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Deloit News from the Denison Review

July - December, 1897

Denison Review

*Mrs. Ann Winans is building a large barn on her farm.
*Mrs. Ed Turner who has been very sick is recovering.
*George Jordan returned home Saturday from Nebraska.
*Elder C. J. Hunt and wife returned home last Saturday.
*Mary Moore is visiting relatives and friends at this place.
*Mr. Allen of South Dakota is visiting his friend C. J. Newcom
*Mrs. J. D. Newcom was visiting friends in Omaha last week.
*Mr. Dunbar a former resident here came back from Missouri last week.
*Mrs. Isabel of Denison was visiting her friend, Miss Cora Hedger last week.
*Mr. Enos Lentz family went to Lake View last week for a week's outing at the Lakes.
*Mrs. Maryette Brown and brother Ellis are visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. Laughery.
*The Odebolt Band passed through town Friday on their way to Dunlap returning Sunday.
*The Fourth of July is past. The people of our vicinity celebrated at the neighboring towns.
*Mr. and Mrs. Toine of Carroll Co. were visiting her mother Mrs. Whiting a few days the past week.
*Almon Jordan arrived home last week from Nebraska where he has been living the past few years.
*Mr. Fred Schuler and wife, Ed. Schuler and wife went last Thursday to Wall Lake on a pleasure trip.
*Mrs. Sarah Dobson spent a couple of days last week visiting her granddaughter Mrs. Beatrice Riggleman.
*Chauncy Prentice of Plainview, Neb. has moved his family and household effects back to good old Iowa once more and resides on the place where his father recently lived.
*W. Willliams moved into J. Dobson's residence last week. His little girl jumped off from his wagon to the ground and fractured one of her limbs but is getting along all right.

Denison Review

On the 9th inst., Charles Clarence, infant son of James and Amy Petty, aged 9 months, 26 days. Funeral service conducted by Rev. Geo. S. Clift at the Petty school house, after which the remains were interred in the King's burying ground, Milford township. A large concourse of friends expressed their sympathy with the bereaved parents.


*J. T. Turner arrived home on Monday of last week, and reports a pleasant trip.
*W. B. Keith and wife and her sister Jennie went up to the lakes last week for a week's vacation.
*Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hunt went over to Benan last Thursday to visit her parents. C. J. Hunt went from there Friday to conduct a two day's meeting at Harlan, while she will remain two weeks at the new home.
*Charles and Abram Gallands and families came up from Arion Saturday to visit relatives and friends.
*While cleaning out the well at Mr. Turner's on the old mill site, last week, they found a pair of silver bowed spectacles that Aunt Marie Galland dropped in the well eight years ago and they were returned to the owner but little damaged.
*The Baptist minister of Kiron and several others came down Sunday afternoon and baptized a convert in the Boyer River.
*The many friends of Mrs. T. C. Dobson regret to learn of an accident in a runaway while returning home from Odebolt which resulted in breaking her collar bone.
*Mr. Warren, of Ida Grove, agent for Carroll marble works, stopped in town a short time Monday.
*Mrs. Ann Winans and son Earl, went up to Lake City to visit her brother, R. McKim. They returned Sunday by the way of Auburn, and stopped a short time at the meetings there.
*J. L. Miller and wife, and Bernice McKim, visited at the home of George Winans Sunday. Mrs. Winans is troubled with the asthma.
*George Jordan, wife and baby visited at Dow City the last of the week, returning Sunday.
*J. T. Turner and William McKim attended meeting at Auburn Saturday and Sunday.
*Miss Edith Dobson is staying with Mrs. M. Hunt a short time.
*James Newcom took a load of hogs to Denison Monday.

Denison Review

*Jas. McKim has his rye and barley in the stack.
*Dick McKim of Ida Grove was in our berg last week..
*N. L. Hunt and wife were visiting in town at his mother's Tuesday of last week.
*Frank McCormick of Sac county and family were visiting in Deloit a part of last week.
*There was quite a large crowd of Deloiters in Denison to hear Joseph Smith the other night.
*S. Horr and S. Newcom accompanied by their wives, went up to Okoboji Lake for a two week's vacation.
*T. C. Dobson and wife and daughter, Dollie, visited friends and relatives a day or two last week. Mrs. Dobson is getting along as well as possible with a broken bone.

Denison Review

A Sad Case
A few years ago there lived on a farm near Deloit a family by the name of Daniels. Feeling dissatisfied with the country they removed to Arkansas, remaining there several years but each year only threw them further and further behind until at last they returned to Iowa, landing in Des Moines several weeks ago. Mr. Daniels being unable to get work and the wife and children having taken sick they were at once thrown upon charity. Some relatives near Auburn sent money for the removal of the children and the father, the mother being taken to a hospital where, after a lingering illness, she died a few days ago and at her request the remains were sent to Denison to be interred in the cemetery at Deloit beside some children who had been buried there a number of years ago. The remains arrived in Denison on the 2 o'clock train Tuesday and were taken at once to Deloit for burial, accompanied only by the acquaintances without a relative or intimate friend.

*Bernice McKim is enjoying a visit with her cousin, Miss Minnie Kenedy from Logan.
*Our old friend Ed Clauson was in town one day last week.
*Cassie and May Newcome were up keeping house for their uncle Jim last week.
*Mr. Jake Johnson, a brother to Frank Johnson, is here on a visit. He lives at North Plaso, Neb.
*Mr. Art Darling and Miss Pearl Brogden were down to Denison one evening to the tent meeting of the L. D. S.
*Mr. Harrison Rudd and family, of Dow City, were visiting friends and relatives Sunday.
*The party at William Huckstep's Saturday night was well attended and an enjoyable time was had.
*Alfred Dobson came down from Sac Saturday.

Denison Review

*Harvesting is the order of the day, regardless of the warm weather.
*Elder C. J. Hunt has been assisting in the tabernacle services at Denison the past week.
*William McKim and wife attended meeting in Denison Sunday evening.
*Misses Jennie Johnson and Lillie Lentz went to Denison Sunday evening.
*Mesdames J. L. Miller and C. Newcom attended the L. D. S. services at the tabernacle in Denison Sunday.
*Bernice McKim was on the sick bed the past week..
*Minnie Kennedy, who has been visiting relatives here returned to her home near Logan last Friday.
*The funeral sermon of Mrs. Jennie Daniel occurred in the L. D. S. church in Deloit on Tuesday of last week, Elder C. J. Hunt delivering the sermon. The remains were sent from Des Moines by her request. She was 24 years, 4 months and 9 days old. She leaves a husband and two little girls to mourn her loss.
*S. Hagen is enjoying a visit with his aunt, Mrs. Berg and family of Sioux City. They enjoy the quiet life of the country.
*C. J. Newcom and family, S. Horr and family, Mrs. Emma Newcom and son Firman, returned home Friday afternoon, after a pleasant visit to Lost Island, Lake Okoboji, Spirit Lakes and Orleans, hotel which is among the finest pleasure resorts in the state, viewing the Spirit Lake Massacre grounds and returning by Storm Lake.
*Mrs. W. W. Whiting and son, Zenas, returned home Saturday.
*Several of the Denisonites passed through town Sunday morning.
*Miss Edith Dobson returned home Tuesday after two weeks stay in our village.
*Elbro Darling and son, Bert, were in town Monday.
*Several of our young folks are attending Normal at Denison.
*Cassie Newcom attended the tabernacle services in Denison the past week acting as organist.
*Mrs. M. Hunt was well enough to attend the services at the brick church Sunday. Her many friends are glad to see her out again.
*Rev. Geo. S. Clift is enjoying a visit from his nephew, Mr. Ed Clark of Neligh, Neb.
*E. A. McKim is on the sick list.
*Henry Daniel started last Friday for Auburn, Iowa, where he has secured a job on the lumber yard.
*James Newcom and wife went up to Sac county, Saturday where they expect to meet their daughter Jennis, who is spending a few days at the home of her schoolmate, Mattie Dobson.
*Geo. Zea and family were visiting at his father's Sunday.
*Almon Jordan started back to Nebraska Saturday morning.
*Clement Dobson was in town Sunday afternoon.

