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Deloit News from the Denison Review


Denison Review

-Mr. Geo. Riem of Moville, Iowa is visiting at the home of J. T. Newcom.
-Henry Munson and Leon Meade spent Christmas with friends near Kenwood.
-Geo. W. Newcom and family, of Odebolt, visited relatives here last week.
-Alfred, Harry , and Mattie Dobson from the Cook ranch, Sac county, came down to spend Christmas with old schoolmates and friends.
-Elmer Laughery, Dell Keith, Alma Dobson, Eugene Schuler and Miss Nellie Morris, who are attending the Denison college, spent their vacation at home in Deloit.
-Deputy Treasurer George Myers and family came up to spend the festivities at the Christmas tree.
-A family reunion was held at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Winey on Christmas. A few of their relatives met with them swelling the number to thirty-six, making it very interesting for the turkeys which he had captured for the occasion. This was a happy meeting.
-Mr. L. Wight, superintendent of Galland's Grove District L. D. S. Sunday School Association will meet wit the L. D. S. Sunday School next Sunday, Jan. 6, 1895.
-We hope the teachers throughout the county will turn out at their meeting to be held here the 12th.
-Misses Myrtle James, Gertie Tucker and Winnie Aylsworth were up from Denison, last week, visiting their friends, Miss Benjie Dawson and Miss Bernie McKim.
-The Christmas entertainment held at the L. D. S. church on Christmas eve was a decided success. A splendid program was carried out. The arch from which the presents were distributed, was nicely arranged and beautifully decorated.
-Mr. L. F. Morris sold a fine span of matched horses last week to A. Hartney, of Denison.
-The interest in the lyceum still continues. Question for next Friday night is, Resolved, that a Monarchical Government is preferable to that of a Republic. J. L. Prentice and H. R. Kreger leading disputants.
-Mr. H. Westcott is building a house on his timber farm east of town.
-Elihu Johnson is on the sick list but is reported as being on the mend.

Denison Review

-A HAPPY New Year to all.
-We hope you have a good time Xmas.
-Miss Kate Huckstep is at Cherokee at the present writing visiting her sister, Mrs. Trusell.
-Alfred Dobson of Odebolt came down to spend Christmas with his best girl.
-Miss Mary Brink of Emerson, Neb., came home to spend Christmas with her parents, her brother Arthur accompanying her. Miss Brink has been absent since Sept. last engaged in teaching school near Emerson and expects to return to her post of duty in about a week. Her host of friends were greatly pleased to meet her once more and are sorry she is to leave us so soon, but the best wishes of all surely accompany her.

Denison Review

-The Review regrets to learn that Mr. Thomas Robinson, of Deloit, who has resided in Crawford county for thirty years, died last Monday morning of pneumonia. He was well and favorable known among all old settlers.

Denison Review

-Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Theim, of Vail, were over last Thursday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Hunt.
-Wm. McKim was over to Benan, Carroll county, a few days, returning week ago Monday, his mission being in the interest of the L. D. S. Sunday school work.
-Elder Turner, Assisted by Elder Whiting, has been holding meetings the past two weeks at the L. D. S. church here, during which time one has united with the church by baptism.
-Rev. Clift, of the M. E. church, has been holding meetings up at the Wolf school house in Stockholm township the past week.
-E. E. Clauson, the efficient clerk at N. L. Hunt's store, drove up to Odebolt last Sunday to visit a friend who has charge of the culinary department at the home of Hon. And Mrs. H. C. Wheeler.
-C. R. Wiley returned last Saturday from an extended trip through Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. He reports crops better there than here. His bro. Eugene, who accompanied him, located near Atchison, Kan.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Zea's baby is quite sick with lung fever and "Uncle" Rob't McMillen has been confined to his house with neuralgia for a week past.
-Mr. John Kelly, of Denison, who has Dr. Taft's hog medicine for sale, was up last week.
-The teachers meeting held here last Saturday was rather slimly attended on account of the severe cold weather. About 50 persons were present. There was an association organized consisting of Milford and adjoining townships. The fist meeting will be held in Deloit four weeks from last Saturday.

Denison Review

-Mr. S. Horr has put up a nice lot of ice for next summer's use.
-Mrs. Platt Moore, of Dunlap, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Laughery.
-J.F. Barton, of Vail, was over last week to see his mother, Mrs. David McKim.
-Mrs. Mort McKim is enjoying a visit from her sister, Mrs. Jennie Perry, from Nebraska.
-Mr. Chas. Tucker and sister, Myrtle and Miss Myrtle James were over Sunday visitors in our burg.
-Elder Turner returned last week from Benan, Iowa where he had been holding a series of meetings.
-Mr. Eugene McKim, who has been in the employ of Jno. R. McKim & Co., of Pittsburgh, Kansas, for the past year is up making his parents and numerous friends a visit.
-Ex-County Recorder, Cushman, was up last Friday accompanied by Mr. W. B. LeStage, of Chicago, who represents I. P. Farnum, the popular wholesale boot and shoe firm. N. L. Hunt made some purchases that will astonish the natives for low prices.
-Mr. Elmer Winans met with a very painful accident last Friday evening. While coming to Deloit on horseback his horse stumbled and threw him landing him on the frozen ground rendering him unconscious for a while. Fortunately no bones were broken. We hope he has received no permanent injury.

Denison Review

-Our schools had appropriate exercises on Lincoln's birthday.
-Mr. and Mrs. John Worley visited at Kenwood and Arion last week.
-Eugene McKim returned from a business trip to Omaha last week.
-Joseph Rundlett, of Vail, was over last week making some sales for hay.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Myron Meyers, Feb. 15th, a boy of regulation weight.
-Edwin Knox of Kewanee, Ill. , a cousin of the Laughery families, is making them a visit.
-Mr. Henry Slater, the veteran wheat and corn thresher was over looking for repairs for his machine last week.
-Mr. Elmer Laughery is rustling among the farmers of Union and Paradise townships selling a book. He will teach the Milford center school this spring.
-Mr. Wm. Galland, of near Dow City, visited at the home of his uncle, B. F. Galland last week.
-On Feb. 15, 1895, at 9:30 p.m. occurred the death of Mrs. Johanna Darling, of LaGrippe. The deceased as born March 13th, 1813, and was married to Rev. Robert H. Darling at Mass about sixty-two years ago. They came to Crawford county about the year 1856 and had been married 58 years at the time of Mr. Darling's death which occurred about three years ago. She was a kind hearted Christian woman and leaves five children to mourn her loss. Services were conducted by Rev. E. T. Fegtley.

Denison Review

-"Dell" Keith, of the Denison college, made an over Sunday visit at Deloit.
-J.H.Lewis is enjoying a visit from his father who resides near Glidden, Iowa.
-Hunt & Thiem began last Friday to invoice their stock of general merchandise.
-"Uncle" Esau McKim was taken quite ill last Friday but is some better at present writing.
-Robert Bell and Harlow Chapman of East Boyer were among the throng in town last Thursday.
-The teachers' meeting was well attended by quite a number of the most prominent teachers in the county.
-Halberg Bros. have sufficient water now to run their mill and think they can supply their customers with flour.
-Mr. Eugene McKim returned to Pittsburg, Kan. last week after enjoying a few weeks' visiting under the parental roof.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Thiem are Deloit citizens now, occupying N. L. Hunt's residence on the corner of Walnut and Green streets.
-Wm. McKim, Cash Newcom and J. L. Miller drove over to attend Elder Whiting's sale on the 27th. Mr. Whiting will move to Deloit this week.
-The question for discussion at the lyceum next Friday evening is Resolved - That it would be to the best interest of the people of Crawford county to have the county seat moved to Deloit.
-Mr. Willis Lentz has began working for Mr. Robert Bell on his farm in East Boyer township, for good wages. Willis has a reputation s a worker that always insures him a job and at good wages.

-The rain that fell last week was welcomed by all.
-Eugene McKim visited his sister, Mrs. Newcom, of Odebolt last week.
-Charlie Cramer of Denison, attended church at Deloit Sabbath a week ago.
-Mrs. Ida Sterrit, of Defiance, is the guest of her mother, Grandma Newton.
-Our assessor has been going around sticking his nose into everybody's business.
-Esau McKim who has been on the sick list, is reported as being somewhat better.
-Mr. Lewis of Glidden, was the guest of his son, J. W. Lewis, the latter part of last week.
-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Larson of Kiron, attended services at the M. E. church Sabbath before last.
-Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cruzan was the guest of Mr. And Mrs. E. A. McKim of Deloit a week ago.
-James Ralston, on East Boyer township, drove over last Thursday to be present at Mr. McNeal's sale.
-H.P. Simmon, of Goodrich, seems to be a frequent visitor in our vicinity. Looks rather suspicious H. P.
-John and Chas. Myers, of Deloit, are moving on the farm known as the Henry Otto farm three miles north east of Denison.
-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hess have moved into the residence owned by N. L. Hunt and formerly occupied by George Zea and family.
-Some boys who reside just over the line in Goodrich, report that they saw a panther one evening not long since. Why not have a panther hunt boys?
-Rev. G. S. Clift has been conducting cottage prayer meetings in our vicinity. It is hoped that much good will be accomplished and many souls will be brought to Christ.

Denison Review
"The Arion Record insert"

-Wm. Tucker and W. W. Cushman were on our streets one day last week.
-Mr. J. Hagan departed last week for Sioux City where he has secured a job in the plaining mills.
-Elder J. T. Turner was called to Beman, Iowa last week to preach the funeral sermon of "Grandma" Irons.
-Quite a number of the L.D.S. people, attended a quarterly conference held at Dow City last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-Elder C. J. Hunt returned home last Monday from the north part of the state where he had been for three months, performing ministerial labor.
-Frank Day and John Slechta, two of Crawford's rustling farmers who are holding down the line between Milford and Stockholm township were down last Saturday liberally patronizing the Deloit Merchants.
-There is loud talk of a telephone line being built from Denison to this place. We think if the matter is properly managed the benefit of a line is well understood by the farmers and enough encouragement can be secured to build one.
-The question, resolved that it would be to the best interest of the people of the county to have the county seat located at Deloit, discussed last Friday evening was decided in favor of the affirmative. Since then Recorder Hunt has been rather undecided about the propriety of moving to Denison.
-Mr. Cashus W. Newcom purchased of Mr. Franklin Prentice his fine farm just south of Deloit paying the nice sum of fifty dollars an acre for it. This is one of the oldest settled farms in this county. Mr. Prentice has resided on it since 1851 except about three years he spent fighting for his country. He holds a patent signed by President Franklin Pierce dated 1856. Mr. P. reserved a portion of the old homestead and is building a residence thereon, where he and his estimable wife can live free from the cares of farm life.

