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Deloit News from the Denison Review

January - June, 1897

Denison Review

* Owing to the muddy roads last week, Deloit's mail was not received daily.
* W. R. Johnson and Dick Patchin spent last week in the "city" of Arion.
* The Misses Edna Bagge and Mearl Smith returned to Denison on Thursday after a pleasant visit in our midst, the guests of A. G. Bagge.
* Prof. G. M. Schooley, principal of the Deloit school, is giving special instructions in penmanship on Wednesday evenings. From various testimonials and the hearty support given by the pupils, we learn that his work is appreciated.
* Chas. J. Hunt was suddenly called home on Thursday by the illness of his mother. He was engaged in holding meetings in the Latter Day Saints' church in Cherokee county.
* Mr. and Mrs. John Goff of Arion, spent a portion of the past week at Deloit. Mrs. Goff assisted in taking care of her mother, Margaret Hunt, who has been quite sick. We are glad to learn that she is getting better again.
* Miss Nellie Hopper spent the holidays at her home north of town. She is teaching the Center school in Willow township.
* Mr. Currier met with a serious accident on Friday forenoon. While shooting off a gun the barrel bursted, lacerating his hand badly. A physician was quickly sent for, who found it necessary to amputate the three front fingers. Mr. Currier is a hard working man, and his mishap will cripple him for life.
* We omitted to report in our last letter of the entertainment given by Mrs. Albert Bagge for her Sunday school class on Christmas day at her home. An excellent time was had and greatly enjoyed by the little folks.
* The following is the report of the Deloit Sunday school of the Galland Grove District Sunday school association of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the past six months' ending Dec. 27th; No. of sessions held, 30; total enrollment, 65; total attendance, 1,542; average attendance, 59?, number of classes... hours for meeting 2:30 p.m. Wm. McKim, Supt.

Denison Review

* Roy McKim made a flying trip to Omaha the first of the week. Healy Bros. of Kenwood, bought several bunches of cattle near town last week.
* Elder C. J. Hunt has been holding a series of revival meetings at the Saints' church the past week.
* Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKim made a visit among friends at Auburn, Iowa last week, returning Wednesday.
* Mr. V. Horr has disposed of his blacksmith shop and tools to Edwin Shuler, who intends to learn the trade. Mr. S. will move his family to Deloit in March. Welcome to our midst Mr. Shuler and family.
* Married on Friday, January 8th, Mr. E. Fink Sen. and Mrs. Lena Miller, Justice James McKim tying the know. This estimable couple are worthy of the high respect and congratulations that their friends and neighbors extend to them. May life's richest blessings be theirs.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
* Rev. T. A. Bartholomew of Vail, has been conducting revival meetings at Milford Center, while Rev. G. S. Clift has been conducting the same at Wolfe appointment for the past two weeks.
* H. P. Simmon expects to start for Oto, Woodbury county, this week.
* A sleigh load of our young people enjoyed a trip up to the revival meeting at Wolfe Friday evening.
* Charles Cruzan's house is now completed for any way-worn traveler that chances to pass that way.
* J. E. Cruzan is erecting a fine building in the shape of a granary and machine shed, all combined.
* Mrs. Moore, who has been visiting relatives in our vicinity returned to her home in Omaha on Friday last.

* C. W. Clausen and Peter Nasland of Kiron spent a short while in town Saturday.
* Chas. Shives, of Milford Center, was shaking hands with the boys in town Saturday.
* The services at the L. D. S. Church the past week by C. J. Hunt have been fairly well attended, taking into consideration the unfavorable roads.
* Messrs. J. Dawson and S. Dow were in Sac last week visiting friends and transacted business in the interest of a patent churn of which they have secured the agency.
* Hon. E. R. Carpenter of Des Moines spent Thursday in our midst talking up Life Insurance in the New York Insurance Co. Mr. Carpenter is a brother of Ex Gov. Carpenter and a very nice gentleman to meet.
* Married on Thursday, Frank Bachwald and Miss Jennie Slegelt. Frank said it was h-l on earth to batch it and if married life is not better he don't want to be in existence. We know he will find married life o.k. and wish he and his bride joy unabounded.
* John D. Newcom shipped one car each of cattle and hogs to Chicago to sell.

Denison Review

* Say! But it was cold last week.
* Chas. Willey is on the ailing list this week.
* Born on Thursday last week, a girl to Mr. and Mrs. Will B. Riggleman.
* Fred Dawson sports a top buggy! Now girls for a ride, if it lasts long enough.
* Lacy Rowley and family from Carrol county, are visiting at Enos Lentz' this week.
* Geo. Meyers and family, of Denison, were welcome visitors among their relatives and hosts of friends here last week.
* Wm. McKim attended the two days session held by the L. D. Sunday school association at Galland Grove last week.
* J. B. Dunbar, of Denison, was attending to business in our midst Friday. He found time while in town to shake hands and chat with the boys.
* Sigurd Hagans has secured a position as clerk in Hunt's store. Mr. H. will at all times be found very obeying and courteous and is a number one salesman.
* Elder C. J. Hunt ended his home stay on Thursday for a trip to Auburn and other localities in northern Iowa in the interest of the Latter Day Saints church.
* E. E. Clauson severed his connection at Hunt's store on Saturday. After a couple of weeks vacation he enters into the employ of the firm of A. Arnidson and Co. at Kiron.
* Deloit's telephone line was connected wit the central office at Denison on Friday and now we can communicate by it with the towns around. The phone has proved itself a very convenient thing.
* Miss Jessie Logan of Woodbine and Miss Sarah Temple of Denison, were most pleasant and welcome guests at the cozy home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bagge the first of last week.
* Mr. Henry Daniels, of Auburn, was ...for a few days last week with ....friends at Deloit, his former home. He contemplates moving to Lake City, Ark., in the spring.
* Henry Simmons went to Oto, Woodbury county, where he owns a nice farm. His main object in going was to make arrangements to move on his farm in the spring, and take with him a Crawford county lady to do his cooking and housekeeping.
* On Thursday night a number of kids on mischief bent proceeded to take apart a lumber wagon belonging to N.L. Hunt and dump it into the brickyard pit. The next morning Constable Miller notified them to get the wagon and return it to the place from whence they had found it, which they did with great haste.