Denison Review

*Stacking was delayed on account of wet weather last week.
*Mr. Seburg and family were trading at Turner & Halbergs Monday of last week.
*Mr. Pringle, one of the poultry buyers, stopped in Deloit Tuesday a week ago.
*Mr. Dillivan and son Clark, came in town one day last week.
*B. W. Dawson went to Denison last Friday.
*E. A. McKim and his men, Dunbar and Flint, went to Denison Wednesday to repair one of his places down there.
*Mrs. W. B. Huckstep was in town a short time Friday.
*Geo. Jordan was seen on our streets one evening last week.
*Mrs. M. Hunt and son, N. L. Hunt were disposing of their oats one day last week, having them hauled to Denison.
*Miss Francis Enright is visiting her sister, Mrs. Worley and friends of this place.
*Jennie Newcom returned home from Sac City where she has been attending school, for a week's vacation under the parental roof, after which she will return to attend normal. She will teach a fall term of school in Sac county near T. C. Dobson's. Miss Jennie is making a successful teacher, and is loved by all who know her.
*Frank Slater was in town Sunday.
*Mrs. George Newcom and daughter of Odebolt, was visiting her parents E. A. McKim and wife over Sunday.
*W. B. Keith and wife, and sister, Jennie, Ida Simmons and C. J. Newcom were guests at James Newcom's Sunday.
*S. Horr and wife and Mr. and Mrs. James McMillan went to Denison Monday to appear in trial in case of Nellie Clark.
*Mrs. Sarah Dobson was visiting at the home of J. T. Newcom last Thursday and is at present visiting with her son, T. C. Dobson in Sac County.
*The Epworth League will give an ice cream lawn social at Mrs. Jas. McKim's next Friday, Aug. 13. All are invited.
*Clinton County were the guests of Mrs. Dal Allbright the fore part of last week.
*Charley Wiley passed through town Saturday morning, going to the county seat.
*Postmaster McKim made a business trip to Denison Saturday.
*N. H. Brogden sold seven loads of hogs in Denison Saturday.
*Mike Myers was in Denison Saturday.
*Wash Myers and family attended church in Deloit Sunday.
*John and Sarah Cose were made happy by the arrival of a baby boy that came last Saturday to make an indefinite stay with them.
*Mrs. M. Hattery is visiting at the home of S. Horr this week.
*Mrs. Berg of Sioux City returned home Saturday.
*Quite an excitement prevailed last week in our little town when Nellie Clark, twelve years old, living six miles southeast of here, walked into town Thursday evening, breaking into Grandma McMillan's house, who is absent visiting her daughter in Sac county, and remaining in the house over night searching it from top to bottom, and taking some valuable keepsakes belonging to James McMillan. Sheriff Seymour came up and took the little Miss to Denison Saturday to appear in trial Monday.
*There will be a two days meeting at the L. D. S. church at Deloit next Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 10 am, Elders J. M. Baker of Dow City and R. Wight of Galland's Grove will be present. Elder H. O. Smith of Logan is also expected. All cordially invited to attend.
*Mrs. Julia Brogden and two little girls attended church here Sunday.
*J. D. Newcom went to Denison Wednesday afternoon. Miss Hedger who has been attending normal returned with him.
*S. Slater and J. Dobson were over to Deloit Wednesday of last week.
*Mrs. M. Hunt went down to Denison Tuesday to visit her son N. L. Hunt and family. Wednesday she went on to Arion to visit her daughter, Mrs. Mary Goff and family.
*The lecture at the M. E. church by Mrs. Ida Crouch-Hazlett on Woman Suffrage was well attended considering the bad weather and the people were well pleased with the lecture.
*John Taylor moved into E. A. McKim's residence Thursday, known as the Darling property.
*Elmer Johnson has a job of work with the threshing machine this fall.
*Ida Simmons returned to Deloit Wednesday after a short visit at Dow City.

Denison Review

*Lyman Morris took a load of corn to Denison Tuesday of last week.
*Frank McCormick and wife came from Sac County Sunday remaining in town during the day going to Denison in the evening.
*George Reams of Arthur spent Saturday and Sunday with his friend E. J. Newcom.
*Fred Schuler and his daughter May was down to Denison last week on Tuesday.
*Ben Beaman and family went to Denison Wednesday of last week.
*Mrs. Mary J. Newcom and Mrs. C. J. Newcom visited at Mrs. John Cose week ago Tuesday.
*Miss Mattie Arnold of Mason City, Iowa is visiting relatives of this place.
*Mrs. M. Hunt returned home Wednesday evening after a very enjoyable visit with her children.
*N. L. Hunt was in town last Thursday.
*Mr. John Skinner and family of Audubon attended church at Deloit Saturday and Sunday.
*Elder John Hawley of Lamoni preached twice at the Brick church during the recent meetings.
*B. F. Wicks and wife are staying over on the farm taking care of their apple crop.
*Mr. and Mrs. C. Wiley were in town Saturday afternoon. Wiley begins work with the threshing machine again this week.
*Uncle Bob Childress will soon have his new house completed.
*Frank Schafer and wife and others passed through town one day last week on their way to the lakes.
*Mrs. A. G. Myers and children went up north to visit her sisters last week.
*Mr. and Mrs. R. Montgomery and Maud spent Sunday at Deloit.
*Mrs. Lon Myers of Wolf Lake is visiting her Grandmother Mrs. David McKim.
*Elder C. J. Hunt went to Auburn last Saturday to fill previous appointments from there he goes to Lake City to conduct tent meetings.
*Rev. G. S. Clift, baptized by immersion Mrs. W. Williams near the old mill site on the Boyer at 2 PM Monday afternoon immediately after Elder J. T. Turner baptized Mr. and Mrs. Rogers at the same place.

Milford and Goodrich
*Mrs. Alice Christiansen is enjoying a visit from her brother and sister, Charlie and Violet Jones of Omaha, Nebraska.
*Bert Darling of Stockholm has been doing carpenter work on Uncle Ethan McKim's barn near Big Creek.
*Miss Edith Lorenzen of Denison was up visiting Mrs. Alice Christiansen last week.
*The Deloit M. E. Sunday school is arranging for a picnic to be held at Uncle Easu McKim's grove on next Saturday. A good program is being prepared. Come one, come all.
*Miss Clara Shines of Stockholm visited in our vicinity on Monday last.
*Rev. G. S. Clift is engaged in painting the M. E. church.
*The ice cream social at Mrs. Sarah McKims on Friday evening was well attended and an enjoyable time was had by all.
*There will be a Termperance and Home Mission service at the M. E. Church on Sunday evening Aug. 29th All are cordially invited.
*Quarterly meeting services at the M. E. church on Thursday evening. Preaching by Rev. J. W. Lothian.
*The M. E. S. school will hold a picnic in Easu McKim's timber on Saturday August 21st. All are invited.

