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Proclamation To the Pioneers and Old Settlers of Clayton County, Iowa

Having been frequently reminded during the past five years to issue an active agency, in convening a social gathering of the Early Settlers of Clayton County. I have (after a careful consideration of the matter) concluded to issue the following Proclamation, and for my authority in doing so, I submit the following statement:

I became a permanent resident of that part of the Black Hawk Purchase, now known as Clayton County, on the twenty-first day of May, 1835, and have been a continuous resident of the County from that time until now, being a period of thirty-six years and seven months, at the date of this instrument. There is now no man living in the County who was here when I came, and who has been a continuous resident of it until now; all are dead, or have left the County. On the 4th day of July, 1835, I could call by name every white man, woman and child, living in the county. They numbered then about fifty-three persons. The last census of the county makes its population exceed twenty-seven thousand.

Now by virtue of these says, I do hereby issue and make public the following


It is ordered that a Festival and gathering of the Pioneers and Old Settlers of Clayton County, be convened at Elkader, on the 15th day of February, 1872, and that said gathering may have character and respectability, and may be made worthy of mention by the future historians of the County.

I do hereby nominate and appoint, as a committee, to control the direction and management of said festival and gatherings, Mrs. Victor Carter, Mrs. Timothy Davis, Mrs. Elisha Boardman, Michael Uriell, and Henry B. Carter.

And said committee are herewith invested with full power and authority to determine upon such progrmme, and to take such action in the matter as to them shall seem best calculated to achieve the object here south to be attained. They shall have power to appoint subordinate committees, and to define their duties. They shall have power to decide all questions of privilege and order, and such decisions shall be final and conclusive. Said committee shall have no power to annul or set aside the following requirements, to wit:

Those persons who have resided in the county a quarter of a century, and not thirty years, are to be regarded as “Old Settlers”.
Those who have resided in the county thirty years and upwards are to be regarded as “Pioneers”.

All Pioneers attending the Festival, will wear a red rosette of red ribbon upon the right breast of the coast or vest.
Those belonging to the Old Settlers, a white rosette upon the left breast of the coat or dress.
Any person born in the county, and entitled to one of the above ribbons, will unite with it a blue ribbon, which will indicate that they were born on the Territorial Border.

The children of Pioneers, or Old Settlers, born in the county and not twenty-five years old, will wear a blue ribbon around the right arm above the elbow.
Grandchildren of Pioneers or Old Settlers will wear upon the left arm a rosette composed of the three ribbons, red, white and blue.

All persons attending the Festival and not entitled to a ribbon will be regarded as distinguished guest.

Those citizens only, who reside or do business in Elkader are respectfully invited to aid the committee, as above, with such donations of provision, personal assistance or other aid as may be acceptable to them, in order that the historian of coming years, may record to, their exclusive credit, the honor of the occasion.

That the supper of the Festival may be made to recall some of the reminiscences of border life and be made fully acceptable to those Pioneers and Old Settlers who may be present and there should be a reasonable supply of roasted coon and corn bread and that these luxuries may exhibit evident avidness of border skill, in their preparation for the banquet, I hereby appoint Horace D. Brownson, of Elkader, to superintend and direct this department of the Festival, and I further nominate and appoint Robert Tompkins, (late editor of the McGregor News) poet laureate of the Festival with instructions to prepare a suitable song of five verses to be sung on the occasion and adapted to the tune of “Auld Lang Sine,” such song will be reported to the committee for their approval and acceptance.

And I do further nominate and appoint Henry Gifford, Clayton’s pioneer preacher of the border, to officiate on the occasion in the delivery of a suitable prayer, of the old fashioned, Turkey River, common sense kind. To be free from all Beecherism, or other strange unorthodox ideas, but such as to the Lord will be enabled to understand without the aid of an interpreter.

