Engravings from Pioneer Days of Bremer County, Iowa

Col. W. V. Lucas

Santa Cruz, California

Bremer County pioneer

Top Row: Alex Nicol, Denver and John Kerr, Tripoli

Middle: Christian Moehling, Denver

Bottom: John Chadwick, Tripoli and Guy Fransworth, Denver

Survivors of Co. B, living in Bremer County, commanded by Col. W. V. Lucas during the Civil War


Back row: George M. Foster and Albert Cole

Front row: W. H. Tyrell, Col. W. V. Lucas (Editor), and Harry Hazlett

Waverly Pioneer Printers


William P. Harmon

Founder of the City of Waverly

Harry Hazlett

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Early day printer and one of the contributors to "Pioneer Days of Bremer County"

Lt. Edward Tyrell

Only officer from Bremer County killed during the Civil War

W.H. Tyrrell

Los Angeles, California

Pioneer newspaper man in Waverly





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