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BookA Glimpse of the Past Lewis - Indexed Area Towns
BookAnita Quasquicentennial1875 - 2000Area Towns
BookAt Home in Massena Area Towns
AlbumAtlantic Photo Heritage Vol 1-3Area Towns
BookCentennial History Book of Anita1875 - 1975Area Towns
BookCumberland Iowa1884-1984Area Towns
BookGriswold Centennial 100 year History1879-1979Area Towns
NBGriswold Soldiers Reunion - 100 Years2012 B IrhkeArea Towns
BookletHistorical Lewis Iowa Area Towns
BookHistory of Wiota 1873-1973Area Towns
BookLand & Memories, Now & Then Griswoldfrom Berneice IrhkeArea Towns
NBLewis Hitchcock House Area Towns
NBLewis Iowa 150 Year Birthday Celebration 2004from Berneice IrhkeArea Towns
NBLewis Photos Area Towns
NBLewis: Ferry House, Crystal Lake, Cold Springs Area Towns
BookMarne Iowa - the First Century1875-1975Area Towns
BookMemories of Lorah Area Towns
NBPictures of AtlanticDeb HerbertArea Towns
BookThe Turning of a Century - Massena Iowa1886-1986Area Towns
NBTown of Lewis Area Towns
FolderWiota1854Area Towns
AlbumWiota Iowa Centennial1873-1973Area Towns
BookAtlantic 100 Yrs Pioneer/Progress 1868-1968from John RuhrAtlantic
BookAtlantic Census - Iowa1925Atlantic
BookAtlantic City Directories 1992-2000, 2002, 2004, 2007-2008, 2010Atlantic
BookAtlantic City Directories 1962, 1970, 1973, 1975-76, 1978-79, 1981-1990Atlantic
BookAtlantic News Telegraph Industrial Edition1912Atlantic
BookCity of Atlantic1902Atlantic
BookImages of America Atlantic 2010 Hoogeveen & PutnamAtlantic
BookImages of America Cass County 2011Hoogeveen & PutnamAtlantic
BookInsurance Map Atlantic 1931CassAtlantic
BookIowa State Historical Society Photo CollectionCuykendall CollectionAtlantic
NBPictures of Atlantic1902Atlantic
NBPostcards of Atlantic Atlantic
BookSo This Is Atlantic - League of Women Voters Atlantic
NBAtlantic 85 Progressive Years1868-1953Atlantic
NBAtlantic City Directory1917Atlantic
NBAtlantic City Directory1920Atlantic
BookAutobiography of Fauna SchwenkeFauna SchwenkeBiography
BookEarly Settlement and Growth of Western IowaRev. John ToddBiography
BookHired Hands An Oral History IFloyd E. PearceBiography
BookHired Hands An Oral History IIFloyd E. PearceBiography
BookJohn Chambers Autobiography Gov of Iowa TerritoryJohn Chambers, John ParishBiography
BookMemory Trail L. F. Gingery 1970Biography
NBAtlantic Directory 1880-81 , Farmers Directory 18941880-81, 1894Cass Co
BookAtlas Cass County 1900CassCass Co
BookAtlas Cass County 1917CassCass Co
BookAtlas Cass County 1955, 1953 insertCassCass Co
NBCass Co Deaths - 1904, 1905, 1906not on microfilmCass Co
BookCass Co Directories 1980-1999Farm & Home PlatsCass Co
BookCass Co Directories 2000-2014Farm & Home PlatsCass Co
BookCass Co Directories 1962-1979Farm & Home PlatsCass Co
NBCass Co District Court Wills Microfilm1894Cass Co
NBCass Co Map Townships1875Cass Co
PlatCass County - Bad Condition1917Cass Co
PlatCass County - Bad Condition1900Cass Co
PlatCass County - Better Condition1917Cass Co
PlatCass County - Better Condition1950Cass Co
BoxCass County and Atlantic Map Cass Co
NBCass County Andreas History Index1875Cass Co
PlatCass County Atlas including Plat1900Cass Co
NBCass County Births & Deaths2002-2011Cass Co
NBCass County Census - Federal1860Cass Co
NBCass County Census - Federal1870Cass Co
NBCass County Census - Iowa 1856Cass Co
BookCass County Census - Iowa 1885Cass Co
BookCass County Census - Iowa 1925Cass Co
BookCass County Census - IA 1856, Federal 18601856 & 1860Cass Co
BoxCass County Iowa & Montgomery Co Tennessee Cass Co
NBCass County Maps1881Cass Co
BoxCass County Plat Maps1989-90 1990 1995 Cass Co
BoxCass County Plat Maps1991-92 1997 1997-98Cass Co
BoxCass County Plat Maps2000-2001Cass Co
BoxCass County Plat Maps 1950 1963 1969-70 Cass Co
NBCass County Post Offices Cass Co
NBCass County Township Maps1849, 1853, 1875Cass Co
NBCountry Schools Cass Co
NBEarly Cass Co Marriages - also Shelby Co1880Cass Co
NBFarms & Ranches Cass County1966Cass Co
BookIowa County Map1924Cass Co
NBIowa Farmers Directory - Cass County1892Cass Co
NBIowa Farmers Directory - Cass County1902Cass Co
BookMap Guide to US Federal Census1890-1920Cass Co
BookPictoral Atlas: Cass 1965, 1975, 1989, 2003CassCass Co
BookPlat Cass County 1942CassCass Co
NBCass County History 1980 3 Volumes1980Cass Co History
NBCass County History Index 2 Volumes AL & MZ1980Cass Co History
BookCompendium History & Biography Cass Co 1906Cass Co History
BookExposition Souvenir Album, Cass Co 1904from Linda HermanCass Co History
BookHistory of Cass Co Iowa1884Cass Co History