Denison Review

Teacher's Meeting at Deloit
The teachers association will meet at the school house in Deloit, April 6, at one p.m.
Song ......... by Association
Address .......Supt. Henry Kelly
Declamation ...Miss Turner
Should the Metric system be taught in public schools: Stanley Brown, T. C. Blume and A. Schuler.
How should Penmanship be presented: G. M. Schooley, Miss Morris and Miss Winnie Browne.
What practical benefit is derived from the study of the human Anatomy, Elmer Laughery, J. L. Ainsworth and Roy McKim.
Paper ..... Constitution of the U. S., H. R. Kreger.
Duty of patrons - toward teachers, Rev. G. S. Clift, H. C. Flint and Miss Winey.
Ideal education vs. Practical: Miss McWilliams, H. P. Simon and Jas. Brink.
A cordial invitation extended to all.

-H. P. Simmons spent the greater part of last week in Willow township.
-Miss Dean of the Denison college, attended church at Deloit, Sabbath a week ago.
-Alfred Dobson, of Odebolt, came toddling down to see his friends not long since.
-Bert Huckstep drove over to Goodrich township to see his keepsake a few days since.
-Mr. and Mrs. George Zea visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brodgen Sunday before last.
-Lloyd Winans, who has been entirely helpless with rheumatism is reported as being somewhat better.
-A number of people from the Wulf appointment came down to attend Quarterly meeting at the M. E. church on Thursday evening.
-John Thomas and Isaac Zea, of East Boyer township, visited under the parental roof of the latter, on Sunday a week ago.
-Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt have moved from Stockholm township and located on the farm of J. Myers in Mason's Grove.
-Rev. J. W. Lothian, Elder of the Northwestern Conference, came down on Thursday. In the evening he preached a very interesting sermon to a crowded house. After the sermon he administered the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper to a number of professing Christians.

Denison Review

-Everybody predicting rain. But When?
-Mike McGrath of Vail, interviewed our citizens Monday.
-Geo.Zea and family are moving their belongings to Denison where they will reside.
-Dr. Darling of Vail, made his visit to Deloit last Friday. We acknowledge a pleasant and profitable call.
-There was a pleasant and social hop at the house of John Taylor Monday evening.
-F.M. Archer, of Denison was a business caller in town on Monday.
-Mrs. George Meyer and Mrs. R. R. Montgomery drove up from Denison Friday for a visit with friends. -The expert surveyor, Morris McHenry, of Dow City, was called to our midst last week to establish lines for C. W. Newcom, C. A. Laughery, W. Dillivan and several other farmers.
-Jos. Laughery and family have moved into the Dawson residence recently vacated by C. W. Newcom. -Johnnie McClellan, Denison's prominent message boy was in town Friday delivering a message for Rev. Clift.
-Rev. S. Clift was called to Dakota, Ia., on Friday last to preach a funeral sermon of a friend of his who died on Wednesday.
-It is with regret the many friends of Mr. Walter Dillivan learn of the misfortune he met with on Wednesday evening. While bringing an armful of corn stalks into the barn to feed the horses the lantern hanging in the barn was upset in the feed manger and in a second the fire had gained such headway that nothing could be accomplished toward saving the building. The horses and the buggy were the only things saved. A quantity of hay, corn and other feed and articles were consumed. No insurance.
-The young fellow who is drawn to our midst from Sac county so often, surely have some stronger attraction than the sceneries here. Next time he comes we would advise him to bring a dozen hitching straps and fasten his horse more securely than he did on Sunday evening. The runaway which occurred terminated with a wrecked harness.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Thiem entertained Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kinyon and son, Grant, at their ccozyhome on Sunday last.
-Mr. and Mrs. A. J. bond and Mrs. Fannie Beardsley of Denison, made a brief visit in our berg on Thursday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Thiem.
-Miss Jennie Morris is a visitor with friends at Vail this week.
-Messrs, Lacey, Rawley and Peter Lentz drove down from Early, Iowa last week to visit friends and relatives.
-Elder C. J. Hunt is conducting services at the Saint's church, which are being largely attended.
-The Misses Quigly of Vail, are visiting with numerous friends in and around town.
-Elder W. Whiting and family have moved to Deloit from Carroll county. Welcome back to our midst once more.
-A five weeks' old boy of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Myers died last Wednesday evening. The funeral services were held at their home, conducted by Elder J. T. Turner, assisted by C. J. Hunt.
-J. T. Turner and J. T. Newcom went to Peabody, Kansas, to visit relatives. They expect to attend the World's Conference of the Latter Day Saints which convenes at Independence, Missouri next month.
-Chas. E. Delahayde, traveling salesman for the Audubon Nursery Co. Audubon, Iowa, was throughout this vicinity Friday replacing trees sold last year that failed to grow. This nursery firm is doing a first-class business, and so far have fulfilled all promises. Those desiring anything in this line will secure fair treatment.

Milford and Goodrich
-Rev. G. S. Clift has been assisting in the revival meetings at the Nelson school house in Stockholm township.
-Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Brink visited with their daughter, Mrs. James Ralston of East Boyer, not long since.
-Miss Florence Brodgen, of Denison, visited with relatives in our vicinity last week.
-Some of Kiron's young people attended services at the M. E. church on Sunday a week ago.
-Alex Christie has rented the farm of H. C. Laub, while Mr. McNeal has rented a farm north west of the county seat.
-The Epworth Leaguers of the M. E. church are arranging an excellent program for their Easter services.
-Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Courrier have lately become residents of Milford.
-Lloyd Winans, who has been entirely helpless with rheumatism is reported as being on the way to recovery.

Denison Review
(The Arion Record)

-Roy McKim visited at Benan last week.
-Ed Clauson has bought Dale Albright's goods.
-Sylvestor Horr and family visited Sac county Monday.
-Walter Keith shipped some seed corn to Nebraska last week.
-Joe Laughery and Martin Enright start for the south Monday.
-C. J. Hunt went to Arion last week to commence a series of meetings.
-Miss McWilliams of Denison teaches the primary school this spring.
-Frank Johnson has purchased an 80 acre farm near the three-mile house.
-Nellie Hoper has finished her term of school in Otter Creek township.
-Ed Clauson started out with the peddling wagon last week for Hunt & Theim.
-Miss Ettie Ducket of Carroll arrived on Tuesday to teach the seminary school.
-Miss Francis Enright, of Kenwood, was present at a party at Mr. Hopper's Thursday evening.
-Farmers have been sowing their small grain the past week and trust for a bountiful harvest.
-We have had quite a refreshing rain that has laid the dust for the present, which has been so disagreeable of late.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Riggleman March 27th, a son. It is hard to tell which is the happiest over the event, they or its grandparents.

Milford and Goodrich
-House cleaning is the order of the day.
-Parley Spence has rented the farm of H. N. Snell.
-Miss Grace Dawson opened a term of school in Otter Creek township on Monday.
-Some of our young people attended the Autograph social at the dormitory in Denison.
-The people of our vicinity have been entertaining sore throats and bad colds for the past two weeks.
-Miss Benjie Dawson was the guest of Mertie James and other friends of Denison week before last.
-Grandma Gillet of Goodrich township, was the guest of Mrs. J. B. Dawson, on Sabbath before last.
-Rev. G. S. Clift has returned from Dakota, Iowa, where he was called to preach the funeral sermon of Mrs. L. H. Zeran.
-Grandpa Nobles has taken his departure for Springfield., Wisconsin, where he will remain visiting relatives until fall. Don't forget to return home Grandpa.
-Will Thomas, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. John Miller, for some time has taken his departure for Omaha, Nebraska.
-Susie Flynn, of Vail, has been engaged to teach the spring term of school in District No. 4.
-The Deloit schools opened on Monday with Miss Duckett of Glidden, and Miss Lillie McWilliams of East Boyer as teachers.
-We made an error last week in stating that Miss Leialah Lewis was visiting friends near Glidden. It should have been Odebolt.
-Arrived on March 17th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Mason, a new boarder. It's a girl and instead of Jack passing the cigars, will he please stay at home and help take care of the little one?
-There is considerable talk of opening Sabbath school at the McAhren school house in Goodrich, at the beginning of next quarter. We think it would be a very good idea if some of our people would rally out and clean up the school room before it opens as it is unfit for religious services.

Denison Review

-Mr. Lee and family was in our village last Friday.
-Sylvestor Horr has sold his Arion lot to C. J. Hunt.
-Deforest Darling has commenced pplowinghis corn ground.
-Dell Keith was visiting in our burg during vacation of the Normal.
-Alma Dobson was making friends and relatives a visit during vacation.
-Mr. Chas. Myers, of Laural, Neb., is a brief visitor among his host of Deloit friends at present.
-The rain prevented the meeting of school teachers. Some of the college students came up to be in attendance.
-Mr. E. O. Theim received word recently of his appointment of a notary public. It is very convenient to have a notary in town. Gov. Jackson made an excellent selection in the person of Mr. E. O. Theim.
-Easter Sabbath will be observed by the M. E. Sabbath School with appropriate exercises. In the evening the Epworth League will have charge of the service. An interesting Easter missionary program has been prepared. All are cordially invited.

Denison Review
"The Arion Record - Part of Denison Review"

-Tank and Ella Hattery, of Vail, were visitors in our burg Sunday.
-Most everyone is about through sowing small grain for this year.
-The Easter program at the M. E. church Sunday was quite interesting.
-Flora Brogden of Denison, was up visiting relatives last week. Chas. Myers was a visitor also. -Roy McKim commenced his two months' term of school Monday at school house No. 4 in Otter Creek township.
-Eli Johnson and family and his brother, Elihu start for Texas this week where they will make their future home.
-J. T. Turner captured a pair of jack rabbit's ears while in Kansas and brought them back with him to exhibit in Crawford county.
-Elder J. T. Turner, J. T. Newcom, and daughter, Jennie, came home from a three weeks visit to Kansas and Missouri. They report a splendid trip.

