee the guests of Mrs. Newton Monday evening to supper.
*Miss Nathaniel Allen was entertained at supper at Mrs. Ben Beaman's Wednesday evening.
*Herman Rathje was a Denison visitor Friday.

*Fred Petersen of Otter Creek township was in Deloit shopping Saturday.
*Jake Sachau has been taken to the Denison hospital where he is seriously ill. His friends are hoping for the best.
*Mrs. Alma Prentice spent Sunday with her daughter.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Evers and Mrs. John Evers and son of Denison, visited at Broder Boysen's Thursday.

*Rev. Allen went to Sioux City Monday where he met Mrs. Allen and they will spend a few days with their daughter, Mrs. M. J. Purcell.
*Memorial Sunday was appropriately observed at the Methodist church last Sunday. A large congregation was in attendance. Three veterans of the civil war were present, the only survivors of that awful strife in the community. Uncle George Landon carrying Old Glory with his two comrades, Silas Streeter and John Rickman. Rev. Allen preached from the text, "Yes, I have a goodly heritage." His purpose was to show that all the civil and religious liberty which we of this generation enjoy were purchased by blood and sacrifice. In the evening the subject of the nation's history.

Denison Review, Wednesday, June 6, 1917 - Deloit

*Orrin Kenyon and his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Rounds while going to Deloit Sunday evening had quite a narrow escape when coming down a hill, the buggy shaft breaking and the horses ran quite a ways before it broke loose and ran to Deloit, scaring the people. Quite a number drove out to the accident, Lacey Myers bringing in Mr. and Mrs. Rounds in his car. She was the only one who was hurt, her ankle being sprained. A. D. Winey brought Mrs. Kenyon and Mrs. Kenyon came with his wife's brother and mother. They nevertheless got off pretty lucky.

*E. McNeal and family took their Sunday dinner at the Martin home.
*Hyde and Popkins shelled corn for Broder Boysen in Deloit Monday.
*Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson entertained her immediate relatives Monday, it being her birthday.
*Luke Petersen and Pete Petersen were Deloit shoppers Monday.
*L.F. Morris marketed hogs Tuesday.
*Paul Johansen shelled corn Tuesday.
*Watt Wilkinson is shelling and hauling corn.

*Bert Darling was out to A. D. Winey's Thursday laying out lines for their house. The house movers are expected this week to move the old house out of the way.
*Little Chas. Fleming is visiting his sister, Mrs. Leonard Lingle.
*Mrs. E. A. McKim and son, Gene, and his daughter spent Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson's.
*Mr. and Mrs. George Newcom, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newton and Miss Lovicie Morris autoed up to Albert Winey's Sunday.
*Verne Wilkinson is spending the week end at Cedar Falls.
*Paul Johannsen shelled corn Tuesday.

*Mr. and Mrs. Broder Boysen spent Tuesday with their daughter, Mrs. Johansen.
*Mr. and Mrs. Myers Hansen were Deloit visitors Saturday. Miss Lucy Flint is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson and expects to spend a few weeks with her.
*Don Wilkinson, one of our popular Goodrich boys was called to Marion and left Friday. He has joined the Vawter Chautauqua company for the season. He will be greatly missed by his young friends.
*Sam Anderson has purchased a Buick, which he and his family will take on some very pleasant trips.
*Matt Wilkinson and Fineran shelled their corn this week and hauled it to Deloit.
*Arthur Winey shelled and marketed his corn at Deloit Friday and Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Heman Newcom visited at Spirit Lake a few days.

*Deloit Ball Club is sure putting up a brand of ball that is seldom witnessed in amateur games and they invite their boosters to witness the game between Storm Lake and Deloit at Lake Wood Park next Sunday.
*Auburn was the surprise of the season last Sunday and gave Deloit a real close shave in a thrilling fourteen inning tie game.
*Mr. and Mrs. John Sachau and son Harry, visited with his mother Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Will Cook and Mrs. Richard Robinson and sons attended M. E. services Sunday morning.

*Mr. and Mrs. W. Cook have bought a home at Iowa Falls and have fallen in love with their new home. Their many friends will miss them but Iowa Falls is the winner.
*Mr. and Mrs. George Newcom and Miss Hester Lingle motored up from Omaha Saturday evening in a new Grant six and stopped over night with Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newton and attended church.
*Mr. Gene McKim and daughter arrived from Colorado Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. E. A. McKim. Lizzie is glad to see her baby boy which she has been longing to see for some time. Gene is the same old friend but like the rest is growing old.
*Gary Comstock is visiting at Murray Woolsoncrofts over Sunday.