Given under my hand this, the 21st day of December, A.D., 1871
Eliphalet Price

~published in the Clayton County Journal, January 3, 1872

Old Settlers’ Reunion

In pursuance of the proclamation of Judge Price fixing the Old Settler Festival at Elkader on the 11th of June, 1872, the Committee appointed in that proclamation met at Elkader and made the preliminary arrangements for the same. As officers for the occasion they have chosen the following gentlemen:

President - Hon. John Garber

Vice Presidents -
Boardman - Elisha Boardman
Buena Vista - R. Meuth
Clayton - R. Only
Cass - James Tracy
Cox Creek - G.L. Gifford
Elk - M.W. Lovett
Farmersburg - J. Francis
Giard - James Tapper
Grand Meadow - P.G. Baily
Garnavillo - J.W. Gillett
Highland - J.P. Quigley
Jefferson - E. Price
Lodomillo - F.C. Madison
Monona - P.P. Olmsted
Marion - J.C Rounds
Millville - W.W. Gilmore
Mallory - S.D. Peck
Mendon - Geo. L. Bass
Read - M. Uriell
Sperry - Elder Whitford
Volga - John Garber
Wagner - Geo. Walter

Festival Marshall - James Davis

The Vice Presidents above named were also appointed a Committee to procure the names of Old Settlers, their children and grandchildren, in their respective townships, and to forward the lists as soon as possible to the Committee of Arrangements at Elkader, in care of R.C. Price.

The Old Settlers will include all those who have resided 25 years within Clayton County on the 11th of next June. It is hoped that the Committee will properly classify the Old Settlers and their children that there may be no mistakes made in publication.

~published in the Clayton County Journal, February 21, 1872

Old Settlers’ Festival

In another place we publish a conspicuous program of the approaching Festival of the Pioneers and Old Setters of Clayton County. It will be the grandest, most imposing event that has ever transpired within the boundaries of Clayton County. If the weather proved fair the old settlers and pioneers and their children will come in from far and near. In every section of the country from which we have heard the people are enthusiastic and will come in mass. Music, dancing speaking and social feeling will run higher on that day than ever before know in the history of the County; and a grand sight will it be to see the thousands who will be here, feasting on the magnificent Ox which we be roasted for the occasion. A proud and happy day it will be indeed, for the old pioneers to meet again the friends of yore and rehear the old tales of harder life in which they were the actors and heroes. There will be no politics, no sectarian strife on that day – all will be one – happy in each other’s presence, happy in the realization of this day, happy in the conscious as of the great changes which have taken place since their first advent into this County. And thousands of others who will come, will look on with joy to see the old folks mingle again as in days gone by

Come, then, old and young, and participate in the Pioneer Festival.

~published in the Clayton County Journal, June 5, 1872

Overview of the Festival

We have no real telling of just how many Pioneers, Old Settlers were present, but that out of the 6,000 people assembled , 1,000 were Pioneers and Old Settlers, including of course their children and grand-children. The old pioneers in the County who were present were the following:
Wm Walker
W [illegible],
Wm Quigley
E. Price
Lewis Coley
Chas. Howard
E. Price was the oldest.

~published in the Clayton County Journal, June 12, 1872

~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~

Jefferson township

The names of Pioneers, Old Settlers, and their children living in the township of Jefferson .....

Names of Pioneers:

Willard Knight
Ellphalet Price

Names of Old Settlers:

Henry Hunteman
Anna Hunteman
Charles Nieman
Christian Mitruceker
Catharine Mitruceker
Henry Overbeck
Caroline Overbeck
John Ehrhardt
Elizabeth Ehrhardt
Gerard Eilers
Mary Winkels
Peter Roth
Mary Lueneman
Eliza Hosehelt
Mary Warbeide

Christian Hizer [could not clearly make out]
Jacob Stoeffler
Frederick Aulwes
Charlotte Aulwes
Frederick W. Aulwes
Charlotte Beutch
Bernard Aulwes
Louisa Aulwes
Henry Aulwes
Catharine Weber
Mary Niemeyer
Elizabeth Schwaller
Casper Coleman
Richard Moran
Henry Behrens
Theodora Behrens
Frederick Lomeyer
Sophia Warherde
Godfred Kann
Catharine Kann
William Kann
Henry Kann
John Kann
Enoch Kolch
Christian Rodenberg
Wm. Rodenberg

