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Clayton co. Ancient Free & Accepted Mason Lodges
A.F. & A.M.

Officers & Members, various years

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Guttenberg Masonic Temple, undated photo postcard
Guttenberg Masonic Temple, undated photo postcard
~contributed by S. Ferrall

Note: the following is not a complete list of lodge members in Clayton county. If your ancestor is not on one of the rosters, it does not mean he was not a lodge member.

Additional information about some of the A.F. & A.M. Lodges can be found in the 1882 History of Clayton county, township chapters - use the search on main site home page to find.



- 1856 Lodges & Members -

No. 70, Clayton Lodge
Monona, Clayton co.
Stated Meetings: Friday on or before Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues: $34.50
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 20

Name Notes - Key to notes
Atwood, C.N. 1855-56 officer: Treas
Barnes, T.H. past member
Bartlett, J.C. past member
Bates, C. past member
Bowles, D.D. fellow craft
Comstock, J.R. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Comstock, Thos. R. elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Crawford, T. past member
Crawford, W. 1855-56 officer: Tyler; past master
Dean, Charles A. elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Emery, Horace master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Fowler, E.H. master mason
Lytle, J.N. fellow craft
Mason, P.B. 1855-56 officer: SD
Northrop, John 1855-56 officer: WM; past master
Nottingham, J.W. past member
Olmsted, Bradley H. master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Patterson, J.W. master mason
Penny, J.H. past member
Ross, W.F. past member
Scott, S.R. past member
Scott, Wm. S. 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Shattuck, G.C. master mason
Shattuck, S. entered apprentice
Smith, J.C. past member
Sowls, H.H. master mason
Stout, J. master mason
Teter, M.S. 1855-56 officer: JW
Wells, W. 1855-56 officer: JD
Wilford, S.M. master mason
Woodcock, L.T. entered apprentice
Zimmerman, S.G. master mason

No. 72, Elkader Lodge
Elkader, Clayton co.
Stated Meetings: Saturday on or before Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues: not given
Dispensation granted June 8, 1855
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 24
Not represented at 1856 Grand Lodge, but sent the following report:

Name Notes - Key to notes
Alvey, Thomas master mason
Alvey, William master mason
Beatty, Albion entered apprentice
Belfoy, Francis master mason
Blain, R.W. fellow craft
Bohler, Valentine 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Chase, J.W. master mason
Cook, A.D. master mason
Davis, O.F. master mason
Dickson, James master mason
Dickson, James W. 1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Espy, Thomas M. master mason
Fisher, J.W. entered apprentice
Foreman, R.L. master mason
Garber, John fellow craft
Gaylor, J.B. past member
Griswold, A.D. past member
Havens, Isaac 1855-56 officer: JD
Hess, Frederick past member
Hysham, Jacob master mason
Kramer, Isaac past member
Lawrence, Daniel 1855-56 officer: SD
Libby, J.W. not on current membership list; an original founder of Elkader Lodge
Logan, James L. past member
Partch, John master mason
Quigley, Dennis master mason
Rolf, E.G. 1855-56 officer: JW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Elkader Lodge
Russell, William 1855-56 officer: Treas
Sane, A.J. past member
Scott, Daniel REV master mason
Smith, P. REV master mason
Stockton, E.D. master mason
Towsley, Nathan master mason
Williamson, John 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden) an original founder of Elkader Lodge

No. 90, Garnavillo Lodge
Garnavillo, Clayton co.
Stated Meetings: Tuesday before Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues: $22.50
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 17
Not represented at 1856 Grand Lodge, but sent the following report:

Name Notes - Key to notes
Alton, John M. 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Dripis, Andrew W. 1855-56 officer: JD
Dunkin, John H. past member
Eissfelder, F. entered apprentice
Forbes, Benjamin F. 1855-56 officer: SD
Fox, Benjamin F. 1855-56 officer: Treas
Hagensisk, J.L. master mason
Hurd, Ezra master mason
McWilliams, Israel 1855-56 officer: JW
Nietert, H. master mason
Noble, Reuben master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Odell, Elijah 1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Olkers, H.C. master mason
Redd, Robert R. entered apprentice
Renshaw, George S. 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Scott, Simeon R. master mason
Updegroff, Thomas 1855-56 officer: Sec

~Source: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa at the Thirteenth Grand Annual Communication, Held in the City of Oskaloosa on Tuesday, June 2D, A.D. 1856, A.L. 5856; T.S. Parvin, Muscatine, Grand Secretary; Printed by Raymond, Foote & Eystra, Faust Printing House, 1856.
~Data extracted by Sharyl Ferrall from an original copy of the book.