BookHistory of Cass County 1877Lafe YoungCass Co History
NBIndex of Ohio Pioneers Migrated to Cass Co1894Cass Co History
BookPictorial History of Cass County IA Cass Co History
NBEarly Marriages Cass & Lee Counties1857-1864Cass/Lee Counties
NBCass County Cemeteries Updated2 NotebooksCemeteries
NBCass County Cemeteries with Pictures1999Cemeteries
BookCass County Cemetery Records Vol 1 - 31985Cemeteries
NBCass County WPA Cemetery Records - with disc1930Cemeteries
PlatsCemetery Cemeteries
NBDAR Graves in Cass County1928Cemeteries
NBDAR Lewis & Reno Cemeteries Cemeteries
MapEvergreen CemeteryMapCemeteries
NBEvergreen Cemetery 2016 UpdateCemeteries
BoxFlint Cemetery Index CardsPottawattamie CoCemeteries
NBLewis Cemetery Records and Tapes Cemeteries
MapLincoln Center CemeteryMapCemeteries
NBPottawattamie County Vol 1 & 2Pottawattamie CoCemeteries
MapSouth Highland CemeteryMapCemeteries
MapSouthlawn Memorial GardensMapCemeteries
BookWPA Guide to 1930'sISU PressCemeteries
FolderCensus Research Kit - Iowa1840-1920Census
Box Bear Grove Congregational BaptismsProtestantChurch Directory
Box Brayton Lutheran Church 1971ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Brayton Lutheran Church 1982-1983ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Centennial Guide to St. Joseph's Earling 1892-1992CatholicChurch Directory
Box Ebenezer Lutheran 1894-1994ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Evangelical Free Directory 2015ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Exira Lutheran Audubon Co 1977ProtestantChurch Directory
Box First Presbyterian DirectoryProtestantChurch Directory
Box First Presbyterian Family PhotosProtestantChurch Directory
Box German Evangelical Friends Church 1912ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Holy Cross Lutheran AnitaProtestantChurch Directory
Box Lutheran Pioneers - BavarianProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1868-1968ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1869-1994ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1972-1975ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1981ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1985ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Methodist 1993ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Our Savior's Evangelical Lutheran AudubonProtestantChurch Directory
Box Pope John Paul visitCatholicChurch Directory
Box Presbyterian 2001ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Robbery: St Peter & Paul August 19, 1932CatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul History of PriestsCatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul 1873-1993CatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul 1988 DirectoryCatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul 1992 DirectoryCatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul Atlantic 1873-1998CatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul Atlantic 1893-1973CatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul Atlantic Family Photos 1982CatholicChurch Directory
Box St Peter & Paul Family Photos 2004CatholicChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 1883-1958ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 1883-1983ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 1883-2008ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 1995ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 2004ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Pauls' Lutheran 2008ProtestantChurch Directory
Box St. Peter & Paul Memorial Souvenirs 1893-1921CatholicChurch Directory
Box UCC Family PhotosProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Evangelical 1877-1997ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Lutheran 90th Anniversary 1967ProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Lutheran Family PicturesProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Lutheran Family PicturesProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Lutheran Family PicturesProtestantChurch Directory
Box Zion Lutheran Family PicturesProtestantChurch Directory
NBAdams Family History
NBAeschlimann, Eshelman Family History
BAmerican Ancestry 9 Volumes Pre-Declaration of Independence1887-1894Family History
NBAncestor Charts CCGS Members Family History
BookAncestors of Benjamin Kieth Jameson Family History
BookAncestors of Elenore & Ann Louise MilesWood & WoodFamily History
Box DBabb Family History
DVDBaker, Lewis, Roberts, Glass Family History
NBBaker, Lewis, Roberts, Glass, Hodges, Johnson, Banker, Suggetts, Youell, Lee, Hutchinson Family History