Denison Review

-Woran Darling went to Ida Grove last week to get work.
-Dr. Mann has moved into Mrs.Ann Winnie's house. He intends to make his home here for the present.
-At the party at Mr. Hoper's last Tuesday night but few were out.
-N.L.Hunt has begun moving to Denison where he intends to make his home.
-Roam Laughery went to Billings, Montana, where he will spend the summer.
-Elder Butterworth of Dow City, is up preaching in the L. D. S. church.
-Scot McKim, our postmaster has a trotting horse and it is a stepper.
-Cyrus Dobson, wife and Dollie were in our burg Sunday and Monday visiting friends and old acquaintances.

Denison Review

-John Dobson commenced planting corn Friday.
-Elder C. J. Hunt started north Saturday on missionary work.
-? Horr had a valuable horse cut by a disc while working Friday.
-Mr. Henry Field of Dow City, was in our city a few days last week.
-Alfred Dobson from Sac county, was in our village Saturday and Sunday.
-Dave McKim drove up to Odebolt one day last week and back in five hours.
-Corn planting has began, and the farmers are in a hurry to get their corn planted.
-Frank Barton of Vail, the painter, has been in town two weeks painting N. L. Hunt's store.
-Blain Hunt and Perry Marshall of Denison came up to our burg on their bicycles one day last week.
-Dr. Mann has been receiving calls in his line of business and people in this vicinity would do well to give him their patronage.
-Bill Goff and wife and child from Plainview, Nebraska were visiting at S. Horr's Sunday.
-We understand that Ves Horr is going to have ice cream Saturday afternoon and evening at half price.
-Deloit intends to start playing ball Saturday afternoon. Everybody come and help start the game.
-Deloit is the center of attraction and people were improving the fine day Sunday with buggy riding and visiting.

Milford and Goodrich
-Mrs. F. Prentiss is on the sick list.
-J. M. Brink has entered the Denison college.
-Alfred Schuler has entered the Denison college.
-Wm. Cruzan commenced corn planting last Friday.
-F. Prentiss is having a foundation laid for a new residence.
-Olive Johnson has opened a term of school at Goodrich Center.
-Jas. And Albert Brink drove over to Charter Oak not long since.
-Delia Hall of Denison, was the guest of Mrs. H. G. Brink last week.
-Jas. McKim and wife visited relatives in Odebolt Sunday and Monday.
-Messrs. Reed and Bell of East Boyer were seen in our midst on Sunday a week ago.
-School has opened at the Woodruff school house with Maggie Buffinton as teacher.
-Mrs. Ober of Arion visited with Mrs. H. G. Brink on Saturday and Sunday a week ago.
-School opened at the McAhren school house, April 22nd, with Mrs. Nellie Wall of Arion as teacher.
-The McAhren school house has been blessed with a thorough cleaning which adds greatly to its appearance.
-Misses Mable Hardy of Dow City, and Stella Miller of Denison Collete were the guests of Misses Mertle and Cora Snell.
-Jas. Brink visited ??? at Pleasant Hill, East Boyer, on Sunday. What takes Jas. Over to Pleasant Hill so often. There must be a fair maiden in that region Jas.
-Ed Bond of Denison attended Sabbath school at the McAhren school house on Sunday. By the way, Ed, when Charles C. gets that seat repaired you must come again.
-It seems that Milford's correspondent made errors enough to cause the readers of The Review to think that someone is almost ready for the asylum, for in last week's issue another error was made in stating that Mrs. Jas. Ralston had taken her departure for Charter Oak. Not so, for she is still the guest of her parents. But nevertheless your correspondent was misinformed to whose to blame?
-What next? You will not wonder at me saying, "What next?" when you have read the following story. The corn that E. Cruzan planted on the farm of S. B. Creek last spring failed to come up as it should have done. That is, so much of the corn was missing. And now at the present time the missing corn that has lain in the ground for a year is just beginning to come up nicely. Perhaps some of the readers of The Review will ??? This is a very large story, but nevertheless it is true and can be seen on the farm of S. D. Creek five miles northwest of Denison.

Denison Review

-N. L. Hunt was up on business one day last week.
-The teacher's meeting was a failure as very few of the teachers met.
-Scott McKim, our post master, has a good trade in the grocery line. Cash is what buys cheap.
-For millinery call on Altha Johnson and Lealiah Lewis.
-W. W. Whiting preached at the brick church Sunday evening.
-Scott McKim has sold his trotting horse to Mr. Whiting.
-Edith Dobson taught the primary department one day last week, Miss McWilliams being sick.
-The building known as the barber shop was moved to the east end of Hunt's store to make more room for their stock of goods.
-Myron Meyers, our worthy barber, now occupies the front room of the Rink building.
-Halberg and Bros., our enterprising millers, have first class machinery. There is plenty of water, now let us patronize home trade.
-The busy times prevented the boys from organizing a baseball club last Saturday. Everybody comes next Saturday.
-Dr. Mann and family arrived Saturday evening. We welcome them in our midst.
-If Mr. Cruzan has success with his iron clad corn this summer the writer would like to purchase fifty bushels for seed.
-The farmers and merchants are smiling over the nice rain we had last week.

Milford and Goodrich
-Some of our Milford farmers have finished planting corn.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson, Jr, on April 30, a boy.
-A Sabbath school has been organized at the Milford Center school house and will be conducted in the Swedish language. Sabbath school opens every Sabbath at 1 o'clock p.m.
-A missionary meeting was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Robinson on Friday. We have not been informed of any of the details up to the present time.
-Mrs. Jas. Ralston has taken her departure for Charter Oak, where she will join her husband and locate in that place. Their many friends wish them happiness and an abundance of success in their new home.
-Mearl Beach of Paradise was in our neighborhood on Sunday.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-Ella Cruzan has been on the sick list.
-Elmer Laughery is the happy purchaser of a bicycle.
-Born to Mr. and Mgrs. G. W. Simmon on May 1st, a girl.
-The frost did considerable damage in our vicinity on Saturday night.
-H. P. Simmon was the guest of Miss G.O. on Sunday afternoon.
-Will the writer of the Deloit letter please make himself known so that Mr. Cruzan will know who to keep that fifty bushels of iron clad seed corn for. It will be sold at a reasonable price.
-Mrs. Nellie Wall spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in Arion a week ago.
-C. Gillett and family of Denison have lately become residents of Goodrich twp.
Frank Barton has been doing some painting for E. A. McKim in section 16, Goodrich twp. -Will C. C. please keep his feet out of the coal pail hereafter, in time of Sunday school it makes such a racket.
-Quarterly conference will be held at the Deloit M.E. church on Saturday afternoon, May 23. On the following morning Rev. J. W. Lothian will address the audience after which the sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be taken.
-Sabbath school officers were re-elected on Sunday last with J. E. Cruzan and P. Spence assistant ssupts. Mearl Beach sec; John Rise, asst. sec; Willard Cramer, ttreas. Della Phillips, organist. The teachers are as follows: Bible class, F. R. Snell;young people's Bible class, H. P. Simmon; intermediate, Cora Shell; Primary class, Della Phillips.

-Elmer Laughery has purchased a bicycle.
-Charles Flint has got to be a first-class bicycle rider.
-Mrs. Louisa Toine was visiting at her home last week
-George Enright was in our town for a few days last week.
-Miss Flora Brogden was up visiting the fore part of the week.
-Frank Johnson was seen on our streets one day last week.
-Miss Francis Enright, of Kenwood, is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Worley.
-Jack Grost that came Saturday night killed all the fruit and froze the corn and small grain as well.
-Morris Johnson and Jimmy Turner were seen going south Sunday afternoon. How is the climate down south boys as compared with that of the North.
-Hunt and Thiem have got their store fixed up in first-class style and have the finest line of dress goods that ever came into Deloit.
-Mr. and Mrs. Thiem went up to the Sweed Baptist church Wednesday evening to an auction sale for the benefit of Missionary work.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-Oscar Ainsworth and daughter, Eugena, was in our midst last week.
-Quite a number of people from our vicinity attended the camp meeting near Kiron last Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Brink and son, Albert drover over to Charter Oak on Friday for a visit with their daughter, Mrs. Ralston.
-Alfred Schuler, who is attending college at Denison spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
-On account of Rev. J. W. Lothian being unable to occupy the pulpit of the M. E. church next Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, as stated in last weeks issue, Rev. E. T. Fegtly of Charter Oak has been obtained to fill the vacancy.
-Wm. Cruzan has a number of cows for sale.
-Carl Winey marketed hogs at Vail last week.
-Porter Bowen went to Buck Grove Thursday on a visit with relatives.
-Thieves entered the home of Wm. Bowen a week ago last Sunday taking what money they could find and overturning things in general.
-Dr. Bunce conducted prayer meeting at the Deloit M.E. church Thursday evening.
-Cash Newcom is losing his hogs with the cholera.
-Rev. Dr. Bunce stopped off for a visit with Rev. G. S. Clift on Thursday and Friday while on his way to the Kiron camp meeting.
-Rev. Clift is busily engaged in papering the M.E. church which will undoubtedly add greatly to its appearance.
-Mrs. Stanley Brown was taken sick quite suddenly Wednesday evening.

-Ed Ainsworth was in town on the 14, and also John Cousins of Vail.
-Mrs. E. O. Thiem made a trip to her old home in Vail last week.
-Dell Keith and Alma Dobson came up from Denison Saturday.
-Scott McKim has got the street fixed up in first class style in front of post office.
-Corn planting is the thing of the past.
-Ned Hunt was up on business last week.
-The L. D. S. church has been cleaned up and looks like a new church.
-The M. E. people are going to paper their church this week.
-Gertie and Mertie Tucker were the guests of Benjie and Grace Dawson Sunday.
-Elder Cliff went up to the Maple school house Sunday afternoon.
-Quite a crowd went from here up to the camp meeting Sunday.
-Blaine Hunt came up from Denison on his wheel Sunday.
-Mr. Gould of Vail is working for W. R. Johnson in the black smith shop.
-Mr. and Mrs. Tempest of Vail were in our burg Sunday.
-The L.D.S. quarterly conference will commence at Deloit a week from next Friday.
-Saturday afternoon the Sunday school convention will be held and in the evening an entertainment will be given. All are cordially invited to attend.