- 1864 Lodges & Members -

The following note was included with the returns of the Lodges:
"Many of these returns were almost inexplicable. The Printer has done his best to decipher them. If he has failed, the Secretaries can blame no one but themselves - and in future do better..... Gr. Secretary"

Clayton Lodge, No. 70, Monona, Clayton county

Report of the District Deputy Custodian
I have the pleasure of submitting the following brief report of my labors during the past winter, as Deputy Custodian of the first District of Iowa. On the 24th, I was at a special meeting of Clayton Lodge, No. 70 and conferred 3d degree in due form on Edward Boyles. On the 25th December, I visited Clayton Lodge, No. 70 at Monona, Iowa, although not in my district, by request of Bro. P.B. Mason, the W.M. I lectured a few hours and fully exemplified the work on the 3d degree, by conferring the same on a brother whose name has escaped my mind. I found Bro. Mason doing good work. He is worthy and well qualified.
Yours in a zealous bond,
H.H. Hemenway, Dept. Cust. st Dist.

Name Notes - Key to notes
Abel, H. Entered Apprentice
Adams, L.R. Entered Apprentice
Alworth, H.S. Master Mason
Barnes, M.W. Tyler
Biggs, D. Master Mason
Biggs, S. Master Mason
Bowles, D.D Master Mason
Boyles, Edward Master Mason
Burgess, W. Master Mason
Coursen, W.S. Master Mason
Curtis, H. Entered Apprentice
Dean, C.A. Secretary (Past Master)
Egbert, S. Master Mason
Emery, H. Died April 12, 1864
Everall, John Master Mason
Foster, R.R. Master Mason
Hart, A. Master Mason
Hastings, O.R. Master Mason
Henks, E.F. Senior Decon
Higbe, E. Master Mason
Holliday, A. Master Mason
Howath, W. Junior Warden
Lytle, J.N. Treasurer
Mason, P.B. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
McAlvine, W. Master Mason
McGonigle, C.L. Entered Apprentice
McNamara, W.W. Master Mason
Mott, J.T. Entered Apprentice
Nichols, Nat. Master Mason
Olmstead, B.H. Senior Warden
Olmsted, T.A. Master Mason
Orr, J.G. Entered Apprentice
Patterson, J.W. Master Mason
Payne, A.L. Master Mason
Polly, M. Master Mason
Potter, J.F. Master Mason
Preston, L.M. Master Mason
Read, J.A. Master Mason
Sackrider, A. Master Mason
Scott, J.T.H. Master Mason (Past Master)
Scott, W.S. Master Mason (Past Master)
Stout, Jas. Master Mason
Tapper, Jas. Fellow Craft
Thompson, S.H. Master Mason
Van Zant, J. Demitted
Wells, W. Master Mason
Winter, J.P. Entered Apprentice
Zimmerman, J. Master Mason

Elkader Lodge, No. 72, Elkader, Clayton county

Name Notes - Key to notes
Baker, D.C. Master Mason
Bevins, A. In Memory of our Patriotic Dead: Captain, Co I, 9th Regiment, died at Pea Ridge
Bevins, P.H. Entered Apprentice
Boller, V. Master Mason
Bryan, T.J. Master Mason
Cleine, Con. Master Mason
Cook, A.D. Master Mason (Past Master)
Crary, E.A. Master Mason
Davis, O.F. Master Mason
Downie, John Master Mason
Downie, Thos. Senior Deacon
Eiboeck, J. Senior Warden
Fisher, J.W. Master Mason
Freeman, R.L. Master Mason
Garber, John Master Mason
Granger, H.S. Entered Apprentice
Griswold, A. Master Mason
Hannah, A.B. Master Mason
Havens, I. Master Mason
Hysham, J.A. Master Mason
Keenan, P. Master Mason
Knapp, Buel Secretary
Libby, J.W. Master Mason (Past Master)
Librock, Chas. Junior Deacon
Lyon, M.R. Fellow Craft
Mills, D.R. Master Mason (Past Master)
Misser, W. Entered Apprentice
Morath, L. Master Mason
More, Thos. Master Mason
Muzzy, W. Master Mason
Nicklaus, J. Master Mason
Partch, John Treasurer
Partch, L.D. Master Mason
Peick, F. Master Mason
Place, R.C. Worshipful Master
Quigley, D. Master Mason
Ross, J.R. Master Mason
Ross, W.H. Master Mason
Russell, Wm. Master Mason
Salzer, A. Tyler
Sloter, H. Junior Warden
Tipton, A.F. Master Mason
Truman, John Fellow Craft
Wegner, E. Master Mason
Williamson, John Master Mason (Past Master)
Young, P.C. Entered Apprentice