NBBarnard Family History
Box GBarnwell Family History
Box ABecker Family History
CDBell Family History
Box ABerg-Saemisch Family History
NBBerry Family History
NBBoseck Family History
Box ABrehmer Family History
NBButler Family Family History
NBCamp, Weiderman, Skow, Hyatt, Knowles, McCleenahan, Smith, Vance Family History
BookCarey, Furman, Winder Family Family History
NBCCGS Corporate Records Family History
NBCCGS Dell Manual - Computer Family History
NBCCGS History1978Family History
NBCCGS Meetings2013-2015Family History
BCCGS Newsletters1985-2011Family History
NBCCGS Newsletters2012-2016Family History
Box AChapman Family History
NBChenoweth Family History
BookChrist & Maren Rasmussen Hansen Family History
BookChristian & Katherine Hansen Family Family History
BookClan McGeorgeKriebsFamily History
BookCron, Stoll Family History
BookDane Immigrants Named Rasmussen 1868-1903Frederick J. HansenFamily History
BookDanielsLeroy Judson DanielsFamily History
BookDawn to Dusk: Cole & Bishop Family History
BookDeGarmo Marshall Family Family History
BookDescendants of John Green & Paul Prose Family History
Box GDriftmier-Field Family History
BookEarl & Arrell Families - Ireland to North America Family History
Box AEllis-Dimig Family History
NBEsbeck Family History
NBEvalyn Parrott Scott Family History
BFamily of DF & Louise Rathkamp Wohlenhaus1891-1991Family History
Box AFitzsimmons Family History
NBFitzsimmons, Gingerich, Goodale Family History
Box AFoote Family History
BFriedrich Uhlig Family in America & Germany Family History
BookGeer Family Family History
BGenealogie Family Stelling LangendammWilhelm StellingFamily History
BookGeorge Noble Howell Family History
NBGerlach Books I & II Family History
Box AGingerich Family History
NBGoff Family History
Box AGoodale Family History
BookGraue Family History
NBGuske Family History
Box AGuske Family History
Box AHampel-Gerlach Family History
Box AHansen  Family History
NBHarris Family History
Box FHeckman Family History
BookHenry & Henrietta P Raun Hansen Family History
NBHerbert Family History
BookHickman Family History 6 Volumes, Index Family History
Box AHilborn Family History
NBHistory of our Clans: Bell, Brown, Davidson Family History
BookHoneywell I & II Family History
NBHowell Family Family History
NBHowell Letters Family History
BookHuntoons Family History
Box Dhussey Family History
NBJoyce Family Family History
NBKay - Sanny Connection Family History
Box BKearney-Blake Family History
NBKight & Webster Family History
NBKimball I & II Family History
BookKluever Family History
Box BKluver-Kluever Family History
Box BKringel Family History
NBLamb Family I & II Family History
NBLeppo Family History
BookLewis Conley Bishop: Ancestors & Descendants Family History
NBLincoln I & II Family History
BookLink That Binds Vol II ParrottEvalyn Parrott ScottFamily History
BookL. P. & Ella M. Rasmussen, Citizens of Brayton, Audubon County, Iowa 1905-1961Frederick J. HansenFamily History
NBMack/Roestel Family, Miller - Kay Family History
NBMason, Shapman, Powell, Craig Family History
Box BMc Coy Family History
BookMcCord Family History & Appendix Family History
NBMcKee, William T Ancestors/Descend 13 generations  Family History
BMeet the Tisdales Family History
Box BMeredith Family History
NBMeyer 1832-1978Family History
BookMiller - Young and Allied LinesAnn Clark MillerFamily History
BookMonograph of Colonial History - NicholsGay Nichols-HydrickFamily History
Box BMusset-Muzzy Family History
BookMy First 10 YearsDavid BeaudouinFamily History
BookMy Glimpses II: A Further Look into a Family PastRon KennedyFamily History
BookMy Glimpses of Family Past: His Iowa Adair Co RootsRon KennedyFamily History
BookNeilsen/Nelson Family Family History
Box BNelson Family History
Box GNelson-Hanson Family History
NBNorris, McCoy, Slaughter, Burrier, FreelandRuth McCoy MullerFamily History
BookOakwood 3 Volumes Family History
Box GOglesby Family History
BookParrott Family History
Box GParrott (2) Family History
NBPellett Family History
Box BPellett Family History
NBPellett Garden StoryNorman PellettFamily History
NBPigsley/Watson/Smedley Family History
Box FPocahontas Family History
Box GPolkinghorn Family History
Box FPond-Buckley (2) Family History
Box FPorter Family History
FolderPrall Family Association Newsletters 1990-1995 Family History
FolderPrall Family Association Newsletters 1996-2000 Family History
NBRattenborg Family History
Box CRatz-Retz Family History
NBRoberts/Robarts Family Family History