Milford and Goodrich
* Perry Huckstep made a business trip to Stockholm last week.
* Ovin Cruzan marketed two loads of hogs Friday.
* Mr. J. C. Hutchings is canvassing for the book entitled "The first battle, " written by Hon. W. J. Bryan.
* Grandma Newton had the misfortune to fall from a stairway last week and received very painful injuries.
* Messrs. Irwin Christianson and Chas. Cruzan have been marketing corn. E. S. Plimpton of Denison, being the purchaser.
* Wm. Cruzan butchered a hog on Saturday that measured six feet and one inch in circumference. Pass the pork, please.
* J. E. Cruzan has been engaged in digging a well. Next.
* Willard Campbell has rented the Pearson farm. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shives transacted business in the "kounty kapital" on Friday. Rev. G. S. Clift has been assisting Rev. Bartholomew in revival meetings at Milford Center. The meetings closed on Thursday evening. H. P. Simmon returned from Oto this week.

Denison Review

Mr. Franklin Prentiss, an old citizen of Deloit, died at his home at four o'clock this (Wednesday) A.M. He had been ill with a severe attack of pneumonia for some time and at the hour stated quietly passed away. It is impossible for us to learn the full particulars for this issue, but will print a full obituary notice next week.

Mr. N. L. Hunt, of this city, has recently sold his stock of merchandise in Deloit to Rev. J. T. Turner and Mr. Alfred Halberg. Mr. Hunt is a good business man, an old resident of Deloit and while in charge of the store did a large business. His many friends of that place will regret to lose him from their midst. The members of the firm are favorably known and have a large circle of friends who will lend their support, and we doubt not a prosperous business is before them.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
* Mr. Wm. Alers is on the sick list.
* Mr. Wm. Hermann visited at Mr. Heller's on Sunday.
* Several of the ladies were in the county hub shopping Saturday.
* Report says that in the future the wedding bells will again ring in our midst.
* Mr. Fred Miller is hauling 1,000 bushels of corn, Hon. R. Lehfeldt being the purchaser.
* Mrs. Riese, who met with a serious accident some time ago, is at present writing slowly improving.
* Mr. and Mrs. H. Popcan and Mr. and Mrs. P. Hermingsten were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Menke.
* Mr. Herman Popcan, one of Goodrich's prosperous farmers, was at the county capital on business Friday.
* Miss Myrtle James, one of our prosperous teaches, spent Saturday and Sunday under the parental roof at Denison.
* Henry Plough delivered several hundred bushels of shelled corn to Mr. H. Lebfeldt on Friday. His neighbors all assisted him.
* Fred Menke delivered three hogs at the Denison market that weighed over 1,400 pounds. This shows that our young farmer knows how to feed hogs to make a profit out of the low-priced corn.
* Mr. J. Clauson celebrated his birthday on Friday. A number of relatives and neighbors were present. Elegant refreshments were served and several hours were merrily spent. The occasion will long be remembered by those who were present.

Denison Review

Simmon - Cruzan
At the house of the bride's parents in Milford township, on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 3 o'clock p.m. occurred the marriage of Mr. Henry P. Simmon to Miss Grace Cruzan, Rev. G. S. Clift of Deloit performing the ceremony. After the ceremony an elegant supper was served of which nearly all was prepared by the bride. This happy young couple is so well known throughout the country that there is no need of an introduction and the very best wishes accompany them. They were the recipients of many valuable and pretty presents. Mr. and Mrs. Simmon will make their home near Oto, Woodbury Co. The Review extends hearty good wishes for a bright and prosperous future and may these young people reap their share of happiness as they go through life together.

Henry Jessen was born in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, Nov. 20 , 1863, and died at his home near Deloit, Feb. 19, 1897. He was married to Christina Bastian in the year 1889 and came to this country in 1894. His death was due to an attack of la grippe which quickly developed into lung fever. The deceased leaves a wife, two small children, two brothers and one sister. The funeral services were held at the residence Sunday, Rev. Claussen having charge. Interment was had in the cemetery south of town.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
* Maud Shives of Stockholm visited in our vicinity Saturday and Sunday.
* Mr. Haskins and family have moved to Denison.
* Mr. Jessen, one of our prosperous farmers, passed suddenly away on Friday last. Congestion of the lungs was the cause. The family have the sympathy of the entire community.
* Lagrippe has more religion than many a professing Christian for he can "grippe" the hand of an enemy and will stay by him for weeks.
* Elmer Laughery closed his school near Charter Oak Friday a week ago.
* Miss Frances Ainsworth will close her school in Otter Creek this coming Friday.
* Grandma Prentice is still very low.
* W. Campbell is moving onto the Person farm.