Garnavillo Lodge, No. 90, Garnavillo, Clayton county

At the last Annual Grand Communication, upon a petition of certain brethren, the name of Garnavillo Lodge, No. 90, was changed to National, and the Lodge was removed from Garnavillo to Farmersburg, Clayton Co. Subsequently to the Grand Communication, representations were made to me by several brethren, to the effect, that the petition which was entertained by the Grand Lodge never was presented at the Lodge at Garnavillo, and that it, as a body, had no part in the attempt at removal; that to carry out the action of the Grand Lodge, would be to commit an act of injustice and disrupt the Lodge. On this showing, I considered it to be my duty to commission R.W. the Rev. Grand Chaplain Fuller, of Bezar Lodge, No. 135, McGregor, to visit the scene of difficulty, examine into the facts and report. This he promptly and cheerfully did, and upon his statement, and in obedience to the wishes of most of the brethren concerned, I issued an edict staying, until this Annual Grand Communication, the action of the Grand Lodge, and requiring the brethren to retain the old Lodge name and location. The case will doubtless come before you again, and if fully presented, you will be prepared to decide it at this time. ..... Edward A. Guilbert, Grand master, Camp McClellan, Davenport, Iowa, 27th May, 1864.

Name Notes - Key to notes
Andrews, F. Master Mason
Beach, Geo. W. Senior Warden
Benjamin, S. Master Mason
Campbell, William Died February 19, 1864
Castle, W.L. Master Mason
Davis, Jas. Master Mason
Deitrich, A. Master Mason
Drips, J.W. Master Mason
Fox, B.F. Master Mason
Francis, John H. Master Mason
Goddard, Joseph Demitted
Hagensick, C.W. Junior Deacon
Hagensick, C.W. Master Mason
Hagensick, J.L. Master Mason
Hall, C.F. Master Mason
Hamilton, Horace Fellow Craft
Hartenbower, J.H. Senior Deacon
Hayen, Daniel Master Mason
Hollingsworth, E. Master Mason
Hurd, E. Master Mason
Jack, James Master Mason
Jacobs, E.W.H. Master Mason
Knight, R.L. Master Mason
McWilliams, Israel Master Mason
Meyer, D.E. Master Mason
Mower, Peter Master Mason
Neitert, I.H. Master Mason (Past Master)
Noble, R. Master Mason
Peters, A.M. Master Mason
Petit, O.D. Master Mason
Renshaw, G.S. Master Mason
Rogers, Alvah C. Worshipful Master
Rogers, Anson C. Master Mason
Rogers, David G. Master Mason (Past Master)
Saxton, E. Master Mason
Schutte, H.L. Tyler
Scott, Simeon R. Master Mason
Slaughter, N. Treasurer
Smith, J.D. Master Mason
Stearns, Wm. C. Fellow Craft
Updegraff, Thomas Master Mason (Past Master)
Watkins, Chas. Secretary
Whilte, Thos. D. Junior Warden