NBRudolph Ruck Ancestors & Descendants Allied Lines: Drenter, Schafer, Mehlmann Family History
Box CSage (2) Family History
Box CSarsfield Family History
NBSchaaf, Eilts, Brauer - Cass County Families Schaeffer Genealogy Family History
BookSoren Jorgensen Haahr Family History
BStevenson Family Tree Family History
BStickler Family Family History
Box DStoddard Family History
BookStrong Women Four Generations 1858 - 1982Virginia S. JonesFamily History
BookTales of an Old Horsetrader The First Hundred YearsLeroy Judson Daniels / Helen S. HerrickFamily History
NBTaylor Family History
BookThe Lees of Virginia Paul C Nagel 1990Family History
BThe Swiss Family Rusterholtz in AmericaWallace P RusterholtzFamily History
BookThomas Green: Life Tapestry of LoveThomas GreenFamily History
Box CThurman Family History
NBTurk, Knight, Reeves, Rimby, Robinson, Silver, Butcher Family History
BTyler Family History
Box AVanNordstrand Family History
BWahlerts 1866-1996H. M. WahlertFamily History
BWahlerts of Southwest IowaH. M. WahlertFamily History
Box CWalker Family History
Box CWarren (3) Family History
Box DWeilenman Family History
Box CWeston Family History
Box GWhisler Family History
Box CWhite Family History
Box CWhitford Family History
NBWilson, Pigsley, Ward, Weihs, Marsh, Morgan, Will, Robinson Family History
BWohlenhaus Genealogy1825-1983Family History
Box DZellmer Family History
BookBlue Haven1980Family Stories
BookCharlotte Isabelle Jack Voss1916-1983Family Stories
BookEmily's StoryClark Kidder 2007Family Stories
BookJames L Voss1994Family Stories
BookLife and MemoriesLeonard W BlunkFamily Stories
BookMe and Kirkland During the DepressionRay BishopFamily Stories
BookMinnie's MemoriesMinnie Ellen PalmerFamily Stories
BookMy Folks Claimed the PlainsVirginia Haggart & Dorothy HarveyFamily Stories
BookTales of Today 1994Chester LarsonFamily Stories
BookThe Birthing Kitchen: Memories of Mrs. Briston's Hotel1999Family Stories
BookThe Dodge Family Family Stories
BookDating Old Photographs 1840 - 1929 Genealogy
BookFinding Your Roots memory of Jim CareyJanice Schultz 2013Genealogy
BookMayflower Birth & DeathSusan E Roser 1992Genealogy
BookMayflower MarriagesSusan E Roser 1990Genealogy
BookThe Great Ancestor HuntLila PerlGenealogy
BookVirginia Genealogies and Family HistoriesDonald O VirdinGenealogy
BookA Glimpse of Iowa in 1846William J. PetersenHistory
BookA History of The Danes in IowaThomas Peter Christensen - mem. Delbert ChristensenHistory
BookA Manual about Schleswig Holstein1991History
BookA New Life: Danish emigration to North AmericaNiels Peter Stilling & Anne Lisbeth Olsen History
BookAmerican Marriage Records before 1699William Montgomery Clemens 1979History
VHSAtlantic's First 125 YearsBebensee, Moorman, HerbertHistory
BookBoat Building on the Mississippi History
CalendarCass County Celebrates 150 Years of IA Statehood1996History
BookCrystal Lake 2012Roy MarshallHistory
BookDAR Patriot Index History
BookDAR Patriot Index 1982 Supplement History
BookDAR Patriot Index Vol II History
DVDEllis IslandHistory ChannelHistory
BookExplore Iowa's Historic Mormon Trail History
BookFrontier Women Iowa ExperienceGlenda Riley 1981History
BookGalland's Iowa Emigrant: Containing a Map, and General Descriptions of Iowa Territory History
BookGenealogy of Virginia Families, Vol 1, A - CL1982History
DVDGermany History Book Collections History
BookGuide to the Open Air Museum of Schleswig Holstein History
BookHarriet Tubman 1886Sarah BradfordHistory
BookHarriet Tubman Secret Agent Thomas B Allen 2006History
BookHigh Points of Iowa History Eugene N Hastie 1966History
BookHistory and Legends of Place Names in Iowa The Meaning of Our MapLeon C. HillsHistory
VHSHitchcock HouseBerniece IhrkeHistory
BookHitchcock House Floyd Pearce & Dana Kunza 2008History
BookHitchcock House Tour Guide Books History
BookI Remember, I RememberCyrenus Cole / Benjamin F ShambaughHistory
BookIowa A Bicentennial HistoryJoseph Frasier WallHistory
BookIowa and Counties of Iowa 1855published 1940History
BookIowa Conservationist - Mormon Trail1990History
BookJohn Brown's RaidMel GoldbergHistory
BookJohn Todd Underground Railroad biography 2006James Patrick MorganHistory
BookLest We ForgetBert L. DickasonHistory
BookLest We Forget - Civil WarJohn C MartinHistory
BookLewis and Clark in IowaClay S. JenkinsonHistory
BookLine Between Two Rivers: History of Telephony - Iowa1991History
BookNY Times Front Page for March 14 of 1954-2014Events 1900 - 1990History
BookOur Yuletide Heritage History
DVDPaddy Whacked Irish MobHistory ChannelHistory