* Mr. Menke lost a valuable horse recently.
* We are informed that Mr. Jessen of near Deloit passed to the other world last week.
* We are pleased to note that Mr. Jno. Kelly is recovering from a recent illness.
* A daughter of Mr. Carl Berndt went to Wyoming week before last She intends to remain some time.
* Mr. Burke, of Coon Grove, was visiting in these parts last week.
* A large number of hogs are being marketed lately.
* O, that beautiful snow

Denison Review

Married - On the evening of the 26th of February at the M.E. Parsonage in Deloit, Mr. Charles E. Cruzan of Milford Township to Miss Frances Ainsworth of Goodrich Township, Crawford Co., Rev. Geo. S. Clift officiating. These young people, well known and highly respected in the community, start out together under many favorable circumstances, one of which is a cozy home; they have the well wishes of the people. Deloit
* The unfriendly grip is seizing new victims in many homes.
* Auntie Prentice is still very low and the doctor was summoned to her bedside again this morning.
* Sunday afternoon the snow began falling and during the night about eight inches fell. Once more we can hear the merry jingle of the sleigh bells.
* Miss Jennie Never... , a college student, came home for a weeks recreation.
* Mr. Henry Simmons has proven that he no longer believes in the single standard, as he has taken unto himself a better half. May joy and prosperity attend them.
* Mr. T. C. Dobson, wife and Miss..., came down from Sac county last week, and were visiting their many friends and relatives here a few days. Their daughter Mattie, who is attending college at Denison went home with them for a week's vacation.
* Chaney Prentice was shaking hands with old acquaintances last Friday. His daughter, Mrs. Polly Peters, of Charter Oak was also visiting relatives here last week.
* Elmer Laughery is at home again after teaching a successful term of school near Charter Oak.
* M. W. Whiting, C. J. Hunt, Wm. McKim and wife were elected delegates to the Sunday school convention which convenes at Dow City this week.
* Mr. Ed Schuler has been repainting his blacksmith shop, making an addition on the north side of it.
* N. L. Hunt was in our midst this week.
* Mr. Boils and Mrs. Simons were married last Tuesday at the residence of James Newcom, Rev. J. T. Turner officiating.
* Frank Johnson visited our berg last week.
* We learn that Mrs. Cliff is very ill at present writing.
* Chas. Winey met with quite an accident while cutting wood, his ax slipped and cut one of the cords of his foot.
* Jacob Prentice has husked out one acre of corn fodder from which he go 80 bushels.

Denison Review

* Elder Baker of Dow City preached in the L. D. S. church Saturday night and Sunday.
* Mr. Wm. McKim was ordained as minister by Elders Turner and Baker.
* We understand the wedding bells will ring over the river next Sunday.
* S. Horr, wife and family went to Sac county on a visit last week.
* The oyster supper that was given by the Deloit school Saturday night was largely attended.
* Mrs. George Newcome of Odebolt was visiting with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Ethan McKim.
* Elder C. J. Hunt went to Galland's Grove, where he will hold a few days meeting. Then he will return to Deloit. He will lecture on Bible Scenery, which he will show with a magic lantern.

Denison Review

Last Wednesday Mrs. Lavina Prentice of Deloit was moved to Denison where she will be cared for at the residence of Mr. W. G. Morris. Though still very weak, she is slowly improving and it is hoped she will soon be about.

Hattery - Patchin - on Sunday, March 14th. Mr. Jas Hattery of Vail, a gentleman of moral habit and industry, takes from our vicinity Miss Hattie Patchin an estimable lady of superior qualities, Rev. J. T. Turner officiating. After the ceremony the guests were invited to a grand feast prepared by that most competent cook - Mrs. L. Patchin.

Milford and Goodrich
* Miss Leiliah Lewis closed her term of school in Sac county last Friday.
* Chas Shives and family have moved to Stockholm township.
* H. P. Simmon arrived from Oto on Saturday evening.
* John Dewitt and wife have moved down from Benan and are now located at Milford Center. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Simmon start this week for Oto, Iowa where they will make their future home.
* Come out and hear the temperance program at the Deloit M. E. Church next Sunday evening.

* At our last school meeting Mr. N. H. Brogden was elected school director.
* Mr. Segar Hagan moved last week on N. L. Hunt's place, formerly owned by J. T. Turner.
* Mr. James Hattery and Miss Hattie Patchin were married at the home of the bride's parents last Sunday.
* Alma Dobson is working a short time for John Newcom. He is soon to begin teaching near his home in Sac City.
* We understand that Geo. Winans sold 700 bu. of wheat last week to James McKim, who is buying wheat to ship to his brother in Kansas.
* Charley Wiley was threshing Monday for Mr. Nease where he has rented the coming season and will soon move.
* Mr. Rogers and wife have bought Mr. Enos Lenty's place and moved last week. They are old people and adds two more to the great number of old people in this vicinity.
* John Dobson has rented a place four and a half miles south east of Deloit and moves this week. They have been a resident of Deloit fourteen years and they will be missed by their large circle of friends. A party was given them Friday evening as a token of esteem. Among the festivities were singing, the disappearing of suckers and supper.
* Leialah Lewis who has been teaching a successful term of school east of Kiron, has closed her school and returned home.
* Mr. Harry Simmons and wife attended services at the M. E. church last Sunday.
* C. J. Hunt is going to give some Bible lectures this week in the brick church to the Sunday school scholars illustrating by the use of the Stereoptican.
* Auntie Prentice has so far recovered from her long illness to be removed to Denison where she will make her home. Jake Prentice and family is now living in the house previously occupied by her.
* Mrs. Ann E. Adams of Mentorville, is visiting at the parsonage with her sister Mrs. Katie Clift.
* We are glad to say that the many sick ones in our community are convalescing.

