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Des Moines Daily Leader
Des Moines, Iowa
Thursday, February 6, 1902

Linhoff Tells His Story

MASON CITY IA - Feb. 6 - August G. LINHOFF, husband of Mrs. L. K. LINHOFF, charged with the murder of Edwin C. BROMLEY, was on the stand all of yesterday in the Linhoff trial. His testimony was a repetition of the stories of previous witnesses in a greater part and he told in minute detail of the various squabbles which have wrought up the trouble between the families in the past.

The only sensational incident of the afternoon was when he told of the killing of BROMLEY by Mrs. LINHOFF.

He alleged that BROMLEY made a rush at him and that following BROMLEY came Mrs. BROMLEY with a club. He says that Mrs. BROMLEY threw the club and that it struck him upon the head, momentarily stunning him. When he recovered his senses he found himself clinched with BROMLEY and his wife opened fire with the revolver. He did not know at the time how many shots were fired.

Transcribed by Sharon R. Becker, March of 2011



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