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St. Joseph Catholic
Cemetery - Garnavillo

Garnavillo twp. Sec. 24, NE/NE
St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery.  Photo by S. Ferrall
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List of burials - contributed by Charlene Barnhart; her list did not have any dates & the original source is unknown
WPA cemetery records as transcribed by Phyllis Montour
3) Obituaries
4) Gravestone inscriptions
5) Allamakee County Death Records (ACDR) - contributed by Richard O'Brien

Many gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery. View gravestone photos for St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery

Obituaries for some of the people buried in St. Joseph's have been contributed:
Clayton Co. Obituary Board and Allamakee Co. Obituary Board (links open new windows)

Name Birth Death Comments
Saeugling, Raymond R.      
Schaefers, Anna Marie 1846 06/12/1931  
Schaefers, Betty Angela     no stone
Schaefers, Christina      
Schaefers, Frank 1805 08/16/1880  
Schaefers, George      
Schaefers, Herman 1822 1873  
Schaefers, Joseph Herman      
Schaefers, Louis      
Schaefers, Mary 1876 1935  
Schaefers, Mathilda      
Schaefers, Theresa      
Schaefers, Xavier 1834 02/10/191  
Schaefers, Xavier      
Scharwarth, Jacob      
Scharwarth, Wilhelmina 1860 1904  
Scherl, Robert F.      
Scherl, Teresa M.      
Schlueter, Edward J.      
Schlueter, James W.      
Schlueter, Marie M.      
Schmelzer, Albert      
Schmelzer, Alvina      
Schmelzer, Anna 1868 1893  
Schmelzer, Betty      
Schmelzer, Catherine 1819 06/05/1898  
Schmelzer, Daniel Lee 03/12/1949 04/02/1973 s/o Joseph O. & Anita (Berns) Schmelzer
Schmelzer, Dennis E.      
Schmelzer, Edward J.      
Schmelzer, Esther H.      
Schmelzer, Eugene Edward      
Schmelzer, Gary      
Schmelzer, Geraldine M.      
Schmelzer, Harry      
Schmelzer, Henrietta 1866 1887  
Schmelzer, Henry J.      
Schmelzer, Johann 1817 08/1901  
Schmelzer, Katherine      
Schmelzer, Larry J.      
Schmelzer, Otto      
Schmelzer, Ruth      
Schmelzer, Walter      
Schmelzer, Wendal     no stone
Schmidt, Catherine nee Schulte 04/27/1851 03/06/1933 w/o Dr. Henry Schmidt (d. MN ca1893)
Schneckenberger, Catherine 1841 12/14/1917  
Schneckenberger, Henry      
Schoulte, A. Mary 1877 1910  
Schoulte, Carolina     no stone
Schoulte, Catherine E.      
Schoulte, Frank Jr.      
Schoulte, Hattie      
Schoulte, Henry      
Schoulte, Mary 1851 1909  
Schoulte, Mathilda      
Schoulte, Mattie      
Schoulte, Philomena 1874 1903  
Schoulte, Ronald H.      
Schoulte, S.H.F. 1841 1921  
Schulte, Agnes A. 1878 1921  
Schulte, Alvina      
Schulte, Amelda      
Schulte, Caletta      
Schulte, Catherine 1853 1915  
Schulte, Clarine      
Schulte, Cordealia      
Schulte, Delia or Lelia 1863 07/11/1931  
Schulte, Edward      
Schulte, Henry 1857 10/04/1935  
Schulte, Herman      
Schulte, Herman F.      
Schulte, Julus      
Schulte, Katherine 1821 03/19/1910  
Schulte, Kathleen Emelda      
Schulte, Marie A.      
Schulte, Rodney Anthony      
Schulte, William Leo      
Schulte, Wm.   1877 age 69
Schulte, Woodrow      
