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Afton Township First Methodist Church

This information was furnished by Don Blake.

Name Years Served
Anable, C. A. 1888-1890
Benedick, E. L. 1895
Brown, W. L. 1890
Bond, O. M.  
Carter, Thomas E. 1887
Chipperfield, R. F.  
Cochran, A. S.  
Dolliver, R. H. 1889
Gilbert, E. E.  
Hotchkiss, N. L.  
Kettle, John A. 1891-1892
Kent, A. E.  
Kirby. W. E.  
Logan, L. B.  
Maxwell, Thomas 1894
Olds, L. L. 1890-1891
Pratt, G. W.  
Pruitt, Alono  
Rasmussen A.  
Smith, J. T. 1892-1893
Stevens, Chas. E.  
Tomkins, W. O.  
Varnum, C. A. 1887
Wilmot, Whitfield  

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