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Clear Lake Mirror Reporter
Thursday, May 29, 2008
by Marianne Morf

School's Out
Community, Students and Staff Salute
Lincoln School On Its Final Day

The last day of school is always full of anticipation. But Friday, emotions were running especially high, as the public joined students and teachers in saying good-bye to Lincoln School. The school will not be re-opened in the fall. Instead, first and second graders will move into new classrooms at Clear Creek Elementary School. The School Board has announced Lincoln School and its 3.25 acre school yard are for sale. Friday morning an all-school assembly was held to remember Lincoln by placing items in a time capsule to be opened in 2058. The capsule will be buried near the flag pole at Clear Creek, according to Principal Mike BARKLEY.

"The students at Clear Creek are so excited to have you there," BARKLEY told the students. But while anticipation for a new building is high, students, staff and some guests at the program wanted to remember Lincoln on its final day.

Mayor Nelson CRABB said all three of his children, now ages 33, 35 and 37, attended Lincoln School. They shared memories ranging from sticking themselves with a stapler in art class, to having a special place outside where the girls could get away form the boys. There was also a vivid memory of the day Scott SUNTKEN cut off one of Amy MILLER'S braids in art class, he said with a laugh. "The important thing you'll remember are all your friends here, not just the brick and mortar," CRABB told students. He encouraged the students to write down their memories of Lincoln that evening and place them in a box to be opened when they graduate from high school.

Principal BARKLEY said he will mostly remember the many students he's known during their early years at Lincoln. But he admits he has a memory of a certain reading contest every time he walks into the small school gym. When he sees the stains on the burgundy stage curtains he is reminded of the students who threw pies at him after they won the reading contest. "They really plastered me," he said. "And after it was done we wiped it all up. But the pies left their marks on the curtains permanently. So every time I come in the gym I remember those kids -- I'll get them when they graduate."

BARKLEY started filling the school time capsule with his cell phone and Sponge Bob tie, much to the delight of students. Representatives of each class followed, adding items ranging from a Hannah Montana poster to drawings of the school. Class lists, notes from a meal worm experiment, math lessons, a school sweatshirt and book about Abraham LINCOLN were also among the many items placed in the capsule.

Staff member Art MARTELL was among those who had spent the most years in the school-- 28. Friday, he was enjoying watching the celebration.

"It all comes down to the kids," said MARTELL. "That's why we do what we do. I'll also have memories of working with a great, committed staff." Teachers Kim QUINTUS and Nancy BAKER agreed.

"We've always had a special team feeling here," said QUINTUS.

"And we're thrilled to be going to a new school together," BAKER added.

Mavis WHELAN transferred from Sunset School to work as the secretary at Lincoln for four years before retirement. The school also held a special place in her heart because she attend second and third grade at Lincoln.

"I've got good memories. I hate to see it go," she said while snapping photos and taking video of the flag lowering on the school lawn.

Lincoln School was built in 1926 on the corner of South 8th Street and 4th Avenue South at a cost of $38,000. The building was considered to be "state-of-the-art" for its modern conveniences such as a playroom, toilets, a shower and bath and several storage and utility rooms. Originally there were three rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade were supervised by Grace ANDERSON, as principal, for more than 30 years.

The first edition to the building in 1951 included a gymnasium, and in 1956 the sixth graders were moved to Central School. In 1986 five classrooms and an office were added. In the early 1990's an addition was made on the north side of the building.

K-1, 1952-53

K-2, 1952-53

year unknown

5th, 1952-53

1st, 1953-54

2nd, 1954-55

3rd & 4th, 1958

1985 Addition

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