Denison Review
May 29, 1895

Milford and Goodrich
-Fink Bros are selling binding twine.
-Deloit is talking of having a brass band.
-New sidewalks wanted in the city of Deloit
-The M. E. church looks quite nice in its new apparel.
-Mrs. W. T. Huckstep is giving music lessons in Deloit.
-Dr. Iseminger was up Friday practicing his profession.
-Peter Bowen returned home from Buck Grove Monday.
-At the present writing Milford's correspondent is still on the sick list.
-Mrs. H. G. Brink attended services at the M.E. church in Deloit Sunday.
-H. P. Simmon of Stockholm twp., was the guest of W. T. Huckstep last week.
-Mr. Stran, of Denison, gathers cream throughout this vicinity for the Denison Creamery.
-Rev. E. T. Fegtley delivered an excellent sermon to a large congregation Sunday morning.
-Elmer Winans and Miss Albright attended religious services at the Sweed Baptist church Sunday evening.
-Fred Smith and family came down from the Wolfe appointment to attend the Quarterly Conference Saturday afternoon.
-The Sabbath school teachers and scholars of the M. E. church are preparing an excellent program for CChildren'sDay exercises.

-John Dobson has replanted his corn
-The party at Mr. Carsten's was well attended by the young people of Deloit and vicinity, they report a good time.
-J. T. Turner had a valuable horse stolen from his pasture one day last week, no clue of the thief as yet. We do hope he will be captured and brought to justice.
-Mertie and Burdette Gorr of Arion were up on a visit with their Grandmother and relatives.
-William Johnson and Dell Albright over down to Arion one day last week.
-Morris McHenry was seen on our streets one day last week.
-Sheriff Seymour was in town Sunday.
-The continued heavy frost and cold weather the last two weeks with dry weather makes farmers quite discouraged. Vegetation seems to be on the standstill and some of the farmers have begun replanting their corn.

The Arion Record
"included in Denison Review"
June 5, 1895

-S. Horr is on the sick list.
-Deloit has a new sidewalk.
-We had a splendid rain lately.
-Two were added by baptism in the L. D. S. church Sunday.
-Ed Clauson went to Omaha last week to buy goods for Hunt and Thiem.
-Miss Mertie James was up from Denison Sunday visiting with Benjie Dawson.
-T. C. Dobson and wife of Sac Co., attended the convention held at Deloit Saturday and Sunday.
-The Sabbath School entertainment was well attended and a good program rendered. The rain prevented some who were taking part in the exercises from attending.
-A program by the children of the M. E. Sabbath school in keeping with the day will be rendered next Sabbath morning at the church. In the evening a sermon on "Education" will be preached. All are invited.
-The quarterly conference of the L.D.S. church was very largely attended. A great many of their church members from other branches wee present and a good time reported. Among the several ministers preset was Elder Chas. Derry. He preached two excellent discourses on Sunday, his many acquaintances was glad to greet him again.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-The L. D. S. Conference is in progress at Deloit.
-Quite a number of people from our vicinity attended memorial services in Denison Thursday.
-The rains of last Thursday, washed the frowns from, and shortened up a number of lengthy faces.
-Mrs. Mary Doss, accompanied by her three children, of Perry, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Louise Lewis.
-The air was so breezy the fore part of last week that our farmers had to stay in doors like a little boy with a bad cough.
-The pupils of Mrs. Nellie Wall rendered quite an excellent program of memorial exercises at the McAhren school house on Wednesday evening.
-On Friday last Miss Ella Crusan, received the sad news from Randalia, Fayette county, that her cousin, Mrs. Sarah Vansickle of the place had passed away on Saturday, May 24th.

Deloit Entertainment:
-There will be an Entertainment at the M. E. Church Friday evening June 7th. Miss Carrie Mae Dean, teacher of Physical Culture, Art and Elocution at the Denison Normal and Business Collete, will take a leading part in the program. Miss Nellie Morris will also give a musical program prepared b her pupils. All are cordially invited to attend. Admission ten cents.

The Arion Record
"included in Denison Review"
June 12, 1895

-Deloit is going to celebrate the 4th this year. Everybody come.
-Hunt & Thiem's peddle wagon gathered over 2000 dozen of eggs last week.
-The Children's Day last Sunday at the M. E. church was well attended.
-Mr. A. E. Keith came up from Denison the other evening on a bicycle.
-Ed Clausen went up to the Sweed Settlement Sunday.
-David McKim drove up to Odebolt last week.
-Mr. Ethan McKim was up north on a visit last week.
-The town of Deloit has one general store, one post office and grocery store, one drug store, one blacksmith shop, two churches, three preachers, one doctor, and one constable. All we lack now is a few more sidewalks, a livery barn, a restaurant, a feed store and a mayor. Deloit has the material for a first-class town and when we get ???? we will take the lead to this county.
-The time has come for lemonade and ice cream and you can get it a S. Horrs Saturday evenings.

Denison Review

-Tommie Hopper met with a painful accident Friday evening. While riding a horse he was thrown off and his shoulder fractured which has laid him up from work.
-A lawn party was given at Mr. B. F. Weeks' (Wicks) Friday evening. Sixty-eight were present and ice cream and cake were the treats.
-Deloiters met Saturday evening at the school house for the purpose of organizing a brass band but for some reason it was postponed for the present.
-Eighteen wagon loads of hogs went through our berg before sunrise Saturday morning.
-The surprise party on Mrs. Grace McMillian, by her Sunday school class Friday afternoon, was a grand success.
-Killing weeds and the Fourth is the general talk of the day.
-Elmer Dobson, one of the Denison college boys, went to Sac Co. Sunday were he intends pplowingcorn for his father.
-Dell Keith, another one of the college boys went up north Monday to see about a school he intends to teach.
-Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ralston, of Charter Oak, spent Sunday with Mrs. Ralston's parents.
-Our Methodist people are arranging for a temperance lecture to be given Sunday evening, June 30th. -Some of our farmers have finished plowing corn the second time.
-Vess Horr, who has bee n on the sick list for some time is able to be about again.
-Thomas Hopper, Jr. had the misfortune to break one of his shoulders by being thrown from a horse Thursday.
-Wm. Johnson has repaired the side walk in front of his property.
-Mrs. S. W. Kinyon, of Vail, visited at the home of E. O. Theim the latter part of the week.
-E.O. Theim has built a new summer kitchen and Mrs. Theim is happy.

Denison Review - Front Page
June 26, 1895

Celebration at Deloit
Every year for many years past the citizens of Deloit and vicinity have celebrated in a quiet and social way, the Fourth of July. It has been a neighborhood gathering free from noise or display. This year there will be a similar gathering. Mr. J. Fred Meyers has accepted and invitation to address his old friends, the great majority being old-time subscribers to The Review. Only a brief address is expected, as this is not the prominent feature of the occasion. No preparation is necessary to respond to the sentiment, "The day we celebrate."

Denison Review

Darling - Long: On the 22nd inst. At the residence of the bride's father, in Deloit, by B. F. Dobson, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Albro E. Darling and Miss Roseanna? E. Long.

Denison Review

-Fine corn weather.
-Deloit's going to have fireworks on the evening of the Fourth.
-One more added to the Latter Day Saints church by baptism Sunday.
-Miss Mattie Arnold, of Carroll, is visiting with her cousin, Miss Newcom.
-A sermon on "Patriotism" will be preached in the M. E. church next Sabbath morning, and at night the Epworth League will have charge of the service and conduct it on the line of temperance. All are invited.
-A successful term of school closed at Deloit last Friday. There were a good many parents and friends present in the afternoon, and a good program was rendered by the pupils. The school rooms were nicely decorated which showed the teachers took a great deal of interest in their work.

Denison Review

-Farmers are laying their corn by.
-Preparations are being made for the Fourth of July picnic.
-Miss Pearl Dobson from Sac county, was down visiting with friends and relatives last week.
-The Deloit band gave a free entertainment on our street Saturday eve. We are very pleased to note improvement of their progress.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Thiem were guests with relatives at Vail on Sunday. They were accompanied home by Master Grant Kinyon, who spends a few days among us.
-Miss Esther Williams came up from Denison Saturday and visited friends in town Sunday. She went to Kiron the first of the week to visit a week among relatives and friends.

Denison Review

At his home in Deloit on the morning of July 2nd, 1895, Mr. Robert McMillen aged 73 years. The deceased was born in Antrim county, Ireland and in his 23rd year came to America. Two years later he was married in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania to Miss Fanny Gardner. Six children were the result of their marriage; three of this number have preceded their father to the grave. The deceased was brought up in the Presbyterian church, but on coming to this country united with the Weslyan Methodist Society. The funeral services were held in the M. E. church, on July 3rd at ten o'clock, Rev. Geo. S. Clift officiating. The remains were interred in the Deloit cemetery.

Denison Review

The Fourth at Deloit
It was delightful morning. The air was cool and refreshing. The eye was delighted by the beautiful corn fields robed in deepest green and the waving out and barley fields giving promise of a bountiful harvest.

The citizens of Deloit and vicinity had prepared a spacious bowry, by decking a frame work of poles with waving branches - to make a shade - leaving room on every side for the air to penetrate. It was paced north of town, on the highest point, and the view over the upper Boyer was beautiful and inspiring.

About ten o'clock the procession moved. The chief feature was forty-five girls in a wagon and on horse back representing the states. We did not remember of ever seeing so bright and blithesome an array of Misses - varying in age from ten to fifteen. The young ladies and beaux had gone to Denison, but the little ones, so clean and bright in their white frocks, sashes and ggypsyhats, remained at home with the old folks, who greatly enjoyed the celebration.

There were fully three hundred persons assembled. A few of the old pioneers - who began the settlement of Milford township in 1856 - forty years ago - were present and the children of that early day are husbands and matrons. These delight in an annual reunion. Thought the railroad is only seven miles away, yet it makes a wonderful difference in the easy, unconstrained, noncompetitive life these people lead. There are forty persons in the vicinity who have reached the span of life described in the scripture, as three score and ten.