Denison Review

* W. B. Keith is having an experience with the grippe.
* The roads were very bad last week and the bottom of them could hardly be found.
* A carload of cattle passed through town Friday.
* John Newcom took a fine lot of cattle and horses to Denison Saturday which he will ship to Chicago.
* The L.D.S. Sunday school has been changed from half past two in the afternoon to ten o'clock in the morning. Everybody invited to attend and forward the good work of the Sunday school.
* Cards are out announcing the marriage of Elder C. J. Hunt and Miss Etta Duckett. The event was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents near Glidden, Ia., Sunday, March 21st. This enterprising couple are well and favorably known here and need no introduction by my pen.

Denison Review
March 31, 1897

Mr. Frank Larson of Deloit and Miss Annie Meyer, of St. Paul, Minn. Were united in marriage at the residence of the Baptist minister, Friday afternoon, March 26 at two o'clock. Mr. Larson's brother and wife were present to witness the interesting event., Rev. Venting officiating in his usual charming style spoke the magic words that united this excellent couple for life. The bride is a charming young lady of fine personal appearance and possesses the chief characteristics of a good wife and Mr. Larson is to be congratulated on his choice. The groom is an intelligent young man of integrity and Christian character and he is held in high esteem by all his friends. They will make their future home at Deloit on Mr. Larson's farm. We desire to extend congratulations and wish them happiness through life.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
*E. R. Snell is erecting a new residence on his farm.
*Miss Mary Brink was up from Denison the fore part of the week visiting friends.
*Mrs. Flint and family move to Denison this week. We wish them prosperity in their new home.
*George Newcom from the Wolfe appointment attended the temperance meeting at Deloit Sunday evening.

*John Taylor and wife are the happy parents of an eleven pound boy born March 17.
*Good interest prevails at the Wolfe school house, appointment in each department.
*The temperance service of the Epworth League was well attended and good interest evinced.
*The League will have charge of the service on Easter Sunday night, when "Missions" will be the subject.
*Joseph Carlson, minister of the L. D. S. Church who lives in the northern part of the district, will preach a few evenings this week.
*A large audience met at the M. E. Church last Sunday evening where an excellent program was carried out.
*Mr. Bass, a young man of Glidden, gave two interesting lectures to an attentive audience Friday and Saturday evening at the Brick Church.
*The spring is late and farmers have been detained from seeding but this week, if the weather does not prevent, people will be busy.
*Elmer Winans and Annie Lewis united with the L.D.S. Church by immersion Monday morning, C. J. Hunt performing the sacred rite.
*Miss Laura Patchin and W. Noakes were married at Vail March 29th. They took the train for Wall Lake the same day where they intend to reside.
*C. J. Hunt and wife, Bernice McKim and W. Whiting start Thursday for the General Sunday school Convention and Conference of the L.D. S. church, stopping on their way at Des Moines a day or two.
*Jennie Newcom, one of Deloit's most accomplished young ladies will begin teaching school next Monday at Kiron. We wish her every success, as she has all the qualifications for a first class teacher.
*C. J. Hunt and bride arrived home Wednesday afternoon. A party of friends and neighbors gathered at their home and gave them a serenade. After the music, they were invited into the house and the time was spent in social chats, and a general good time. The groom thanked them for the kindly remembrance of himself and wife, after which all went to the home of Aunt Sarah Dobson where she greatly enjoyed the serenade. On Thursday night the boys and men turned out and gave them a general wake up by firing off the anvil, shooting of guns, jingling of bells, etc.

Denison Review
Wednesday, April 7, 1897

Obituary - Front Page
Mrs. Sarah Catharine Turner at her home near Deloit, Iowa, passed quietly away on the morning of April 4th, 1897

, after a lingering illness of more than 18 months. Sara C. Childress was born in Scotland county, Missouri, on Feb. 8, 1844, making her 53 years, 1 month, 27 days old.

She grew to womanhood at the place of her birth and was there married to James T. Turner on July 31, 1861.From this marriage ten children were born of whom one died in infancy and Maud at the age of twenty, January 26, 1890. The other eight with the sorrowing father mourn the loss of a loving mother and true wife. The children who survive are: Grace, wife of J. R. McMillan, Winnie, wife of Stanley Brown, Katie, wife of Alfred Halberg, Edward, married and James N. and Millard, all of Deloit; Viola, wife of Green Stoval of Peabody Kansas and Adaline, wife of O. J. Ramond, of Fulsom, New Mexico.