BookPrairie Voices Iowa's Pioneering WomanEd. - Glenda Riley 1996History
BookPrayin to be Set Free - WPA StoriesEdited - Andrew WatersHistory
VHSRace to Freedom: Mississippi to CanadaBerniece IhrkeHistory
BookReminiscences of a Long Life (Early Days in Brighton Township)Wilbur H. SarsfieldHistory
BookShips of Our AncestorsMichael J Anute 1983History
BookSixty Sketches of Iowa's Past & Present 1973William J WagnerHistory
BookSome Historic Markers in Iowa 1943Susie Webb WrightHistory
BookStagecoach Trails in IowaInez E KirkpatrickHistory
BookState College of Iowa - Stories of IowaIrving H HartHistory
BookStories of Iowa DAR Gift to CCGS June 1963Irving H. HartHistory
BookTesson's Orchard Floyd E Pearce 1996History
BookThe Brave Ones: Early Iowa Pioneer WomanBeverly Larsen 1971History
BookThe Counties and Court Houses of Iowa LeRoy G Pratt 1977History
BookThe Detectives Villisca Axe Murder Roy Marshall 2001History
BookThe Hands of Time 2010 mem of Norman AunanElsie PaulsenHistory
BookThe Iowa Indians A Brief HistoryThomas Peter ChristensenHistory
BookThe Iowa Mormon Trail Legacy of Faith and CourageSusan Easton Black & William G. Hartley 1997History
BookThe Iowa Mormon Trail Yesterday and TodayWilliam E Hill 1996History
DVDThe MayflowerHistory ChannelHistory
BookThe Story of Iowa The Progress of an American StateWilliam J. PetersenHistory
DVDThe Story of Molly MaguiresHistory ChannelHistory
BookTimes to RememberEthel Scar 1986History
BookTracing Your Civil War AncestorBertram H GroeneHistory
VHSUnderground Railroad HomesBerniece IhrkeHistory
BookUnderground Railroad National Park Handbook History
BookWend Your Way - Guide Sites IA Mormon TrailL Matthew ChatterleyHistory
DVDWest by Orphan TrainClark KidderHistory
DVDWhere the Past Comes AliveHistory ChannelHistory
NBImmigration Records Index Immigration
FolderDAR Information Info File
BoxDell Optiplex 9030 All-In-One Computers Info Info File
FolderGenealogy Free Sites Info File
FolderMeaning of Carvings on Tombstones. Info File
FolderRailroad Info Info File
FolderTombstone Phrases Info File
FolderTombstone Symbols Info File
FolderVets Buried in Cass County Info File
BookAnnals of Iowa 1986 Iowa
BookAnnals of Iowa Volume 1 - 1863William J PetersenIowa
BookAT Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas State of Iowa1875Iowa
BookIowa Christmas MemoriesGlenda FarrierIowa
BoxIowa Township Directory  Iowa
BookSectional Map Iowa 1875CassIowa
BookLyrical Iowa 1989 Local PoetsL Bagggenstoss, L HuntLocal Poetry
BookLyrical Iowa 1990 Local PoetsL Bagggenstoss, L HuntLocal Poetry
BookLyrical Iowa 1991 Local PoetsL Bagggenstoss, L HuntLocal Poetry
BookThe Noise the Earth Makes edited by Floyd PearceMichael A CareyLocal Poetry
M FilmAnita Tribune, Massena Echo, Lewis Weekly Standard Microfilm
M FilmANT 1874 - July 15, 1920 Microfilm
M FilmANT July 15, 1920 - Sept 1954 Microfilm
M FilmANT Mar 2004 - Current Microfilm
M FilmANT May 1983 - Feb 2004  Microfilm
M FilmANT Oct 1954 - Apr 1983 Microfilm
M FilmCass Co Early Birth, Death, Marriage Records Microfilm
M FilmCensus / Cumberland Enterprise Microfilm
M FilmCity of Atlantic Council Meetings 1870 - 1968 Microfilm
Calendar2006 Calendar American Legion Memorial BldgJohn FlemingMilitary
MagAmerican Legion Commemorative God & Country1991Military
Book American Legion in Iowa1919-1929Military
BookAmerican Legion Memorial Bldg Historical Overview2003 James E JacobsenMilitary
NBAmerican Legion Memorial Bldg Historical Overview2003 James E JacobsenMilitary
NBArmed Forces Registration Records: AB, C, D-F, GH Military
NBArmed Forces Registration Records: I-L, M, Mc-O  Military
NBArmed Forces Registration Records: P-Q, R, S Military
NBArmed Forces Registration Records: TUV, WXYZ Military
NBCass County 1883 Pension RollCivil WarMilitary
NBCass County in the World WarWWIMilitary
BookCass County in the World WarWWIMilitary
NBCass County Veterans WWIIAbel - ZouchaMilitary
BookCompany K - 50 Years 1941-1945Military
FolderDead & Missing WWIIState of IowaMilitary
NBDeath/Burials Veterans Cumberland, Anita, Massena  Military
BookDedication Monuments to Iowa SoldiersCivil WarMilitary
BookDedication of Monuments Military
BookDiary of WWIIBill BeekmanMilitary
AlbumGARCivil WarMilitary
MagHome Front WWII - Iowa Cedar Rapids Gazette1941-1945Military
BookIA, KS, NE Civil War Veterans 2007 mem Jeannie BrodersenMilitary
MagIKE A Soldiers Crusade1969Military
BookIowa Hornets Nest Brigade Reunion 1912Civil WarMilitary
BookIowa Soldiers: Roster & Record - 6 volumesCivil WarMilitary
NBLewis Iowa Civil War Veterans2 volumesMilitary
