Dresses Were Older Than

Some Who Wore Them

Source: Osceola Centennial Issue...1851 to 1951, Osceola Sentinel, August 2, 1951, Section 5, p. 6.

This photo is not nearly as old as the raiment these Osceola ladies were wearing at an unknown date and occasion. When Mrs. Pressley McBride brought this picture from her scrapbook, it was thought there would be no difficulty in identifying the women and the place and time it was taken. However, even the few persons still here have little recollection concerning it. All but one of the women have been tentatively identified.

Reading from left to right they are: Mrs. J. O. Jones, Mrs. James A. Wade, Mrs. John Vanderly, Mrs. J. B. Wells, Mrs. D. T. Nance, Mrs. Dr. Holland, Mrs. M. R. Stansell, Mrs. E. K. Jones, the next person cannot be identified, Mrs. Louisa Alexander, Mrs. John Boden; in front: Mrs. J. C. Atz and Mrs. Chas. Johnson.

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