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First  last Service Place Source
W. F. Albright 1906 Plainfield, Methodist Church
J. Burleigh Albrook 1886-1889 Waverly, Methodist Church
Hiram Bailey 1877-1878 Frederika, Methodist Church
Horace Orlando Bethel 1901-1903 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
James Beet Bird 1901-1906 Frederika, Methodist Church
Austin D. Bush 1857-1859 Waverly, Baptist Church
John Daniel Caldwell 1856-1868 Waverly, Presbyterian Church
John Daniel Caldwell 1866-1872 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
Arthur Lewis Candee 1898-1899 Waverly, Baptist Church
F. P. Cassidy 1897-1899 Janesville, Methodist Church
Germain Hammond Chatterton 1866-1867 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Hampden S. Church 1863-1865 Waverly, Methodist Church
DeWitt Clinton 1894-1898 Waverly, Methodist Church
Frank Cole 1902-1906 Waverly, Methodist Church
Joseph Cook 1886-1887 Plainfield, Methodist Church
George B. Crinklaw 1904-1905 Plainfield, Methodist Church
William G. Crowder 1906 Waverly, Methodist Church
John A. Dearing 1906 Frederika, Methodist Church
William H. Doner 1890-1891 Janesville, Methodist Church
George Earhart 1899-1903 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Thomas J. Elwick 1897-1899 Plainfield, Methodist Church
Stephen R. Ferguson 1902-1903 Sumner, Methodist Church
Walter Morgan Grafton 1914-1915 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
James Wesley Graves 1902-1904 Waverly, Baptist Church
Harry H. Green 1880-1883 Janesville, Methodist Church
Harry H. Green 1883-1884 Plainfield, Methodist Church
John Willard Griffith 1911-1916 Waverly, Baptist Church
B. C. Hammond 1877-1880 Waverly, Methodist Church
J. R. A. Hanner 1884-1885 Sumner, Methodist Church
James Harrison 1857-1858 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
John H. Hayward 1871-1872 Frederika, Methodist Church
Hugh Austin Heath 1896-1898 Waverly, Baptist Church
Arthur H. Hirsch 1904-1905 Janesville, Methodist Church
John H. Hoskyn 1886-1890 Janesville, Methodist Church
Charles Marion Howe 1880-1886 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Edward W. Jeffries 1869-1870 Waverly, Methodist Church
Ellis Martin Jones 1893-1896 Waverly, Baptist Church
Robert J. Jones 1887 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Ernest A. Knight 1905-1906 Sumner, Methodist Church
Ernest R. Leaman 1885-1886 Sumner, Methodist Church
Fred H. Linn 1893-1895 Janesville, Methodist Church
W. H. Lusted 1883-1884 Sumner, Methodist Church
John C. Magee 1880-1883 Waverly, Methodist Church
A. C. Manwell 1889-1891 Waverly, Methodist Church
Forrest Alfred Marsh 1873-1874 Waverly, Baptist Church
Jacob B. Metcalf 1892-1894 Plainfield, Methodist Church
F. X. Miller 1866-1867 Waverly, Methodist Church
Robert A. Miller 1894-1897 Sumner, Methodist Church
Penn Edward Moore 1885-1890 Waverly, Baptist Church
Niram F. Norton 1893-1894 Sumner, Methodist Church
Alfonso Rosolphe Olny 1870-1875 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Robert Akey Paden 1909-1914 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
Rufus D. Parsons 1870-1873 Waverly, Methodist Church
Rufus D. Parsons 1898-1900 Waverly, Methodist Church
James Given Patterson 1870-1872 Waverly, Presbyterian Church
Charles A. Peddicord 1896-1898 Plainfield, Methodist Church
DeWitt C. Perry 1899-1901 Janesville, Methodist Church
Stephen Phelps 1869-1870 Janesville, Presbyterian Church
Nathaniel Pye 1891-1894 Waverly, Methodist Church
Frank M. Robertson 1875-1877 Waverly, Methodist Church
William W. Robinson 1875-1876 Frederika, Methodist Church
William W. Robinson 1897-1902 Sumner, Methodist Church
William E. Ross 1890-1895 Frederika, Methodist Church
William Edwards Ruston 1898 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
C. M. Sessions 1856-1857 Waverly, Methodist Church
C. M. Sessions 1860-1861 Waverly, Methodist Church
Virgil G. Sheeley 1866-1869 Waverly, Presbyterian Church
George B. Shoemaker 1885-1886 Janesville, Methodist Church
William S. Skinner 1877-1880 Janesville, Methodist Church
John Smalley 1858-1866 Waverly, Presbyterian Church
Matthew Henry Smith 1883-1886 Waverly, Methodist Church
Matthew Henry Smith 1905 Janesville, Methodist Church
W. H. Smith 1899-1901 Plainfield, Methodist Church
W. Ward Smith 1871-1874 Plainfield, Methodist Church
W. Ward Smith 1885-1890 Frederika, Methodist Church
George W. B. Snell 1906 Sumner, Methodist Church
James Stickel 1895-1897 Sumner, Presbyterian Church
T. F. Thickston 1865-1868 Waverly, Baptist Church
Herman L. Townsend 1901-1904 Janesville, Methodist Church
William Ward Whipple 1875-1880 Janesville, Presbyterian Church



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