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Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
(AF & AM)

Allamakee county, Iowa

1856 Lodges & Members

No. 85, Parvin Lodge
Rossville, Allamakee co.
Stated Meetings: Tuesday after Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues: not given
Dispensation granted Jan. 15, 1856
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 15

Surname Notes
Adams, L.B. 1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Parvin Lodge
Barns, Thomas H. [Barnes] 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Parvin Lodge
Ross, W.F. 1855-56 officer: JW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Parvin Lodge
Crawford, Thos 1855-56 officer: Treas
Nottingham, J.W. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Hall, R.K. 1855-56 officer: SD
Smith, J.C. 1855-56 officer: JD
Bartlett, J.C. 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Brizco, John fellow craft
Clark, S.B. entered apprentice
Clarke, John T. master mason
Grey, Geo. W. master mason
Hays, Geo. W. master mason
Maltbie, Noah master mason
McMasters, John master mason
Pettit, John J. master mason
Shattuck, Geo. C. master mason
Singer, J.W. fellow craft
Skinner, David entered apprentice

~source: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa at the Thirteenth Grand Annual Communication, Held in the City of Oskaloosa on Tuesday, June 2D, A.D. 1856, A.L. 5856; T.S. Parvin, Muscatine, Grand Secretary;
Printed by Raymond, Foote & Eystra, Faust Printing House, 1856.
~data extracted by Sharyl Ferrall from an original copy of the book.

~*~*~ ~*~*~

1864 Lodges & Members

Report of District Deputy Custodian
I received official invitation to visit and hold a school of instruction from Waukon Lodge No. 154. Waukon school of instruction I organized 15th January and kept open four days. An interest was gotten up, and a few brethren, Bros. Hedge, Isted, Hersy, Pottle and flint, gave their attention almost undivided, and the result was, they made much progress in the work. On the 19th the school closed. The regular communication of said Lodge being on the same evening, I presided, by urgent request, and fully exemplified the work by conferring the E.A. [Entered Apprentice] degree on Messrs. John Goodykoontz and W.D. Bryant, F.C. [Fellow Craft] degree on Bro. G.W. Bryant, and M.M. [Master Mason] on Bro. S.W. Bailey.

On the 16th February, I again visited Waukon Lodge, No. 154, by request, it being their regular communication, and took the East and conferred the E.A. degree on L.W. Plank and F.C. on Bro. John Goodykoontz.

On the 25th, at home to the regular meeting of Evergreen Lodge, No. 144.

On the 15th March, Waukon Lodge, No. 154 again sent for me. Opened a school of instruction, which continued five days. The brethren made rapid progress in the work, and this Lodge can open, close, call off, call on and work and give the 1st section of the lectures in all the degrees, and in fact all but 2d section of 3d degree. Promises fair to be one of the best working Lodges in Northern Iowa.

On invitation of said Lodge [Waukon, No. 154], I met with them March 22d, at their stated communication. The Lodge was opened in the 1st, 2d and 3d degrees in due form, at 2 o'clock P.M. The usual business of the Lodge was done by 5 P.M. Called on at 7 P.M., and conferred E.A. degree on Messrs. Josiah Dull, Wm. Dalton, Ezra J. Litchty, Isaac Greer, W.E. Rose and Allen Clark. Lecture was given in full in the three sections. Called off for refreshment at low 12. Called on and conferred 2d degree on Bro. Levi W. Plank, and 3d degree on Bro. John Goodykoontz. Lectures in both degrees given in full. Closed in due form at 5 A.M.

I organized a school, Lansing school of instruction in Lodge No. 144, my own Lodge, in October, which held meetings once a week until February. Not as much progress made as I could have wished; in fact, I met with more silent opposition to the work than in any Lodge in my district. Time, faith and perserverance will accomplish the desired result even in this Lodge.

Yours in a zealous bond,
H.H. Hemenway, Dept. Cust. st Dist.


Parvin Lodge, No. 85
Rossville, Allamakee co.
Charter surrendered June, 1860


No. 144, Evergreen Lodge
Lansing, Allamakee co.