We can only give the program in outline. The celebration was opened with a song - very nicely sung by a half dozen girls.

God's blessing was invoked in a beautiful and appropriate prayer by Rev. G. L. Clift. He is a most excellent gentleman, who lives Christianity and teaches both with life and tongue. This was followed with the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mrs. Miller, who read it in a clear modulated voice.

The chief address was delivered by Mr. J. Fred Meyers, who spoke about forty minutes. His address endeavored to convey the one thought that liberty and free government were the prent of progressing every other direction. After another song Dr. Mann - a most aaffableand intelligent gentleman, made a brief address - giving in part an account of the first celebration held at Dubuque in 1836.

As the dinner hour had arrived an adjournment was held until 2 p.m. A bountiful basket dinner was spread and friends and neighbors had a delightful time visiting each other.

At two o'clock the people re-assembled when Mr. Ed. Snell made a brief address, which was well received and generously applauded. Mr. Stanley Brown followed in brief address, which laid special stress on the common school as the great factor for the perpetuity of the republic.

Mr. John Dobson made the most interesting address of the day, when he recited in plain words the proceedings of the first celebration in Craw rod county. He said that the winter of 1856-57 was the severest ever known in Iowa. There were then about forty families in Crawford County. Mr. George King - brother of Mr. M. King now in Denison, was orator of the day, and Mr. H. C. Laub red the Declaration. He asked that those present who remembered the occasion should hold up their hands. Only four persons were present, but the speaker said he knew of seven yet in the vicinity who were present thirty-eight years ago.

Mr. J. Fred Meyers rose and said that he was authorized to invite the Old Settlers to hold their reunion in Denison and that the citizens will make all necessary arrangements.

Elder Turner moved a vote of thanks to speakers of the day.

This closed the proceedings on the platform. After that there were various games including a baseball game for the young folks. The celebration was in every way a success.

Denison Review

-The stand boys did well on the Fourth.
-A good many of our people have been on the sick list lately.
-Guy, son of F. P. Nixon, had his feet badly poisoned by ivy last week.
-Chas.Shives and wife of Milford Center, were in Deloit Saturday.
-Art Gould had his hand badly cut with an ax the morning of the Fourth.
-Miss Caroline Ells, of Stockholm twp. visited her friend Miss Clift, last week.
-Blair Dobson, son of E. T. Dobson, of St. Joseph, Mo. is here visiting relatives.
-Miss DeWolf, of Denison, attended services at the M. E. Church Sunday evening.
-Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Kinyon, of Vail, were the guests of E. O. Thiem and wife Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Milford Center, attended services at the M. E. Church Sunday evening.
-Mrs. E. O. Thiem and Mrs. J. C. Phillips were the guests of Leslie W. Kinyon and family Tuesday.
-Mr. Taylor Nixon, delivered 82 head of hogs in Denison, Tuesday morning, receiving for them. $4.50 per CWT.
-Mrs. Robert McMillan has been lying almost on the point of death the past week, but at present writing is slowly getting better.
-Messrs Walter Keith, Dell Keith and Morris Johnson, start for South Dakota Thursday evening to locate there until fall.
-Mr. L. T. Swayne, Temperance lecturer for this district, lectured in the M. E. Church, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings.
-N. L. Hunt and family celebrated the Fourth in Deloit and visited the rest of the week with relatives, returning to Denison Sunday evening.
-Robert McMillan died on Tuesday, July 2nd. Aged 73 yrs. The funeral services took place on Wednesday, July 3rd. He was an old and respected citizen.
-L.D.S. services, Prayer services at 11 A.M., Sabbath school 2:30 P.M., Preaching at 7:30 P.M., Prayer services every Thursday evening.
-M.E. Church services, Sabbath school 10 A.M. Preaching 1 A.M. Class meeting immediately following Bible reading 3 P.M. Epworth League 7:30 P.M. Preaching 8 P.M. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 8 P.M.
-Well the Fourth of July has come and gone and everybody enjoyed themselves. Mr. J. Fred Meyers delivered a good address. The Local Speakers, Dr. Mann, John Dobson, E. R. Snell and Stanley Browne also did well. The fireworks in the evening were good and we say, "Hurrah for the Fourth."

Denison Review

Base Ball at Deloit
The base ball season at Deloit opened on Saturday last a little late to be sure but our boys being mostly sons of toil are not permitted to do much ball playing until the corn is laid by. They all, however, are muscular fellows, full of pluck and energy and knowing no such word as fail, they are up and ready to meet the foe and in the end to carry off the victory, as was proven last Saturday when the college nine of Denison came up and crossed bats with them.

As the old saying goes, "They are nice fellows but they can't play ball." Perhaps they are not "eddicated up to that pint." They were taken unawares when Charley Cose knocked the ball on top of the school house and made a home run. Art Darling also made a brilliant hit when he sent the ball down toward the post office. In fact, all played well and the crowd of onlookers cheered them lustily. To the college nine, we can say that we hope they will not be discouraged, but will come again in the near future. The score stood 14 to 19 in favor of Deloit.


-James McKim is improving his residence by putting a new fence around it.
-Miss Francis Ainsworth attended the temperance meetings at Deloit.
-Vess Horr has employed Charles Meyers to work for him for a month.
-J. G. Meyers, of Stockholm twp., was transacting business in Deloit Saturday.
-Mrs. W. T. Huckstep and Miss Lulu Hoffman visited at the home of Lyman Morris Tuesday.
-Mrs. W. T. Huckstep and Miss Lulu Hoffman visited at the home of Lyman Morris Tuesday.
-Mr. J. T. Swain, the temperance lecturer, made his home at the parsonage while at Deloit.
-Ben Beaman is gaining health and strength by degrees and we hope soon to see him well again.
-Mrs. Margaret Hunt went to Arion Friday to visit her daughter, Mrs. John Goff, for a few days.
-David Meyers, of Sioux City, visited his nephews, Myron, Wash and Jay Meyers, the past week.
-Messrs. J. B. Dunbar, of Denison, and Col. Geo L. Wright, of Oklahoma, were up through our berg on business Friday.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dawson returned from their visit at Kansas City, Mo., Tuesday. They report plenty of rain at that place.
-Mr. Harry Hoffman of Vail, and Miss Lulu Hoffman, of Woodbine, were the guests of W. T. Huckstep and family last week.
-Mrs. Michael Ainsworth departed Friday for Ute to visit her brother-in-law, Ancil Ainsworth and family. She expects to be gone a week.
-H. P. Simmons departed Wednesday morning for Oto, Woodbury County, to look after business affairs at that place. He returned Friday evening.
-Mrs. Katie Clift entertained her Sabbath school class at the parsonage last Tuesday by giving them a picnic dinner. The little folks seemed to enjoy themselves very much.
-A series of illustrated sermons on the "tabernacle of the wilderness" and its teachings will be preached in the M. E. church, commencing Sunday evening. All are cordially invited to attend.
-Twenty-five relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McKim on Saturday evening and were pleasantly entertained by hosts and hostess. Refreshments were served, consisting of ice cream and cake.
-The temperance meetings closed at Deloit Tuesday evening. The lectures were good and many plain truths were told. Mr. Swain did not succeed in organizing a Good Templars Lodge, although a good many of our people believe in temperance and are practicing it.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-J.E. Cruzan drove down to Dow City Monday.
-G. W. Simmon made a trip to Charter Oak not long since.
-The rain that fell on Saturday was indeed quite welcome.
-The Boyer Valley Sunday School is arranging for a picnic on August 24th.
-Grandma Ainsworth took a trip over to Ute for a visit with her son not long since.
-Miss Lucy DeWolf of Denison, was the guest of Miss Bertha Snell since our last letter.
-Albert and Laura Brink drove over to the Oak last week to visit their sister, Mrs. Ralston. H. P. Simmon has been on the list of those ailing for some time. What's the matter H. P.? Hope it isn't that bicycle that worries you so.

-Meetings were held in the L. D. S. church last week.
-N. L. Hunt and family, of Denison, were up the last of the week.
-Mrs. Dixon of Kenwood is visiting her brother, Henry Munson.
-Miss Lulu Bowen is visiting her relatives in Willow Twp. this week.
-The Deloit baseball team is fast becoming one of the best in the county.
-F. P. Nixon and Marvin Currier have each purchased a new binder this season.
-Grandma McMillen is fast improving in health and we hope soon to see her well again.
-Miss Grace Cruzan was the guest of Mrs. Frank Hess Friday and Saturday of last week.
-Elmer Laughery and Clyde Brogden have opened a temperance and ice cream establishment.
-Effie Myers, daughter of Geo. Myers, of Denison, is visiting relatives in Deloit this week.
-Rev. Geo. S. Clift left Monday for Plaw, Lawrence county, Mo., where he will conduct a series of meetings.
-The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brogden has been very sick the past week but a present writing is better.
-Geo. Newcom and wife of Sac county visited with Mrs. Newcom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McKim, Saturday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman of Willow twp., who have been visiting Wm. Bowen and family, returned home Monday.
-Miss Nellie Morris went to Jackson twp. Sunday to take charge of the Epworth League meeting at Mrs. Coleman's church.
-Col. C. Green will preach at the McAhren school house next Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock p.m., Sabbath school at 3 p.m. All are cordially invited to attend.

Denison Review

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brogden, of Deloit, were called upon to part with their twin babies, aged about eleven months, last Thursday. The Review extends it heartfelt sympathies to the parents thus doubly bereft.

-Eugene Schuler visited with Bert Woodruff Sunday.
-Oliver Fink has a brand new buggy. Not girls, here's your chance.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Zea of Denison were up visiting relatives the last of the week.
-Mrs. Wm. Cruzan was taken very sick Sunday evening but at latest report is better.
-Barlow Dawson has bought a third interest in a threshing machine and will turn thresher for a while.
-Dr. Folsom and photographer Davis of Denison, were seen going north through Deloit Thursday evening.
-Barlow Dawson's team took a run-away Tuesday when coming home from Denison. A broken wagon tongue was the most serious result.
-Lewis Albright of Charlotte, Clinton county, is here at present visiting his uncle, Dell Albright and aunt, Mrs. David Winey, and also numerous cousins.
-The hum of the threshing machine is now heard throughout the land and the small grain crop promises to be a bountiful one indeed.
-The Deloit baseball club went to Denison Saturday and were defeated. The score stood 14 to 13 in favor of Denison. A game will be played in Deloit next Saturday between the same clubs.
-Died Thursday, July 25th, 1895, of cholera infantum, Hugo and Esto, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brogden, aged 10 months and 23 days. The funeral services were held Friday at 10 a.m. at the L. D. S. church. Elder Turner officiated. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community in this sad hour of affliction.