Old Settlers Born in the County:
Caroline Dimer
Henry Aulwes
John Stoeffler
Charles Bishop

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

Henry F. Aulwes
John C. Aulwes
Louis Aulwes
George Aulwes
William Aulwes
Illyria A. Price
Mary E. Price
Elaphalet Price
Alpine W. Price
Caroline Overbeck
Julius Overbeck
Ferdinand Mitruecker
Henry Niehring
John Niehring
Frederick Airheart
William Stoeffler
Philip Stoeffler
John Eilers
Kernard Eiliers
Henry Eiliers

Mary Behrens
Henrietta Behrens
Dinah Behrens
Herman Behrns
Matilda Behrens
Herman F. Behrens
Theodore Behrens
Mary Behrens
Peter Behrens

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:

Peter Roth
John Roth
Frank Roth
Joseph Roth
Dinah Roth
Wilhelmina Roth
Elizabeth Roth
Mary Roth
Anna Roth
Fanny Roth
William Smies
Julia Siems
Joseph Schwaller
William Schwaller
August Schwaller
Henry Schwaller
Edward Schwaller
Gustaf Aulwes
Ida Aulwes
Laura Aulwes
Wilhelmina Beutel
Charles Beutel
Frederick Beutel
Frederick Kann
Catharine Kann
Joseph Kann
Anna W. Kann
Hubert Kann
Anna Kann
Catharine H Kann
Godfried H. Kann
Anna S. Kann
Catharine I. Kann
Frederick I. Kann
Jacob Kann
Sophia Kann
Nanna Kann
Mary J. Kann
Cacelia Kann
Frank Kann
Mary F. Kann
William F. Kann
Margareta Kann
Anna Kann
Hubert F. Kann
Amelia Niehring
Alvina Niehring
Elenor Niemeyer
Thadius Niemeyer

~published in the Clayton County Journal, February 28, 1872

Farmersburg township

The names of Pioneers, Old Settlers, and their children living in the township of Farmersburg, prepared by J. Francis .....

Names of Pioneers:

John H. Francis
James Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Wm C. Linton
Janette Linton
James Powel
Frank Schutte

Names of Old Settlers:

Mark B Sherman
Melissa Sherman
Edwin Sherman
Lucy Sherman
Mrs. Emma Chase
James Gilbert
Mrs. Gilbert
George L Cook
Sabrina Cook
Alice Cook
Samuel H Buck
Wm Neill
James J Neill
Daniel Brownson
Asenath Brownson
Truman Brownson
Freeman Brownson
Ann Madden

Names of Children of Pioneers:

C M Foley
Sarah C Watkins
Mary E Jones
Amelia M Jones
James F Jones
John W Jones
Edward B Jones
Minnie Y Jones
Annabel Jones
Marvin Jones
Graham Jones
C Jane McNeil
John Linton
H Filmore Linton
Martha S Linton
Maggie Powel
Nettie Powel
Nancy Powel

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

Julia A Sherman
Ellen A Sherman
Althea R Sherman
Mark R Sherman
Beecher Chase
Burritt Chase
Russell Chase
Althea Chase
Samuel Gilbert
WM Gilbert
Melvin Gilbert
Martha Gilbert
Henrietta J Neill
Mary Anna Neill
John Neill
Mabel Neill
WM Joseph Neill
Francis Werharheim
George Werharheim
Julia A Werharheim
Lyman Werharheim
Emeline Werharheim
Virginia Werharheim
Elbert Buck
Emily Buck
Cynthia Buck
Alzada Finnegan
Almira Brunson
Jason D Brunson
Catharine Madden
Conrad Madden
Eugene Cook
Frank Cook
O Ray Cook

Names of Grandchildren of Pioneers:

Julia E Foley
Clara C. Foley
Daniel F. Foley
Walter A. Foley
Avis A. Foley
Carl Watkins
Mabel Watkins

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:

Wm T. Brandt
Isadore Brandt
Armillla Flanagan
Fred B. Flanagan

~published in the Clayton County Journal, March 6, 1872

Monona township

The following list has been carefully prepared by Hon. P.P. Olmsted .....