Strawberry Point Lodge, No. 130, Strawberry Point, Clayton county

Name Notes - Key to notes
Barns, M.O. Master Mason (Past Master)
Biglow, G.P. Master Mason
Bishop, J. Master Mason
Blake, P. Master Mason
Bradford, D. Master Mason
Bronson, E. Entered Apprentice
Brooks, Wm. Fellow Craft
Bushee, B. Master Mason
Campbell, Wm. Master Mason
Carley, Wm. Junior Deacon
Chase, D.W. Master Mason
Chesley, L. Master Mason
Chipman, S. Master Mason
Crook, Wm. D. Master Mason
Dayton, G.E. Master Mason
Dewel, W. Master Mason
Deyo, A. Secretary
Dunton, E. Treasurer (Past Master)
Elridge, E. Suspended March 19, 1864
Farnsworth, C.D. Entered Apprentice
Freeman, L.L. Master Mason
Gardner, D.P. Senior Deacon
Gliddon, Chas. Tyler
Gould, E. Master Mason
Heath, C.P. Master Mason
Howard, Henry In Memory of our Patriotic Dead: 1st Lieutenant, Co B. 21st Infantry Regiment, died May 19, 1862, Black River Bridge of a gun shot wound
Howe, E.K. Master Mason
Howe, W.H.H. Master Mason
Hull, H.J. Master Mason
Kastor, H. Master Mason
Kuney, J. Master Mason
Kuney, Jacob C. Master Mason
Kuney, P. Master Mason
Low, J.W. Master Mason
Miller, J.D. Suspended March 19, 1864
Park, M.E. Master Mason
Peet, S.R. Master Mason
Phelps, B.W. Master Mason
Rawson, C.H. Master Mason
Rawson, E.P. Master Mason
Renwick, A.M. Master Mason
Rice, S.F. Master Mason
Ross, Wm. Master Mason
Rowley, J. Master Mason
Sampson, Wolf Senior Warden
Scofield, N. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Scott, A. Master Mason
Squire, J.P. Entered Apprentice
Taylor, H.B. Master Mason
Weck, E. Master Mason
White, Peter Master Mason
White, S.P. Junior Warden
Wiltse, Alex. Master Mason

Bezer Lodge, No. 135, McGregor, Clayton county

Name Notes -Key to notes
Baker, Horace Master Mason
Barron, C.H. Master Mason
Barron, E.R. Master Mason
Bass, Geo. L. Treasurer (Past Master)
Bass, John Master Mason
Baugh, D. Master Mason (Past Master)
Benton, Lewis JR Master Mason
Benton, Wm. A. Master Mason
Bigelow, Lafayette Master Mason
Boardman, George Fellow Craft
Brainard, Ariel Demitted
Brewer, O.F. Master Mason (Past Master)
Brown, Jeremiah Master Mason
Brown, M.J. Master Mason
Burlingame, H.W. Junior Warden
Christopher, E.M. Entered Apprentice
Church, A.S. Master Mason
Church, Frank Master Mason
Clarke, Ethan P. Master Mason
Cleghorn, D.B. Master Mason
Cook, D.S. Master Mason
Cory, Reuben Y. Master Mason
Elmendorf, F.F. Master Mason
Eno, Wm. P. Master Mason
Fraser, D.D. Master Mason
French, Augustus Master Mason
Fuller, I.K. Master Mason
Gay, Enos Master Mason
George, H.B. Master Mason
Giles, C.K. Master Mason
Grant, Robert Master Mason
Hopkins, T.M. Master Mason
Hoxer, D.D. Master Mason
Hulburt, Rodney Master Mason
Jordan, A.J. Master Mason
Lampson, B.H. Master Mason
Lampson, S.M. Senior Deacon
Larson, Hans Master Mason
Lennon, Jackson Master Mason
McKinney, Alexander Master Mason
Moncrief, Wm. Master Mason
Morse, W.H. Master Mason
Newell, Homer E. Master Mason
Odell, Elijah Master Mason
Opitz, CA. Master Mason
Pearsoll, Alonzo Master Mason
Pearsoll, Amos Junior Deacon
Peterson, Saml. J. Secretary
Plumb, E.B. Entered Apprentice
Powers, H.J. Master Mason
Rodgers, H.A. In Memory of our Patriotic Dead: Died of a gunshot wound, May 28, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi, Captain 1st IL Artillary
Scott, G.L. Master Mason
Scott, G.S.C. Worshipful Master
Sherman, M. Master Mason
Slocum, C.A. Demitted
Smith, Gilbert Entered Apprentice
Stoneman, John T. Master Mason
Stour, Peter Master Mason
Strouse, Bernard Master Mason
Sweep, C.E. Tyler
Wetzel, Wm. Master Mason
Williams, John Master Mason
Wilson, J.S. Master Mason
Wingate, Alfred Senior Warden
Worder, Wm. Master Mason
Wright, A.D. Master Mason