Mrs. Turner united with the L. D. S. church on February 1, 1877, since which time she has been one of its most active and valued members. They came to Deloit in October, 1881, twenty-six years ago. Her illness has been a trying one, but she has borne all with Christian fortitude, and always expressed her faith in the power of Christ, safe from this world's sins and cares, and died feeling confident in her hope. All that medical aid and loving, tender care could do was done to save her for a few more years of this life, but in vain. Her hosts of warm friends join with the sorrowing family in mourning the loss of a true lady and an earnest Christian friend.

Denison Review

*April showers have been quite continuous the past week.
*Enos Lentz moved in the house formerly occupied by Mrs. Flint.
*The L. D. S. Sunday school will have an Easter Sunday program.
*We understand that Roy McKim and best girl were visiting in Omaha last week.
*Saul Laughery and Claud Brogden made a trip to Omaha and Sioux City last week.
*On Sunday night of last week some thief stole a pair of thoroughbred chickens from Charley Flint.
*Chauncy Prentice of Plainview, Neb., arrived last week looking after some business interests here.
*James McKim had the misfortune to lose six fat hogs, which were killed by lightening last Wednesday.
*An account of the recent illness and death of Mrs. J. T. Turner will be found on first page of this issue.
*Dick Hattery moved last Saturday in Esau McKim's house where Lit Dunbar lived and will work for Uncle Esau.
*Lit Dunbar moved into a new house last week, which was recently erected on Mr. Snell's place which the former will work this summer.
*The Deloit schools began last Monday morning. Cliff Gillett will teach the large room and Miss Thompson, of Denison the small room.
*Mrs. Flint and family, who have been residents of Deloit for several years, moved to Denison. We highly recommend them to the people of Denison and wish them pleasure and success in their new home.
*F. C. Dobson, wife and Dolly came down from Sac County Friday. Their daughter Mattie who has been attending college the past five weeks will return with them. Alma Dobson has been having a fine time visiting his numerous friends in Deloit, Dow City and Denison. He returned home Sunday, where he began teaching next day.
*Mr. John Peterson shipped several carloads of fat stock to Chicago last week.
*Mr. Rody went to Sioux City Friday morning, returning Saturday morning bringing with him his little son Charles who has been receiving treatment at the hospital. He is much improved and is now able to walk without the aid of crutches.

Denison Review

*B. Nicewannee and wife visited in Vail last week.
*Ellie Meyers was visiting friends in Deloit last week.
*Andrew Mason moved on his farm east of town last Thursday.
*Remember the Easter exercises at the L. D. S. Church Sunday evening.
*Roy McKim began teaching Monday in Morgan township, District No. 1.
*S. Horr sowed 85 acres of wheat and 15 acres of oats with his seeder last week.
*Last week was a fine week for seeding and the time was well occupied by the farmers.
*Good Friday is rather late this year and people will improve the day by planting early vegetables.
*Edith and Maud Montgomery, of Denison attended Sunday school and church last Sunday morning.
*Miss Thompson, of Denison, one of our teachers has secured board at Uncle Esau McKim's this term.
*Deloit is making improvements. A new blacksmith shop is being erected by S. Laughery. This will make three shops in town.
*N. L. Hunt and family were visiting a few days in Deloit last week. Their many friends are glad to see them in their midst again.
*Bad colds are quite prevalent. Aunt Margaret Hunt, Aunt Sarah Dobson, William Johnson and others are having quite severe colds.
*John Goff and wife are visiting in Deloit this week. Mr. Goff will put in a new cistern for Mr. Rogers and perhaps others. He is a first class workman in this line, and the house-wife appreciates nothing better than having a good supply of soft water at command.

Denison Review
4- 21-1897

*B. Nicewanner is moving this week.
*Arbor Day will be observed by the schools Friday afternoon.
*Mrs. G. S. Clift and sister made a visit to Sac City last week.
*Another girl came to gladden the home of George Jordan and wife the 8th inst.
*The Easter exercises at the M. E. church last Sunday morning were largely attended.
*Some time ago there was left at the L. D. S. church a good pair of men's black yarn double mittens. The owner can call at the church and get them.
*An invitation is extended to friends to meet on Arbor day in the afternoon and set out some trees in the L. D. S. church yard.
*The following program was rendered by the Sunday School at the L. D. S. church on Easter in commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:
Song - "King of Glory" by the school
Prayer - J. T. Turner
Song "Behold Him" by the school
Address, Superintendent McKim
Song "Yes the Redeemer Rose" by choir
Recitation, "Easter" by Olive Horr
Recitation, "Joseph of Aramathea" by Annas Lewis
Recitation, "I want to be like Jesus" Lilly Rounds
Recitation, "Eastertide" an exercise by six girls
Song "At Easter Time" Primary class
Recitation, "The Bible" Ella Richardson
Recitation, "Spring Planting Time" Mabel Johnson
Recitation, "An Easter Exercise" live children talking to each other
Song "Lift up, O little Children" intermediate class
Recitation, "The Child and the Traveler" Jennie Johnson
Recitation, "Why should the Spirit of Mortal be Proud" Ida Simmons
Recitation, "The Chimes of Amsterdam" Katie Halberg
Song, "What Wonderful Love" by school
Benediction by J. T. Turner.
The church was nicely decorated, there was a large attendance, and the Sunday school extends an invitation to all to attend our school and assist us in this noble cause.
*Wm. Noakes and wife of Wall Lake are visiting relatives and friends here.
*Elmer Laughery began teaching at Charter Oak last week.