BookList - Ex-Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines living in Iowa1886Military
BookMilitary Service Records IndexNational ArchivesMilitary
BookMontgomery Co Iowa 50th Anniversary WWIIWWIIMilitary
BookMud, Mules, and Mountains Bill Mauldinfrom Earl GarsideMilitary
NBNational Personnel Record Center Fire St Louis1973Military
BookNormandy to the Eagles Nest - WWII Memorial Tour Military
BookReaders Digest Illustration History of WWII Military
BookRevolutionary War GenealogyGeorge SchweitzerMilitary
BookRevolutionary War Soldiers & Patriots Buried in IowaRevolutionaryMilitary
NBService Record WWIIAnita & CommunityMilitary
BookSouthwest Iowa War VeteransJohn FlemingMilitary
FolderThe Incredible Patrol 101st US AirborneCpl. Russ IngelMilitary
BookThe Price of Our HeritageW E RobbMilitary
BookThe Story of ShilohDeLong RiceMilitary
BookThis Damn Tree Leaks Bill Mauldinfrom Earl GarsideMilitary
FolderUS Navy WWII CasualtiesPub 1946Military
MagVanishing Heros - The BulletinWWIIMilitary
MagVFW Commemorative1991Military
BookVolunteer Citizen Soldiers1930-1945Military
BookWeekly Bulletins - Vietnam Edited by Harley HowellVietnamMilitary
NBWWII MemoriesJohn FlemingMilitary
BookWWII Memories - Iowans Who Served with PrideJohn FlemingMilitary
NBWWII Pictures - 24th Army Division Pacific Military
FolderAbandoned Towns Pottawattamie County2014Neighboring County
BoxAdair 2000-2001MapsNeighboring County
BookAdair Co History1976Neighboring County
BookAdair Co Iowa 1851-2001Neighboring County
BookAdair County 1860 Census1860Neighboring County
BookAdair County Plat1901Neighboring County
BoxAdams 1997-1998MapsNeighboring County
BookAtlas of Crawford County1920Neighboring County
BookAtllas Page CountyPageNeighboring County
BoxAudubon 1991-1992, 1995MapsNeighboring County
BookAudubon 1930 Atlas Neighboring County
BookAudubon Farm Atlas Historical Review1851-1955Neighboring County
BookBicenternnial Souvenir 1776 - 1976AdamsNeighboring County
BookBiographical History Shelby & Audubon Counties1889Neighboring County
BookBiographical Pottawattamie Co1891Neighboring County
NBCalhoun Co & Madison Co Early Marriages1856-84, 1849-80Neighboring County
BookCalhoun Co History1854-1982Neighboring County
BookCentennial History Book Oakland Iowa1882-1982Neighboring County
BookCity of Casey1869-1994Neighboring County
BookClayton Co Iowa - Memories & Heritage1997Neighboring County
BookCouncil Bluffs 1994 City Directory1994Neighboring County
BookCrawford County History1926-1960Neighboring County
BookDenison Iowa1856-2006Neighboring County
BookDes Moines Business District Neighboring County
BookDiagonal Iowa1888-1988Neighboring County
BookEarly Iowa Marrages Shelby County1853-1862Neighboring County
BookElk Horn Iowa1868-1918, 2000Neighboring County
BookExira 100 Years1857-1957Neighboring County
BookExira Iowa1857-1982Neighboring County
BookFederal Census for Iowa 1850 Page County1850Neighboring County
BoxHarlan 1981, 83, 87, 89, 91, 93, 95, 97 MapsNeighboring County
BookHistory of Adair Co Vol I & II Neighboring County
BookHistory of Appanoose Co Iowa1878Neighboring County
BookHistory of Audubon 1878-1978Neighboring County
BookHistory of Brayton1878-1978Neighboring County
BookHistory of Crawford County I & II1911Neighboring County
BookHistory of Decatur County Iowa Neighboring County
BookHistory of Jo Daviess Illinois (Dubuque area)1904Neighboring County
BookHistory of Montgomery Co1881Neighboring County
BookHistory of Pottawattamie County1882Neighboring County
BookHistory of Stuart Iowa1870-1970Neighboring County
BookHistory of Treynor Iowa1961Neighboring County
BookIda County1846-1996Neighboring County
BookImages of the Past Page County1997Neighboring County
BookJesse James Train Robbery Neighboring County
BookKimballton1883-1983Neighboring County
BookMemories of Casey1869-1969Neighboring County
NBMonona & Shelby Marriages1856-1880Neighboring County
BoxMontgomery 2000-2001, 1991-1992MapsNeighboring County
BookMontgomery Co Census 18561856Neighboring County
NBNewsletters - Surrounding CountiesNeighboring CountyNeighboring County
BookNodaway IowaAdamsNeighboring County
BookPage County AtlasPageNeighboring County
BookPage County Iowa1984Neighboring County
BookPast & Present of Shelby Co Iowa I, II, & III1915, 1916-1976Neighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Audubon 1988AudubonNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Iowa Counties 1961Iowa CountiesNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Montgomery 1899 - 1900 MontgomeryNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Pottawattamie 1885PottawattamieNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Pottawattamie 1955 - 1956PottawattamieNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Pottawattamie 1967PottawattamieNeighboring County