*Harry Andersons are the proud possessor of a new Ford which they certainly will enjoy.
*The Vail High school gave a very good play at the Opera House in Deloit Friday night. On account of the lowering weather there was but not a very large crowd.
*Mrs. Bessie Myers and Miss Bessie Pilcher and Mrs. Joe True visited Denison friends Thursday.
*Ivan Patchin and Andy Barthman expect to start to Spirit Lake soon.
*Miss Eunice Dobson closed a successful school Friday.
*Isaac Newton was down from Ellis fixing up the Grey lots in the cemetery at Deloit, Monday.

*Miss Bessie Pilcher came Tuesday to visit her grandfather, George Winans and Mrs. Merle Myers, her aunt.
*Earl Winans and Mrs. Anna Winans are having their houses raised. Not a bad idea as the water cannot then get into the house in high water time.
*Mr. Broder Boysen is having his corn shelled and sold and shipped it to Geo. Menaugh.
*The W. W. met with Mrs. Barrett Wednesday.
*Mrs. S. D. Newton visited Monday at the Herman Grill home with Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Mamie Jessen and Miss Emelie Jessen of Whittier, Calif.
*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim, Mrs. Ben Beaman, Mrs. Roy Green and children autoed out to the J. W. Wilkinson home to spend the day Monday.

*Mrs. Sarah Newcom came down from Odebolt Thursday to spend a few days with her mother, Mrs. E. A. McKim.
*Dan Fink was a Deloit caller Monday.
*Clarence Hutchison marketed hogs Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Ben Beaman and Mrs. Roy Green and children were entertained to dinner Thursday at Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schuler's.
*Mrs. Guy Martin and Miss Hedges were Denison shoppers Saturday.
*Mr. Henry Moeller and son, Lowell, of Denison visited at Fred Moellers Sunday.
*Rev. Allen and daughter, Nathalie took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Riggleman and also called on Mr. and Mrs. John Newcom.

*Sunday was an interesting day at the M. E. church. The attendance was good. Special music by the choir was feature of the morning service. Miss Jessie Lingle led the Epworth League. The subject was well handled and was very helpful every way.
*The M. E. Sunday School is busy preparing a Children's Day Program to be given next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.

*The death of one of our townsmen, Mr. Jacob Sachau was a shock to neighbors and friends. Only a week before, his smiling face was seen upon our street and Saturday he was taken to the Denison hospital where all that kind friends and medical aid could do was done for him but Thursday morning the sad news was brought that he had passed into the great beyond. One brother from East Moline, Ill., one sister living close in Charter Oak, all sons and daughters were present at the funeral which was held at the house at one o'clock Saturday. The pall bearers were Simon Kruse, Chris Groth, Julian Johannsen, Broder Boysen, Chris Nissen, Louis Hyde, all old neighbors of his. He was laid to rest in the Nissen cemetery. He leaves to mourn his wife and 4 daughters and 5 sons, John G., who resides in Deloit, Henry and Fred who reside at Moville, Hans in Nebraska, August stays with his sister, Mrs. Angie Thoms in Goodrich Township, Mrs. Ada Bauman near Schleswig, Mrs. Emma Koenck who lives near Boyer, Mrs. Mary Dethlefsen at Hardan, Mont. The dear ones have the sympathy of their friends. Mr. Sachau will be greatly missed in and around Deloit.

*Miss Edith Darling is spending her vacation near Boyer.
*Miss Garnet Campbell has gone for a couple weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Fred Newman.
*The Ladie's Aid met Thursday at the M. E. church and gave it a fine cleanup.
*Miss Iva Mason closed her school Friday for the sixth successive term. They had a picnic dinner which was very much enjoyed by all. Miss Iva received many little tokens of esteem from patrons and pupils which she very much appreciated.
*Mrs. Roy Green visited Friday overnight at Boyer with her friend, Mrs. Geo. Newcom.

*S. D. Newton and Mr. Weir were in Denison Saturday.
*The Ladies Willing Workers met with Mrs. Barrett Wednesday.
*Lola Zea attended church services in Deloit Sunday.
*Mrs. Anna Turner received the pleasant news that one of her grandsons at Wichita, Kansas, received the prize for the most perfect mark, 100 being the score. Another one also entered but did not stand so high.

