Warren township was originally a part of Washington township, from which it was taken in 1859 and erected into a separate township. Its surface consists of rolling prairie, crossed by several small creeks. At the time when it became a separate township it contained three good groves of fine timber, a little of which still remains. The soil is, for the most part, rich and deep and is fairly well cultivated by a thrifty class of people.

The earliest settlements were made in 1853, by N. M. Smith, William Ogden, Israel Trumbo, Enos Lewis, Samuel Lewis and Claudius Albee. Others came later, but the township did not settle up very rapidly until about 1864.

The first election in this township was held on February 28, 1858, at the home of N. M. Smith. The following were appointed to hold said election: H. W. Perry, N. W. Perry and Horace Smith, judges; H. D. Perry and H. D. Smith, clerks. Those elected to office were: Trustees, W. B. Ingersoll, H. D. Perry and N. W. Perry; Clerk, H. W. Perry; Justices, N. W. Perry and Horace Smith; Constables, E. N. Perry and O. Skillen.

The first school was taught on Section 34, by Miss Lottie Crawford, during the winter of 1854-55, in a log schoolhouse built by the neighborhood, and Miss Jessie Berry taught school in the same house during the summer of 1855.

The first marriage was that of George Michael to Miss Elizabeth Trumbo, at the residence of Israel Trumbo, on Section 34, by Squire Ellsworth, in 1854.

The first death was a child of W. B. Ingersoll and wife. The first birth was that of Abner Ogden, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. William Ogden, in 1854.

The first house was built by Israel Trumbo, on Section 34.

The first religious services were held in a school house on Section 27, by Rev. Sessions, a Methodist minister from Waverly, in 1858.

The first church was built of logs by the German Evangelical Church Society, in 1864, on Section 34. The first pa,stor was Rev. Geiper. In 1872 this society built their present church edifice on the S. E. corner Of the S. E. 14 of Section 28. It is a frame structure and cost $3300. The first pastor in this church was Rev. Jacob Nuhn.

Another German Evangelical church is located on the N. E. 34 of Section 26. It is a frame building and was eretced in 1871 at a cost of $1500. Their first pastor was Rev. L. J. Cramer. A neat parsonage was built in connection with the church.

A Methodist Episcopal church was built in 1882 on the S. E. corner of the S. E. 3/4. of Section 6, at a cost of $1700. It was dedicated in November of that year. The sermon was preached by Rev. Elliott, of Charles City, attested by Elder Crippin. This church was once in a flourishing condition, but at present services have been entirely discontinued. The members have nearly all removed or have gone to their final rest. There has been talk of disposing of the church property to other parties, but as yet nothing has been done.

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