Schultz, Douglas Lawerence      
Siebertz, Emilie 1864 1912  
Siebertz, John 1813 02/12/1895  
Siebertz, John W.      
Siebertz, Mathilda 1829 02/06/1911  
Siebertz, William H.      
Spence, Josephine     ssa Rogers
Spence, Maggie      
Spence, Mary      
Spence, William      
Stoeffler, Joanna Rosina     no stone
Stoeffler, John E.      
Stoeffler, John F.      
Stoeffler, Marie A.      
Stoeffler, Mary      
Stroschein, Anna M.      
Stroschein, August      
Stroschein, Clifford S.      
Stroschein, Henry      
Stroschein, John Louis      
Stroschein, Lucy A.      
Stroschein, Vincent V.      
Struckhoff, ??   1859 age 77
Strukhoff, Alvin      
Strukhoff, Anna      
Strukhoff, Elizabeth      
Strukhoff, Herman      
Strukhoff, Margaret 1827 03/08/1910  
Strukhoff, Werner 1862 05/03/1879  
Tonner, Lena nee Engle 1866 05/22/1920  
Trebon, Juanita nee Kuenzel      
Trebon, Rosemary Therese      
Troester, Carol Ann      
Troester, Elaine      
Tujetsch, Mary      
Uriell Julia      
Uriell, Alice   1854;1855 [WPA = Alice & Alice Uriell, Jr.]
Uriell, Anna      
Uriell, Donald D. 06/03/1914 08/21/1973 h/o Viola C. Matt; s/o Joseph & Matilda (Brannon) Uriell
Uriell, Frank A.      
Uriell, Genevieve      
Uriell, James      
Uriell, Jas 1849 10/04/1892  
Uriell, Jerome     no stone
Uriell, John 1816 11/14/1875  
Uriell, John S.      
Uriell, Katherine 1825 03/02/1893  
Uriell, L. Augustin      
Uriell, Mary      
Uriell, Mary 1864 03/13/1893  
Uriell, Mary Ellen      
Uriell, Michael 1816 03/31/1898  
Uriell, Regina      
Uriell, Sarah 1843 10/25/1925  
Uriell, Severnis Ed.      
Uriell, William P.      
Vorwald, Adeline nee Schoulte     w/o William T.
Vorwald, Cyril      
Vorwald, William      
Vorwald, William T. 12/15/1885 12/30/1977 h/o Adeline; s/o Henry & Abbie (Griffith) Vorwald
Wagner, Constantin      
Wagner, Joseph 1820 05/13/1876  
Wagner, Mary 1819 03/18/1902  
Walch, Joseph   1880 age 84
Walch, Martha 1814 06/20/1884  
Walleser, Elsie      
Walleser, John      
Walleser, Loraine      
Walleser, Mathaus 1818 12/21/1904  
Walleser, Rose      
Walleser, Rosina 1817 10/30/1891  
Walz, Anna      
Walz, Frank      
Walz, Leona      
Watson, Frank      
Wehrheim, Anna   1875 age 50
Wehrheim, Conrad   1863 age 44
Went, August     no stone
Wessels, Lavern G.      
Whittle, Christopher      
Whittle, Jacquelin Ann      
Wille, Bernalda     no stone
Wille, David      
Wille, Vergil      
Willie Anthony Vincent      
Willie, Regina Henrietta nee Schaefers 1890 07/20/1973 w/o William J.; d/o Xavier & Anna (Berns) Schaefers
Willie, William Joseph      
Willman, Caroline   1872 age 39
Wright, Clifford J. 'Pete'      
Wright, Kenneth     no stone
Wright, Mark Clifford      
Wright, Marquerite      
Wright, Walter      
Zapf, Alfred M.      
Zapf, Cecelia 1859 1916  
Zapf, Chris      
Zapf, Elizabeth      
Zapf, Hubert A.      
Zapf, Ida A.      
Zapf, Ivanelle      
Zapf, Joseph      
Zapf, Louis / Ludwig 1865 02/09/1886  
Zapf, Maximillin 'Max'      
Zapf, Mayme      
Zapf, Raymond A.      
Zapf, Scholastica 'Lottie'      
Zinckgraf, Eva Regina      


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