Names of Pioneers:

Jedadiah Barker
Richard Pearson
Mary Pearson
P. Page Olmsted
Hannah Olmsted
Susan H. Gregg
Thomas B. Walker
Susan E. Walker
Henry F. Walker
Mary L. Collins
William J. Walker
Amanda A. Freeman

Names of Old Settlers:

John T.H. Scott
William S. Scott
Archibald Scott
Robert Killen
Margaret Killen
John Gregg
Nancy J. Barker
Noah W. Royce
Catharina McGonigle
Charles L. McGonigle
John H. McGonigle
Clamanda C. Egbert
Wm. A. McGonigle
Lucy Ames
Helen Strombridge

Old Settlers Born in the County:

Van Buren A. Depue
Irving D. Olmsted
Susan E. Walker
Emma L. Riley

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

Lillie M. Barker
Forest A. Barker
Addie G. Barker
Stella C. Barker
Nellie M. Barker
Frank Barker
Pressilla Wheeler
Amanda M. McGonigle
John Blasdell
Eliza J. Gregg
Gustavus Gregg
Lovina Gregg
James Gregg
John Killen
Martha J. Killen
George H. Killen
Alexander G. Killen
Mary L. Killen
Cora E. Scott
Clara Curtis
Parma Olmsted
Phineas P. Olmsted
Sarah C. Olmsted
Julia S. Scott Ernest
John T. Scott
Ida M. Scott
Willie R. Scott
Walter B. Freeman
Frank W. Freeman
Willis S. Freeman
David A. Freeman

Esther Davis
Annetta A. Walker
Margarette Walker
Lillian R. Walker
Edmond L. Walker
Sela R. Scott
Bartimus Scott
Winfield Scott
Owen G. Scott
Abner B. Scott

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:

Addie F. Gregg
Gilbert H. Gregg
Page H. Gregg
Minnie Ernest
Olive H. Wheeler
Hattie J. Riley
Oscar E. Walker
Edgar W. Walker
Perry H. Walker
Mary A. Walker
Elisabeth Walker
William Walker
Etta Walker
Walter Walker

John T. Collins
Ella F. Collins
Wm. H. Collins
Cora F. Collins
Henry C. Collins
Alice J. Morgan
Barton O. Curtis
Eunice Curtis
Myron A. Olmsted
Willard E. Olmsted
Effie L. McGonigle
Mc B. McGonigle

~published in the Elkader Journal, March 27, 1872

Elk township

Reported by M. W. Lovett, Esq .....

Names of Pioneers:
Elizabeth Rulen

Names of Children of Pioneers:
John E. Ross
Elizabeth Ross
Alace Ross
Squire Ross
Hora Rulen
Philla Rulen

Old Settlers Born in the County:

George Wilate
Martha Bellamy
Marth I Halfhill
Mary Ann Rulen
Sally C Halfhill
Albert G Lewis
Mary Ann Lewis
Mary Byer
John Byer
Elizabeth Riniger
Winfrey M Smith
Leonard Wilete Jr.
John H Bloodsworth
Jane Wilate
Uriah Wilate
Mead p Bloodsworth
Elizabeth C Hilton
Nelson McEvers
James Penrod
John H McEvers
Oraline Shaw

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

James P. Bloodsworth
Joseph F. Bloodsworth
Francis M. Bloodsworth
Jackson Bloodsworth
C. B. Bloodsworth
Samuel Lewis
Plezzy Fishel
Allen B. Lewis
Albert G. Lewis Jr
Solomon W Lewis
Willie Lewis

