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Marriage Record Submissions

Listed below are marriage records submitted by fellow researchers. At the current time, they are organized by the brides surname, alphabetically.  If you have information you would be willing to contribute to this page, please contact the County Coordinator. Please include as much of the following information as you can.

Bride Groom Date Source Notes
Dora Barnes
Father: Wm. Barnes
Mother: Angie Richards
Joseph Gunnarson
Father: Peter Gunnarson
Jennie Anderson
October 6, 1906 Bk 2 / 190 #3896  '
Prescilla Bennet
Jeremiah Bugh
January 01, 1867 will book 4 G. W. Banister
Melissa Bickford

Charles A. Boyles

March 23, 1882 Cherokee County Marriage Records Bride's age: 25
Groom's age: 26
Bride's birthplace: Ohio
Groom's birthplace: Sullivan Co., PA
Officiated by George Knox, Presb. pastor
Betty BoothNemo E. NeglessOctober 6, 1943Bk 13 p. 175'
Emma BoothThomas A. BuschJuly 9, 1918Bk 8 p. 86Emma was formerly Emma Newton & born in Springfield, MO
Thomas: Farmer, aged 26 yrs
pob: Appleton, IA
res: Rock Rapids, IA
Ethel N. BoothJoseph WallerDecember 11, 1912Bk 6 p. 524'
Helen BoothStewart DalyApril 22, 1940Bk 12 p. 23'
Madalynne Marie Booth
F: William Booth
M: Pearl ?
William Cyrus Holman
F: J. L. Holman
M: Myrtle Mansfield
October 6, 1943Bk 13 p. 175Bride:age 22, born in Aurelia, IA
Groom: age 22, born in Carbondale, IL
Res: Indianapolis, IN
Occ: Navy
Mary D Booth
F: George Booth
M: Ellen McGary
Arthur J. Corrington
F: Henry Corrington
M: Anna Fry
December 24, 1919Bk 8 p. 274Bride & Groom's age: 20
Bride pob: Buena Vista County, IA
Groom's pob: Cherokee County, IA
Velma M Booth
F: Charles M. Booth
M: Mable McCoun
June W. Swafford
F: Everett W Swafford
M: Bessie M. Twely
March 15, 1936Bk 11 p. 150Groom's age: 30
Groom's birth place: Franklin County, IL
Groom's occ: Laborer
Witnesses: Irma & Marvin Gano
Melissa Briles (Boyles)
Father: Jesse Jones
Mother: Fanny Baker
Charles A. Boyles
Father: Marcus Edwards
Mother: Hannah Perkins
October 31, 1895 Register of Marriages, Cherokee County, Iowa Bride's age: 40
Groom's age: 39
Bride's birthplace: Hardin Co., Ohio
Groom's birthplace: Knox. Co., Ill.
Officiated by J. Cole, minister
Jennie S. BuchananJas H. GrayFebruary 2, 1882Bk 1 p. 417'
Amanda Bugh
Aarron F. Eschleman
March 01, 1876 Bk 1 p 142 by G. M. Cooley ( Methodist Episcopal)  '
Huldah E. Bugh
Orren Ensign
March 12, 1871  ' by Roberts Leeds
Jennie M.  ChamberlainA. A. BoothJanuary 2, 1881Bk 1 p. 346'
Mary Adaline Chase
Alexander Sands
March 24, 1887 Maxine DeBord Marcus, Cherokee, IA
Winona ClarkStockton McCounMarch 20, 1890''
Sarah L. CollinsWilliam McCounJuly 15, 1881'Groom age: 19
Bride age: 24
Witnesses: Joseph & Mary Lane
Ida ConleyJ. A. McCounSeptember 9, 1899Bk 4 p. 226'
Florence Irene Davis
F: James Arnold Davis
M: Sarah Alice Davis
Emery Lyle Booth
F: James E. Booth
M: Charlotte McFadden
July 19, 1941Bk 13 p. 34Brides age: 17
Brides pob: Burlington, IA
Groom's age: 17
Groom's pob: Ireton, IA
Witnesses: Charlotte Booth & Sarah Alice Booth
Sarah E. DobbsHenry M. LaneSeptember 8, 1872;'
Carrie Ethel DowdingJames Wilbur LaneFebruary 1, 1899''
Jessie EnbeckClifford WrightMarch 3, 1909'Groom age 22
Brides age 19
Lou Agnes ForsytheEllis E. WrightFebruary 26, 1891'Groom age 28
Bride age 23
Margaret FrenchRichard RichardsMarch 18, 1914'Groom age 33