*The friends of Miss Loyal Winans gave her a complete surprise Tuesday evening. She was out for a ride and when she returned the company had gathered to celebrate her birthday which occurred Sunday. A splendid time was enjoyed by the young people. Ice cream and cake was served. Miss Loyal received a fine bracelet watch given by her parents.
*Arden Newcom has gone to Spirit Lake to see his father who is quite ill.
*Miss Hildred Ivey of Manilla, Ia. is visiting her friend, Miss Kathryn Vennick.
*Mr. and Mrs. Norman Inghram took dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson.
*Uncle John Rickman has been on the sick list.

*Mrs. Grandma Johnson, who has been a shut-in for a long time is getting along nicely.
*Rev. Harps and Barrett will hold special meetings this week at the L. D. S. church.
*Carl Streeter has taken his brother Dennis's place at the Nye, Schneider elevator.
*Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rudd and daughter, Gladys, are visiting Mrs. T. C. Dobson and daughter, Eunice.
*Mr. Eugene McKim and daughter left for a visit at Ames, Iowa, Monday.
*Bert Aickmare went to Denison and back Monday. Mr. Aickmare is quite a trapper.
*Mr. Mark's mother of Garwin is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Mark.

*Patriotic program at Opera House June 14. Ice cream and cake will be served. Come and help a good cause.
*Mrs. Mank will entertain the Ladies Aid to a Kensington, Friday afternoon.
*Professor Webster has returned to Deloit and will be with Mr. E. McNeal on a bridge gang until July.
*Miss Sarah Gardner has been assisting Mrs. A. J. Mason with the house work. Mrs. Mason has been on the sick list.
*Miss Iva Mason, her daughter, leaves for Cedar Falls, Tuesday where she will attend summer school.
*Mr. and Mrs. Abbott spent Sunday at Lake View.

*These boys are getting into shape to make a real contest with the Denison trop. Boost for the boys.
*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schelldorf of West side and Mr. and Ms. Sam Newcom took supper with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Abbott Saturday night.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Abbott took dinner with Mr. Louie Theide Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Moeller spent Sunday at Lake View.
*Miss Jacobs of Lake City is spending the summer with her sister, Mrs. Mauk.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Nissen of Boyer attended the funeral of Jake Sachau Saturday.
*Dr. Graham reports a 9 lbs. boy at Mr. and Mrs. Roy Abbotts of Ellis. Roy carries a broad grin on his face. All doing nicely. We congratulate. Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Martin had a party to the young people Thursday night and served refreshment. All enjoyed themselves.

*The Boy Scouts in full parade dress all poured into Denison and were ready to athlete honors made by the Denison troop. But finding the field grounds in no condition for contact, this was postponed to a later date. The boys spent the afternoon in the gymnasium upon the kind consent of the manager.
*Rev. Allen spent last week in Sioux City and Wynot, Neb. Visiting his daughter. Mrs. Allen was with him and will return home early this week.
*Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Johnson of Lake View came Saturday to spend the weekend with her mother, Mrs., Lelia Childress, who is some better.
*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson took dinner with Mrs. T. C. Dobson Sunday.

*Mr. and Mrs. Carstensen and Pete Carstensen and son and Mrs. Patchin left Friday morning for Lake Park for a visit over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Patchin.
*Andy Barthman, Crook Winey and Ivan Patchin left for Spirit Lake Friday morning going fishing.
*Miss Etta Stubbe went to Lake View Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Jensen and daughter, took dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James McKim.

*Mrs. Ray Shives of Lake View is visiting her mother, Mrs. Johnson.
*Fred Weaver and Clifford Browne went to Denison Monday afternoon.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chas Campbell visited Sunday at U.S. Dunbar's.
*Mr. and Mrs. Ross Rudd and daughter Iris, of Washington, have been visiting Mrs. T. C. Dobson.