Prairie La Porte Lodge, No. 147, Guttenberg, Clayton county

Name Notes - Key to notes
Allton, John M. Died April 16, 1864
Bowman, J.H. Master Mason
Brock, John Master Mason
Crawford, M. Junior Warden
Dupernell, Henry Master Mason
Eisfelder, F. Senior Deacon
Ellis, Bernard Secretary
Furman, Wm. G. Master Mason
Garebrant, H.H. Entered Apprentice
Goodrich, C.P. Worshipful Master
Grinter, D.P. Master Mason
Hoering, Frederick Master Mason
Kaufman, J. Master Mason
Knight, Willard Treasurer
Kretzmyer, F. Master Mason
Langwa, E. Master Mason
Lee, Thos. Master Mason
Luther, John Tyler
Moser, Nicholas Master Mason
Pappin, Adolph Master Mason
Parmer, Franklin Demitted
Price, Eliphalet Master Mason
Shroeder, James Entered Apprentice
Sixbey, John Senior Warden
Sixbey, John Demitted
Stewart, David Master Mason
Sullivan, W. Junior Deacon
Torrey, Alvin JR Master Mason
White, Calvin Master Mason
Willson, R.M. Master Mason

~source: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, at its Twenty-first Grand Annual Communication held at Des Moines, June 7, A.L. 5864, A.D. 1864
~Data extracted by Sharyl Ferrall from a microfilmed copy of the book.


- 1924 Clayton County Masonic Organization

Last Friday afternoon representatives of the eight Masonic lodges of Clayton County met at the court room at Elkader and launched the Clayton County Masonic Organization. The following officers were elected to hold office until the annual meeting of the County Association in 1925.
President - Col. Geo. H. Otis, Monona
Secretary - Max B. Bishop, Elkader
Treasurer - R. C. Lemke, Elkader

The first annual picnic will be held at the Elkader Fair Grounds on Thursday, August 7th. Final and complete arrangements for the picnic was left in the hands of Elkader Lodge No. 72, A.F & A.M. All Masons, their families and members of the Eastern Star will be invited to attend and also the membership of the Colesburg Lodge as many of their members live in Clayton County.

Clayton County has eight Masonic lodges. Below we give the name, number, location of Lodge, Master and Secretary.

Elkader Lodge, No. 72, Elkader, H. J. Conrad, W.M.; Ernest F. Seifert, Secretary.
Avalon Lodge, No. 606, Edgewood, F. E. Welterlin, W.M.; L. L. Shaffer, Secretary.
National Lodge, No. 172, Farmersburg, Hugo H. Oelke, W.M.; Otto Fuelling, Secretary.
Garnavillo Lodge, No. 90, Garnavillo, R. O. Schumacher, W.M.; W. A. Kregel, Secretary.
Prairie La Porte Lodge, No. 147, Guttenberg, John F. Groth, W.M.; R. C. Fricke, Secretary.
Bezer Lodge, No. 135, McGregor, A. J. Cords, W.M.; W. E. Gruver, Secretary.
Clayton Lodge, No. 70, Monona, H. P. Dickinson, W.M.; Geo. H. Otis, Secretary.
Strawberry Point Lodge, No. 130, Strawberry Point, C. B. Moser, W.M.; R. C. Barnes, Secretary.

~source: Elkader Register, Thur., July 17, 1924 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


The following misc. information was contributed by S. Ferrall & Reid R. Johnson

- Clayton Lodge, No. 70, Monona -

The O.E.S. and Masonic orders held a joint installation last Friday evening, a large number were present, and the work done in a striking and creditable manner. Mrs. G. L. Giilbert, Past Matron, installed the officers of the Chapter with Miss Carrie Anderson as Marshal. The following officers were installed:
Worthy Matron- Mrs. Lizzie Killen
Worthy Patron- J. D. Bronson
Associate Matron- Mrs. Dora Otis
Chaplain- Miss Ella Rice
Ruth- Mrs. Lucy Schwab
Martha- Mrs. Martha Hall
Electa- Mrs. Emma Rupp
Marshal- Mrs. Minnie Sebastian
Warden- Mrs. Sarah Neilings
Sentinel- H. S. Rittenhouse
J. D. Brownson acted as installing officer for the Masons, with George P. Hupfer as Marshal. The following were the officers installed:
Worshipful Master- E. R. Otis
Senior Warden- A. G. Killen
Junior Warden- H. S. Rittenhouse
Secretary- E. L. Rice
Treasurer- W. H. Nelings
Senior Deacon- J. D. Brownson
Junior Deacon- E. H. Schafer
Senior Steward- E. F. Slitor
Junior Steward- Herman Wehler
Tylor- William Wellman
After the installation ceremonies, an elegant supper was served by the first division of the O.E.S.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 31, 1903 (Monona column)