Bride age 32
Lillian HarmenJoseph R. McCounOctober 1, 1890'Groom age 22
Bride age 21
Witnesses: Joseph & Mary Lane
Anna HeinisWilliam RichardsFebruary 27, 1906'Bride age 23
Shirley L. HyndmanGerald O. BoothJune 8, 1950Bk 14 p. 431'
Lydia Johnson
(nee Johnson)
Father:  Josef Lydell
Mother: Carolina Josefsdotter
George H. Larson
Father:  Sven Larson
Mother: Christina Johnson
May 31, 1916Marriage register #5, Buena Vista County, IABride age 32
Brides's birthplace : Asenhoga,Jonkoping, Sweden
Groom age 33
Groom's birthplace: Maple Valley, Buena Vista, IA
Official: Pastor Nels J. Lindahl
Lived in Aurelia, Cherokee County all of their married life
Malissa Jones
Edwin Bickford
August 15, 1872 Cicuit Court of Cherokee County Marriage records Officiated by Rev. A Darcey, Presb. minister
Marie KilnowitzHarry WrightDecember 21, 1914'Groom age 23
Bride age 22
Elizabeth Kosse
Father: Bernard Kosse
Mother: Annie Meiman
Peter J. Bauer
Father: Fred Bauer
Mother: Mary Fisch
February 01, 1899 Ref #2797 married by Jos. M. Fritz
Winnie LivermoreFrank WrightAugust 10, 1905'Bride age 19
Groom age 22
Cornelia M. McCounJohn Tipton McCounFebruary 6, 1876Bk 1 p. 144Bride's maiden name: Wright
Bride formerly married to  James B. McCoun (deceased)
Ida May McCounSilas GouldJanuary 2, 1877Bk 1 p. 170'
Mabel May McCoun
F: John T. McCoun
M: Cornelia Wright
Charles M. Booth
F: James R. Booth
M: Annis S. Gray
January 31, 1900Bk 4 p. 262Bride age 17; pob: Washta, IA
Groom age 33; pob: Marshall County, IA
Married at Washta, IA
Witnesses: James R. Booth & John T. McCoun
N. Alice McCounWilliam A. MahaffeyJuly 18, 1879Bk 1 p. 270'
Rosetta B. McCounJoseph R. ParkerNovember 24, 1903Bk 4 p. 540'
Sarah A. McCounLorenzo SawyerOctober 13, 1884Bk 2 p. 138'
Tilla McCullaAmos LaneJuly 2, 1886'Groom age 22
Bride age 21
Margaret O'Connell John LaFolletteJuly 19, 1906Submitted by Mary Goll
Mary PedanAaron LaneOctober 26, 1870''
Annie Peel
Father: John Peel
Mother: Gusta Gustafson
Frank W. Bugh
Father: Daniel Bugh
Mother: Susan Lockans
December 15, 1887 BK 2, p. 327 by J. McAllister, Presbyterian Church
Jennie E. PulverJoshua B. WrightJanuary 18, 1883'Officiated by George Brown
Mavon ReedGeorge GrayDecember 8, 1883Bk 11 p. 203'
Lena A. ReseneClarence BoothMarch 5, 1912Bk 6, p. 470
Agnes ReynoldsWilliam WrightMay 19, 1905'Groom age 32
Bride age 35
Bernice M. Rhodes
Father: Daniel Rhodes
Mother: Eliza M Perry
Willard Wilmer Abel
Father: Lewis Abel
Mother: Ollie Belch
June 3, 1909IA Marriages 1809 - 1992
Groom age 24 b: Ohio
Bride age 21 b: Cherokee
Annie E. Rupp
Father: John Rupp
Mother: Mary Trent
Frederick E. Bauer
Father: Frederick W. Bauer
Mother: Mary Fish
February 07, 1883  ' by J. L. Saunders
Marjorie SmithGunnar OsterlingSeptember 24, 1932'Groom age 22
Bride age 18
News clipping
Ella Swanson
Albert Jorgensen
March 15, 1907 Cherokee Daily Times Rev. C. Lindberg Officiating
Sarah W. TheallH. P. GrayAugust 9, 1877Bk 1 p. 190'
Margaret TobinJ. W. McCounSeptember 18, 1875Bk 1 p. 130'
Anna Tole
Nick Fisch
November 19, 1884 Book 2 / 145  '
Rosie WallerEugene BoothJuly 3, 1889Bk 2 p. 427'
Hannah WickhamEdward McCounOctober 6, 1879Bk 1 p. 280'
Cecelia B. WrightWalter S. GorwinJanuary 30, 1884Bk 2 p. 105'
Rosa Bell WightM. S. DraperDecember 31, 1880Bk 1 p. 346'
Sarah E. WrightC. C. ConklinFebruary 28, 1878Bk 1 p. 218'


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