Denison Review

*The rain Friday evening was very acceptable as the corn and potatoes needed it.
*Abram Galland and family of Arion were visiting relatives here last week returning Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Ingram attended the Sunday School picnic Saturday.
*The birthdays of Mrs. Sarah Dobson, Rebecca Brogden and Anna Rogers occurred Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, their ages being respectively 74, 51, and 72 years. They all met at the home of Mrs. Rogers on Wednesday with a few invited guests and had a birthday dinner. May they live to have many more such enjoyable occasions.
*Mr. and Mrs. Christenson and sister Violet of Omaha attended the picnic Saturday.
*Mr. Dillivan, Lawrence Winans and Mrs. J. L. Miller are on the sick list.
*John Dobson and wife accompanied by their daughter Edith attended church at Deloit Sunday.
*The busy hum of the corn sheller was heard in our town last week.
*Elmer Laughery and two sisters Maryette and Blanche were in Denison Tuesday of last week.
*Matt (Milt) Childress and wife went to Denison Wednesday of last week.
*Jay Myers went up to Lake City last week taking up the large tent recently used in Denison.
*Mike Myers and W. Williams went to Denison Wednesday a week ago.
*John Taylor went to Denison Wednesday of last week to be in attendance at the law suit between c. J. Newcom and Stanley Browne.
*J. L. Miller and C. J. Newcom were in Denison Wednesday of last week.
*Mrs. Jay Myers united with the L. D. S. church by baptism Monday of last week.
*Mrs. Brown, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Laughery, returned home last Thursday.
*Bill Steele and family were in attendance at the funeral last week.
*A. C. and Harry Dobson were down last week hauling off grain.
*Frank McCormick and family moved to Denison from Sac County last Thursday. We gladly recommend this estimable family to the people of Denison.
*Edith Montgomery has been visiting in Deloit the past week.
*Miss Kelly of Denison, was visiting the Misses Childress last week.
*J. T. Turner visited at Milt Childress last Thursday afternoon.
*Bert Taylor and wife of Denison took dinner at his brother John Taylor's last Thursday.
*N. H. Brogden and wife went to Denison last Tuesday a week ago.
*Carrie Miller was at the picnic Saturday and assisted with the music.
*Vina Wedlock is staying with her aunt, Mrs. Wiley, a few week.
*The M. E. Sunday School picnic was held Saturday afternoon in Esau McKim's grove. The rain Friday night prevented people gathering as early as expected, but the days turned off pleasant. Some ate dinner in the grove but the majority came in the afternoon and a pleasant time was had renewing acquaintances, swinging and drinking lemonade. Mr. Snell brought a sack of apples which added to the enjoyment of the afternoon. A short but interesting program was carried out. Rev. Clift taking charge of the exercises. Song "At the Cross" was sung, the little children singing the chorus. Prayer by Mr. Snell. A splendid temperance recitation was rendered by Violet Jones, Effie Cruzan read a recitation and a recitation by Edna Huckstep entitled "John Maynard" was given - these interspersed with singing concluded the exercises and the remainder of the time was spent in visiting.
*James McKim returned from Omaha Saturday with cattle which he had purchased.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Prentice start this week to the southern part of the state where they go to visit her father whom she has not seen for sixteen years.
*Vida Albright begins teaching a three months term of school Monday at the same place she taught this spring.
*The funeral sermon of Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Rowley's little girl occurred at the L. D. S. church last Thursday morning by J. T. Turner. Mr. Rowley lives near Auburn and arrived Wednesday evening at his wife's parents, Mr. Lentz with the remains. They have the sympathy of the community in their sad bereavement.
*U. S. Dunbar and wife are the happy parents of a girl baby born Aug. 19.
*Misses Lilly and Elva Lentz went home with their sister, Mr. Rowley, Sunday morning for a coupe of weeks stay.
*Frost was reported in this neighborhood last Friday morning.
*The M. E. quarterly meeting was held last Thursday evening at the M. E. church, the presiding elder, Rev. Lothian being present.

Milford and Goodrich
*After spending some weeks visiting with relatives and friends, Mrs. Eliza Allbright has taken her departure for her home near Charlotte.
*Lincoln Riggleman is improving the appearance of his residence.
*Frank Nixon and family made an overland trip to Cherokee last Thursday.
*Miss Villa Wedlock took her departure for her home at Cherokee on Wednesday.
*Born to U. S. Dunbar and wife on Thursday, Aug. 19, a girl.
*Wm. Shives and Fred Smith came down from Wolfe to attend a quarterly meeting.
*Rev. Lothian preached an interesting sermon at Deloit on Thursday.
*The M. E. Sabbath School picnic at Esau McKim's grove last Saturday was well attended.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
Mr. Patchin Rejoices at Return of his Adopted Son
Narrow Escape from Injury
Two Young Deloit Boys Hurt in a Runaway Smashup
*Mrs. N. Hunt has been quite poorly the past week.
*Alma and Alfred Dobson were in town a short time Sunday.
*There was a social dance Saturday evening at Mr. Schlecters.
*Mrs. Cora Turner united with the L. D. S. church last Sunday.
*John Moore and family made a visit to Newall, Iowa the past week.
*Mr. Davis, of Mr. Rogers, was visiting him for a few days the past week.
*Mrs. Andrew Mason visited at the home of Carl Winey's last Saturday.
*Dick Brogden started for Dakota Sunday where he expects to buy cattle.
*J. T. and C. J. Newcom started Monday by team for Dakota to purchase cattle.
*Elgin is improving - as Mr. Jas. Hattery is erecting a new home near Mr. Patchin's.
*Frank and Jake Johnson and Leeman Mason started for Lamoni, Iowa last week.
*Henry Bell of near Dow City, stayed in town Monday and Tuesday nights of last week.
*An agent for the Farmer's Mutual Hail Insurance company was in town Tuesday of last week.
*There has been a ladies gold watch found at the L. D. S. church. Owner will find it at the church.
*Jennie Jordan will begin teaching next Monday in what is known as the Jordan school house.
*Elmer Laughery went over to Charter Oak Saturday on his wheel to be gone a couple of months.
*The fall term of school begins in Deloit next Monday with Miss Jennie Morris and Cliff Gillett as teachers.
*Mrs. Etta Hunt and Edith Dobson went over to Benan Friday last to visit Mrs. Hunt's parents and also made a visit to Lake View on Sunday.
*Uncle David McKim and Roy McKim drove to Ida Grove last week, the latter passed examination as teacher and began a term of school in Ida county Monday.
*Uncle Ethan has about finished his buildings on the farm. He has erected a corn crib and barn and repaired a crib. Uncle Ethan has furnished employment for two or three men all summer.
*The annual reunion of the L. D. S. will convene at Woodbine, Iowa, from the 3rd to the 13th of September inclusive. President Joseph Smith, E. L. Kelley and other prominent speakers will be present.
*The Deloit L. D. S. Sunday School will hold a picnic Saturday August 18 in the grove cast of the Boyer bridge. There will be a table picnic dinner and one and all are invited to come and have a good social time.
*Cora Brogden got up a surprise party on her sister Bessie last Friday afternoon, it being her tenth birthday. Twenty-two of her little friends were present and all report a splendid time. May she live to enjoy many such birthdays.
*There was joy untold in Mr. Patchin's household Wednesday of last week when Orville, the boy they had cared for from infancy, returned to their home. A few years since his father compelled him to leave them and go to his home to live with a stepmother. The boy had become so attached to his foster parents and they to him that it was like breaking the heartstrings to part them. The boy rebelled against it and returned where he is overjoyed to again reach them and all are made happy.
*A very lucky accident occurred last Thursday morning as Myron Myers' little boys were returning home from an errand to the store. The horse which they had hitched to the cart ran away with them just after they started and as they turned the corner by Mr. Wick's they were both thrown out into the barb wire fence. Mearl had one of his thumbs thrown out of place which was very painful. Lacy had one limb badly cut in the wire; otherwise they luckily escaped what might have been serious injury. Regardless of themselves, their first thought was of mother; should the horse return without them she would be so terribly scared and not until they were told that their hose had been caught a short distance away did they turn their attention to their own situation. They came to the home of S. Horr where their wounds were cared for and he took them home where at last accounts they were getting along well.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
Many Attend the Great Meetings at Denison
Sunday School Picnic Sept. 18
Woodbine Reunion of Latter Day Saints Attracts Many to That Place
*Lyman Morris went to Denison Monday.
*The old settlers reunion called out the usual crowd last week.
*Elmer Winans went with Mr. Newcom last week to purchase cattle.
*A great many went down to the ratification meeting Tuesday of last week.
*Last week was hot and dry and it seemed to be holiday week for a great many.
*Messrs. Hamilton and Jones of Sac City, took dinner at J. L. Miller's Saturday.
*Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whiting and Mrs. Rogers went last Saturday to Woodbine.
*Mrs. Sarah Dobson and Clara and Margaret Richardson went to Woodbine last Friday.
*In items of last week it should have been "Ladies gold watch guard found" instead of "gold watch".
*Mrs. Carrie McKim, Bernice and the two youngest daughters started for the Woodbine reunion last Friday.
*The Sunday school picnic should be September 18 instead of August 18 as appeared in last week's letter.
*Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Dobson and two children of Sac county, are in attendance at the Woodbine reunion this week.
*W. W. Whiting returned home last week and expects to go to Fort Dodge next week to assist C. J. Hunt in tent meetings.
*Mr. Turner begins to make sorghum next Thursday. All who have patronized him know where to go to get good sorghum.
*The people of this vicinity thronged in great numbers to hear Bryan Saturday. We counted 115 team that passed through Main street. We thought a circus would not equal the rush.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Warm weather continues.
*Posey Day and wife were in town Sunday.
*A. G. Myers and son Vernon, spent Sunday in Deloit.
*Mr. John Taylor and family visited in Denison Sunday.
*N. L. Hunt is marketing his corn in Denison this week.
*N. L. Hunt and wife were in town a couple of days last week.
*Will Rounds and family started last Thursday for Missouri on a visit.
*Remember the picnic Saturday and everybody turn out and have a good time.
*Mrs. Kizzie Smith and Mrs. Jane Keith of Neleigh, Nebr., daughters of Mrs. Sarah Dobson are visiting relatives and friends at this place. Mrs. Keith is accompanied by her children.
*Among those that attended the Woodbine reunion last week were Mr. J. L.Miller and wife, S. Horr and wife, W. B. Keith, Mrs. Myron Myers, Mrs. Jay Myers, J. T. Turner and B. F. Wicks and wife.