Denison Review

*Farmers are delayed with their work on account of the frequent rains.
*Roy and Bert McKim went to Sac County last Saturday. The latter will work for T. C. Dobson a month or so.
*Stanley Browne and wife, who are teaching in the German settlement, came home Saturday, returning Sunday.
*Grace McMillan, who has been on the sick list is improving.
*Aunt Margaret Hunt is improving some in strength, but her cough is very bad.
*A nine pound girl came to make an indefinite stay with Elmer Johnson and wife th4e 22 inst.
*W. W. Whiting and family returned home last week.
*Willliam Johnson, Walter Keith and S. Horr attended court one day last week.
*Turner and Halberg received a fine lot of goods last week, and will start the peddling wagon this week.
*W. W. Whiting addressed the audience at the brick church on the subject of "Faith" Sunday evening.
*Ed Clauson passed through town Sunday.
*Roy Wedlock, of St. Joseph, is visiting his uncle, Mr. Ellis.
*N. L. Hunt is in town again this week.
*John Lentz was quarantined last week for scarlet fever. At last accounts they were better.
*Sheriff Seymour was in town Monday and Tuesday of last week. On Monday he was in search of a horse which had been stolen on the streets of Denison, Saturday evening; a farmer having rode the horse in town tied it near the court house, Sunday morning about six a.m. the horse came to S. Horr's place where he was cared for until the sheriff arrived and proved property for the owner. The horse showed signs of very hard riding and had doubtless broke loose or the party got scared and turned it loose.

Denison Review

*Farmers are busy plowing for corn.
*For rent, house and lots. Inquire of S. Horr.
*Mr. Rodgers is building an addition to his house.
*Enos Lentz has rented the Darling farm this season.
*A. C. Dobson made a flying trip to our town Saturday.
*J. B. Dawson took two loads of eggs to Denison Monday.
*G. S. Clift and daughter went to the county seat Saturday.
*J. L. Miller is treating his residence to a new coat of paint.
*L. Morris has planted over 20 bushels of potatoes this spring.
*Elbro Darling and family were in Deloit Monday of last week.
*Jimmie Turner and Elmer Johnson started out Monday morning with the peddling wagon.
*The three blacksmith shops were running full blast last week. Here is the place to get work done cheap.
*Ed Turner and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a boy who came to make his home with them last Saturday.
*Wm. McKim went to Benan Saturday remaining over Sunday, working in the interest of the Sunday school work.
*The young men were trying their new boxing gloves Saturday and Sunday. They ought to have more respect for the Sabbath than to indulge in these things on that day.
*Married, at the M. E. parsonage in Deloit, on Sabbath, May 2, Mr. Noah Smith to Miss Rosie Burk, both of Milford township, Rev. Geo. S. Clift officiating.
*J. Laughery's son Charley had the misfortune to break his arm while playing at school last week. He is getting along nicely. Children can't be too careful in their play.

Marriage Licenses
Apr. 29

Dora Chapman
D. A. D. Keen ....Missouri Valley

Wesly Treml ....Milford Township
Lizzie Signor ....West Side

May 1

Noah Smith ....Milford
Rosie Burke .....Milford

May 3

A.C. Phillips ....Sioux City
Anna Sutherland .... Sioux City

Denison Review

*We had a good refreshing rain Saturday.
*Miss Ida Simmons is working for Ed Turner a short time.
*Mott Coon of Arion was in Deloit one day last week.
*Postmaster McKim and wife made a business trip to Denison Tuesday of last week.
*Dr. Folsom made some professional calls in town last week.
*The trees are donning their dresses of green intermingled with the fragrant blossoms of the fruit tress whose sweet perfumes float upon every breeze.
*The brick church is being repaired this week.
*Benjie and Fred Dawson went to Denison Friday evening.
*Rev. J. J. Bushnell of Arthur will preach in the M. E. Church next Sabbath morning and also at the Wolf school house in the afternoon. In the evening addresses on Epworth League work and Missions will be given. All are invited.
*Zenas Whiting made a trip to Denison on his wheel Thursday evening.
*C. J. Hunt and wife arrived home Friday night. John Goff and wife of Arion came up with them returning Saturday. Charley reports a splendid time.
*John Newcom took home a load of lumber from Denison Saturday and was among those who got caught in the rain.
*Leialah Lewis who has been staying with Mrs. Hunt during C. J. Hunt's absence, returned home Saturday.
*A. G. Meyers and family were Deloit visitors last week. Their many friends are always glad to greet them.
*Miss Thompson's sister of Denison was visiting her last week.
*Miss Jennie Johnson is working for Mrs. Emma Newcom
*Week ago last Sunday some thoughtless boys were running their horses down the lane and ran against Mrs. Del Richardson as she was returning from church, the horse striking her in the back which made her quite lame. It is too bad boys get so reckless.
*James McKim filled a car with wheat Friday and Saturday which will be shipped to his brother in Kansas.
*The L. D. S. will hold Sunday School and meeting in the school house next Sunday as the church will note be completed.
*Roy McKim went to Dow City Saturday to see his best girl.
*John Goff of Arion is making a cistern for E. A. McKim this week, also plastering the brick church.
*Elder C. J. Hunt addressed the audience at the brick church Sunday evening on "The Fulfillment of Prophecy."

