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Six Mile Grove School in 1884

Contributed by Leonard Granger (Grandson of Let Granger)

The Six Mile Grove School was on the border of Bremer and Chickasaw and included families who lived in both counties.


This group picture was identified by Mrs. Laura Franklin of Mt. Pleasant, former resident of Nashua, They are the pupils of Six Mile school taken in 1884. Mrs. M. L. Riggs of Nashua also called about the picture.

In writing about the picture, Mrs. Franklin, who was one of the group, says "It was taken the year James G. Blaine ran for president." The teacher took us to Waverly to have the picture taken and we stayed to see a torch light procession which extended from the Illinois Central depot to the courthouse. It was some sight, but Blaine was not elected, which was not our fault."

Back Row, left to right: Ella Young (Mrs. Herb Van Gorder); Clarence Fritcher; Jerome Young; Ernest Farr; John Zwanziger; and Clarence Hastings. (the last two were not in school but drove teams to take the others).

Middle Row, left to right: Ella Granger (Tower); Maggie Zawnziger (Stephens); Edith Tower (Walleser); Let Granger; Victor Hanks; Lora Riggs (Frankling); Clarence Shonable; Charlie Zwanziger; Ida Cook (Cortlett); Minnie Thompson (Riggs).

Front Row, left to right: Johnny Fritcher; Mike Zwanziger; Nina Young (Bilings); Miss Alice Carpenter, teacher (married name not known); Orpha Zwanziger (Mrs. Roy Cagley); Maggie Black (Beal); Charlie Cook; and Bobbie Black.

The obituary of John P Young in the Nashua Newspaper,  28 March 1901, lists several of the Young family children that attended the Six
Mile Grove School.

Ella Young, back row first on left, married Herb Van Gorder and they lived in Nashua.
Nina Young, front row third from left,  married A. W. Billings and they lived in Nashua.
Jerome D. Young, back row third from left, still lived in Six Mile Grove area.
Vera Young, also attended this school but is not in picture.  She married Adolphus P. Granger and they  lived on farm in Chickasaw Co. after  earlier farming in Sisseton, S.D.
Miss Anna Young, of Nashua.
Mrs. A. H. Nafus, of Burt, Iowa
Mrs. A. B. Maston, of Sexton, Iowa, died in 1895.

Many Thanks to Volunteer Sheryl McClure for  Young Family obituary information.

Contributed by: Leonard Granger



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