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Martin's Soldiers Record, Bremer County Rangers
Company B, 38th Regiment, Iowa Volunteers


Submitted by Jerelyn Leinweber

"One of my relatives in Kansas found an old document among some family records entitled Martin's Soldiers Record, Bremer County Rangers, Company B, 38th Regiment, Iowa Volunteers. It is large, framed and organized into three columns, with the officers listed in the center column and the privates in the left and right columns. Since none of our direct ancestors appear on this record, we are checking into our ancestors' siblings and their spouses. So far I have ordered pension files for those soldiers with the surnames Smith and Sturdevant."

From Rick Bergman: "The 38th Infantry Regiment was a Civil War regiment organized in Dubuque that drew from Black Hawk, Bremer and Fayette Counties. It faced duty under Grant at Vicksburg and unfortunately was posted in a swampy, mosquito-infested swamp on the Mississippi at the long siege of Vicksburg in the Spring of 1863. Causalities from illness decimated the unit. Some survivors were discharged, others joined the Veterans Corp as hospital attendants. Survivors frequently had lifelong illnesses like chronic dysentery or malaria. The unit was disbanded before the end of the war due to attrition. Some information about the Regiment is available in the 1878 Fayette County History, which has extensive roster lists. I can do lookups or help people look for NARA records."

See a detailed history of the 38th Regiment, including a roster with information about each individual, at the IAGenWeb Special Project, Iowa in the Civil War. The history is from Guy E. Logan's Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 5.


Asbury Leverich, 1st Lieutenant

Baskins, Geo. W. Sr.
Baskins, Francis M.

Baskins, David W.

Benjamin, William S.

Brown, George A.

Bell, Elisha

Beebe, Jerod J.

Beebe, Charles L.

Baskins, Williams

Bloker, George

Brower, Erastus L.

Bacher, Jas, A.

Barrick, Isaac

Baum, Yeager

Bartlett, William H.H.

Butler, William O.

Burke, David C.

Beebe, Sherman F.

Chesley, John H.

Downs, Samuel

Dudgeon, Hugh

Davis, George W.

Dodge, Levi

Farris, James M.

Farris, Joseph B.

Fleisher, Adam

Freeman, Alzathan S.

Gardner, George N.

Giffin, James S.

Garner, James

Hinton, Shadrick

Huston, Francis

Hursh, John A.

Jeffers, Thos. C.

Jones, John O.

Jones, John G.

Hinkley F. Beebe, Captain
David H. Hughes, Col.

J.O. Hudnutt, Lieut. Col.

Chas. Chadwick, Major

Lieut. Col. S.D. Brodtbeck

1 - Edward C. Dougherty

2 - John H. Brooks

3 - Abel M. Crail

4 - John D. Garrison

5 - Joseph A.J. Nichols

1 - Henry Shaeffer

2 - Hiram Queen

3 - Leander S. Reynolds

4 - Geo. W. Baskins, Jr.

5 - Geo. A. Michael

6 - Cyrus Robbins

7 - Philander H. Smith

8 - Lorin L. Curtis

Company Q.M. Sergeant - Martin Dougherty
1st Musician - Cassius P. Inman

2nd Musician - Norman E. Dodge

Bugler - William Shores

Orrin F. Avery, 2nd Lieutenant

Jeffers, James G.
Keller, Henry

Kern, Samuel

Kinyon, Sanford

Kerr, Francis

Lowe, Lewis H.

Lesslie, Thos. H.

Lewis, Isaca M.

Mattix, Jacob

Michael, Jacob B.

Moore, Aaron

McHenry, Wm. Henry

McRoberts, Sanford

Norris, Edward F.

Newell, Marion

Orthmann, Thos.

Ogden, W. Henry

Rose, William E.

Rodgers, George

Renn, Jacob T.

Randolph, Jeptha F.

Smith, Charles E.

Stearns, Thos. A.

Sewell, Samuel

Shepard, Lambert P.

Sharp, Casvill

Smith, Hervey D.

Sturdevant, William

Sewell, Thos. J.

Shane, Elles

Taylor, William S.

Taylor, Arthur S.

Wilson, Samuel

West, David F.

Wilson, William



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