Milford and Goodrich
*Mr. Springer of Arion was in our vicinity on Saturday.
*Mrs. J. C. Hitchings entertained her father and sister of Ida Grove last week.
*Henry Johnston is erecting a new residence near the McAhren school house.
*Maud Shives, of Vail, visited friends in our vicinity the greater part of last week.
*Mrs. Irwin Christiansen is enjoying a visit from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Omaha.
*C. E. Cruzan improved the appearance of his farm last week by erecting a corn crib and chicken house.
*Leilah and Tom Lewis who have been at Greene County during the summer are at home again.
*J. E. Cruzan has his house under full headway and now we wonder who will take up their abode therein.
*Mrs. Cruzan was wonderfully surprised on Saturday last by having her cousin, Will Peters, of Randolph, Neb. come marching up to the door. It has been 25 years since she last saw him and did not know he was in the state of Iowa, and it is not to be wondered at that she was surprised. Will contemplates purchasing a farm near Dunlap.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*The picnic Saturday was well attended and the day was very pleasant. The people gathered at an early hour bringing their baskets of good things for dinner. A table 50 feet long was spread and chicken, cake, pie and other refreshments soon filled the table, hot coffee being served to those who wished it. Uncle David McKim and wife being the oldest present, Uncle Dave was asked to return thanks, after which all did justice to the food spread before them and plenty for all. At 2 pm a short program rendered, Wm. McKim taking charge of the exercises. Prayer was offered by Wm. McKim and recitations were spoken by Ella Richardson, Edna Myers, Rosa Lentz, Blanche Laughery, Beulah Newcom, Ellis Laughery, Myrtie Goff, Lanky Rogers and Clare McKim interspersed with singing. Three swings were enjoyed by the young folks and the people spent the day most pleasantly in renewing acquaintances. The Sunday School extends a cordial invitation to all to attend their meetings which are held at 10 am Sunday morning.
*On Tuesday night of last week Mr. Dunlap living near the center school house had the misfortune to lose his barn by fire. Five head of horses, grain and other things also were burned.
*Mrs. John Miller, living west of center school house, who has been sick for the past year, was removed to the hospital last week accompanied by Dr. Phillips of Vail.
*Mrs. N. L. Hunt and Leslie, Mrs. F. McCormick and children attended the picnic Saturday. Also Mrs. A. G. Myers and children all of Denison.
*Will Prentice and wife and two children of Knox county, Neb., arrived Monday of last week to visit with relatives and friends of this place.
*Stanley Browne and wife and Mattie Childress, who are teaching in the German settlement spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
*Sunday last Mrs. Sarah Dobson and her children and grandchildren met at the home of S. Horr's and all had an enjoyable time.
*Mrs. Mary Myers and children are visiting her parents Mr. and Noah Johnson and other relatives and friends.
*A. G. Myers and family of Denison were up Sunday. They are always welcomed to our little town.
*Mrs. Nora Wilkinson has been very sick the past week. Her mother Mrs. Flint is staying with her.
*Our warm weather has caught cold and wraps are comfortably worn. Heavy frost Sunday night.
*J. D. Newcom has been building a new frame work for his scales and now has it completed.
*Charley Laughery started to Dakota with a prairie schooner Monday to visit his brother.
*Andrew Mason cut his limb with a corn knife last week making him quite lame.
*Mrs. Louise Toine, of Benan, Iowa, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Whiting, of this place.
*Miss Jennie Morris spends Saturdays working in the office of R. A. Romans in Denison.
*Rev. G. S. Clift and others attended the quarterly meeting at Ida Grove this week.
*Millie Duckett of Benan, Iowa is visiting her sister, Mrs. Etta Hunt the past week.
*Mr. Roger's son and family, of Buena Vista county were visiting them the past week.
*J. S. Myers and family of Manteno, Iowa, came up Friday to visit with relatives.
*Joseph Brogden and wife of Denison were visiting at N. H. Brogden's Sunday.
*Robt. Taylor and wife of Denison were visiting his son John Taylor Sunday.
*J. D. Newcom has recently lost about 400 dollars worth of hogs with cholera.
*The new bridge across the Boyer river above John Newcom's place is done.
*Mrs. W. B. Huckstep and daughters were in attendance at the picnic.
*N. H. Brogden and Alfred Halberg went to Omaha Monday.
*Mrs. Carl Winey and children were at the picnic Saturday.
*Rev. Clift preached his farewell sermon Sunday evening.
*Chauncey Prentice has his new barn about completed.
*John Goff and family were in Deloit Saturday.
*Jake Prentice left for parts unknown last week.
*John Dobson and family were Saturday.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Still it remains dry and dusty.
*William McKim and wife spent Saturday and Sunday at Auburn.
*James Hattery has his house about completed over in Elgin.
*Our blacksmith and wagon makers are kept very busy nowadays.
*Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Wicks are again at home after quit4 a stay on the farm, taking care of their fruit.
*J. T. and C. J. Newcom and Elmer Winans arrived Sunday returning from their cattle purchasing trip.
*Mrs. J. H. Smith and I. E. Keith and children started back to Nebraska Monday after a very pleasant visit among relatives and friends.
*Mrs. M. Hunt and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dobson and Miss Lovina Wedlock visited with Mrs. Sarah Dobson and family Sunday afternoon.
*Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen, accompanied by the latter's father and mother, Rev. and Mrs. Jones of Omaha, attended services at the brick church Sunday morning.
*Now is the time to get your fall hats as Mrs. A. H. Rudd and Co. will have a fine line of millinery goods at Halberg's and Turner's the 2nd and 4th of October. Don't forget the days.
*Mr. and Mrs. Shively of Wisconsin is visiting his sister, old lady Winans. He is her eldest brother and if they live until next summer will celebrate their golden wedding. They were to see Mrs. J. Dobson and Mrs. Ann and Bina Winans on Thursday of last week, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Slater.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Elder C. J. Hunt returned home this week.
*Robert Childress marketed some hogs Monday.
*How we long for a good shower of rain to l ay this dust.
*Roy McKim was in from his school the latter part of the week.
*John McIntosh and mother attended church in Deloit last Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Cose's little daughter, Tessie, was very sick last week.
*James McMillan and wife moved up to his mothers house last Saturday.
*Miss Cassie Newcom was quite sick the past week but we are glad to state is recovering.
*Grandpa Rogers, Mrs. David McKim and Aunt Sarah Dobson are on the sick list this week.
*We learn that Rev. G. S. Clift is returned to this mission again. Mr. Clift is an energetic worker and has done well.
*Mesdames N. L. Hunt, Dr. Garber and F. McCormick of Denison, were visiting at Ms. M. Hunt's last Friday.
*The L. D. S. quarterly conference and Sunday School convention convenes at Galland's Grove Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week.
*Mrs. Lon Myers and two youngest daughters, her brother Wm. Noakes and wife were down from Wall Lake Saturday, returning Sunday.
*Alfred Halberg, one of our enterprising merchants, took a drive north of Kiron Sunday. Miss Johnson returned with him for a few weeks stay with them.
*William Johnson and W. B. Keith have been tearing down the old Rink building and will move a part to Arion and part of it W. B. Keith erects into a dwelling house.
*Mr. A. H. Rudd and wife drove up from Dow City Friday afternoon, returning Saturday. Mrs. Rudd will remain a few days with her fine display of millinery goods and asks her friends to call and see them. She goes back to Dow City Tuesday, but will be here again on Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th, at Halberg & Turner's where she will be ready to show her goods and give you a bargain.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Corn husking is the order of the day.
*J. M. Childress will soon have his fine barn completed.
*Mr. Ed Lentz is building a new house on his brother Sam's farm.
*Joseph and Charles Laughery are expected home from Dakota this week.
*Mr. Rogers who is on the sick list is some better at the present writing.
*Jimmie Turner, one of Deloit's merchants, is wrestling with a bike these days, learning to ride.
*Elder C. J. Hunt is at home now. On Friday he will begin a series of meetings at Dow City.
*The Deloit milliner will be at Halberg & Turner's every Wednesday and Thursday until December.
*Dr. Darling of Vail passed through town Tuesday to call on Grandma Bennett who is quite feeble.
*Rev. Clift and wife, have gone to Odebolt where the latter will have an operation performed on her eyes.
*Joseph Laughery Jr. surprised his parents by returning home Sunday evening after a sojourn of three years in Texas and Arizona.
*J. D. Newcom is putting in a complete system of water works on his already finely improved farm. Ed Turner is doing the work.
*Geo. Landon purchased a farm of Eugene Brogden, adjoining the city and is going into the poultry business. It will be pleasant home for the old soldier.
*Myron Meyers has purchased of C. J. Newcom the building occupied by Scott McKim and will build an addition thereto, which he will use as a barber shop.
*Mrs. Segar Hagan returned home from Sioux City Monday where she has been visiting relatives and taking in the sights.
*Uncle David McKim and wife have started on an overland trip to Wall Lake. Mrs. McKim will visit there with her granddaughter while Uncle David will go on to Lake City to visit his son Robert.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Mrs. David McKim is very poorly.
*W. B. Keith will soon have his home completed.
*Enos Lentz is building a new corn crib on his place.
*Mrs. Hattery and son Elias attended services at Deloit Sunday.
*Wm. McKim and daughter Bernice spent Sunday in Dow City.
*Mr. and Mrs. Hopper and children attended church in Denison Sunday.
*Elder Hunt conducted a two days' meeting in Dow City Saturday and Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Hunt and Mr. and Mrs. McCormick of Denison were in town Sunday.
*Mrs. Jane Hough visited her niece, Mrs. Hannibal Fink, last week Friday and Saturday.
*Mrs. Sarah Dobson moved up to her daughter, Mrs. S. Horr's last Thursday for the winter.
*Preaching services were held last week at the brick church by C. J. Hunt and W. W. Whiting.
*Mrs. Edna Hagen, Raymond and sister Ava returned from Sioux City Monday of last week.
*H. H. Westcott, who was thrown from his buggy on returning from the fair, is again able to be around.
*Mrs. Stevens and son, from Auburn, came down Saturday to see their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.
*Grandpa Rogers has been very sick and at present is quite weak with but little change. His many friends hope for his recovery.
*Elder Chas. Derry, of Woodbine is expected to preach at the brick church Saturday evening, Sunday at 11 am and 1 am. All are invited.
*Cash Newcom's have been having quite a serious time with sickness the last three weeks. All are quite well at present except the baby and we are glad to state he is getting better.
*Mrs. A. H. Rudd invites those of the neighborhood to call at Turner and Halberg's Wednesday and Thursday of each week and see her millinery goods.
*Among those who attended conference at Galland's Grove were J. T. Turner, W. W. Whiting, C. J. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKim, Mr. and Mrs. S. Horr, Morris and Jennie Johnson.

