Meaning of notations:

(N) - not a complete obit - similar to a death notice, usually establishing some type of tie to the local area
Obit - usually includes birth, relatives, circumstances of death
Article - usually a newsworthy item about the circumstances of death
Town/town & state - often the local area of origin and the area they died. Ex. - Frederika/Sioux Falls, SD

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January 02 1908 October 08 1908
Emillie Marten Prestien Alma Glaseer (21y) - Waverly
January 23 1908 November 19 1908
Mrs. McKinsey - Waverly (N) William Krull (77y 1m 2d) - Tripoli
  James McKeown (75y 8m 8d) - Tripolli
no obits published until August  
November 26 1908
August 06 1908 Andrew J. Waterman (77y 2m 27d) - LeRoy Twp
Cecil Howard Mueller (Infant - 20 d)  
  December 10 1908
September 24 1908 Isadora Warner Hallett (Mrs. C.D.) (54y y 1m 18d) Oto, IA
Levina Johnston  
James Miller (N) December 24 1908
  Mrs. August Wilharm - Jubilee
October 01 1908  
Pearl E. Sidler (16m) - Oran  


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