Denison Review June 13, 1917

*The following is the Children's Day program to be observed Sunday at the M. E. church. Processional
Song - Sing Praise
Invocation - Rev. Allen
Song - Bells of Children's Day
Picture - Christ Manager with Miss Margaret Anderson as "Angel"
Song - In the air - Choir
First Children's Day Story - Miss Lucy Flint
Motion Song - Infant's Class
Response Reading - Superintendent and School
Song - In Our School Day - Junior Class
Prayer - Rev. Allen
Response Reading: Luke 2: 40-52 - Juniors: Leader, Mrs. Newton
Recitation - James Anderson
Song - The Message of the Bells - School
Song - The World's Astir - Choir
Address - Unlocking the Door - Verne Wilkinson
Song - The Sound of College Bells
Brief Address - Students
Recitation - The Message of the Chapel Bell - Ralph Allen
Address - Christian Education - Pastor
Offering - Children's Fund
Song - Go Forward Christian Soldier - Congregation

*Registration was a busy day at the opera hall, nay people being in town. The Ladies Aid supplied the demand for suppers. The program was called off until the 14th at the opera hall when Flag Day will be observed. Ice cream and cake will be served, also an apron sale held in connection with the above. Don't forget the date.

*The young men who went to the lake last week brought home a big haul of fish which they caught and served out to their friends.
*Mrs. James McKim visited her sister, Mrs. Ben Beaman Wednesday.
*Mrs. Minnie Jessen and daughter. Miss Emelin Jessen left on the noon train Tuesday for Sterling, N. D. where Mr. Jessen and son, Henry and wife went earlier. Mr. and Mrs. Jessen and Miss Emelin expect to return to Deloit in July for a short stay and then return to their home at Whittier, Cal.
*Louie Schuler was in Deloit Saturday shopping.

*Mr. and Mrs. Perry Huckstep and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Huckstep autoed down Tuesday evening to attend the program and supper that the Ladies Aid society had in charge. Rain prevented their returning so the autoed out to Pa Childress' to remain overnight.
*Mrs. Allen returned home Thursday after a few weeks' visit with her daughter, Mrs. Thorne and babe, who returned with Mrs. Allen.
*Mr. and Mrs. F. Newcom left for Spirit Lake, Friday, Mrs. Richard Johnson accompanying them.

*Miss Nathali Allen visited at the Riggleman home Thursday.
*Mrs. Henry Lass of Denison is a visitor at the Chas. Pody home.
*John Dewitt is working at the meat market while Mr. Abbot is unable to work.
*Isaac Newton was an over-night visitor Saturday with his brother Steve.

*On account of the rain the Willing Workers have not been able to meet with Mrs. Barrett but will make an effort soon.
*Pope Foster, Ed Kropf, Herman Kropf, William Huckstep and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Huckstep were Deloit shoppers Saturday.
*Linke Riggleman was in Deloit Saturday.

*Ames college is sending a lady to Crawford county, who will give lessons in canning, drying and the storage of food stuffs for winter. Supt. F. N. Olry is making arrangements to have two lessons of three hours work given in Deloit at the school building. This lady carries all of the necessary equipment and the ladies will need only to furnish the cans, fruit and vegetables they wish canned. She will demonstrate how to can the food, explain the best way to dry fruits and other foods and will answer any questions one may ask. The present perilous times make this subject important. We need not give it a passing thought, but be alert and anxious to help to do our bit in the great war. The ladies of the town and vicinity are urgently requested to aid and further information will be obtained from Mrs. George Hutchinson, Pres. or Mrs. Joe True, Secretary of the Mother's Council. Exact dates will be given later, but it can not be said that the lady demonstrator will not be here earlier than June 25.

*John Judy and wife were down to Deloit Saturday. John says he has 40 acres of corn under water.
*Clem Ulrich was seen in town Saturday.
*Will Foster and Mr. Con. Leigh and daughter were in town Thursday.
*Miss Hester Lingle finished her school at Bayer Friday and was in Deloit Saturday.
*James Abbott had the misfortune to break his arm cranking his car Sunday. Mr. Wooley took them to Denison to have it cared for.

*Mr. Barrett Harpe and Carl Wing went to Cherokee Saturday morning on the train.
*Miss Murnice Cone was a visitor at the lake Sunday.
*The Haines Novelty orchestra will furnish music for a dance at the Deloit hall the evening of June 16. Come out and have a good time. H. P. Grill Manager
*Mr. John Judy and daughter were Deloit shoppers Monday.
*Mrs. Alan Graham and son and Mrs. Stanley Browne and daughter, were Denison visitors and shoppers Monday.

*Miss Jordan visited her friend, Miss Iva Mason Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Broder Boysen visited at Fred Petersen's in Otter Creek township Sunday.
*Miss Fay Nestlebush spent Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. E. Abbott.
*Mrs. Jacob Sachau and son were transacting business in Denison Monday afternoon.
*Louis Sachau is spending the summer with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Woodruff near Denison on the farm, a good place for boys.
*Mr. Lorenzen sawed wood for Broder Boysen Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lacey Myers were in town Sunday.

