Cedar County, Iowa

Pioneer Grove Cemetery
Pioneer Township

Directions from Mechanicsville, take Fox Avenue (X4F) north about 2 miles. Turn west onto Badge Road. After crossing Franklin Avenue, stop at the next farm to request access to the cemetery for it is required to cross private property to the site.

Source of this cemetery listing is from reference books, gravestone photos, death records and researcher personal records.

Submitted by Beverly Gerdts, December 30, 2014

s/s: Shares stone p/o: Parent of w/o: Wife of d/o: Daughter of
n/d: No date h/o: Husband of c/o: Child of s/o: Son of

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Last Name Given Name Birth Death Notes
Arthur Mae   12 Oct 1892 age 29yrs, 2ms, 17ds
Bardue Robert   24 Aug 1886 age 73yr, 1ms, 29ds
Bardue Mary 14 Apr 1819 28 Nov 1903 w/o Robert Bardue
Bardue Jane   14 Nov 1864 d/o R & M Bardue; age 20yrs, 6ms, 21ds
Bardue Angeline   28 Jan 1863 d/o R & M Bardue; age 17yrs, 2ms
Bardue Mary Ann   23 Dec 1864 d/o R & M Bardue; age 11yrs, 26ds
Bardue Elizabeth   1 Jul 1852 d/o R & M Bardue; age 6yrs, 21ds
Bardue Infant   1852 s/o R & M Bardue
Bardue Infant     s/o R & M Bardue
Bardue Infant   1854 d/o R & M Bardue
Bardue Esther   20 Oct 1879 age 61yrs, 6ms, 3ds
Bardue Mary L   16 Sep 1874 d/o J & L Bardue
Bardue Unknown   12 Mar 1871 age 30yrs, 7ds
Boyd James   29 Jan 1880 age 47ys, 11ms, 27ds
Bunce Infant   n/d d/o Wesley & Eliza Bince
Buroughs Margaret   28 Sep 1872 w/o T Buroughs; age 91yrs, 4ms, 28ds
Chapman Alman   27 Nov 1856 s/o J & MA Chapman; age 19yrs, 11ms, 14ds
Chapman John   6 Mar 1864 age 24yrs, 4ms, 12ds
Chapman Sarah A   21 Mar 1870  
Chapman Sylvester   5 Nov 1863 age 22yrs, 4 ms, 15ds
Coe John   15 Jul 1863 Co. H 35th Iowa Infantry Civil War
Fairley John W   1 Sep 1874 s/o C G & M H Fairley; age 3ms, 2ds
Gleason Amanda 22 Dec 1821 3 Feb 1855 w/o Myron Gleason; age 31yrs, 1ms, 11ds
Gleason Child   n/d c/o M & A Gleason
Helton John W   9 Nov 1864 age 53yrs, 5ms, 28ds
High James   12 Oct 1881 age 67yrs, 4ms, 23ds
High Betsey H   2 Sep 1880 w/o James High; age 63yrs, 4ms, 13ds
Hosterman John   1883  
Joy Emiline   17 Feb 1865 w/o Samuel Joy; age 45yrs
Justice George 24 Jan 1810 30 Oct 1893  
Justice Margaret W   1 Feb 1873 w/o George; age 60yr, 7ms, 2ds
Justice Mary   28 Sep 1890 d/o George & Martha Justice; age 52yrs, 4ms, 7ds
Kohl Mary Etta   4 Jul 1883 w/o Obediah Kohl; 25yrs, 1ms, 8ds
Lee George O   12 Mar 1871 age 30yrs, 7ds
Lockwood Culver J   16 Apr 1850 s/o James & L L Lockwood
Lockwood Louisa L 30 Jun 1826 24 Nov 1870 w/o James Lockwood
Lockwood Unknown   5 Jun 1858 s/o J & L Lockwood
Lockwood Unknown   18 Feb 1858  
Lockwood William   20 Oct 1852 s/o James & L L Lockwood
Pierce Aaron   7 Nov 1868 age 38yrs, 11ms, 16ds
Pierce Infant   n/d d/o Seward Pierce
Rigby Washington H 7 Nov 1840 23 Apr 1893 Co M 1st Iowa Vol Cav
Rigby Mary M 1846 1915 w/o Washington Rigby
Rigby Caleb P   27 Jul 1871  
Rigby Christina   17 Feb 1850  
Rigby Elizabeth   3 Oct 1870  
Rigby Sarah A   14 Apr 1866  
Scott James P   13 Jul 1871 age 34yrs, 6ms, 22ds
Scott Martha E 6 Feb 1876 11 Aug 1880  
Scott Linus R 31 May 1873 19 Aug 1880  
Soesbe William   n/d Co B 24th Iowa Inf
Soesbe Edith   30 Sep 1856  
Soesbe Samuel   15 Nov 1881  
Stearns Henry S   9 Oct 1852 s/o M & A Stearns; age 1yr, 5ms, 11ds
Taylor Jane E   11 May 1864  
Taylor Maude   n/d  
Todd Sarah A   21 Mar 1870 w/o W J Todd; age 26yrs, 7ms, 12ds

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