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Military and Burial Information


Nace, William K 22nd OH Inf, Co E, buried at Victor cemetery, Iowa county, Iowa Steve Hanken
Naylor, Granville 9th IA Cavalry, Co K, buried at Brandon Cemetery, Brandon, Iowa Steve Hanken
Neal, Marion 8th Iowa Infantry, Co C, Buried at Crawfordsville Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Iowa. Missing in action taken prisoner April 6, 1862 Shiloh, Tennessee. Steve Hanken
Needham, Francis A 5th IA Cavalry, Co C, buried at Newton Union cemetery, Newton, IA Steve Hanken
Needham, Leroy J 14th VT Inf, Co E, buried at Logan cemetery, Sioux City, IA Steve Hanken
Neely, Charles Henry 66th IL Infantry, Co E. Buried at Graceland Cemetery, Webster City, Hamilton county, IA, Block C Lot 8 Pat Juon
Neild, William C 144th New York Infantry, Co. E, Corporal, buried at Glenwood cemetery, Ogden, Iowa Steve Hanken
Nelson, Adam 198th OH Inf, Co G, buried at Indianola cemetery, Indianola, Iowa Steve Hanken
Nelson, Eli 5th IA Cavalry, Co C & D, burial at Bellevue Presbyterian cemetery, Bellevue, Iowa Steve Hanken
Nelson, James 35th MO Inf, Co F, buried at Oakland cemetery, Keokuk, IA Steve Hanken
Nelson, John B 32nd IA Inf, Co H, SGT, buried at Hampton cemetery, Hampton, IA Steve Hanken
Nelson, Samuel 10th IA Inf, Co F, buried at Hazelwood cemetery, Grinnell, IA Steve Hanken
Nesbitt, William 20th Iowa Infantry Co. K, Corporal, Buried at Glendale cemetery, Le Claire, Iowa Steve Hanken
Newell, Isaiah 8th IA Cavalry, Co M, buried at Marshalltown Veterans Home cemetery, Marshalltown, IA Steve Hanken
Nichola, Alexander  (aka Nicholas) 37th IA Inf, Co D, Mustered Nov. 14, 1862. Discharged for disability May 15, 1863, St. Louis, Mo. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Johnson County, IA  

Steve Hanken

Nicholas, Benjamin Richard 28th IA Inf, Co B, buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Marengo, Iowa

Steve Hanken

Nichols, Absolum W 3rd IA Inf, Co F, Buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Canton, SD

Steve Hanken

Nichols, Albert 20th IA Inf, Co K, burial at Woodlawn cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa

Steve Hanken

Nichols, George W 46th Iowa Infantry Co. C, Buried at Glendale cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa

Steve Hanken

Nichols, George W Company H 1st battalion 13th US infantry, buried in Alton National Cemetery, Alton, IL, Section C Site 2

Allan E Nichols

Nichols, Isaac D 48th IA Inf, Co A, buried at Graceland cemetery, Avoca, IA Steve Hanken
Nichols, Pliny 35th Iowa Infantry Co. D‏ Died of disease 24 August, 1863 at Bear Creek Mississippi. burial at Oak Ridge cemetery, West Liberty, Iowa Steve Hanken
Nichols, Slocum 6th IA Cavalry, Co C, burial at Floyd cemetery, Sioux City, IA Steve Hanken
Nichols, William Andrew 2nd IA Inf, Co B, Corporal, (Name is reversed on Logan roster - Andrew W)  Burial at Oak Ridge Cemetery, West Liberty, Iowa. Wounded slightly at Ft. Donnelson, February 15, 1862 Steve Hanken

Nicholson, John T


Civilian Stone

31st IA Inf, Co K, Corporal, Burial at Presbyterian cemetery, Bellevue, Iowa Steve Hanken
Nicol, Robert B 11th NY Cavalry, Co I, Corporal, buried at Okoboji cemetery, Dickinson county, IA Steve Hanken
Niles, Adanijah C 67th PA Infantry, Co. C, Buried at Baker Cemetery, Linn County, Iowa Steve Hanken
Niles, Alber P 58th Illinois Infantry Co. G/B, Buried at Union Cemetery, Pomeroy, Iowa Steve Hanken
Noble, James 1st IA Cavalry, Co L, buried in Little Rock National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR Janet Paulsen
Noble, Nelson 95th IL Inf, Co A, Burial at Oak Hill Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Steve Hanken
Noel, Samuel 2nd IA Cavalry, Co D, LT, buried at Woodlawn cemetery, Des Moines, IA

Steve Hanken

Noll, Thomas J 146th Illinois Infantry Co. C, Buried at Hazelwood Cemetery, Grinnell, Iowa

Steve Hanken

Nolte, Charles98th Regular NY Volunteers, Co F, buried in Amsterdam aka Avery Township cemetery, Hancock County, IA

See Link

Nolte, Henry 5th IA Cavalry, Co F, buried at Iowa Veterans Home Cemetery, Marshalltown, IASteve Hanken
Nordhaus, Henry 5th NY Inf, Co D, buried at Stanwood cemetery, Stanwood, IA Steve Hanken
Norris, George R 1st Provisional Home Brigade, MD Cavalry, Blacksmith, buried at Fairview cemetery, Waterloo, IA Steve Hanken
Norris, John N 4th Iowa Cavalry Co. E, Teamster, Buried at Brooklyn, Iowa Odd Fellows Cemetery Steve Hanken
Norris, Thomas M 40th IA Inf, Co H, burial at Woodlawn cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa Steve Hanken
Norton, Alfred M 9th IA Inf, Co A, Burial at Wyoming Cemetery, Wyoming, Iowa. Died of chronic Diarrhea, Davenport, Iowa September 1863 Steve Hanken
Norton, Francis 9th IA Inf, Co K, Memorial Stone at Wyoming Cemetery, Wyoming, Iowa. Died of wounds received at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, death occurring at Cassville, Missouri Steve Hanken
Noslee, Henry C 7th IA Inf, co I, Corporal, Buried at Ottumwa cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa Wounded in right wrist Nov. 7,1861, Belmont, Mo. Discharged for wounds March 28, 1862, Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.Steve Hanken
Nosley, Jacob 35th Iowa Infantry Co. K, Buried at Lisbon cemetery, Lisbon, IA Steve Hanken
Nourse, Emerson J 83rd PA Inf, Co F, burial at Mapleton Cemetery, Mapleton, IowaSteve Hanken
Novinger, Isaac 30th IA Inf, Co K, Corporal, Burial at Woodlawn Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa.  Discharged for disability 17 April 1863, Memphis, TennesseeSteve Hanken
Noyes, John H 29th IA Inf, Co C, buried at Noyes cemetery, Harrison County, IA Steve Hanken
Nussbaum, Isaac 10th IA Inf, Co A, buried at Polk City cemetery, Polk county, Iowa.  KIA at Champion Hills, Mississippi, May 16, 1863. Steve Hanken

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