BookPictoral Atlas: Shelby 1965 ShelbyNeighboring County
BookPlat Book Pottawattamie Co1935Neighboring County
BookPolk Naturalizations / Declarations of IntentMay 1848 - Oct 1889Neighboring County
BoxPottawattamie 1975-1976, 1993-1994, 2000-2001MapsNeighboring County
BookPottawattamie County History1978Neighboring County
BookPride in the Past, Hope in the Future - Adair Co1872-1972Neighboring County
BookRecalling Crawford County1956-1963Neighboring County
BookRockwell City's 100 Years, Calhoun County1876-1976Neighboring County
BoxShelby 1999, 2000, 2004MapsNeighboring County
BookThe Brave Ones Early Iowa Pioneer WomenBeverly LarsenNeighboring County
BookVillisca Memories1853-1976Neighboring County
BookWalnut Walk Down Memory Lane1871-1996Neighboring County
BookWalnut Memories1966Neighboring County
Book30,000 names of Immigrants of PA 1727-1776RuppResearch
BookAlumni Today, University of Iowa2011Research
BookBiographical Dictionary Iowa1878Research
BookCass Country History Book Research
BookConsumer Guide Tracing Your Roots Research
BookDanish Emigrants to the USLarsen/BenderResearch
FolderDanish Immigrants Coming to Cass CountyMay 1868 - July 1903Research
BookFamily Tree Guide Book Research
BookGenealogical Dictionary of New EnglandVol 1 A-CResearch
BookGenealogical Guidebook & Atlas of DenmarkSmith & ThomsenResearch
BookGenealogical Handbook of German ResearchLarry D JensenResearch
BookGenealogy Companion and SourcebookEmily CroonResearch
BookGenealogy Handy Book 7 Research
BookGerman Settlers of IowaMargaret Krug PalenResearch
BookGerman/English Genealogy DictionaryErnest ThodeResearch
BookGuide to Genealogical Research National Archives Research
BookGuide to Spelling & Pronounciation of German NamesArtu F JohnsonResearch
BookHamilton County Illinois 175 Years Research
BookHandbook for Genealogist Vol 6 Research
BookHistory of Durham Connecticut 1662-1866Wm Chauncey FowlerResearch
BookIn Search of Your European RootsAngus BaxterResearch
BookIt's Danish Research
BookLibrary Guide to LDS Family History Library Research
BookLocating Lost Family Members and FriendsKathleen HinckleyResearch
BookMap Guide to German Parish Registers: Oldenburg & Schleswig-HolsteinHansenResearch
BookMap Guide to Hesse Research
BookMayflower Families through 5 GenerationsVol 1, Part 1 & 3Research
BookNational Archives Guide to Field Branches Research
BookNew Cassell's Danish Dictionary Research
BookNew Cassell's German Dictionary Research
BookNew England History & Genealotical Register Vol 155July 2001Research
BookNew England Marriages Prior to 1700William M ClemensResearch
BookNorth and South Carolina Marriage RecordsWilliam M ClemensResearch
BookNorth Carolina Genealogical Research Research
BookOn Doing Local HistoryCarol KammenResearch
BookOriginal Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700John Conden HottenResearch
BoxOther Researce MaterialsMarilyn H WellauerResearch
BookPlymouth Colony Its History and People 1620-1691Eugene Aubrey StattonResearch
BookPlymouth Plantation 1620-1647William BradfordResearch
BookPolish Family Tree Surnames Vol 2, 3, 4, 5Thaddous ObalResearch
BookPreserving Your American HeritageNorma WrightResearch
BookSeneca County Ohio History and FamiliesTurnerResearch
BookThe Art of Ancestor HuntingOscar F StettorResearch
BookThe Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol 1Charles HallResearch
BookThe Danish Genealogical HelperKowallis/PoulsenResearch
BookThe Great Migration: Immigrants to New Eng Vol 5 I-L1634-1635Research
BookThe Mayflower and her PassentersCaleb H JohnsonResearch
BookThe Source: A Guidebook of American GenealogyEakle & CernyResearch
BoxTracing Your Czech-Slovah RootsMarilyn H WellauerResearch
BoxTracing Your German-Polish RootsMarilyn H WellauerResearch
BoxTracing Your Swiss, Scandinavian RootsMarilyn H WellauerResearch
BookUnpuzzling WorkbookEmily CroonResearch
BookUnpuzzling Your Past Research
Book1899 The Owl  Schools
Book1901 Scraps  Schools
Book1928 Javelin Schools
Book1929 Javelin Schools
Book1930 Javelin Schools
Book1931 Javelin Schools
Book1934 Javelin Schools
Book1935 Javelin Schools
Book1936 Javelin Schools
Book1937 Javelin Schools
Book1939 Javelin Schools
Book1942 Javelin Schools
Book1945 The Needle Supplement  Schools
Book1946 Javelin Schools
Book1947 Javelin Schools