Denison Review

News of Milford
*E. Fink has been on the sick list the past week.
*Wm. and J. E. Ernzen marketed hogs at Denison last week.
*Rev. Clift and wife visited with Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Brink of Denison, Thursday and Friday of last week.
*J. E. Ernzen's new residence will be completed this week and - well, we won't say anymore.
*Mr. and Mrs. Inghram and Mrs. Truesdale, of the Vail charge, attended services at the M. E. church Sunday morning.
*The Epworth Leaguers of the Deloit M. E. Church are arranging for a temperance meeting to be held at the church on Sunday evening, Nov. 6. Program will appear in next week's issue.
*Miss Grace Dawson closes here fall term of School at the McAhren school house this coming Friday. We understand Miss Mary Brink of Denison will teach the same school the coming winter.

All About Deloit
*George Zea moved to Arion last week.
*Bradley Lee was in Deloit one day last week.
*Roy McKim was down from his school Saturday.
*The Deloit schools closed on Friday of last week.
*Myron Myers has his barbershop ready for occupancy.
*Elmer Laughery drove over from Charter Oak Saturday.
*J. T. Newcom and wife went down to the county seat Monday.
*J. D. Newcom went to Denison with two loads of grain Monday.
*Milo and Dick Patchin and Will Noakes went to Dow City Saturday.
*S. Horr took a load of goods up to Sioux Rapids this week for Mrs. Rogers.
*The first of the week was so warm it seemed like summer had come again.
*B. F. Galland went to Arion Saturday to visit his son, returning Sunday.
*Allan Keith, of Nebraska, came in Saturday and will remain for some time.
*The busy hum of the thresher was heard on Uncle Easu's place west of town last week.
*Dick Brogden has put in a new windmill which looms up from a distance and marks his dwelling place.
*Mr. Cyrus and Albert Rogers and son were summoned to the bedside of their step-father and uncle, Peter Rogers the first of last week.
*Walter Dillivan finished husking his corn Saturday. They report splendid corn and a good yield.
*William Noaks and wife came down from Wall Lake, Friday evening remaining over Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Roark, of Lake View, visited her brother James McMillan and wife on Wednesday, returning Friday.
*William Walter and Andrew McMinnimy and wife of Denison, were visiting at J. L. Miller's last Sunday.
*Elder Charles Derry of Woodbine began a series of meetings at the brick church on Saturday evening and will continue this week.
*Married on Friday, Oct. 22, Mr. Charles Cose and Miss Cora Brogden by R. R. Montgomery, at Denison. This estimable couple have always lived near Deloit and their many friends wish them a happy and prosperous life.
*Died Oct. 22 at 1 PM, Peter Rogers. The deceased was born on May 27, 1822, at Sullivan, Madison county, New York and at his death was 75 years, 4 mos. and 26 days. The funeral sermon was preached Saturday at 2 PM by Elder C. J. Hunt and the remains laid to rest in Deloit cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers moved here last spring to their neat little home where they were so soon to be deprived of its enjoyments. Mrs. Rogers will accompany her son, Albert home to spend the winter, after which she expects to return to her home.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*The Epworth League will hold a temperance service at the M. E. Church next Sabbath night commencing at 7 o'clock. All cordially invited.
*D. Woodruff visited at the home of E. A. McKim last Friday.
*W. W. Whiting has bought a farm near Benan and will locate there in the spring.
*Miss Jennie Newcom has returned home after teaching a successful term of school in Sac county.
*J. C. Newcom made a trip to Wall Lake Saturday.
*Some of our young people attended the speech of F. E. White, democratic candidate for governor, in Denison last Thursday evening.
*Mrs. Lehfeldt was the guest of Lyman Morris and family the past week.
*Mr. and Mrs. Dillivan are receiving a visit from their nephew, Charles Occanpaugh.
*T. T. Turner went over to Benan Saturday, remaining over Sunday.
*Saturday evening Elmer Winans and Miss Vida Albright and others attended L. M. Shaw's speech at Denison.
*Miss Bernice McKim spent Sunday in Denison with her many friends.
*Uncle David McKim is laid up with rheumatism again.
*Roy McKim and Miss Madge Talcott came up from Dow City Monday evening of last week, stopping in town over night Tuesday, they went up to Sac City to visit Miss Talcott's sister.
*Henry Daniel came down from Auburn Tuesday accompanied by his little daughter, Clara. He returned Wednesday leaving Clara in the care of Mrs. James McMillan.
*Sheriff Seymour came up from Denison Wednesday on a professional tour searching for a man who took the liberty to enter Postmaster McKim's residence while he was at church Sunday night of last week and take away with him $20.
*Mesdames Whiting, Moore, Johnson and Mason, four sisters, visited at the home of Aunt Margaret Hunt Thursday.