*The cold, stormy weather is making farmers look gloomy and fear for food stuff, but we must not forget we have the promise of a seed - and harvest.
*James McKim was a Denison visitor Tuesday.
*Miss Ivy and Mr. Mason favored the Epworth League with a duet Sunday evening which was greatly enjoyed by those present.
*Hannibal Fink of Denison was a Deloit visitor Monday. He tells us that his father is very low. His daughters arrived and will assist in the care of his father.

*Mrs. Mauck entertained the Ladies Aid to a Kensington Friday afternoon. On account of the storm there were a good many who did not venture out. About 4 p.m. the ladies were asked to lay aside their fancy work and they were entertained with games. The ladies made their new spring bonnets from material furnished by the hostess. Refreshments were served. The ladies certainly enjoyed themselves.

*The boy scouts are busy selling liberty loan bonds.
*Will Huckstep hauled hogs to Deloit Monday. He said he had two that weighed 900 pounds. Pretty good these days.
*Mrs. Mattie Cose has gone on a visit to Eldora Springs, Mo.
*Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Johnson came down Saturday from Lake View. Mr. Johnson went to Charter Oak Monday on business.
*Mr. and Mrs. Max Knopli and daughters of Denison and Mr. and Mrs. Fay Woodruff visited at John Bachaus' Sunday.

Denison Review, Wednesday, June 20, 1917

*Gene McKim and daughter, Mildred, of Denver, Colo. Were in Denison last week calling on relatives and old time friends. From here they went to Ames where they visited with two of Mr. McKim's nieces who are teaching at the university. The young ladies then went to Kansas City to visit while Mr. McKim went on to New York on a business mission. He is connected with a large wholesale rubber house at Denver and often makes trips both east and west in the interest of his concern. He left Deloit about thirty years ago, but finds time to return every few years. He is a brother of James McKim, of Deloit.

*Mayor of Deloit Makes Good - Mayor O. W. Wier, of Deloit, has demonstrated that he will not tolerate any rowdyism and started in Saturday night to make a house cleaning. There was a public dance at the hall in Deloit that evening and a number of fellows attended who later in the evening became more or less under the influence of liquor with the result that a row started and a number of the fellows finally landed in jail or the Deloit cooler. It is said that a young man who has been making his home in Denison and near by territory was among the bunch and after being confined for a time, decided the jail could not hold him. Acting upon the aforesaid brainstorm, he broke out of the close confinement and came to a place near Denison where he was apprehended the next day and returned to Deloit for trial. He was taken before mayor Wier and after some little parley, the mayor though $100 would about pay for the repairs and imposed that amount together with the costs of the trial. He also thought the young man had been carrying too much of a load and taxed him an extra $10 for being intoxicated. Others of the party made up the purse that brought the amount up to a little better than $140.00. Mayor Wier says everybody is welcome to come to Deloit at all times but that they must preserve order.

Denison Review - Wednesday, July 4, 1917

*Mr. James Abbott went to Denison Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Broder Boysen were Denison shoppers Saturday evening.
*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Grill visited at their cousin, Louie Grill of Schleswig Sunday.
*Miss Blanche Hedges has returned to her home at Avoca after closing a successful term of school in Milford township.
*Mr. and Mrs. James Abbott are spending the week at the lake.
*Mrs. Grill of Denison and Miss Castner of Holstein were pleasant visitors at the Herman Grill home.

*Pete Peterson, Broder Boysen and Myers Hansen shipped stock to Chicago Monday.
*Mesdames Noakes, Wescott and Hess enjoyed a picnic in the grove east of town Sunday.
*Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hess and Miss Lovicie Morris visited at Mrs. Bert McKim's Tuesday.
*Dr. Graham and H. C. Mauck went to Des Moines Monday in the auto, where the doctor took his examinations, returning home safely.
*Mrs. Bert McKim has gone to Nebraska where she will visit with relatives at Lincoln.
*Miss Kathrine Vennick is at Manilla visiting her friends.

*James McKim and mother were passengers to Omaha Thursday.
*Mrs. Schurke was a Deloit shopper Monday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Imes made Deloit a call Monday.
*Mrs. Carstensen and daughter, Mabel, visited at Isaac Fisher's Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson and sons, Maurice and Verne, spent Saturday evening at the Ben Beaman home.