Book1948 Javelin Schools
Book1949 Javelin Schools
Book1950 Javelin Schools
Book1951 Javelin Schools
Book1952 Javelin Schools
Book1953 Javelin Schools
Book1954 Javelin Schools
Book1955 Javelin Schools
Book1956 Javelin Schools
Book1957 Javelin Schools
Book1958 Javelin Schools
Book1959 Javelin Schools
Book1960 Javelin Schools
Book1961 Javelin Schools
Book1962 Javelin Schools
Book1963 Javelin Schools
Book1964 Javelin Schools
Book1965 Javelin Schools
Book1966 Javelin Schools
Book1967 Javelin Schools
Book1968 Javelin Schools
Book1969 Javelin Schools
Book1970 Javelin Schools
Book1971 Javelin Schools
Book1972 Javelin Schools
Book1973 Javelin Schools
Book1974 Javelin Schools
Book1975 Javelin Schools
Book1976 Javelin Schools
Book1977 Javelin Schools
Book1978 Javelin Schools
Book1979 Javelin Schools
Book1980 Javelin Schools
Book1981 Javelin Schools
Book1982 Javelin Schools
Book1983 Javelin Schools
Book1984 Javelin Schools
Book1985 Javelin Schools
Book1986 Javelin Schools
Book1987 Javelin Schools
Book1987 Javelin Schools
Book1989 Javelin Schools
Book1990 Javelin Schools
Book1991 Javelin Schools
Book1992 Javelin Schools
Book1993 Javelin Schools
Book1994 Javelin Schools
Book1995 Javelin Schools
Book1996 Javelin Schools
Book1997 Javelin Schools
Book1998 Javelin Schools
Book1999 Javelin Schools
Book2000 Javelin Schools
Book2001 Javelin Schools
Book2002 Javelin Schools
Book2003 Javelin Schools
Book2004 Javelin Schools
Book2005 Javelin Schools
FolderAHS Class of 1927 Picture; Needles 1925-1928 Schools
BookAHS Class of 1939, Reunion Packet Schools
BookAtlantic Training School Record1908-1922Schools
BookAtlantic Training School Record1922-1932Schools
NBHulla Sandhorst ScrapbookClippings, School, OtherSchools
BookJavelin 1974, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 95, 97, 2004, 2005AtlanticSchools
BookLincoln PTA 1953 - 1970 Schools
BookLincoln PTO 1971 - 1977 Schools
BookNeedle: April 1923 - May 1924 Schools
BookNeedle: February 1920 - May 1921 Schools
BookNeedle: January 1934 - May 1943 Schools
BookNeedle: January 1935 - May 1938  Schools
BookNeedle: January 1950 - May 1956  Schools
BookNeedle: November 1927 - November 1934 Schools
BookSchool Pictures Jackson SchoolHelen Pigg 1996Schools
BookThe Rocket 1968Cumberland-MassenaSchools
BookThe Rocket 1969Cumberland-MassenaSchools
BookWiota All-School Reunion2015Schools
NBWiota Consolidated Schools 1940'sJan Lambertsen-PaulsenSchools
NBBirthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions 1972-1991Social
NBBirthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions Vol 1-19Social
NBFamily Reunions1969-1991Social
BookTelephone Book: Anita, Massena, Wiota 2011 - 2012Telephone Books
BookTelephone Book: Omaha 1993 - 1994Telephone Books
BookTelephone Book: Omaha & Surrounding1973Telephone Books
BookTelephone Book: Omaha & Surrounding1977Telephone Books
BookTelephone Book: Atlantic, Clarinda, Dreston, Lamoni, Osceola1998 - 1999Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Atlantic 1923 1947 1951-56 1959 Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Home Pages Atlantic 2014 - 2015 Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Rolling Hills Directory Massena and Surrounding AreaMar-11Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah1999-2000Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2004-2005Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2009-2010Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2010-2011Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2011-2012Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2012-2013Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2013-2014Telephone Books
BookTelephone Books: Yellow Book Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Harlan, Red Oak, Shenandoah2014-2015Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Atlantic & Surrounding 1990-2012 Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Atlantic/Surrounding Area 1960-69 Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Atlantic/Surrounding Area 1970-79 Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Atlantic/Surrounding Area 1980-86 Telephone Books
BoxTelephone Books: Surround Area 1955 - 2005 Telephone Books
BookGenealogical Atlas of the US 1966 US
BookCavaliers & Pioneers, Virginia Land Patents & GrantsVol 1 1623-1666Virginia
BookCavaliers & Pioneers, Virginia Land Patents & GrantsVol 2 1666-1695Virginia
BookCavaliers & Pioneers, Virginia Land Patents & GrantsVol 3 1695-1732Virginia
BookMontgomery Co Census 1856  

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