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First Cerro Gordo County Courthouse, c. 1866

Cerro Gordo County is available for adoption!

If you are interested in becoming the new county coordinator for Cerro Gordo, please contact our Welcome Hostesses.

For all other questions or If you have material to contribute, please contact the temporary County Coordinator, Lynn. Please note that I do not do research, so those questions should be posted on the Queries Board.

Questions regarding cemetery plots or care of cemeteries should be directed to the recordkeeper for that cemetery. Any funeral home in the town nearest the cemetery wil have that person's name and contact information.

Featured Project: Census

The 1950 U.S. Federal Census is due to be released in April 2022, which is VERY EXCITING! However, several Federal and State censuses have yet to be transcribed and made available on IAGenWeb. Learn more and please consider volunteering to transcribe one or more Cerro Gordo County census schedules this year.