Cedar County, Iowa
Goodale Cemetery
Center Township

We are grateful to Robin Braddock who pointed out to us that the GPS location of Goodale Cemetery is incorrect. She explained that step-grandfather was a Goodale. This cemetery is south of where he and Gramma lived, not across the road.

submitted July 23, 2017

Directions from Route 38 (Tipton Road), turn west on Logan Avenue. Cross 255th Street and then turn west on Kings Avenue. After a mile or so, you will pass a homestead, on the west side of the road, followed by a cultivated field. At southern edge of the field there is a grassy strip which leads south west towards the trees. The little cemetery is by woods. One must park along Kings Avneue and then walk in to the cemetery.

s/s: Shares stone p/o: Parent of w/o: Wife of d/o: Daughter of
n/d: No date h/o: Husband of c/o: Child of s/o: Son of

Last Name Given Name Birth Death Notes
Beltz Geneva   14 Aug 1864 5 m 7 d - d/o Elias & Fidelia
Cornell Samuel B.   31 Jan 1869 72 y 5 m 6 d
Goodale Marvin 19 Sep 1796 9 Dec 1882  
Goodale Phebe 24 Jun 1804 13 Nov 1857 w/o Marvin
Goodale Martin   7 Oct 1857 20 y 11 m 24
Goodale Laura   20 Dec 1853 24 y 5 m 21 d - d/o Marvin & Phebe
Long Mary E.   21 Aug 1871 19 y 7 m 15 d
McNeal Estella 17 Jan 1871 May 1871 d/o J. & S.

Also found one footstone with the initials H. C.

Page updated July 23, 2017

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