Fourth of July


Just when the tradition started of celebrating July 4th in Osceola is not known, but a program was held in 1870. Music, speeches and reading of the Declaration of Independence were the order of the day. The program of events follows:

1st- The procession will form on Main street at 10 o'clock A.M. under the direction of the Marshals, Maj. F.W. Johnson, J.O. McAuley, and J.C. Harrison, and march to the grove headed by the band.

2nd - Calling the meeting to order by A. H. Burrows, President of the day.

3rd - Music by the Band

4th - Prayer by Rev. N.E. Cory

5th - Music by the Band

6th- Reading the Declaration of Independence by H.C. Sigler, Esq.

7th - Music

8th - Oration by Hon. Jas. Rice

9th - Music by the Band

10th - Speech by R.A. Dague, Esq.

11th - Music

12th - Speech by R. B. Parott, Esq.

13th - Music by the Band

14th - Speech by J.E. Burrus, Esq.

15th - Music by the Band

16th - Dinner

After dinner the following gentlemen will respond to toasts, read by the President.

1st - Rev. J.C. Layton

2nd - Maj. H.L. Karr

3rd - Maj. S.P. Ayers

4th - Dr. E.M. Laws

5th - H.S. Kaley, Esq.

And other persons who may be called upon by the President.

6th - vocal and instrumental music

7th - Benediction by Rev. Osmond


Source: Osceola Centennial Issue 1851-1951, section 3, page 4.

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