Milford and Goodrich
-Look out for frosts on the 31st of August, as the Katy Dids say it is coming.
-Miss Kate Goodrich visited with Miss Eliza Fink on Sunday.
-Mr. Temple accompanied C. Green up to S. S. on Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Ralston came over from the Oak on Sunday for a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Brink.
-Our farmers have about finished "Bringing in the sheaves"
-Everyone seems happier with the rains of last week.
-Miss Bertha Snell was the guest of the Misses Cruzan last week.
-There is considerable sickness in our neighborhood.
-Drying sweet corn is quite fashionable nowadays.
-Mr. C. Green of Denison preached a very interesting sermon at the McAhren school house last Sabbath.

Denison Review

-Elders J. T. Turner and W. W. Whiting went to Panama, Shelby county, Tuesday to conduct a series of meetings for the L.D.S. people at that place.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Thiem took a drive through the German Settlement Friday afternoon.
-L.D.S. meetings have closed.
-Scott McKim, our popular post master went to Denison Friday.
-N. L. Hunt of Denison, was up Tuesday looking after business affairs.
-Rev. Geo. S. Clift returned from Plaw, Mo., Thursday afternoon. He reports a pleasant time.
-Prayer meeting at Wm. Bowens last Tuesday evening was well attended.
-Mr. Ellis of Cherokee county, is building a house on his farm northeast of town.
-On Tuesday Mrs. F. B. Wicks, received the sad news of the death of her sister, Mrs. Newman at Lamoni, Ia. She started immediately for that place accompanied by her husband, B. F. Wicks and granddaughter, Bernice McKim.
-Alex Christy spent the greater part of last week in Dow City.
-Miss Lelia Lewis is attending Normal at Sac City.
-Alfred Dobson, of Odebolt, visited relatives at Deloit this week.
-Charles Flint went to Odebolt Sunday to help Cyrus Dobson stack his grain.
-James and Mrs. Robert McMillen went to Lake View Sunday. Mrs. McMillen is staying at that place to visit her daughters.
-I. A. Goff and family of Arion were up Wednesday visiting relatives.
-Saturday evening was Mrs. Wm. Cose's 58th birthday and quite a number of her friends gathered at her home to help her celebrate it. A very pleasant time was had.
-Last Saturday night as Geo. V. Jordan and Mr. Johnson were coming home from Denison, Mr. Jordan's team became scared and ran away, throwing Mr. Johnson out, dislocating his shoulder and otherwise bruising him. At present writing he is reported as getting along all right.

Denison Review

-Fred Schuler was on the sick list Friday.
-Wess Horr is visiting relatives at Neeley, Nebraska at present.
-Florence Nixon visited relatives in Denison the past week.
-Joseph Piexen of Milford was over in Deloit Saturday on business.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Zea of Denison were up over Sunday visiting relatives.
-Herbert Nixon has a new buggy. Herb this is a move in the right direction.
-Ed. Lentz is traveling through the country soliciting for a Well Auger Co.
-Roy Hall, son of Dick Hall, of Denison, was up last week visiting his cousin.
-Wm. Johnson and wife were taking in the town of Arion Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
-M. G. Currier and family arrived home from their visit in Woodbury county, Tuesday evening.
-Esau McKim and Chas. Laughery went to Rockwell City Saturday. They intend to be gone a week..
-Henry Munson left Saturday for a visit with a friend in Cass county, Nebraska. He expects to be gone several days.
-Wm. Nobles, of Buck Grove, was here a part of last week visiting his cousin, Mrs. Wm. Bowen.
-Frank Ellis left for his home in Cherokee, Cherokee Co., Thursday morning. He intends to be gone several days when he will return.
-Louis Albright left Monday morning for a visit with relatives in Dickinson county. From there he will return to his home in Charlotte, Clinton county.
-Well digging seems to be the order of the day around here at present. Cash Newcom, James Newton and Carey Phillips have been digging wells upon their farms the past week.

Milford and Goodrich
-W. E. Campbell has a new buggy. Well done.
-Alfred Dobson from Odebolt was down Saturday.
-Miss Mary Biggs is the guest of Mrs. Allie Lockmiller of Denison.
-Everybody come to the S. S. picnic next Saturday at the McAhren grove.
-Miss Mary Brink has returned from a six weeks visit with relatives near Kenesaw, Nebraska.
-Mr. Alex Christie will travel for the firm of Q. W. Loverun of Chicago in about two weeks.
-Mrs. Mary Cruzan has been on the sick list for some time but at present writing is some better.
-Friday evening of last week being Miss Ida Bigg's birthday, a number of her friends gave her a pleasant surprise party. A good time was had by all.
-Mrs. Della Phillips is seriously ill with inflammation of the stomach. Her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.
-Mr. C. G. Brink met with a very painful accident last week by being thrown from a horse. At latest report he is on the way to recovery.

Denison Review

-Herbert and Burr Nixon visited with relatives in Denison Sunday.
-Mrs. James McMillen and Master Glen McKim went to Sac City Sunday. They expect to return Tuesday.
-Mrs. Mary Tucker of Kearney, Neb., is here visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McKim.
-Rev. Geo. Clift and wife and U. S. Dunbar went to Mapleton Monday to attend the M. E. conference.
-Mr. and Mrs. Eli Johnson are back again from Texas.
-Chas. Shives of Milford Center, attended services at the M. E. church Sunday morning.
-Miss Gertie Tucker of Denison was the guest of Misses Grace and Benjie Dawson over Sunday.
-Dr. Mann left Monday for Iowa City having sold his stock of drugs to Hunt & Thiem.
-The tabernacle sermons preached every Sunday evening by Rev. Geo. Clift are very interesting. Come out and hear them.

Denison Review

-The Deloit schools opened Monday with Misses Etta Duckett and Lizie Temple as teachers.
-Eugene McKim came home Saturday evening on a visit to his father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McKim. He also brought with him a car load of apples which he will dispose of at Denison.
-U. S. Dunbar went to Kingsley, Friday to help move Charles Cantel and wife down to Deloit.
-Misses Sadie Burrows and Cora Hedger of West Side, visited with Mrs. John Newcom Sunday.
-The circus took the usual number from our town down to Denison Saturday.
-Mrs. Hitchings and Mrs. Godred returned Wednesday from their weeks visit at Ida Grove.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whiting returned from their trip to the lakes in the northern part of the state. They report having a splendid time.
-Quite a number of our people attended the Old Settlers' Picnic at Denison Friday and all came home well satisfied.
-Our postmaster was seen going down to the circus Saturday evening and he wasn't alone either.
-Messrs. Bellinger and Lyden of Manning, wish to announce to the people of Deloit and vicinity that they will be in town for the next two weeks with their portable photograph gallery. Those desiring photographs may secure the cabinet size for the extremely low price of $2 per dozen. This will include the best of finish. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give them a call, they will be sure to please you.

Milford and Goodrich
-Miss Olive Johnston is teaching the Goodrich Center school.
-On account of the unsettled weather on Sunday afternoon, there was a very small attendance at S. S. and preaching services.
-Chas. Meyers has taken his departure for Perry, Dallas Co., where he will work his future home. His niece Miss Jessie Doss accompanied him.
-The Epworth Leaguers of the Deloit M. E. Church are arranging for another grand temperance meeting to be held at the church on the evening of Oct. 6. Come.
-Arthur Brink has completed his visit with relatives her and taken his back track for Emerson, Neb.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas, who have been visiting Mr. Thomas' sister, Mrs. John Miller, returned to their home in Clinton, Thursday.
-Jno. Woodruff has entered the Denison college.
-School opened in the Winans school house on Monday a week ago. Miss Mertie Snell opened a term of school at the McAhren school house on the same day.
-Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cruzan have completed their stay at their uncle and aunt's Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cruzan and returned to their home in Ottawa, Kansas.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lewis have returned from their visit at Glidden.
-Mr. Temple accompanied by Mr. C. Green were up to Sunday school Sunday afternoon.
-A number of our people took in the show at Denison Saturday.

Denison Review

-Tom Miller and Gary Comstock were up from Denison Thursday afternoon.
-Clarence Cose's team ran away from J. T. Turner's cane mill Thursday but nothing serious resulted therefrom.
-N. L. Hunt and T. J. Rasp, of Denison, paid Deloit a visit Thursday.
-J. T. Turner is busily engaged making sorghum for the farmers of this vicinity at present.
-The Epworth League elected the following officers for the next six months: President, J. E. Cruzan; 1st Vice-President, Della Phillips; 2nd Vice-President, Grace Dawson; 3rd Vice President , Alfred Schuler; 4th Vice-President , Sarah McKim, Secretary, Lillie Newton, Treasurer, Lillie Zea, Organist, Winnifred Clift.
- Miss Fannie Barnes, aunt of Bertha and Wayne Snell, paid them a visit over Sunday. Miss Barnes is traveling for Pearsall & Co., of Des Moines, dealers in toilet articles.

Milford and Goodrich
-Mrs. C. G. Brink has gone to Cedar county where she was called to the bedside of her father, Mr. Kent, his life being almost despaired of.
-A number of our L. D. S. people are in attendance at the Conference at Logan.
-Grandpa Nobles has returned from his summer's visit at Spring Prairie, Wis.
-A number of our people attended camp meeting at Denison last week.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Nobles, visited with Mr. and Mrs. R. Shaw Van and Mr. and Mrs. Byron Alesworth, of Denison, week before last.
-On Account of Mr. C. Green's absence from home, there will be no preaching services at the McAhren school house next Sunday. Sabbath school at 3 p.m.
-A new coat of paint has been applied to the McAhren school house which adds greatly to its appearance.