*The report has been circulated that Mr. W. Campbell and Mrs. Mae Schuler were married some few days ago.
*Corn is not yielding as much as expected. Most pieces are turning out about thirty five bushels per acre. The quality is good.
*C. E. Gilett and Miss Jennis Morris closed their fall schools at Deloit Friday last. Miss Morris started Monday morning for Sioux City where she expects to finish a course in stenography.
*Miss Grace Dawson finished a successful term of school in Sub District No. 6 Goodrich township, Friday last. Miss Mary Bruin will be her successor for the coming winter.
*Rumor has it that C. E. Gillett will vote for L. M. Shaw. Someone is mistaken.

Denison Review

Arrested on Serious Charge
Scott McKim's home in Deloit was entered on Sunday, Oct. 24, and a money bag containing $20 was taken from a bureau drawer. On Wednesday following Mr. McKim swore out a warrant charging Ed. Turner, a neighbor, with the crime. The case came up for hearing before Justice Montgomery on Friday and was dismissed for want of evidence strong enough to hold Turner to the grand jury. He now talks of instituting a suit against McKim for malicious prosecution.

Mr. McKim says that no one knew of the money but his wife, Turner and himself and that the money was taken while he and his wife were at church in the evening. Turner had called in the afternoon to have a five dollar bill changed, thus having learned of the hiding place. Turner on the other hand says the charge was inspired by business rivalry. Since his arrest he has been on his personal bond to appear at the trial. County Attorney Shaw Van prosecuted and Geo. Richardson appeared for the defendant.

Word has been received in this city of the death of Wm. Rounds, formerly of Deloit, at Cameron, Mo. on Oct. 26,. Mr. Rounds with his family left his home in the county in September and moved to Cameron. He leaves a wife and four children who will return to Deloit this week.

All About Deloit
*N. L. Hunt spent Saturday and Sunday in Deloit.
*C. J. Hunt went over to Carroll county last Friday working in the interests of missionary work..
*Wm. McKim and daughter Bernice, went over to Defiance Saturday remaining over Sunday.
*Levi Myers and wife were down from Wall Lake Saturday.
*John Lentz moved into A. G. Myer's house last Monday.
*Mrs. J. Laughery is on the sick list, but improving at last reports.
*A. G. Myers and family attended church in Deloit Sunday forenoon.
*Benjamin Beaman is very sick and the doctor was summoned Sunday.
*Madge Talcott was the guest of Mrs. Carrie McKim and family last week.
*James McMillan is building a new barn which adds to the fine appearance of the place.
*W. B. Keith moved into his residence Monday and is now living at home and boarding at the same place.
*The temperance exercises at the M. E. church Sunday evening were largely attended and a good program was rendered.
*Miss Jennis Newcom started to college last week where she will attend until her winter term of school begins at Kiron.
*Wednesday evening there was a party at Wm. McKim's and quite a number of young people were present and report an enjoyable time.
*Miss Leiaiah Lewis came home last week from Greene county. Her many friends are glad to see her home again. She will now resume her studies at the college in Denison.
*John Taylor and family are staying at Mr. Wright's for a couple of weeks where he is employed husking corn. His wife is helping Mrs. Wright.
*We were quite surprised to hear of the death of Wm. Rounds, formerly of this place, but who moved to Missouri about two months ago. His family will return to Iowa this week.
*Several of our young people who were pupils of A. G. Myers arranged a surprise Saturday evening at his residence in Denison, it being his 42nd birthday and given to show their elation in his being elected as superintendent. About thirty were present and all had a good time.
*Thursday was a lucky day. Mrs. A. H. Rudd lost her gold watch as she was going from S. Horr's to Aunt Margaret Hunt's but discovering the loss she returned to look for it and found it near Mr. Wick's residence. George Landen dropped a five-dollar bill in Turner & Halberg's store and after two hours he discovered the loss and returned to find it, right where he had dropped it.

News of Milford
*Charlie Cruzan's residence is dressed in a new coat of paint.
*George Harper of LeMars has been enjoying a visit at the home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cruzan.
*Bert Huckstep, accompanied by Miss Nellie Crampton of East Boyer, attended church at the center school house on Sunday afternoon.
*Oscar Ainsworth has returned from that beloved land, Dominion of Canada to remain in "good old Iowa." Mrs. Ainsworth and children are expected in a week or two.
*Albert and James Brink, Chester Potter and Miss Laura Brink came up from Denison to attend the temperance meeting at Deloit Sunday afternoon.
*The temperance program which was rendered at the M. E. church by the Epworth League Sunday evening was listened to by a crowded house. All did well in rendering their part but the declamation which James Brink, of Denison, favored us with is worth special mention.

Denison Review

Goodrich Gossip
*Lou Wright has finished picking a piece of corn which he reports went 90 bushels to the acre.
*Will Campbell is now back at his jolly old bachelor's hall. He claims that he is going to sweep out before Xmas.
*Mrs. Lehman who has been sick all fall is reported much better.
*Ed Brogan of Jackson township was in our vicinity last week.
*The rush of the year will soon be over, and we won't have to get up with the chickens. Why not have an old time lyceum.
*Harry Fink is hauling off corn.
*Minnie Christy has returned home after having taught a successful term of school near Dunlap.
*Mrs. E. E. Snell is entertaining relatives from near Schaler, Iowa.

All About Deloit
*Lawrence Winans is laid up with rheumatism.
*Ed Turner moved over to Elgin last Monday.
*Dick Brogden has a cattle sale at Denison next Saturday.
*Vida Albright closed a successful term of school last Friday.
*Messrs. McCord and Williams of Defiance were in Deloit Sunday.
*Robert McKim of Lake City, visited with relatives Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
*Monday was the coldest day of the season, which made us remember that winter is approaching.
*Elder J. T. Turner preached at the L. D. S. church Sunday evening to a large and attentive audience.
*Mrs. A. G. Myers and children were visiting the latter part of the week at her mothers, Mrs. D. Winey.
*Mr. Steele and family, living near Odebolt, were visiting at the home of her father, Mr. Lentz, over Saturday and Sunday.
*T. C. Dobson, wife and daughters came down from Odebolt Friday. Their daughters will attend college at Denison this winter.
*Ed Schuler moved his blacksmith tools last Monday and will go in business elsewhere. We highly recommend Mr. Schuler to any locality.
*Among the young people who attended the L. D. S. church Sunday evening were Arthur Darling, Pearl Brogden, Ray Winans, Benjie Dawson, Jimmie Turner, Ida Simmons, Elmer Winans, Vida Albright, Bernice McKim and Mr. McCord.