Name Notes
Allen, S.D. Master Mason
Ballou, Warren Entered Apprentice
Bates, J.W. Master Mason
Battles, A.L. Junior Deacon
Beal, Washington Master Mason
Berry, John Junior Warden
Berry, John C. Master Mason
Brockhausen, Theodore Master Mason
Brownell, Edward Master Mason
Burford, Wm. H. Master Mason
Carlyle, Adam Master Mason
Cass, Marshall Master Mason
Churchill, L.B. Entered Apprentice
Dayton, H.O. Entered Apprentice
Elmendorf, L.M. Tyler
Erickson, James Master Mason
Fleming, John Master Mason
Fleming, Wm. Fellow Craft
Gray, G.W. Master Mason (Past Master)
Haney, John JR Master Mason
Hays, Geo. W. Master Mason
Hazleton, S.H. Master Mason
Hemenway, H.H. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Hemenway, S.W. Master Mason
Houghton, A.H. Master Mason
Houghton, H.W. Master Mason
Johnston, S.B. Master Mason
Kernett, G. Master Mason
Kinne, Saml. H. Secretary
Lemon, R.F. Entered Apprentice
McCarty, Alexander Master Mason
Merrill, Lyman In Memory of our Patriotic Dead: 1st Lieutenant, Co B 12th Infantry Regiment, died May 20, 1862 in Macom, Georgia, of Sickness. Taken prisoner at Shiloh, April 6, 1862
Miles, Geo. Master Mason
Morgan, W.D. Master Mason
Neilander, Henry Master Mason
Purdy, Geo. D. Fellow Craft
Scherboltz, Charles Master Mason
Schmidt, Nicholas Master Mason
Shaw, John I. Senior Warden
Shaw, S.V. Master Mason
Sims, W.S. Master Mason
Smith, C.W. Master Mason
Smith, S.O. Master Mason
Smith, Wm. B. Master Mason
Spurrier, Thos. Entered Apprentice
St. Clair, J.L. Entered Apprentice
Taylor, John I. Master Mason
Thomas, J.W. Senior Deacon
Townsend, John A. Fellow Craft
Van Wagner, Geo. F. Master Mason
Wagner, F.W. Master Mason
White, C.J. Master Mason
Whitney, R.M. Master Mason
Wood, Salmon Treasurer


No. 154, Waukon Lodge
Waukon, Allamakee co.

Name Notes
Adams, L.B. Demitted
Bailey, S.N. Master Mason
Bailey, W.F. Master Mason
Barns, T.H. Master Mason (Past Master)
Bartlett, J.C. Tyler
Brown, J.R. Demitted
Bryant, G.W. Fellow Craft
Bryant, W.D. Entered Apprentice
Burce, L.M. Entered Apprentice
Canen, T.W. Master Mason
Cass, Riley Senior Warden
Cass, Wallace Entered Apprentice
Clarck, Allen Fellow Craft
Clarck, L.H. Master Mason
Clark, John T. Suspended April 19, 1864
Coleman, H.V. Master Mason
Dalton, Wm. Fellow Craft
Dean, G.M. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Earl, W.C. Master Mason
Fisher, C.J. Master Mason
Greer, Isaac Fellow Craft
Hamlen, S. Junior Deacon
Haslip, A.M. Master Mason
Hedge, I.H. Junior Warden
Hungerford, W.W. Master Mason
Isted, R. Secretary
Lichety, E.J. Fellow Craft
McCormick, M.E. Master Mason
Miller, G.R. Master Mason
Plank, L.W. Master Mason
Pottle, W.R. Treasurer
Pull, Josiah Fellow Craft
Rose, W.E. Entered Apprentice
Shattuck, G.C. Master Mason
Shattuck, Scott Master Mason
Smith, Jas. C. Master Mason
Spence, G.W. Fellow Craft
Taylor, G.W. Master Mason
Thompson, C.O. Master Mason
Van Horn, T.M. Entered Apprentice
Woodcock, L.T. Senior Deacon

~source: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, at its Twenty-first Grand Annual Communication held at Des Moines, June 7, A.L. 5864, A.D. 1864
~Data extracted by S. Ferrall from a microfilmed copy of the book.

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1864 Lodges & Members


Time of Stated Meeting,Thursday on or after Full Moon.

J. W. Thomas, W.M. Salmon Wood, Treas. L. M. Elmondorf, J.D.
S. H. Hazleton, S.W. John Hancy, Jr., Sec'y  
John I. Taylor, J.W. A. L. Battles, S.D.

Time of Stated Meetings, Tuesday before Full Moon

Lewis W. Hersey, W.M Jno. Goodykoontz, Treas. Jacob Shew, J.D.
I. H. Hedge, S.W. J. W. Flint, Sec'y J. C. Bartlett, Tyler
W. R. Pottle, J.W. Robert Isted, S.D.  

