Cedar County, Iowa
Old Friends Cemetery
Springdale Township

also known as
West Branch Friends Cemetery & Friends Village Cemetery

Directions: Take Poplar Street from Main Street in West Branch. Go past the Quaker Church.
The cemetery is next to the public library. It is the green space at East College and North Downey Streets.

This was the orginal cemetery for the village of West Branch. It was established in 1853. In 1878, the Friends decided the burying ground was too small and closed the cemetery. (A few later burials were made under special circumstances.)

A new cemetery was established and it became known as the West Branch Cemetery.

In June of 1993, a monument naming Friends Village Cemetery, was dedicated to all those known to be buried in the orginal cemetery.

There are three original stones still standing however one is not readable. View Grave Stone Photos on Iowa Gravestone Photo Project.

The following names are on the monument.
Transcribed by Connie Street.

Last Name Given Name Death      Last Name Given Name Death
Albin Alonzo 1863      Mandelin Carl 1871
Albin Charles B. 1855      Maris Evalena 1880
Bates infant 1873      Marshall Laura 1877
Bennet J.H. n/d      Mather Philip 1868
Boggie Michael 1867      Maudlin Rachel 1859
Branson Hattie S. 1873      Maudlin Rachel Jr. 1861
Branson Herbert W. 1873      Maudlin Sarah 1861
Branson Lindley N. 1870      McClure Mary 1866
Brecher Philip 1873      McKernan John 1875
Brocken Maria L. 1860      McKernan Mabel 1877
Broadhead Maryetta 1871      Meiles Abbie 1875
Burritt Asa 1856      Miles Mary Hoover 1865
Butler Infant 1874      Miles Abbie A. 1875
Coggeshall Oliver T. 1877      Miles Mandie 1871
Coggeshall Alina Mary 1867      Miles Minnie 1872
Cook Lillian 1875      Minthorn Theodore 1866
Cope Oliver P. 1870      Modlin Amy F. n/d
Coulson Charles Oscar 1863      Moore infant n/d
Cowgill Phineas 1872      Oliphant William B. 1865
Crook Adda S. 1873      Painter Mary Ann 1877
Crook William 1876      Penrose Alton W. 1872
Crozer Edna Irene 1875      Phinny Dana 1856
Crozer Grables 1865      Pickering Lizzie 1875
Crozier Infant n/d      Pickering Rebecca B. n/d
Day Henry 1876      Pope Oliver 1875
Dean John n/d      Pritchard Benny 1862
Douglass Addien 1876      Pritchard Edwin 1858
Douglass Willie A. 1871      Pritchard lda Belle 1862
Douglass Emma May 1872      Raley Ellen 1876
Dubbel Ferdinand C. 1874      Reece Emery B. 1860
Dubbel William 1873      Reece Harry D. 1865
Dyhr James Anson 1880      Reece Mary A. 1860
Edmundson William 1870      Reece Daniel 1863
Folsom George S. 1870      Rogers Katherine n/d
Folsom Oscar 1873      Sedgwick Benny 1856
Gregg John P. 1865      Simonds William 1870
Gue Catherine 1876      Smith Clara n/d
Haines Phebe Ida 1878      Smith Clara (infant) n/d
Haines Rena Alice 1880      Staples Asa 1870
Harris Luna n/d      Staples Harry B. 1863
Harris O.J.H. n/d      Staples Judith 1877
Harris Ottis 1859      Staples Mary Blake 1865
Harris William H. 1866      Staples Oliver 1857
Hathaway Edward 1877      Steer Mary W. 1860
Heacock Anna 1873      Stratton Emma L. 1871
Heacock Mira 1876   Stuart Robert 1854
Heacock Alice C. 1876      Sultzer Valentine 1870
Heald Annie Hoover 1876      Talbott Lewis 1873
Hollingsworth Mary A. 1857      Tatum Beulah 1853
Hoover Delilah 1874      Thompson Amy 1866
Hoover Jesse 1856      Thompson Ann 1866
James Lewis 1854      Thompson John C. 1865
Jepson Sarah 1874      Thompson John C. 1861
Keeler A. Wattson 1863      Townsend Annie 1871
Keeler William J. 1865      Townsend Elma D. 1878
Kinsey James 1867   Townsend Jesse 1878
Kirk Esther W. 1863      Townsend Willie A. 1871
Kirk Hannah T. 1864      Vore Amanda Ellen 1877
Kirk Louisa M. 1863      Vore Edward LeRoy 1878
Kirk Solathiel G. 1868      Vore Jesse 1878
Kirk Timothy 1867      Vore ]oseph Blackburn 1872
Kleinfelter Elba 1863      Ward Eva 1873
Kremer Alice E. 1879      Watson Children of J.M. n/d
Kremer infant 1879      Way Lizzie n/d
Leech Rachel H. 1856      Weister Charles 1875
Linden J. 1857      Whitter Lydia 1871
Linden R.M. 1861      Winslow Phoebe 1873
Mackey Mary H. 1873      Yount Lewis 1876

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