Touet's Opera House

Touet's (pronounced Tway) Opera House was Community Gathering Place for Years

Source: Osceola Centennial Issue 1851-1951, section 1, page 3.

It was about 30 years ago that the Touet Opera House ceased to operate as Osceola's foremost place of entertainment. Some of the leading figures of the acting world appeared behind its footlights during the many years it was in operation and there were innumerable home talent shows and various public gatherings.

The big frame building was owned by I.A. Touet, former Osceola lawyer. It covered the entire lot south from the present Jewell Bottling works to the street. A good sized balcony ran around both sides and the back while the stage was larger than that usually found in cities of this size.

The building did not remain idle long after it ceased to function as a theatre. A floor was added to make a second story and an elevator istalled. Cars were stored there while the first floor was used for auto repair and sales. Finally the front was cut away for one of the earliest drive-in service stations and eventually the structure was demolished to make way for the present Skelly service station.

Not many persons know the building was originally a Methodist church. It was located on the lot now occupied by the Methodist church and was moved across the street to the lot now (1951) occupied by Roe's Skelly service when the brick church was built in 1894.

The Touet Opera House as it appeared around 1910-1920.

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