*Mrs. Allen was up to spend a few hours at the parsonage this week.
*Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newton and Miss Lovicie Morris were in Denison on Wednesday to attend the wedding of Miss Mable Paup and Harry Jonus.
*Jessie Winans of Charter Oak is visiting relatives in Deloit.
*Broder Boysen, Henry Boysen, Pete Petersen and Myers Hansen returned home from Chicago Thursday.

*The campfire girls held a very interesting and profitable social in the park Thursday evening. The park was prettily decorated with Japanese lanterns, an Indian tepee and a camp fire. Part of the proceeds were given to the Red Cross. The camp fire girls are now nicely organized and nearly all have won sufficient honors to entitle them to wear the silver ring, which gives them the rank of wood-gatherer.

*The Ladies Aid of the M. E. church met at the home of Mrs. O'Banion on Friday afternoon. There was a good attendance, ice cream and cake were served. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Murray Woolsoncroft on Thursday, July 12th.

*Mr. and Mrs. John Vennick and family of Manilla, spent Sunday at the George Hutchinson home.
*Mrs. Vanderwall was a Denison visitor Thursday.
*The canning demonstration Wednesday was well attended and great interest was taken in it.
*Horace Miller and Swan Johnson shipped stock today.
*Mr. and Mrs. Gus Putbrese are here visiting friends. They came Saturday at noon.
*Mr. and Mrs. James McKim were Denison visitors Saturday.

*Mrs. Kerney and daughters were in Deloit Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Green, Mrs. Tittsworth and Wm. Tittsworth and Harry Green of Avoca, visited at the Joe True home Sunday.
*Murray Woolsencroft and Ralph Beaman spent a couple of days at Spirit Lake.
*Mr. Merriman came home from Rochester, Minn. where he had been taking treatments.
*Mr. Otto Foster and wife were Deloit shoppers Thursday.

*Mrs. John Jessen has been spending a few days in Denison caring for a sick sister.
*Chris Nissen of Boyer was in town Friday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pody were in Deloit, Friday evening.
*Pete Herin, Herman Kropf, Mark Dillivan, together with their wives visited in Deloit Saturday evening.

*The Misses Jepsens are here visiting their father.
*The mothers' council will meet this week with Mrs. Meyers.
*Mearle Myers and Herman Newcom received their returns this week for their wool which they shipped to Ft. Dodge, the prices being very satisfactory.
*Mr. Wypma is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. O. Wier.

*The patriotic program at the M. E. church last Sunday was as follows:
The President's call - by school.
Prelude, Miss Morris, pianist, Mrs. Miller, cornet
Song - Battle Hymn of the Republic - School
Prayer and Lord's prayer - Rev. Allen
Responsive Reading led by Supt. A. D.Winey
Song - Red, White and Blue
Recitation - Eldridge Winey
Special Music - Liberty - Miss Margaret McNeal
Address - Rev. Allen
Public Recognition - Alice Darling, Evelyn Anderson and Mabel Ehlers
Salute the Flag - Miss Alice carried the flag.
Song - The Star Spangled Banner - School
Song - America - School
Benediction - Pastor
The church has been very prettily decorated with flags and bunting by Mrs. S. G. Newton. The program as given was very much enjoyed by those present.

Denison Review, 7-18-1917

*Joe True and family and Miss Bernice Cone autoed to the Bluffs Sunday.
*Chas. Campbell and son are painting the school house at Boyer this week.
*John Taylor and wife autoed up to Deloit Monday to visit relatives.
*William Huckstep's smiling face was seen on the streets of Deloit Monday. Billie is looking better.

*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schluter and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jacobson and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Petersen visited Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Broder Boysen.
*Mrs. Will Pody and Miss Marshall were Deloit shoppers Monday.
*George Landon went to Denison Monday to visit relatives.
*Will Clausen was in town Monday with a load of grain.
*Mrs. Russell Newcom was shopping and calling on old friends Monday in Deloit.
*Mrs. Allen is home for a pleasant visit.

*Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kropf were Deloit shoppers Monday.
*Mrs. Simon Cruze was shopping in Deloit Monday.
*Homer Huckstep has bought the old farm and has rented it for this coming year to Carl Lorenzen.
*Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beaman enjoyed an outing to the lake Sunday.
*Fred Petersen shipped over the Illinois Central to Chicago, a car of hogs Monday.
*Pete Petersen shipped hogs to Chicago Saturday.
*Sam Anderson shipped hogs to South Omaha Thursday.