The joint installation of the Masonic and Eastern Star officers took place last Friday evening, in the presence of a large gathering. The hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion and the meeting took the form of a mid holiday festival. After the installation ceremonies a fine supper was served by the ladies of the O.E.S., which was equally enjoyed with the rest of the entertainment. The following are the officers for the coming year:
Masons -
W.M. - J. D. Brownson
S.W. - A. G. Killen
J.W. - G. W. Cook
Sec. - E. L. Rice
Treas.- W. H. Neilings
S.D. - E. R. Otis
J.D. - Herman Wehler
S.S. - David Hall
J.S. - O. C. Entwisle
Eastern Star -
W.M. - Mrs. John Killen
W.P. - E. F. Slightor
A.M. - Mrs. L. A. Wellman
Sec. - H. S. Rittenhouse
Treas. - Mrs. Wm. Bywater
Conductress - Mrs. G. L. Gilbert
A. Cond. - Carrie Anderson
Adah - Mrs. E. R. Otis
Ruth - Mrs. E. L. Calhoon
Esther - Mrs. Nellie Egbert
Martha - Mrs. David Hall
Electa - Mrs. J. R. Campbelle
Warden - Mrs. W. H. Neiling
Sentinel - Herman Wehler
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 11, 1906. Monona column

- Elkader Lodge, No. 72, Elkader -

The following are the officers of Elkader Lodge, No. 72, F. & A.M. elected and appointed at the meeting on Monday evening last:
W.M. - D. R. Mills
S.W. - H. H. Barnard
J.W. - J. F. Thompson
Sec. - V. F. Davis
Treas. - A. Kramer
S.D. - Marvin Cook
J.D. - H. C. Stearns
S.O. - B. S. Whitney
J.O. - K. F. Purdy
Tyler - F. W. Dennert
~Elkader Register, Fri., 5 May 1882. Home News column

At the stated meeting of Elkader lodge, A.F. & A.M., held on Friday evening, April 20th, the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing term:
W.M. - D. R. Mills
S.W. - Adna Hall
J.W. - J. F. Thompson
Treas. - Anton Kramer
Sec. - V. F. Davis

S.D. - H. C. Ehrlich
J.D. - D. G. Griffith
S.S. - B. S. Whitney
J.S. - Louis Schroeder
Tyler - F. W. Dennert
~Elkader Register, Friday, April 20, 1883

Election Of Officers, Elkader Lodge No. 72 A.F. & A.M. The following officers were elected, appointed and installed Friday evening:
W.M. - A. J. Carpenter
S.W. - A. D. Brown
J.W. - F. L. Wolf
S.D. - A. L. Barthel
J.D. - Harry Proctor
Sec. - J. H. Hill
Treas. - A. Kramer
S.S. - F. M. Landon
J.S. - D. G. Griffith
Tyler - E. W. Stanton
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 25, 1901

At the regular meeting of the Elkader Lodge No. 72 A.F. & A.M. last Friday evening, the following officers, who will serve for the ensuing year, were installed:
W.M. - Dr. R. L. Morse
J.W. - D. E. Boleyn
J.W. - H. J. Conrad
S.D. - C. L. Reinecke
J.D. - Elmer Bente
S.S. - W. W. Davidson
J.S. H. F. Lenth
Sec. - H. C. Gmelin
Treas. - A. J. Carpenter
Tyler - E. W. Stanton
A. J. Carpenter acted as installing officer & H. D. Brown, installing marshal.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Jan. 1921

At the regular meeting of Elkader Lodge, No. 72, A.F. & A.M., held last Friday evening the following officers were elected:
W.M. - H. L. Meyer
S.W. - Wm. G. Allen
J.W. - John K. Griebel
Treasurer - H. L. Swenson
Secretary - R. C. Lemka
~Elkader Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1924

- Garnavillo Lodge, No. 90, Garnavillo -

The Masons of Garnavillo lodge installed their newly elected officers at their last meeting June 11th. They are:
W.M. - James McGuire
S.W. - William Ahlers
J.W. - Joseph Sigg
Sec'y - A. C. Rogers
Treas. - B. F. Fox
Tyler - George Sigg
~Elkader Register, Thur., 27 June 1878. Garnavillo Local Items column.