Iowa State Gazetteer : embracing descriptive and historical sketches of counties, cities, towns and villages, which include much valuable information respecting the agriculture, manufactories, commerce, educational and religious institutions, population and history of the state : to which is added a shippers' guide and a classified business directory of the manufacturers, merchants, professional and tradesmen of Iowa, together with their business address; by James T. Hair; Chicago: Bailey & Hair, 1865; pg 62-63
~transcribed by Constance Diamond for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

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Brotherly Love Lodge, No. 204 A.F. & A.M.

~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

1893 - The following officers of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M., were elected last Tuesday evening to serve for the ensuing year.:

Worshipful Master - E.D. Stiles
Senior Warden - Wm. Rollinson
Junior Warden - E.E. Swenson
Secretary - Wm. Mott
Treasurer - Carl Holter

~Postville Review Sat., December 3, 1892

1894 - The following officers of Brotherly Love Lodge, No. 204, A.F. & A.M., were elected and appointed at the regular meeting last Tuesday Evening. These officers will be installed Jan. 8th.

W.M. - W. S. Webster
S.W. - Wm. Rollinson
J.W. - E. E. Swenson
Treas. - Carl Holter
Sec. - Wm. W. Mott
S.D. and Trustee - E. D. Stiles
J.D. - W. F. Dresser
S.S. - L. D. B. Hawkins
J.S. - R. F. Hecker
Tyler - H. B. Taylor

~Postville Review Sat., December 23, 1893

1895 - At it's regular meeting Tuesday evening Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M., elected officers for the ensuing year, all of whom, save the secretary and treasurer, are new ones:

Worshipful Master - A. J. Phillips
Senior Warden - Wm. J. Klingbell
Junior Warden - J. W. Campbell
Secretary - A. C. Webster
Treasurer - A. L. Peterson
Trustee - George W. Fay

~Postville Herald December 05, 1919, in the "Postville 25 years ago" column, from the Iowa Volksblatt of December 07, 1894

1898 - The following officers of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M. for the ensuing year, were elected at the meeting on Tuesday evening:

W.M. -Ellison Orr
S.W. - R. F. Hecker
J.W. -Dr. C. H. Flynn
Treasurer - Carl Holter
Secretary - W. J. Wallis
Trustee - W. N. Burdick

~Postville Review, Friday, Dec. 10, 1897

1899 - The following officers were elected for the ensuing year at the regular meeting last Tuesday evening:

Worshipful Master - Wm.Rollinson
Senior Warden - R.F. Hecker
Junior Warden - H.G. Hawkins
Secretary - James Perry
Treasurer - Carl Holter
Trustee - W.C. McNeil
S.D. - W.S. Webster
J.D. - J.M. Thoma
S.S. - Ferd Eisfelder
J.S. - W.M. Moll

~Postville Review Sat., Dec. 30, 1898 & Iowa Volksblatt Dec. 30, 1898 ~the lists from each paper were combined ~contributed by S. Ferrall & Reid R. Johnson

1905 - Officers:

W.M., J. M. Thoma
S.W., H. W. Clasen
J.W., James Gregg
Treas., C. Staadt
Sec., Bert E. Tuttle
Trustee, Wm. Shepherd
S.D., H. B. Taylor
J.D., W. E. Durno
S.S., F. E. Bollman
J.S., R. J. Stintzi
Tyler, W. F. Dresser

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 6, 1905

1908 - New Lodge Officers:

Worshipful Master, J. M. Thoma
Senior Warden, Talcott Bollman
Junior Warden, A. S. Burdick
Treasurer, G. Staadt
Secretary, James Perry
Trustee, W. E. Durno

~Postville Review Sat., December 20, 1907

1911 - Officers:

Worshipful Master, Wm. Shepherd
Senior Warden, A. C. Webster
Junior Warden, Frank Eaton
Secretary, J. M. Thoma
Treasurer, G. Staadt
Senior Deacon, Bert E. Tuttle
Junior Deacon, W. E. Durno
Senior Steward, Fred J. Thoma
Junior Steward, Pearl Ellis
Tyler, Hans Christopherson

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 13, 1911

1912 - New Lodge Officers:

