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Hiram Lord

HIRAM LORD.  When this gentleman settled in Cherokee COunty it was indeed new, and neighbors were few and far between.  In the fall of 1870 he located on section 2, Diamond Township, and at that time C. H. Johnson, Charles White and R. B. Rutherford were the only settlers beside himself in the township east of the Maple; on the south there was not a house until near Ida Grove; all was a vast unbroken prairie, and woe to the belated traveler who chanced to be out on this wide expanse after nightfall.

Hiram Lord's ancestors were noted people.  His great-grandfather was Russell Lord, who came from England and became a soldier in the Revolutionary War, distinguishing himself in many actions of that terrible period.  A third of a century afterward, when England again laid an oppressive hand upon American citizens, his son, Russell Lord, Jr., became a soldier, and fought for the freedom of his country from the oppression of English tyranny.  Alonzo Lord, son of Russell Lord, Jr., was a fit man to be father to a pioneer, for it takes such blood to withstand the hardships and brave the dangers of frontier life.  Hiram Lord was born in the  historic town of Chautauqua, New York, September 14, 1833.  As has been stated, his father was Alonzo Lord, and his mother was Mary Crosby; she died when Hiram was but four years old, leaving three other small children: Harriet, who died in 1865; William, and Mary Jane, wife of William Gott.  The father was married afterward to Mrs. Sallie Shadock, a widow with four children, and by this union three other children were born:  Frederick was killed at Fort Richmond in 1863, aged twenty-two years; Lucy, wife of William Converse, and Hubert, who died in infancy.  Alonzo Lord died in 1877, at Batavia New York, aged eight four years; his widow died at Elgin, ILlinois, in 1881.

When Hiram Lord was sixteen years of age he went to live with his sister in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where he remained twelve years.  There he acquired a fair education in the public schools, and January 1, 1856, he was married to Miss Mary Jane Bates, who was born in Crawford County, July 18, 1835.  Her parents were P. H. and Emma J. (Fish) Bates, natives of the State of New York.  They were married in Pennsylvania and lived the remainder of their lives upon a farm which they had improved.  The close of a peaceful life came to them both about seven years ago, aged respectively eighty and seventy-five years.  Mr. Bates's death was the first to occur in a family consisting of nine children and the parents.  Mrs. Lord is the third child, all of whom are living.  After his marriage Mr. Lord lived about three years in Ohio, and then returned to Pennsylvania.  In 1867 he went to Portland, Michigan, where he remained two years, coming thence to Iowa.  One year was passed in Jasper County, and he then came to Cherokee County, and since that time his life has been closely interwoven with the history of the county.  His sphere of action has been limited, but within that sphere few men have accomplished more.  Five years ago Mr. Lord sold his old home, and removed to his present place  adjacent to the village of Aurelia, that his children might enjoy better educational privileges.  He and his wife have had six children: Eldorus, who died at the age of thirty-one years; Frank and Will, farmers in Holt County, Nebraska; Grant, Elton and Bessie May.  The Methodist Church casts its protecting arms about Mr. and Mrs. Lord, and he is a member of the I. O. G. T. His first vote was case for Fremont, and he has never since missed an opportunity to cast a Republican ballot.
Source: Biographical History of Cherokee County, IA, W. W. Dunbar & Co Publishers, 1889

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