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Anita Group at Hanging Rock

Anita - Hanging Rock

The undated photo above is from the studio of W. H. Dinsmore, Anita, Iowa. Notation on the back says "Hanging rock" with a list of names: Rev. Johnson, Fred Johnson, Edna Doop, Mrs. Shaffer, Bert Humpreys, ---- Humpreys, Grace McDade, Mrs. F. H. Scars, Mr. Dinsmore, Chas. Talbot, Chas. Romick, Mabel Beckhart, Leona Talbot, Belle Irving.

There is a Hanging Rock area in Dallas County, near Redfield. Could that be where the photo was taken?

Anita - Hanging Rock Back of Photo

Contributed by Vicki Park, January, 2010, from the Nora Belle Irving Copley photo collection.
For further information, please contact Vicki.

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