Mrs. Dr. O. Burbank sent the following account of the first Thanksgiving day in Waverly, Iowa. It occurred in November, 1854, in Peter B. Foster's house, located where the State Bank now stands. A few of the ladies of Waverly one afternoon were talking about the approaching Thanksgiving day, and of the Thanksgiving days of their eastern homes, when someone suggested a picnic dinner, which seemed to please all. So the cooks got together and found out what each would furnish or do. Not much variety was expected or possible but they had roast pork and a roast goose, coffee, doughnuts, mince pie, good light biscuit and vegetables. No butter could be found in town, but Mrs. Dr. O. Burbank had brought a crock of butter from Cedar Rapids, which she placed at their disposal. The men repairing the sawmill said they looked too rough to attend the feast, but the managing ladies said, "Wash your faces and hands, put on clean collars, and we will excuse the rest." No one was omitted in the invitations. Everyone seemed glad to get together and have a good social time on that Thanksgiving day. The men declared they had never had so good a dinner before, and such an abundance was left over that all came back to supper and had a good social time during the evening. Most all who took part in that pleasant Thanksgiving dinner have passed the limits of worldly interests and mortal life, and the few who remain are looking for the day that ends all earthly strife and ambitions.


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