- Strawberry Point Lodge, No. 130, Strawberry Point -

At the regular communication of Strawberry Point Lodge No. 130, the following officers were elected:
Nathan Scofield, W.M.
L.W. Preston, S.W.
Alex. Porter, J.W.
A. Wilder, Treas.
H.W. Scofield, Sec.
H.A. Axtel, S.D.
J.P. Desmore, J.D.
J.E. Baird, Tyler
J.F. Hestwood, Chap.
F. Wood, T.S.
G. Grewsmeyer, J.S.
~Mail-Press, December 18, 1902

Bezar Lodge, No. 135, McGregor -

Newly elected officers of Bezer lodge, A.F. & A.M., are as follows:
Worshipful Master - Everett Hagensick
Senior Warden - Bert Schott
Junior Warden - Byron Kruse
Treasurer - Ernest Nicholson
Secretary - Joseph Gerich

McGregor: At the meeting of the Eastern Star last Tuesday evening the following officers were elected:
Worthy Matron - Miss Marie Becker (re-elected)
Worthy Patron - Lloyd Horning
Associate Matron - Miss Katherine Bergman
Associate Patron - Ira Everhart
Secretary - Mrs. Della Grey
Treasurer - Mrs. Elizabeth Church
Conductress - Miss Mae Holtz
Associate Conductress - Mrs. Christine Meyer
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1935

-National Lodge, No. 172, Farmersburg / National -

At a stated communication of National Lodge, No. 172, A.F. & A.M., held Thursday evening, Dec 3rd, the following officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing year.
W.M.- John Everall
S.W.- C. F. Meier
J.W.- Ed Mathews
Treasurer- James Mathews
Secretary- W. Q. Adams
S.D.- Chas. Hinsch
J.D.- Bert Mathews
S.S.- Henry Oelke, Sr
J.S.- James T. Adams
Tyler- John M. Little
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903 (Farmersburg column)

Farmersburg: At the regular meeting of National Lodge No. 172 the following officers were installed:
Worshipful Master - Milton Monlux
Senior Warden - Will Monlux
Junior Warden - Hervey Dahlstrom
Treasurer - Hugo Oelke
Secretary - Arno Oelke
Senior Deacon - Ed. Johnson
Junior Deacon - Frank Walter
Senior Stewart - Henry Oelke
Junior Stewart - Will Eggers
Tyler - James T. Adams
Chaplain - Carl Gall
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932

- Mountain Shade Lodge, No. 279, Volga City -

The following are the officers elect of Mountain Shade Lodge No. 279, A.F. & A.M., Volga City:
W.M. - O. A. Phillips
S.W. - H. A. Fisher
J.W. - H. H. Piersol
Treasurer - J. W. McLean
Secretary - Wm. A. Penfield
~Elkader Register, Thur., April 25, 1878

The following officers for Mountain Shade Lodge, No. 279, A.F. & A.M., were duly installed on Tuesday evening, June 11th, 1878:
W.M. - O. A. Phillips
S.W. - H. A. Fishell
J.W. - H. H. Piersol
Secretary - Wm. A. Penfield
Treasurer - J. W. McLain
S.D. - Salem Morse
J.D. - E. D. Welch
S.S. - Jas. Hall
J.S. - J. M. Emery
T. - A. Clark
~Elkader Register, Thur., 20 June 1878
Note: the surnames given in the April & June papers were typed just as they were published in the paper, the contributor does not know which is correct.