Worshipful Master, Wm. Shepherd
Senior Warden, A. C. Webster
Junior Warden, F. W. Eaton
Secretary, J. M. Thoma
Treasurer, G. Staadt
Senior Deacon, Bert E. Tuttle
Junior Deacon, Wm. E. Durno
Senior Steward, Fred J. Thoma
Junior Steward, J. P. Ellis
Tyler, Hans Christopherson   

~Postville Review Fri., January 5, 1912

1913 - Postville A.F. & A.M. officers for 1913:

W.M. - F. H. Luhman
S.W. - A. C. Webster
J.W. - B.E. Tuttle
Treasurer - G. Staadt
Secretary - J. M. Thoma
S.D. - E. E. McMartin
J.D. - W. E. Durno
S.S. - F. J. Thoma
J.S. - R. W. Tuller
Tyler - Hans Christopherson

~Postville Review, Friday, January 24, 1913

1914 - Postville A.F. & A.M. officers for 1914. Meetings night- Tuesday on or before full of the moon.

Worshipful Master - Fred H. Luhman
Senior Warden - Ralph W. Tuller
Junior Warden - Bert E. Tuttle
Treasurer - Godfrey Staadt
Secretary - J. M. Thoma
Senior Deacon - Elmer E. McMartin
Junior Deacon - Wm. E. Durno
Senior Steward - W. C. Dresser
Junior Steward - Ray F. Topliff
Tyler - Hans Christopherson

~Postville Review, Friday, December 26, 1913

1915 - Officers:

Worshipful Master, Bert E. Tuttle
Senior Warden, Ralph Tuller
Junior Warden, Frank Gates
Secretary, A. C. Webster
Treasurer, A. L. Peterson
Senior Deacon, A. J. Phillips
Junior Deacon, W. E. Durno
Senior Steward, W. C. Dresser
Junior Steward, R. F. Topliff
Tyler, Hans Christopherson

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 29, 1915

1919 - At a meeting held under dispensation Monday evening, Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A. M. elected the following officers:

Worshipful Master, F. W. Gates
Senior Warden, R. F. Topliff
Junior Warden, A. J. Phillips
Treasurer, A. L. Peterson
Secretary, A. C. Webster

~Postville Herald, January 3, 1919

1922 - At the regular meeting of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M., last Tuesday evening the following officers were installed:

Worshipful Master - R.F. Topliff
Senior Warden - R.R. Douglass
Junior Warden - F.D. Rounds
Secretary - A.C. Webster
Treasurer - L.O. Beucher
Senior Deacon - I.B. McMartin
Junior Deacon - W.G. Bulman
Senior Steward - Peter Service
Junior Steward - Henry Miller
Tyler - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Herald, January 12, 1922

1923 - Brotherly Love Lodge A.F. & A.M. officers for 1923:

Worshipful Master - R. R. Douglass
Senior Warden - F. D. Rounds
Junior Warden - Peter Service
Treasurer - L. O. Beucher
Secretary - A. C. Webster
Trustee - Geo. W. Fay
Senior Deacon - Henry Miller
Junior Deacon - Otto Sander
Senior Steward - Harry N. Hanks
Junior Steward - E. E. Owen
Tyler - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Herald, Thur., January 18, 1923

1926 - Officers:

W.M. - Peter Service
S.W. - E.E. McMartin
J.W. - I.P. Hinman
Treasurer - L.O. Beucher
Secretary - A.C. Webster
S.D. - Elmer L. Meyer
J.D. - Victor Williams
S.S. - E.E. Owen
J.S. - Roland J. Brandt
Tyler - Hugh Shepherd
Meets - First Tuesday each month

1929 - On Tuesday evening the elective and appointive officers of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M., were duly installed at a special communication held for that purpose, as follows:

Worshipful Master, Victor Williams
Senior Warden, Elmer Meyer
Junior Warden, Elbe Christofferson
Secretary, A. C. Webster
Treasurer, L. O. Beucher
Senior Deacon, F. J. Miller
Junior Deacon, Emmet Schroeder
Senior Steward, E. C. Marston
Junior Steward, Lawrence Dresser

An especially pleasing feature in connection with this meeting was the presentation to Brother John Thoma Sr. of a fifty-year membership certificate. Hugh Shepherd presenting the same in a few well chosen words and in accepting it Mr. Thoma very graciously thanked the fraternity for the honor conferred. These gold certificates are issued under the seal of the Grand Lodge of Iowa and the holders thereof are exempted from the payment of both local and Grand Lodge dues, hence the possessor of one has an instrument he has every right to feel proud of. Mr. Thoma's membership has been exclusive in this lodge, which is somewhat unusual. After the lodge had been closed refreshments were served and a social season enjoyed.