Denison Review

A Sudden Death
Eleven Year Old Son of Milt Childress Dies After a Brief Illness
Just as we go to press we are informed of the sudden death of Harvey, the eleven year old son of Milt Childress, of Deloit. He had been sick for a few days, but not seriously so, and his sudden death is a great and unexpected blow to his parents and loved ones.

Denison Review

All About Deloit
*Quarterly meeting services in the M. E. Church on Monday evening, Nov. 29. Preaching by Rev. J. W. Lothian followed by the sacrament of the Lord's supper. All are invited.
*On Nov. 27, a Teacher's Meeting will be held in Deloit, beginning promptly at 2 o'clock P.M. The following programme has been assigned by the V.P.
"Nature Study"...Miss Vida Albright
Discussion - Miss Minnie Christy
"General Lessons" ... Roy McKim
Discussion Miss Nellie Hopper
"How to begin a term of school ...G. Schooley
Discussion ... Elmer Laughery

*A newsy Deloit letter is too late for this issue. It will appear Friday.

Denison Review

Goodrich Gossip
*Harry Fink has been shelling corn.
*Jno. Taylor of Deloit, is working for Lou Wright.
*E. R. Snell has been hauling barley fro the past week.
*Look out for the "Teacher's Meeting" at Deloit on Saturday, Nov. 27.
*Channie Dakin, who, with his parents, is visiting H. U. Snell, has had a slight attack of nervous prostration.
*W. H. Cramer is in Denison painting for L. Sewell, on the Wilson residence.

All About Deloit
*Leon Meade sports a bicycle.
*Mrs. Huckstep is quite sick.
*Supt. Meyers and family were Deloit visitors Sunday.
*Jacob Worley and wife were in town last Wednesday.
*John Morley and wife went to Denison last Thursday.
*W. Williams and family were visiting relatives last week.
*Mrs. Allbright and daughters were in Denison Saturday.
*J. B. Dawson and family were Denison callers Saturday.
*Cash Newcom and wife visited at J. B. Dawson's one day last week.
*Dr. Holmes made a professional tour to Deloit Wednesday of last week.
*Wm. Johnson went to Arion Wednesday of last week with a load of lumber.
*Grandma Zea visited at the home of her daughter, Mrs. N. H. Brogden last Thursday.
*Mrs. Beaman has been very sick the last two weeks, but was getting better at last reports.
*Cassie and May Newcom visited at their grandmother's Mrs. Cose, Wednesday of last week.
*Melissa Jordan went down to her son-in-law, Mr. Sam Justice last Thursday to remain indefinitely.
*Wm. Noakes and wife of Wall Lake, came down Sunday for a short visit with relatives and friends.
*Tuesday afternoon of last week, Mesdames Dobson, M. Hunt, E. Hunt, F. Laughery and M. Richardson met at the home of Francis Johnson and tied off two comforters.
*Mrs. Nellie Rounds and children arrived Thursday from Missouri. They came on the train to Denison and her father, N. H. Brogden brought them home with him. She will soon commence housekeeping in her old home. Her many friends are glad to see her return and sympathize with her in her hour of bereavement.
*A surprise party was given Mrs. Milo Patchin last Friday in honor of her 38th birthday, quite a number of guests being present. The day was pleasant and an enjoyable time was had. Mrs. Patchin received many tokens of esteem and friendship and in return thanked them for so kindly remembering her.
*Funeral services were held in the M. E. church on the 24th inst. over the remains of Robert Harvey Childress whose death was referred to in a former issue. Rev. Clift conducting the same. A large concourse of people attended and followed the remains to the Deloit burying grounds.

Denison Review

Childress - Obituary
Robert Harvey, son of Charlotte E. and J. Milton Childress died at the family home in Milford Township after a brief illness of five days, which however was not thought serious until within forty-eight hours of the fatal termination. All was done that kind nursing and efficient medical aid could accomplish, but all in vain. The ruthless destroyer had marked him for its own and at six o'clock on Tuesday morning, Nov. 23, at the tender age of 11 years, 9 months and 6 days, surrounded by his weeping parents, brothers and sisters, he closed his eyes on a world all bright and rosy to him and full of promise to his youthful heart; in the same home, where, on Feb. 17, 1886 he had first opened his wondering eyes to behold it. It seems hard, it seems almost cruel that one so young, so bright, so full of promise should be thus rudely torn from those who would have given their all but to retain him.

The stern band of fate having decreed, all we can do is to bow our heads in acquiescence, and hope, for hope there must be. It cannot be that this is all, but that life is transplanted and blooms in more congenial climes, free from the cars, the trials and sufferings that fall to the lost of the sojourners of this mundane sphere.

Beside the stricken father and mother, two brothers and six sisters mourn the loss of a brother. He will also be missed by his young companions, and the relatives of the sorrowing family. The neighbors and friends deeply sympathize with the stricken family.

His early remains were deposited in the Deloit cemetery on Wednesday. Funeral being conducted from M. E. Church, Rev. Clift officiating.

Denison Review

Goodrich Gossip
*C. E. Gillette lost a valuable calf last week.
*Ethel Christy finished her school near Dunlap and is now at home.
*H. Fink is buying corn and hay to feed his steers. He pays the market price.
*Winter seems to have come in good earnest, as the thermometer registered 12o below zero last Monday morning.
*Among the farmers who have not finished picking corn are Farley Spence, E. R. Snell, Lou Wright and F. Miller.
*Mr. Scriver, a prominent Denison lumber dealer, sent one of his brood mares out to the Gillette farm to be wintered.
*On account of his wife's health, C. E. Gillette has resigned his position for the coming winter, as principal of the Deloit schools.
*N. F. Brogden living near Deloit, has lost all of his hogs but eleven with the cholera. N. F. is not yet discouraged and says, "I will buy more, and try it again."
*H. N. Snell and family received a few friends Thanksgiving at their residence to partake of a fine roast turkey and many other excellencies prepared by Mrs. Snell, whose culinary abilities are par excellence. Those present were as follows: E. R. Snell, wife and family, Lit Dunbar, wife and family; C. E. Gillette, wife and family; Mrs. W. P. Gillette; W. H. Cramer and B. F. Snell.
*On Thanksgiving H. N. Snell and W. H. Cramer went out hunting. Mr. Cramer meandered up one draw and H. N. another. It so happened that an innocent bunny ran between the two. Mr. C. saw the rabbit which was unnoticed by H. N., raised his gun - fired-missed the rabbit and got Mr. Snell, filling the back of his coat with shot and drawing blood on his neck. The rabbit quietly returned thanks, and softly chuckling to himself, "scud".

News of Milford
*J. B. Dawson made a trip to Arion last week.
*Chas. Nobles has been visiting with his niece, Mrs. Richards, of Arion, for some time.
*Rev. G. S. Clift is conducting revival meetings at the Wolfe appointment this week.
*Ansel Ainsworth, of Ute, has been visiting with his parents in our vicinity the past week.
*Mrs. H. P. Simmon of Otto, is visiting under her parental roof and renewing old acquaintances.
*Wm. and Charlie Shives, of Stockholm, came down Monday to be in attendance at the quarterly conference.
*Quarterly meeting was held at the M. E. church on Monday evening. Elder J. W. Lothian of Ida Grove preached in a very interesting sermon.

*Wm. Noakes and wife, of Sac county, are spending a few days at the home of Milo Patchin.
*Farmers are all through husking corn and are glad as the weather for such work has been fine.
*A little boy arrived at the home of Alfred Halburg and wife. Alfred says he can put any man hors de combat that says he is not the biggest man on earth just now.
*Mrs. Henry Kreger, opened school at Center school House, Morgan township. Mr. Kreger has just returned from Lincoln where he has been taking a special course in law.
*All lovers of literature and literary art will meet at the Jordan school house December 4, for the purpose of organizing a lyceum where as a preliminary starter the question - Resolved that it is the moral and political duty of the United States to interfere in behalf of Cuba, will be discussed. Come everybody.