The following officers were elect of Mountain Shade Lodge No. 279 A.F. & A.M., who were elected April 17, 1883:
W.W. Goodwin, W.M.
John D. Welch, S.W.
John Herriman, J.W.
W.A. Penfield, Sect.
W.F. Munger, treasurer
William Goldsworthy, S.D.
John Ewing, J.D.
James Hall, Tyler
Salem Morse, S.S.
Fred Askew, J.S.
~The Register, April 20, 1883 (Volga City Views column)

Officers of Mountain Shade Lodge, No. 279, A.F. & A.M., Volga City, installed at their meeting in Masonic hall, last Tuesday evening June 28, 1884:
W.W. Goodwin, W.M.
O.A. Phillips, S.W.
E.D. Welch, J.W.
W.F. Munger, Treas.
John D. Welch, Sect.
S. Morse, S.D.
John M. White, J.D.
Fred Askew, S.S.
J.W. Lowe, J.S.
W.A. Penfield, Tyler
~The Register, July 2, 1884

At the regular meeting of Mountain Shade Lodge, No. 279, A.F. & A.M., April 5th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year and duly installed:
M.L. Blake, W.M.
George McCann, S.W.
J.D. Welch, J.W.
W.F. Munger, Treasurer
Irving Phillips, Secretary
S. Morse, S.D.
P.P. Gifford, J.D.
O.A. Phillips, S.S.
E.D. Welch, J.S.
William A. Penfield, Tyler
~Elkader Weekly Register, April 14, 1887

The following officers elected and appointed at the communication of Mountain Shade Lodge No. 279 A.F. & A.M. held Dec 3, 1889:
Irving Phillips, W.M.
W.F. Marble, S.W.
Chas. Jewell, J.W.
W.F. Munger, Treas.
Geo McCann, Sec'y
W.W. Goodwin, S.D.
John Cline, J.D.
W.A. Penfield, Tyler
John Copeland and J.D. Welch, Stewards
~The Register, Thursday, Dec. 12, 1889

The officers recently elected in the Mountain Shade Lodge No. 279 A.F. & A.M., are as follows:
W.W. Goodwin, W.M.
W.F. Marble, S.W.
E.D. Welsh, J.W.
George McCann, Sec'y
W.F. Munger, Treas.
J.D. Welsh, S.D.
S. Morse, J.D.
W.A. Penfield, Tyler
~Elkader Argus, Dec. 7, 1892

Mountain Shade Lodge No. 279, Volga City surrendered it's charter May 1st, 1900. At the time there were only 9 members in the lodge.
~Annals of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, Vol. 17, 1901


WM - worshipful master
GM - grand master
PGM - past grand master
DGM - deputy grand master
GSW - grand senior warden
GJW - grand junior warden
SW - senior warden
JW - junior warden
SD - senior deacon
JD - junior deacon
GT - grand treasurer
GS - grand secretary
Treas - treasurer
Sec - secretary
Demitted - left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated
U.D. - under dispensation

The three degrees of Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry are those of:
1. Entered Apprentice – the degree of an initiate, which makes one a Freemason;
2. Fellow Craft – an intermediate degree, involved with learning;
3. Master Mason – the "third degree", a necessity for participation in most aspects of Masonry.

Officers of the Masonic Lodges
1. Worshipful Master - the senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is the Master, he directs the lodge business and presides over ritual and ceremonies. At the conclusion of his term of office, he becomes known as Past Master.
2. Senior Warden is the second of the three principal officers of a lodge, and is the Worshipful Master's principal deputy. In many lodges it is presumed that the Senior Warden will become the next Worshipful Master.
3. Junior Warden is charged with the supervision of the Lodge while it is in recess for meals or other social purposes.
4. Treasurer is the officer who keeps the accounts, collects annual dues from the members, pays bills, and forwards annual dues to the Grand Lodge. It is common for the Treasurer to be an experienced Past Master
5. Senior Deacon conducts candidates around the Lodge and speaks for them during certain ceremonies, assists the Worshipful Master as needed
6. Junior Deacon assists the Senior Warden
7. The Tyler guards the door (from the outside), and ensures that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting
~source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masonic_Lodge_Officers

A lodge is a group of Masons, meeting in a specific location at regularly scheduled times. Many lodges meet in a building called the Masonic Hall. The state Grand Lodge grants charters (permissions) to the Subordinate Lodges within that state. The subordinate lodges then operate under the bylaws and regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Transcription disclaimer: researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base. Every attempt to transcribe accurately has been made, but there may be errors.


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