Henry Byer
John Wilste
Eva Wilste
Oscar Wilste
Ella Wilste
Warner Wilste
Albert Wilste
David Penrod
Ann Couten
George Penrod
Wm McHenry Smith
Jane Smith
Emma Smith
David Smith
Samuel B. Smith
Ellen Smith
Carry A. Smith
Rose Ann McEvers
Isaac McEvers
William McEvers

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:

Ida Rulon
William Rulong
Charles Halhiill
Wilson Halfhill
Elmer E. Halfhill
Sarah A. Halfhill
Ella R. Halfhill

Wm I. Bloodsworth
Frank Bloodsworth
Estella Fishel
Hatty Ann Bellamy
O. Jane Bellamy
Victor L Wilate
Nancy Shaw
____ Shaw
Lewis McEvers
____ Shaw

~published in the Clayton County Journal, April 3, 1872

Read township

Reported by M. Uriell Esq. .....

Names of Pioneers:
Henry Gifford
Lucitta Gifford
M. Uriell
Jms Uriell
Jno Uriell

Names of Old Settlers:

Ezra Hurd
Sarah Hurd
Alex B. Atwood
Alex Wood
H.H. Sherbolls
Mrs. Sherbolls
Rosea Howard
Jno Cunningham
Jno Barrett
Thos H Barrett

John Porter
Thomas Connell
Mary Conners
Reane Howard
Polly Adams
M. A. Wood
B. Bahrhart
Mary A Spence
Mary A Larking
Sarah Uriell
B. Barrett
Julia A Collins
Margaret Uriell
Patrick Connoll Jr.
Hannah Varley

Names of Children of Pioneers:

Wilson Gifford
Gideon Gifford
Edmond Gifford
Mary E Uriell
Frances J Uriell
Wm P. Uriell
Molly M Uriell
Katie Uriell
Joseph C Uriell
Wm Uriell
Mary Uriell

J. Connors
Mary J Connors
E Connors
Frank Varley
Wm Varley
Emeline Munger

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

Eveline Hurd
Ella Hurd
Lilly Hurd
J. W. Hurd
Emily Hurd
George Hurd
Mary A. Cunningham
Julia Cunningham
Johny Cunningham
Josia Cunningham
Augustus Cunningham

Orsemus Adams
Memmy Adams
Marcus Porter
Mary Connell
H. S. Connell
Thos Connell
Lizzy Connell
Jemmy Connell
Nellie Connell
Stella B. Collins
Maggy C. Collins
J. A. Atwood
M. A. Atwood
Alvah Atwood
Altha Atwood
Flora Atwood
Millase V. Wood
Mary Ida Wood
Hannah Wood
Forrest Wood
Alex Wood
James Spence
Maggie Spence
Johny Connell
Edward Connell
Mary A Connell
Martin Connell
Patrick Connell
Lizzy Connell
Jane Connell
Seymour A. Barrett
E. J. Bowers

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:
R B Nichols
Henry A Nichols
WM A Nichols
Many A Nichols
Effa L Parsons
Ida May Parsons

~published in the Clayton County Journal, April 3, 1872

Lodomillo township

Reported by F.C. Madison, Esq .....

Names of Old Settlers:

F.C. Madison
Seth Preston
N.W. Bixby
Ruba Bixby
Silvanus Bixby
Geo L. Wheeler
Marandy Blanchard
Sarah I. Wheeler
Noble Richards
Martha Noble
R.L. Noble
L.L. Noble
F.G. Noble
Ellen Ferry

Names of Children of Old Settlers:

Wilber C. Madison
Motier C. Madison
Curtis D. Madison
Eliza M. Madison
Harett Madison
Ella F. Preston
Josephine Preston
Mary Preston
Ardel Preston
Luther Bixby
Ransom Bixby
Lucina Bixby
Geo C. Wheeler
Rufus O. Wheeler
Wm Richards
Sarah Richards
F.M. Richards

Names of Grandchildren of Old Settlers:

N.E. Noble
C.A. Noble
E.B. Noble
Eddy Perry

~published in the Clayton County Journal, April 10 1872

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