Osceola High School

Baseball - 1910

The Osceola High School baseball team in 1910 chalked up 8 wins and 3 losses in the season. This is the picture of the team taken at the end of the season. Reading from left to right; back row: Lester Drennen, Wayne McIntire, John Mellas, Verner Paschall, Joe McNichols, Don Doss; Front row: Ernest Hidy, Jack Tarlton, George Paul, Pearl Keeran, John Harlan (Jay) Mellor.

Source Osceola Centennial Issue...1851 to 1951, Osceola Sentinel, August 2, 1951; Section 5, p. 2.

Thanks to Tracy Howard (great-niece of John Mellor) for identifying the team members.

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