Denison Review

-Leon Meade is back again.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McKim and daughter, Mrs. Lucker, visited with George Newcom's family near Odebolt, Sunday.
-Miss Bertha Snell has taken the agency for Denison and vicinity for Pearson & Co. of DesMoines, dealers in various kinds of essence and perfumery.
-N. H. Brogden, came back Saturday from Omaha, where he had been attending the fair.
-Mrs. Katie Clift, who has been on the sick list the past two weeks, is better at present writing.
-Died - Friday morning, W. I. Newcom, aged 84 years. Mr. Newcom has been a resident of Crawford County for almost 30 years, coming here in 1867. He served as a volunteer in the Black Hawk War. Mr. Newcom lived on the old homestead about 4 miles east of Deloit until the death of his wife, which occurred about 4 years ago, since then he has been living with his children. His death occurred at the home of his son James. Mr. Newcom was married in 1836 to Margaret Dale, thirteen children blessed their union, of whom ten survive. The funeral services were held Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at the L. D. S. church, Eld. W. W. Whiting and Rev. Geo. S. Clift, officiating. The remains were laid to rest in the Deloit cemetery. The bereaved children have the sympathy of the entire community.
-B. Ringer & Lyden of Manning, the photographers have concluded to stay in Deloit another week. Their trade is daily increasing and all who desire first class pictures at $2.00 per dozen, cabinet size, should call at once.
-Porter Browen and sisters Lula and Goldie, visited relatives at Buck Grove the past week, returning home Monday.
-Mrs. E. A. McKim is at present on the sick list.
-Preaching services at the M. E. church, Thursday evening at 8 p.m.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-C. G. Brank has returned from Emerson, Neb.
-Ella Fink is the happy possessor of a new organ.
-Mrs. Ella Ralston, of Charter Oak, visited under her parental roof Sunday.
-Mr. Kemp, from Charter Oak, visited with friends in our neighborhood last week.
-The Misses Kent of Kenesaw, Neb. Are visiting at the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C G. Brink.
-Let everyone be in attendance at the temperance meeting to be held at the Deloit M. E. church on next Sabbath evening, October 6 at 8 pm. A good program has been prepared and will be very interesting to all.

-Hans Carson is building a new hog house.
-Peter Larson is engaged in building a new corn crib at present.
-Rev. Geo. S. Clift and family left Monday to attend the Conference at Webster City.
-E. E. Clauson and E. O. Thiem attended the L. D. S. camp meeting at Logan Sunday.
-Chas. Cramer went to Des Moines Friday, receiving a telegram that his father was sick.
-On Wednesday the infant child of Albro Darling of Stockholm twp. died. It was buried on Thursday.
-On Wednesday morning Misses Isabel and Kate Simmon, sisters of H. O. and Geo. W. Simmon, arrived for a visit of three weeks' duration.
-Wm. McKim and wife, Scott McKim and Ethel Jordan, returned home Sunday from a few days' attendance at the L. D. S. camp meeting at Logan.
-Mr. Know of Pao Alto county has been here the past week visiting his cousins, Charles and Joseph Laughery and other relatives. He returned home Tuesday.
-Grandma Zea can certainly claim first honors in raising fruit this year. She has a peach tree four years old that bore nine peaches which are of good quality. We believe these are the first peaches that have been raised in Crawford county.

-Epworth League program at the M.E. church Sunday evening, Oct. 6.
Song Service
Prayer ......................President of League
Song Voluntary ..............Nellie Morris
Lesson Chapter Proverbs 20, Chapter
Recitation ...................Grace Dawson
Recitation ...................Florence Nixon
Select Reading ...............Bertha Snell
Duet .........................Messrs, Phillips and Schuler
Recitation ...................Mary Brink
Recitation ...................Edna Huckstep
Temperance Prayer ............H. P. Simmon
Temperance Prayer ............Grace Cruzan
Duet.Misses Edna and Ethel Huckstep
Recitation ...................Florence Prentice
Recitation ...................Goldie Bowen
Select Reading ...............Lillie Newton
Select Reading ...............Lucy Flint
Select Reading ...............Nellie Morris
Recitation ...................Lillie Zea
Recitation ...................Eda Cruzan
Recitation ...................Laura Brink
Prayer .......................U. S. Dunbar

Denison Review

-George Meyers, of Denison, was up Sunday visiting relatives.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Newcom attended services at the M. E. church Sunday morning.
-Mrs. Brown, of Boone, who has been visiting Mrs. Jennie Morris, returned home Saturday.
-Mrs. Michael Ainsworth and Mrs. Della Phillips visited at the home of E. R. Snell Thursday.
-James McMillan went to Lake View Sunday to bring home his mother. He expects to return Monday.
-Republicans in this vicinity are well satisfied with their county ticket and are confident that it will be elected.
-Bert Huckstep, of Milford Center, and H. N. Snell and Charles Carmer of Goodrich, arrived home from Omaha Saturday.
-Rev. Geo. S. Clift came back from conference Saturday afternoon. He has been returned to the Deloit charge for another year and every one is well pleased.
-Bert and Laura Brink and cousins Hazel and Stella Kent went to Charter Oak Sunday on a visit to J. H. Ralston and family. The Misses Kent intend to remain until Wednesday.

Milford and Goodrich
-Miss Ida Biggs has entered college
-David Lewis has returned to Glidden.
-Miss Eliza Fink is entertaining her cousin, Miss Fink.
-Messrs. Fish and Snyder, two of our German farmers have disposed of their farms. Mr. Fish contemplates going to Ute.
-Corn husking is coming in fashion as well as bad colds.
-Mr. Anderson and sister, of Odebolt, was in our vicinity last week.
-Thomas Lewis, who had been absent from home during the summer is again at home.
-J. E. Cruzan and Miss Mary Brink visited at the home of Mr. Frank Hess of Deloit on Sunday.
-Miss Leilah Lewis, who is engaged in teaching school near Odebolt, came home for a visit last week.
-Let every one be sure and be in attendance at preaching services at the McAhren schoolhouse next Sunday at 3 p.m. prompt. Preaching every alternate Sabbath.
-On Wednesday of last week Mrs. E. R. Snell threw open the doors of her pleasant home for the young people of our vicinity who indulged in giving a party in honor of Misses Katie and Isabelle Simmon. A good time was had by all and many thanks are due Mrs. Snell for her hospitality. Misses Simmons took their departure for their home near Rock Island, Ill. on Friday.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-E. F. Fink has been breaking up considerable of his pasture land.
-Grandpa Nobles visited with N. Richards and family of Arion, last week.
-J. W. Lewis and wife attended the L. D. S. conference at Galland's Grove last week.
-Jas. Ralston and family from the "Oak" came over Sunday for a visit with relatives.
-Leialah Lewis has closed her term of school near Odebolt. Grace Dawson closed her school in Otter creek on Friday also.
-Mrs. G. C. Brink returned from Cedar County Saturday. Her two brothers accompanied her home. We are glad to report that Mrs. B's father, who has been ill for some time, is on the way to recovery.

-Lucy Flint is sick with the measles
-Cash Newcom is building a new corn crib.
-Mr. Al Milligan was a Deloit visitor Thursday.
-Mrs. J. T. Turner is lying quite sick at present.
-Willis Lentz is up from Vail, nursing a felon on his thumb.
-Miss Grace Cruzan has been on the sick list the past week.
-Taylor Nixon has been sick the past two weeks, with pleurisy at present writing he is better.
-Chas. Flint closed a successful term of school in district No. 1 Goodrich township, Friday.
-Perry Huckstep has been confined to his bed the past week with lung fever, latest reports are that he is better.
-Mrs. Mary Tucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McKim, departed for her home in Kearney, Neb. Wednesday.
-Mr. Jno. F. Grote of West Side and Dr. Wright of Vail, were in Deloit Tuesday, looking over the political field.
-Mr. Dell Kieth and Misses Lizzie Temple and Berniece McKim attended the lecture at Denison Monday evening.
-Mrs. Marrietta Brown of Colesburg, Mo. is here visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laughery.

Denison Review

-N. L. Hunt was a Deloit visitor Sunday.
-Hiram Mason of Nebraska is here visiting his brother, A. J. Mason.
-C. J. Hunt is here for a few days visiting with relatives and friends.
-H. N. Snell had a runaway in the corn field one day last week.
-Mrs. Geo. Zee of Denison, was an over Sunday visitor in Deloit.
-Mrs. J. T. Turner is still lying very low with faint hopes of recovering.
-Quarterly meeting was well attended Monday evening at the M. E. church.
-Rev. Martindale of Vail, attended quarterly meeting services at the M. E. church
-Thursday Miss Grace Dawson took her departure for Denison with the intention of learning the millinery trade.
-Mrs. F. H. Fry, a sister of the M. E. pastor is visiting at the parsonage this week. Mrs. Fry accompanied Rev. Clift on Saturday on his return from the Epworth League convention at Marshalltown.
-A week ago Tuesday morning, as Chas. Wiley was trying to replace the elevator belt on a threshing machine, his arm got caught and was broken in three places. A physician was called and attended to the broken limb. Although the arm was badly shattered the doctor is confident he can save it.
-The Sunday school board of the M. E. church met Saturday evening at the Parsonage and elected the following officers for the ensuing year; Superintendent, E. R. Snell, Asst. Supv. Geo. S. Clift, Secretary H. P. Simmon, Treasurer, E. A. McKim, Librarian Winifred Clift, organist Sarah McKim, Asst. organist Lillie Newton, teachers Bible class Rev. Geo. S. Clift, young folks bible class Nellie Morris, Intermediate class Lillie Newton, primary class Katie Clift, Infant class Sarah McKim.

Milford and Goodrich
-Mrs. J. T. Turner is still quite low.
-Some of our prosperous farmers have finished husking corn.
-C. E. Cruzan and sister were the guests of Frances Ainsworth of Denison Monday.
-Ira Brink, who attends school at Woodbine, came over for a visit at the home of his uncle G. C. Brink.
-Wm. Cruzan received the sad news of the death of his sister, Mrs. Betsy Harper, who resided near West Union Fayette county, last week.

Denison Review

We acknowledge a pleasant call from Mr. J. R. McKim, an old resident of Crawford Co., who is spending a short vacation with his parents in Deloit. Mr. McKim is editor and proprietor of the Pittsburgh Kansas Smelter. It is a newsy little daily in its first year. The Review wishes it prosperity.