*Mrs. James McMillan is visiting at Lake View.
*J. B. Dawson and wife went to Denison on Monday.
*The poultry firm shipped ten barrels of poultry Monday.
*Eugene Brogden moved into the Wedlock building last Monday.
*Rev. G. Clift is holding revival meetings at the Wolf school house at present.
*W. W. Whitney sold his town property in Deloit last week to John Worley.
*Revival meetings began at Milford Center Monday night of last week, Rev. Maxwell of Vail, conducting the services.
*Mrs. Nellie Rounds will move in her own residence in the west part of town this week.
*Elder Wm. McKim went to Persia last Saturday, where he conducted services Sunday.
*Elmer Winans and Vida Allbright tried the sleighing Saturday by making a visit to the county seat.
*There will be a Christmas tree and entertainment held at the L. D. S. church on Christmas Eve. A general invitation is extended to all who wish to come.
*There will be a Christmas program carried out at the M. E. church on Sunday morning and evening, the 26th of December, in memory of the birth of our Saviour.
*Wedding bells rang loud and joyfully at the home of Mr. Schuler, Monday night, their daughter, May, being the lucky bride and Mr. Campbell the lucky groom. Their many friends wish them a happy, prosperous life.
*On account of the stormy weather lst week there was very little going on in our little burg. The poultry ranch furnished employment two days.
*Postmaster McKim and wife were among those in attendance at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Denison last week.


All About Deloit
*The Sunday school is preparing for a good entertainment to be held Friday evening of next week at the Christmas tree. All have the privilege of using the tree that wish to.
*Mr. Shafer will speak at the brick church next Sunday evening from the text "... that you may obtain" . He invites all to come and hear what he has to say.
*Mr. Reno and wife of Gallands Grove were visiting at C. J. Newcom's Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
*Mrs. C. J. Newcom's half sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Fetky of Scott, Dakota, are visiting at her home at present. The young couple are on their wedding tour.
*Lizzie Hopper is staying at the home of her sister, Mrs. L. Winans and attending school this winter.
*R. Childress was a Deloit caller Thursday of last week.
*Rev. G. S. Clift is still conducting revival meetings at Wolf school house.
*Marvid? Whiting is visiting in Deloit.
*Tommy Lewis and his uncle came over from Green county last week and is visiting relatives and friends.
*Elders Hunt and McKim started for Cherokee last Friday, by team, stopping at T. C. Dobsons Friday night and from there to Cherokee, where they go in the interests of missionary and Sunday school work.
*Clay Miller returned from Wall Lake Tuesday of last week, where he has been visiting friends.
*Old Lady Brogden is visiting at the home of N. H. Brogden this week.
*Mesdames Wm. McKim and J. L. Miller were Vail callers Tuesday of last week.
*Charles Gary, of Sac City, has rented Jimmie Turner's place over in the Grove and will move in this week.
*J. T. Turner expects to make a trip to Missouri for a short time starting Tuesday of this week.
*Mrs. Dunbar returned home the last of the week. She has been waiting on the sick, her relatives living in Jackson township.
*Tuesday of last week a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Moor of the average weight. All doing well except John who is already shrinking under the duties of father and blacksmithing and is talking of initiating son John T. to the blacksmith business.
*Wednesday evening several of the large scholars, all girls, made up a sleigh load with Morris Johnson a teamster and wended their way joyously over to Center school house where revival meetings are being held. On returning home about midnight we were convinced that girls as well as boys could make a noise.
*Jimmie Turner, thinking that no man was complete without a better half, took unto himself a companion in wedlock Friday evening of last week. B. F. Wicks spoke the words that made Jimmie and Miss Ida Simmon one. This young couple are well and favorably known and all join in wishing them joy and happiness. We understand they will occupy a part of N. J. Hunt's residence now occupied by our worthy merchant, Mr. Halberg.

Denison Review

James N. Turner and Miss Ida M. Simmons, two estimable young people of Deloit, were married Friday, December 10, by Elder B. F. Wicks of the Church of Latter Day Saints.


All About Deloit
*R. Childress and wife and Wm. Abbott went to Sioux City last Thursday week, where the two last named will medical treatment.
*Alfred Dobson and Allan Keith came down from Sac county last Saturday.
*Elder W. W. Whiting is home for a few days and preached at the brick church Monday and Tuesday evenings.
*Ed. Coleman, Mrs. David McKim's son, came Wednesday of last week to make her a visit.
*John Taylor and family and Mrs. Sarah McKim were guests of Mrs. Wm. Cose Tuesday of last week.
*A class of seven have taken up stenography under the instruction of Jennis L. Morris, taking three lessons a week.
*Ben Beaman is able to be out. He was down town doing some trading Wednesday of last week.
*Celinda Johnson was very sick last week but at last reports was better.
*Benjie Dawson was the guest of Mr. Huckstep and family Saturday night.
*The M. E. Sunday school will render a Christmas program next Sabbath morning and in the evening the Epworth League will hold a service on "Methodism and It's Founders" . All are invited.


Goodrich Gossip
*Bert Woodruff and Bert Campbell shelled corn for Chris Bros. Wednesday.
*Ed Christy of Dunlap has been visiting his parents in Goodrich for the past week.
*Mrs. Christy has been in Denison visiting at the Aylsworth home.
*We understand a singing school will be started at school house No. 6 Goodrich under the management of E. M. Ainsworth.
*There will be a party at R. B. Johnson's Wednesday evening.
*Mrs. C. E. Gillett, whose health if slowly improving has been visiting at Mrs. Christy's.
*Henry Johnson is erecting a new stable on his farm which he purchased of S. McHenry last fall.
*Miss Cora Snell has returned from Des Moines where she has been teaching school. She will spend her two week's vacation at her home in Goodrich.


News of Milford
*H. P. Simmon came down from Otto and spent Christmas with relatives.
*Cora Snell is on the sick list.
*J. E. Cruzan made a business trip to Chicago last week.
*Catching chickens and hauling them to market is the order of the day.
*Mrs. Chas. Cruzan visited with her mother at Denison Thursday and Friday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Christiansen took Xmas dinner with A. D. Lorenzen and family at Denison.
*Wm. Cruzan killed a hog last week that dressed 500 pounds.

*Mr. N. H. Brogden, wife and daughter Bessie went to Boone last Thursday to spend Christmas with relatives.
*Stanley Brown and wife came in from their schools Friday afternoon to be in attendance at the Christmas tree in the evening.
*Myron Myers and wife were at the county seat last Friday.
*Auntie Jordan came home last Friday for a few days visit, but will return to her daughters this week.
*N. L. Hunt, wife and son Leslie, also Frank McCormick and wife spent Christmas with the family of C. J. Hunt.
*Alma and Mattie Dobson went up to Sac County Saturday to spend the holiday vacation with parents and friends
*Grandma McMillan returned home last week after an absence of several months visiting her daughters. Her many friends are glad to see her again.
*C. J. Newcom and family visited at the home of Mrs. A. Winans last Sunday.
*Messrs Skinner and Carroll, of Auburn were the guests of J. T. Newcom and family Christmas.
*Mr. Lumley and wife were guests f C. J. Newcom.
*Mrs. J. D. Newcom and Cora Hedger were in attendance at the M. E. church Sunday morning.
*Vida Allbright dismissed her school Friday and came home to attend the Xmas exercises.
*Appropriate Christmas exercises were carried out at the M. E. church Sunday but as we have not the program we cannot publish it. A treat was given the Sunday school Sunday morning.
*A series of meetings began at the Brick Church last Sunday evening, Elders C. J. Hunt and others will preach. Elder H. O. Smith is expected during the month of January.
*The Methodist people will begin revival meetings this week, to continue for some time. We have nice sleighing and good weather at present and people will be left without sufficient excuse for not attending church.
*N. L. Hunt and wife stayed Saturday and part of Sunday with J. C. Dawson and wife.

Deloit news articles from 1873 to 1897 including articles for Milford and Goodrich Townships submitted by Melba (Winans) McDowell