~Postville Herald, January 10, 1929

1931 - At the regular meeting of the Masonic lodge on Tuesday evening the present officers were all re-elected, as follows:

Worshipful Master - Elmer Meyer
Senior Warden - Elbe Christofferson
Junior Warden - Edgar Riser
Secretary - A.O. Webster
Treasurer - L.O. Beucher
Trustee - J.F. Palas

An oyster supper was served following the close of lodge and a delightful social hour ensued

~Postville Herald, Thursday, December 3, 1931

1935 - With Edgar Riser, the retiring Master as installing officer and A. J. Phillips as Marshal the following officers of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204, A.F. & A.M. were installed on Tuesday evening at a special communication.

Worshipful Master - K. E. Kenney
Senior Warden - H. Cristofferson
Junior Warden - Charles Ohloff
Secretary - A. G. Webster
Treasurer - L. O. Beucher
Senior Deacon - W. A. Harper
Junior Deacon - Fred J. Miller
Senior Steward - Elmer Meyer
Junior Steward - Chet Pearson
Tyler - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Herald, Thursday, January 10, 1935

1937 - Upwards of thirty members of the local Masonic lodge were present at the regular communication on Tuesday evening, where the newly elected and appointive officers of the lodge for the ensuing year were inducted into office following the regular buisness session. R.R. Douglass officiated as installing officer with Bert E. Tuttle as marshal, and the following officers were duly installed.

W.M. -- Harvey Christofferson
S.W. -- Fred J. Miller
J.W. -- W. A. Harper
S.D. -- Bruce Webster
J.D. -- Lloyd Bruce
S.S. -- Elmer Meyer
J.S. -- Herman Christofferson

After the installation an oyster supper was served and was followed by a social season. On next Wednesday evening, Jan. 13th, a special meeting will be held for work in the first degree.

~Postville Herald, January 7, 1937

1939 - Carl Holter became the fourth member of Brotherly-Love Lodge, No. 204, A.F. & A.M., to be honored as a fifty year member when he was presented with a certificate at Tuesday evening's lodge session. The presentation speech was made by Ray Douglass. Previously - certificates had been awarded to W. S. Webster, L. D. B. Hawkins and R. N. Douglass, all of whom have passed away.

The lodge held their annual election of officers at Tuesday night's meeting with the following results:
Worshipful Master - Bruce Webster.
Senior Warden - Lloyd Bruce.
Junior Warden - Harold Gamble.
Secretary - A. C. Webster.
Treasurer - L. O. Beucher.
Trustee - E. C. Riser.

These officers, together with those to be appointed, will be installed at the regular January meeting.

~Postville Herald, Thursday, December 7, 1939

1965 -The officers of Masonic Lodge for 1965 were installed at a regular meeting of the lodge on Tuesday, January 5, by Past Master Robert Gruhn assisted by Lloyd Bruce, as installing marshal. The officers installed or continued in office are:

Worshipful Master - Clarence Brandt
Senior Warden - Tennis Mork
Junior Warden - Upton Peck
Treasurer - Marvin Chevalier
Secretary - Ray Douglass.
Chaplain - Rev. Walter T. Martin
Senior Deacon - Daniel Davis
Junior Deacon - Frank Roedl
Senior Steward - John Shover
Junior Steward - Kenneth Wendel
Tyler - Arbe Behrens

The Immediate Past Master, Clarence Storla, was presented with a past master's lapel pin by Past Master Burr Cook. The traditional oyster stew was served after the installation ceremony.

Postville Herald, Wed., January 6, 1965

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History of Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204

~contributed by Connie Ellis

Brotherly Love No. 204
Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Iowa AF&FM June 5, 1867
Lodge Explained to Public at Open House in Postville

An Open House was held at the Postville Masonic Hall Sunday afternoon. All lodges in the state were requested to host such an event. The purpose was to open the doors to the general public so that tours of the premises could be conducted. Visitors were shown through the hall and the dining area and explanations were offered. They were invited to ask questions about the working of the Lodge and members explained the role of Masonry in the community.