-Too late for last week
-B. F. Snell had an attack of paralysis last week.
-Rev. Clift went to Correctionville Monday to attend the District Convention.
-Nellis Morris commenced a term of school last Monday in Jackson township.
-C. J. Hunt gave some very interesting lectures at the L. D. S. church last week.
-Dell Kieth went to West Side with the intention of staying two or three weeks.
-Mrs. Fannie Fry, sister of Rev. Clift, preached at the M. E. church Sunday evening.
-J. E. Cruzan and Mary Brink visited relatives at Charter Oak Saturday and Sunday.
-J. W. Lewis and son, Thomas are expecting to go to Green county.
-Quite a few of our citizens came out Saturday evening to hear the colored orator J. C. Fremont lecture.
-Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Miller, of Milford center, attended services at the M. E. church Sunday evening.
-Misses Hazel and Stella Kent, who have been visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Brink and family the past month returned to their home near Kenesaw, Nebraska, Monday afternoon.

Milford and Goodrich
-J. E. Cruzan marketed two loads of hogs Friday.
-C. Sprecher transacted business in this vicinity llastweek.
-Chas. Cruzan is husking corn for Mr. Thew south of Denison. Chas. Has taken the correct direction to get there .
-We understand Miss Quigly of Vail, has been engaged to teach the winter term of school at the Woodruff school house.
-J. E. Cruzan and Miss Mary Brink were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralston of Charter Oak, on Saturday and Sunday, a week ago.
-We presume that a great many of our people will be glad to learn that the rreligiousservices have been closed at the Boyer Valley School house, as it was such a test for them to attend the services.
-Miss Myrtle Snell closed her fall term of school at the Boyer Valley school house on Friday a week ago. In the afternoon the pupils enjoyed an in-door picnic. Who says we can't have a picnic in November?
-Mrs. Mary Welch of Edgely, North Dakota, arrived at Denison on Thursday. She expects to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Jessie Nobels of this vicinity. Her many friends are glad to see her.
-The Misses Edella and Hazel Kent, who have been visiting relatives in our vicinity for some time, departed for their homes at Keneshaw, Nebraska last week. They have made many warm friends here who are sorry to lose them and many good wishes accompanied them.

Denison Review

-Elder C. J. Hunt and mother visited relatives at Arion Friday and Saturday.
-Hannibal Fink is hauling out lumber for a new house on the farm he recently purchased of his father, E. H. Fink.
-Bert Huckstep and Charles Cramer start Tuesday for a six weeks hunting trip through Nebraska.
-Taylor Nixon sold 100 head of hogs, Saturday.
-A very interesting program will be given in the M. E. Church Thursday evening, November 28th.
-Friday evening the young folks of this vicinity gave Miss Grace Cruzan a very pleasant surprise party, it being her birthday. Miss Grace was the recipient of some very beautiful presents which she prizes very highly. All seemed to enjoy themselves, and we wish her many such happy birthdays in the near future.
-Miss Francis Ainsworth visited friends this vicinity Saturday.
-John R. McKim and son, Roland, departed for their home at Pittsburg, Kansas, Friday afternoon.
-Thanksgiving service at the Deloit M.E. Church Thursday evening. Come.
-News is scarce as rain.

Wanless-Dobson - At the residence of I. S. Freeze, Esq., Calgary N.W.T. on November 15th 1895 by Rev. Matthew Gold, Thomas G. Wanless - son of John Wanless, T & T inspector, C. P. R. Toronto - and Cora Dobson, daughter of John Dobson, Deloit, Iowa U. S.
"The Daily Herald Calgary, Alberta, Canada"

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich
-Miss Myrtle Snell opened school at the Boyer Valley school house Monday and Miss Cora Snell began her school at the Smith school house three miles south-west of Denison. While Miss Leialah Lewis opened her school near Odebolt on the same day.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Snell started for Boone Monday, where they will visit with relatives about a week.
-Lawrence Winans went to Sac county Saturday to assist Cyrus Dobson in corn husking. W. E. Campbell is husking "up north" also. Good place to work, Will.

-Last Monday as Leon Meade and Warren Darling were out hunting, they had occasion to go through a barb wire fence and as Darling was pulling his gun through after him the hammer caught on the wire, discharging the gun, the contents entering Meads left foot. A physician was called and found it necessary to amputate the first two toes. Meade is lying at Charles Laugherys, where he was carried by Darling and is doing as well as could be expected. We hope this accident will teach some of our boys a lesson: via: not to carry their guns with the hammer raised, while out hunting.
-Dell Kieth commenced a winter term of school in district No. 10, Milford township, Monday.
-Owing to the unfavorable weather, the services at the M. E. Church Thursday evening were not very well attended.
-Charles Wiley who had his arm broken by the elevator lift of a threshing machine some time ago is getting along nicely.
-The M. E. people are making arrangements for a Christmas program.
-Lawrence Winans went to Sac county Tuesday to help Cyrus Dobson pick corn.
-Charles Flint is wielding the birth again in district No. 1, Goodrich township.
-The L. D. S. people have been repairing their church the past week. It now presents a very comfortable appearance.
-Peter Larson marketed 200 head of hogs in Denison, Saturday. Mr. Larson knows how to raise hogs.
-Miss Ella Cruzan visited with Francis Ainsworth of Denison last week.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Snell departed Monday for a week's visit with relatives in Boone. Rev. Clift is conducting special meetings at the Wolf school house in Stockholm township this week.
-Birthday party at Henry Peters, Wednesday, November 27. His neighbors and friends were all present to wish the old gentleman health and prosperity and many returns of his birthday.
-Joseph Monahan has just commenced his winter term of school in No. 1, Morgan township. This makes the sixth term in that place a good recommendation for anybody.
-Stanley Browne is teaching his fourth term in No. 2.
-There was a little escapade Sunday night at Hohenzollern; the medicine peddler left in a hurry and the boys have been footing the bills.
-There is considerable sickness in these parts especially among the children, west of us. In Soldier township the dreadful disease, diphtheria is amongst them.
-All true friends of education are rejoicing that Dr. Wright was successful at the polls, while the tax payers thrown up their hats and should "Hurrah". What the Board of Supervisors have passed from the control of the Democrats.
-Mr. Stanley Brown has organized a class in bookkeeping at the Center School in Morgan township and will also organize one in Stockholm township. Young people should take advantage of this opportunity. Writing and business course will also be taught in connection.

Denison Review

-Leon Meade was moved to Esau McKims Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Nobles visited at E. R. Snells Sunday afternoon.
-The prayer meeting at Mrs. J. J. Prentice's Saturday evening was well attended.
-Miss Grace Cruzan visited at the parsonage last week.
-Rev. Bartlett of Odebolt, preached at Milford Center Sunday afternoon.
-Mrs. Smith and daughters of Denison, were the guests of H? N. Snell and family Saturday and Sunday.
-Charles and Ella Cruzan attended services at Milford Center Sunday afternoon.
-Tom Lewis and his grandfather Lewis arrived Sunday from Greene county.

Milford and Goodrich
-Leon Meade was able to be taken to his home in Deloit Sunday.
-Chas. Shives and Joe Ingrahm attended the revival meeting at the M. E. Church at Vail last week.
-The Sabbath school at Milford Center is in flourishing condition. Large congregations assemble at the school every Sabbath which is very encouraging to the Superintendent, Mr. Joe Ingrahm. The Milford people are arranging for a Christmas tree and exercises which will undoubtedly prove a perfect success.
-Chas. Cruzan attended church at Vail Tuesday evening.
-Cruzan and Winans marketed hogs last week.
-H. P. Simmon departed for Ute on Monday where he will look after the interest of his barn.
-Scientists tell us that it is possible for the human mind to become so concentrated upon a subject that we are unconscious of what we are doing. We wonder if this is the cause of a certain gentleman's frequently harnessing another person's horse after spending an evening with his ..... If so, we advise caution, for some horses are vicious.

Denison Review

-Our little city is not going to be behind in Christmas festivities this year. The M.Es are preparing an elaborate program consisting of songs, recitations and dialogues which in connection with the tree will prove very interesting indeed and will be held on Christmas night December 25th.
-The L. D. S. people on Christmas Eve will present to a crowded house as well as an attentive audience an attractive and well rendered program. They will also have an arch which will be the most interesting part to the little folks.
-The finance committees of both churches are abroad in the land and will be happy to meet you.

Denison Review

Milford and Goodrich - (Crowded out last week)
-A Merry Xmas to all.
-Chas. Shives and family visited with Wm. Shives and family, of Stockholm recently.
-Rev. Clift is still conducting revival meetings at the Wolfe appointment.
-J. E. Cruzan attended services at the Wolfe last week.
-Mrs. N. L. Hunt of Denison, was the guest of Aunt Margaret Hunt Saturday and Sunday.
-The teacher's meeting last Saturday was quite well attended. A number of Crawford county's energetic school teachers were present which showed the interest that is taken in these meetings. Messrs. VanNess, Holmes, Masters, Grandy, McGuire and Supt. Kelly were up from Denison.
-Clara Shives from Stockholm was the guest of Winifred Clift Sunday and Monday.
-Stanley Brown attended the teachers meeting.
-W. E. Campbell has finished corn husking up north, so he says.
-Jay Meyers and family have moved down from Stockholm township and will move on his farm in Mason's grove where John Retty formerly resided. Mr. Retty will move into the residence where Mr. Meyers moved out.
-We are glad to inform our readers that Mrs. J. T. Turner is improving very rapidly.
-Come out and hear our Xmas exercises at the M. E. church Xmas night.
-John Lewis is courting at Denison.

-Leon Meade is up and around again.
-Lillie Zea came home from Denison Wednesday.
-Ella Cruzan attended services at the Wulf school house in Stockholm township, Sunday afternoon.
-Mrs. Chas Shives and Miss Carrie Miller attended services at the M. E. church Sunday evening.
-Mrs. J. H. Rolson of Charter Oak, visited at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Brink, over Sunday.
-H. P. Simmon arrived home from Oto, Woodbury county, Saturday evening.
-Francis Ainsworth of Denison, was the guest of Mrs. E. O. Thiem Sunday.

Deloit news articles from 1873 to 1897 including articles for Milford and Goodrich Townships submitted by Melba (Winans) McDowell