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Unidentifed Photos

The following four photos were donated by Arlene Hollenbeck.   If you are able to identify anyone in the photos on this page, please contact me.

Unknown Girls - 19
The young lady in the dark dress is Minnie Digel of Marcus.  The 2 young ladies in the front are unidentified.

Unknown Women- 20
Arelene notes: "The lady 2nd from the right is Amanda (Stolley) Digel, my Grandmother.  The lady on the far right may be her sister Elizabeth (Stolley) Kielhorn.  3rd from the left in the back I believe is Mrs. George (Jakobine Reichart) Henes.  Her husband and Amanda's husband were half brothers.  The other ladies I don't know.  They may be from the Trinity Lutheran Church area south of Marcus."

Unknown Girls - 21
Arlene writes "This group of young ladies may also be from the Trinity Lutheran Church south of Marcus.  The 3rd from the left is my Aunt Edna Digel and my mother Irene (Digel) Anderson is next to her.  The tall lady in the back with the glasses may be Clara (Ilten) Olson.  Her father was pastor at Trinity."

Unknown Women -  22
Arlene writes "The lady in the back is Minnie Digel.  The lady in the front is Mrs John Mayer.  The lady on the left is Mrs George (Jakobine Reichart) Henes, who would be a sister-in-law to Minnie.  George Henes was a half brother to Minnie.  I don't know the lady on the right. Jakobine had a sister named Barbara who was the mother of Mrs Jacob (Luise) Mayer.  Jacob was the father of John Mayer.  Is the women on the right Barbara Reichardt? "

Unknown Man
Photo Donated by Dawn Polson Jaminek.
Could this man be related to Gottfrid Polson perhaps? 

Miles unknown Nov 1967
Joseph J Geasland, Walter L Miles, Jr & Unkown Woman
Nov 1967

Photo contributed by Colette Miles

Unknown Place Holder

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