It was explained that some of the decorative chairs used by officers had been acquired when the Ossian, Iowa Lodge merged with the Postville group. The seating on either side of the hall been procured from a Decorah, Iowa theater. Lights from the extinct Monona, Iowa Lodge adorn the hall. In the usual fashion for an Open House, visitors came, toured the building, had coffee and bars and went on their way. Such was the case when Pam and June Ackerman from Carksville, Iowa noticed the activity and stopped to see what was going on. They signed the register, looked the place over and continued on their way.

Lee Voshell and his wife from Wadena, Iowa attended the event, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Willet Miller of Clermont, Iowa Lodge. Visitors noted the extensive display of symbols which are a Masonic trademark. In particular, the letter “G” in the center of their emblems, indicating God is the center of their lives. The visitors learned about the Masonic scholarship program which is extended to high school students each year, and has proved to be very beneficial to many students. The intention is to enrich this endowment considerably. Other charitable donations have been made to the Ronald McDonald House near the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa, which provides housing for the parents of critically ill children. Generation Gifts were given to assist in the renovation of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York.


Brotherly Love Lodge No. 204 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Iowa AF& FM on June 5, 1867 and at that time it became a regularly constituted lodge. On January 1, 1867, after having been duly recommended by Union Band Lodge No. 66, which had just been moved from Moneek to Frankville, Iowa, Grand Master Charles Peck gave a dispensation to G. F. Webster, Worthy Master, Alex Bishop, Samuel Courson, Junior Warden and 9 others who were permitted to form a lodge at Postville, Iowa. While the group was working under the dispensation, the membership doubled to 18, thus making it large enough to have a charter. After the lodge was reviewed it was ordered that the charter be official and the name of Brotherly Love No. 204 be assigned.

Charter members at that time included:


Glenn F. Webster
Alex Bishop
S.W. Courson
Abraham Hart
Albert Dresser
W.F. Dresser
J. Coykendall


Nathan Clough
L.D.B. Hawkins


A. Amos
James Perry
C. I. Bishop
John Shaw
J. P. Cooper
D. Wagner
D.H. Fisher
A. W. McDonald
J. W. Patterson
J. H. Penny


Leni Calendar
J.B. Reed
E. J. Stevenson
E. J. Topliff
Joseph Watson

Of these charter members, L.D. B. Hawkins was the first to receive his 50-year certificate in 1917.

First Hall

The first Masonic Hall was located at or about 139 West Military Street which is now an abandoned road or alley, thought to have been part of the old Military Road, which would have been the rear part of the old Ellis Blacksmith Shop. Later the Lodge met in the hall which is now 137 Lawler Street until a fire in 1887 took out most of the buildings in that block. Consequently, most of the records were destroyed. Later a duplicate charter was issued and the Lodge met in the upper story of the Douglass building now occupied by Livingood's Corner Clothier and Barber Shop. The Lodge was given permission to borrow $300 to replace the furnishings for the hall. As was the usual procedure, the building was heated with wood stoves, so it was the duty of the Tyler to carry up wood and build the fires on meeting nights.

The growth in membership followed the precedent set by the Masonic Lodge in the state of Iowa. In 1917, there was a membership of 100. After the close of World War I the return of veterans from the service caused a boom in membership and by 1924, there were 141 members. However, during the Depression years, there were many dropouts and the roll dropped to 100 once more. In April 1962 a consolidation offer was made with Arcturus Lodge 237 at Ossian, Iowa which had an enrollment of 20. It added to the membership but also increased the average age of members as Ossian had admitted few new members for several years.

State Officers

W. W. Perry, a member of the Postville Lodge, became a Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin. In 1924 Ray Douglass qualified as a Masonic Instructor and later became District Lecturer. Later he was elected Grand Master in Iowa in 1955.

After the death of Ray Douglass, the building was sold to Rodney Livingood. The meeting place for the Lodge had to be moved. The group bought an old Methodist Church located on Tilden Street which was no longer in use except as an Odd Fellows Hall. This church was dismantled in 1976. All labor in connection with the demolition was donated by the Lodge members who worked on the project whenever they had time. Lumber was carefully removed for later use. A new structure was built by the carpentry class from Area I Vocational School in Calmar, Iowa, with the help of students from the plumbing and electrician courses. During the fall of 1976, the students came forenoons, five days a week, accompanied by their instructor. Very little material had to be purchased and the approximate cost of the building amounted to about $30,000. Dimensions of the building were 32 x 64 feet with a dining area of 32 x48. The cornerstone laying was done on the afternoon of July 9, 1977.

~Postville Herald, September 30, 1987

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