Denison Review

*Planting corn is the order of the day.
*Aunt Marie Galland is on the sick list.
*B. Nicewanner and wife of Vail was visiting in Deloit Sunday.
*On Wednesday the 12th a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Leabo, formerly of Newel, Iowa.
*Clarence Myrtie and Burt Goff visited relatives in Deloit Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Goff returned with them having finished his work here at present.
*Abram Galland and family came up from Arion Saturday to visit relatives. His wife and two youngest children remained to visit. He and the oldest returned Sunday.
*On Wednesday of last week Scott McKim's wife and son Glen had a narrow escape as they were returning from Denison bringing some furniture. The team ran away, they were both thrown from the buggy but fortunately they were not hurt except being frightened and breaking and marring the furniture.
*Rev. Bushnel of Arthur preached to an interested audience Sunday morning and evening. Rev. Bushnell is a young man of pleasant address and found it welcome to our little town.
*Miss Jennis Morris spends each Saturday in Denison working in the office of R. A. Romans.
*The L. D. S. District Sunday School Convention will convene at Deloit the 28th of May. All the schools in the district are expected to be represented and a cordial invitation is extended to all Sunday school workers. The day will be spent in business and an exchange of thought as to the best methods of advancing the Sunday school work. There will be an entertainment given in the evening.
*On the 29th and 30th of May the L. D. S. will hold their quarterly conference at this place. Ministers and visitors from abroad are expected. On the 30th there will be Memorial services held at 10:00 a.m. Elder J.F. M ??well will deliver the Memorial sermon. A special invitation is extended to the old soldiers and the M. E. brethren and other religionists to join with us in honoring those "Noble Soldiers" in saving our glorious Union. Among the ministers expected are H. E. Smith of Woodbine and C. E. Butterworth of Dow City.
*C. J. Hunt received a brand new organ on Tuesday of last week which he purchased for his wife at Kansas City while on their wedding tour. Charley believes in the old addage that all work and no play made a dull scholar. He thought the reverse might act the same so he bought a new sewing machine to accompany it.
*Dick Brogden and N. L. Hunt bought 87 head of young cattle, 40 head of which Mr. Hunt placed in his pasture. We wondered why N. L. was going around with such a pleasing countenance but we found out the secret of the whole matter. He thought he had now found the key to success but alas! our hopes often vanish as do bubbles in the air. To his great surprise on returning to his herd it was with deep sorrow that he found his celebrated thorough bred Swiss calf had yielded up the ghost on which the success of this life depended. However he was somewhat consoled with the thought that those who have must lose so he and Dick Brogden acted as chief mourners and pallbearers and they laid it beneath the sod. N. L. has our sympathy.
*J. T. Turner spoke on the message of the love of God to the congregation at the school house Sunday evening.
*S. Horr has a fine lot of sweet potato plants.
*Quarterly meeting services in the M. E. Church next Sabbath evening. Preaching by Rev. J. W. Lothian, also the sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered. The same services will prevail in the afternoon at the Wolf school house.

Denison Review

*One of the heaviest rains of the season occurred last Wednesday in a short time which was similar to a cloud burst.
*Scott McKim had another run away in Denison on Monday of last week which resulted in demolishing his spring wagon.
*Some of our young people attended the contest at Sac City last week. They report a good time and we are proud to state that Denison was the lucky winner.
*Bernice McKim, who has been visiting at Lamoni and St. Joseph, returned home last Saturday having a very pleasant and enjoyable trip.
*Dick Brogden, N. H. Brogden and N. L. Hunt went to Sioux City Tuesday of last week, returning Wednesday bringing some more cattle which they had bought up while gone.
*The L. D. S. church is completed making a very pleasant place for the worship of God. Many thanks to those who have so kindly assisted by their means and work.
*Ed Turner moved into the Wedlock building on Monday of last week.
*Dick Hattry moved into the Darling building on Tuesday of last week.
*Stanley Brown, who is teaching at the Ten-mile House, accompanied by his wife and nineteen of his pupils came down last Saturday for an outing in the woods, bringing lunch baskets and from the appearance of the wagon they spent a very pleasant day among the flowers as the wagon was decorated all over with sweet williams and honey suckles.
*C. Largly of Arion has been painting and papering the brick church the past week.
*Mrs. Rob McKim and son of Lake City stayed over night with Mrs. J. L. Miller one night last week.
*The past week has been exceptionally cold with some frosts. Some have to replant their corn the ground has been so wet and cold.
*Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Winans went over to visit Mr. Slaters family last Saturday.
*Mrs. G. S. Clift visited at the home of Mrs. J. Prentice on Monday of last week.
*Quarterly meeting was conducted at M. E. church last Sunday evening, Rev. Lothian presiding, Elder being present. A business session was also held during the forenoon.

Denison Review

Deloit Children's Day exercises in the M. E. church next Sabbath morning at the usual hour. In the evening the Epworth League will have charge of the service. All cordially invited.

