1923 Seniors

Harold Nelson
Muriel Martin
Glenn Cousins
Ilda Sheen
Doris Clark
Esther Volckmann
Henry Nipple
Isabelle Oldson
John Stoltenberg
Leone Merritt
Edwin Lind
Louise Petty
John Wood
Vivian Thurber
Raymond Petersen
Margaret Ocker
Frank Swanson
Arthera Fink
James Porter
Mary Blessington
Claude Skonberg
Arline Duncan
Marshall Lyles
Marianne Henle
Claude Dolly
Maxine Dales
Clarence Zerrien
Orpha Zornig
Noel Potter
Vivian Haring
Ruth George
Charles Nicolaysen
Florence Paton
William Paysen
Louise Small
Robert Adams
Theresa Seifert
Harry Utroska
Grace Guernsey
Louis Thompson
Lillian Hansen
Arnold Rapp
Velma George
Richard Higgins
Dorothea Howard
Edmund Hall
Evelyn Hansen
August Hein
Mildred Clancy
William Cooper
Garvice Stukas
Frances Cosgrove
Glenn Doyne
Jeanette Clausen
Paul Schauff
Marguerite Eustace
Fred Luthans
Helen Johnson
Jack Franklin
Mable Foster

Willis Holcomb
Bernice Beil
Will graduate in 1924 (No name)
Ruth Benham
George Hardersen

Lauretta Andrews
Edward Bargholtz
Marianne Allessee
Buford Nyquist
Cornelia Betsinger
Margaret Zerrien
Marcus Magnussen
Dorothy McAllister
Clark McClane
Esther McGrath
Elsabea Miller
Eustace Morris
Lucy Melaney
William Miller
Edith Muhs
Edith Goodwin
John Wallace
Edith Goddard
John Goff
Evelyn Johnson
Arline Kraus
Edwin Gideonson
Ruth Fulton
Fred Graham
Leona Gandrup
Leone Fulton
Jake Burkley
Charlotte Busk
Fred Hinricks
Elsie Carstensen
Thelma Chatterton
Raymond Ingraham
Winifred O'Donnell
Cecil Lee
Florence Schnack
Marie Seeser
Kenneth Reiter
Florence Swanson
Elbert Thompson
Leolinda Thiessen
Catherine Todson
Charles Tozer
Irene Smith
Clifford Swanson
Pauline Thor
Lowell Voss
Dolores Thomas
Will graduate in 1924 (No name)
Helen Ohrt
Eugene Petersen
Athene Fulton
Maynard Slapnicka
Herbert lawrenz
Isabelle Thompson
Juanita Rebouin
Pauline Dilerang (No photo)

1923 Football Team

1923 CHS Football Team

1923 Basketball Team

1923 CHS Basketball Team

HARRY WHITE (Captain). "Whitey" played a brilliant game at running guard all season. He is exceptionally fast and his long shots made many points for Clinton. We are glad that he will be here next year.

JOHN WALLACE. "Johnny" was one of the hardest fighters on the team. His work at center was always good. He usually got the tip-off, and his basket shooting added many points. We will miss John next year.

ALVA BROWN. "Brown" showed real ability in his work at forward. He was a good floor man and always full of scrap. He was responsible for many points. We expect Alva to do still better next year.

ROBERT KINNAN. "Bob" made an excellent mate for Brown at the other forward. He had an exceptionally good eye for the basket and was always to be depended upon when points were needed. We are glad that Kinnan has two more years to play.

BRUCE CHATTERTON. "Tub" was one of the steadiest players on the team. His work at back guard broke up many plays. For a big man he is very fast and when changed to forward he always gave a good account of himself. We can expect great things of "Tub" for the next two years.

ROBERT MOORE. "Dinty" played an excellent game at forward. He is a hard fighter. His floor work was good and his basket shooting ability accounted for his share of baskets. We are fortunate in having "Dinty" with us for two more years.

NOEL POTTER. Noel was always to be relied upon at guard. He was fast and his close guarding broke up most of his opponent's plays. There was not a harder fighter on the team than "Noel". We are sorry that he has not another year to play.

Coach - Burton Hogle

Photo from the 1923 Clintonian yearbook of Clinton High School

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