*Mrs. O'Banion and children are visiting at Woodbine. Mr. O'Banion was an over-Sunday visitor with his family at Woodbine.
*Mrs. Mattie Cose went to Dunlap Saturday to visit at the Robertson home over Sunday.
*Fred True was a passenger on the noon train Saturday.
*A. J. Mason is on a deal for more land. It looks like Jack will have to raise more corn to raise more hogs to pay for the high price of land these days, but not a bad investment.

*Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newton went to Boyer Saturday on the morning train to spend the day with their daughter, Mrs. George Newcom.
*Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green left last Thursday for a visit with relatives in Sioux City.
*Ben Beaman and son, George, were in Denison on business Saturday.
*Miss Sabine Campbell was in Denison Saturday shopping.
*Miss Fay Nestlebush returned to Deloit Saturday after a pleasant visit at Wall Lake.

*Miss Nathalie Allen is again at home after a few weeks' vacation among friends.
*The L. A. S. was well attended out at Murray Woolsoncroft's and a right royal time was enjoyed by all and the delicious ice cream and cake vanished quickly. The ladies spent the afternoon in fancy work and visiting and the time passed all too rapidly.
*Mrs. McKim accompanied her daughter, Mrs. George Newcom to Odebolt to spend a few days.
*Mr. McGrath was on the streets of Deloit Wednesday.
*George Winans was at the county seat Tuesday, transacting business and shaking hands with old friends.

Denison Review, Wednesday, July 25, 1917

*The Deloit branch of the Denison's chapter of the American Red Cross society meets each Wednesday and Friday and all members are urgently requested to be present or to help sew at home. If you have one spark of patriotism or love for your best young men who are called upon to spend their life blood for your freedoms you cannot refrain from aiding in some capacity. If you cannot sew, help your neighbor while she sews or encourage one to be present, or pull basting threads, or thread needles or run small errands; there are countless ways of helping, but help. This work is very much needed at present and we do not want our boys to go to foreign lands and actually need and suffer for lack of garments or medicines because some American ladies were to selfishly busy giving pink teas or gossiping about their neighbors to lend a helping hand. We all must do our part in some way. Our room is quite small and we have to carry our machines to and fro for work and it is no warmer there than other places, but you will be heartily welcomed and better satisfied with yourself to know that you have helped a little. Please come and bring your friends. The Denison young ladies are helping along this line by giving a high class entertainment, followed by a dance at the Midway Heights on Thursday evening of this week to which everyone is invited.

*Ray Winans of Percival, Ia. spent Sunday with his father and sister. In the evening he was taken to the train at Denison by Mr. and Mrs. Merle Myers.
*Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McKim have departed for a few days' outing at Lake Okoboji, Iowa.
*Elder Chas. Harp is holding a series of tent meetings at Fort Dodge and was called upon to preach the funeral sermon of the little nine year old girl of Mr. and Mrs. Whited near Dow City on Sunday afternoon. He filled the pulpit morning and evening at the L. D. S. church, returning Monday noon to his field of labor.

*Mrs. Katie Halberg is visiting her sister, Mrs. Winnie Browne, this week, also a niece, Mrs. Blanche West of Kansas, who accompanied Miss Ida Turner back home is visiting relatives here.
*Mr. and Mrs. Joe True, accompanied by Misses Morris and Jordan, autoed to Denison to hear Kryl's band.
*Mrs. Chas. Campbell spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Neumann.

*Master Lyle Worley entertained about thirty-five little friends on Friday afternoon in honor of his birthday. It is needless to say they all enjoyed themselves as children can. Mrs. Worley set forth an abundance of dainties suitable to childish palates, after which Mr. Worley took them auto riding on the installment plan. Many little tokens were given Lyle in fond remembrance of the occasion.
*Miss Mable Zea is a very sick girl at her home but her many friends hope she soon will be well again. She suffers greatly at times and needs constant care day and night.

*Mrs. Maria Dobson and daughter, Eunice, departed for an extended visit with friends and relatives in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
*Albert Anderson has given up his place with Harry Childress, owing to his wife's ill health. At present they are at the Estes home.
*Much good has been derived from the lessons in food conservation and quantities of vegetables have been saved by this cold pack method. The ladies are busy helping Uncle Sam by canning everything that they can can, and in fact, there is nothing canned that can be canned that they can't can.

Submitted by Melba McDowell