Denison Review

*Ed Clauson of Kiron passed through town Tuesday of last week.
*C. J. Hunt and W. W. Whiting departed on a missionary tour the 4th and will conduct tent work in the district.
*An Arion farmer has finished gathering his last year's crop of corn by the first week in June.
*Holiness meeting was held a week ago last Tuesday in the M. E. church. The minister from Kiron conducted the Bible reading in the fore-noon. Rev. Bartholemew of Vail spoke in the afternoon and Mr. Bobart, of Denison in the evening. The meetings were well attended.
*E. A. McKim was fixing up the fence around the Darling lots, which he has recently purchased.
*Sidney Greene and J. Howarth, of Dow City stopped a short time in town last Thursday. They were a buying up cattle.
*Misses Bernice McKim, Mary Albright and several others attended commencement exercises in Denison last week.
*Mr. and Mrs. ...Clift visited in the county seat Thursday.
*Roy McKim still has attractions at Dow City, we learn there is a charming school marm living there.
*Miss Vida Albright closed a successful term of school last Friday. In the afternoon she treated the pupils to ice cream.
*Mr. Joseph Brogden visited in Deloit Sunday.
*Childrens Day at M. E. Church was largely attended and the church was nicely decorated. The Epworth League in the evening was led by Miss Lily Zea and a lengthy program was carried out.
*J. T. Turner and son Millard started Tuesday for a visit to his mother living in Missouri. He will probably visit in Kansas also as he expects to be gone a month or more as his health has been poor. Doubtless he will be benefited by the change.

Mr. John R. McKim of Pittsburg, Kansas is visiting his parents at Deloit. He is accompanied by his family. Mr. McKim is a graduate of the Agricultural college and one of the prominent business men of Pittsburg, having engaged in the milling business.

Denison Review


*Mrs. Scott McKim and sister Vivian visited in Dow City last week.
*Uncle Esau McKim and Leon made a trip to Sioux City last week.
*Uncle David McKim and wife went to Vail on Wednesday of last week to visit their son Mr. Burton returning Thursday.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller went up to Lake City to visit her brother last Thursday remaining the rest of the week.
*Mr. Geo. Jordon and Mr. Post started for a trip to Nebraska Saturday, driving through by team. Mr. Jordon is looking after the interests of his place there.
*John R. McKim and family returned home this week.
*Mrs. C. J. Newcom and sister Jennie made a visit to T. C. Dobson in Sac County Saturday and Sunday.
*Mrs. C. J. Hunt went to Cherokee last Thursday to spend a couple of weeks where her husband is preaching.
*Miss Nellie Hopper is staying with Mrs. M. Hunt for a short time.
*Mr. John Myers and family of Gallands Grove were visiting relatives Saturday and Sunday.
*John R. McKim and family and his mother, Mrs. E.A. McKim visited at George Newcoms Friday and Saturday.
*Mr. Lentz has added a porch to his dwelling which makes his house look better and more convenient.
*Mr. Sam Lauchery and Mr. Patchin attended the old soldier's reunion at Ida Grove last week.
*A. C. Dobson came down from Sac county Sunday to attend college in Denison.
*Morris Johnson started to college in Denison this week.
*R. Wright of Gallands Grove, minister of the L. D. S. Church, preached Saturday evening and twice on Sunday at the brick church.
*T. C. Dobson and wife spent a couple of days at Deloit this week.
*Grace Dobson closed her school last Friday where she has been teaching at the center school house.
*Our schools close this week. A picnic will be held at Esau McKim's pasture near Charley Laughery's Saturday.
*James McMillan wife and mother went up to Sac county visiting Saturday.
*S. Horr will run his swing Friday evening and Saturday June 2nd and 3rd at Denison.

*Mrs. Huffman of Arion is visiting at the home of her son Mr. Wm. Huffman.
*Miss Carson is the guest of Mrs. Strong for the past few days.
*Miss Bertha Snell closed a very successful terms of school in district number seven with a picnic. After refreshments were served an excellent program was rendered. All report a good time.
*Mrs. Walter Campbell is visiting at the home of J. N. Campbell.

Milford and Goodrich
*Chas. Flint and his mother came up from Denison Sunday afternoon for a visit with Irvin Christiansen and wife.
*Wm. Cruzan has added a new coat of paint to his residence.
*Miss Olive Johnson has closed another successful term of school in Otter Creek.
*Ella Cruzan has returned from a two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. H. P. Simmons of Oto.
*Miss Lelaiah Lewis is visiting at Greene, Iowa.
*Mrs. Benson of Bell Plaine visited with Grandma Ainsworth this week.

Denison Review

*Lots of rain last week.
*Crops are growing finely and also the weeds.
*Mr. Sievers of Denison was in town a short time on Tuesday of last week.
*B. F. Wicks has added to the appearance of his yard fence by giving it a new coat of paint.
*John Goff of Arion came up Friday. He is making a cistern for Mr. Hutchinson.
*Elmer Laughery has closed his school at Charter Oak and has returned home.
*Jennie Newcom closed her school at Kiron last Friday with a picnic. All report a splendid time.
*The Deloit schools picnic which was to be held Saturday, was postponed until Monday of this week on account of the rain, which caused a great deal of disappointment among the children. Ice cream had been prepared to treat the people and lots of good things cooked up to eat. A good program will be rendered and a general good time expected.
*Parties unknown stole out one of the of ice cream Friday night and tested the quality, but the worst feature of the case was they broke Mr. Clift's freezer and ought to be men enough to pay for it.
*Henry Winans and wife were over Thursday. Messrs Winans and Petty had a horse race in the evening in the lane east of town. The race was won by Mr. Winan's horse.
*James Hattery moved to Vail Monday.
*Jennie Newcom and Mattie Dobson started this week in college at Sac City.

Deloit news articles from 1873 to 1897 including articles for Milford and Goodrich Townships submitted by Melba (Winans) McDowell