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Betten, Antonie Jacob Rev. 1813-1900 and Family


Posted By: Wilma J. Vande Berg - volunteer (email)
Date: 7/12/2021 at 14:09:14

Betten, Reverend Antonie Jacob 1813-1900 Life and Family

This BIOS story comes from various excerpts and sources as referenced and was put together and submitted by Wilma J. Vande Berg and Glenda DeVries of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society.

BIRTH record from www.wiewaswie.nl
Anthonij Jacob Betten was born 19 July 1813 at Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands to Jan Betten (1788-1820) and Jacoba Klomp. (1789-1870)

MARRIAGE #1. record from www.wiewaswie.nl
Anthonij Jacob Betten born Utrecht age 20 son of Jan Betten and Jacoba Klomp; married Jacoba Harmiena van der Hagt born Utrecht age 23 daughter of H. van der Hagt and Jacoba van Steenwijk on 19 Feb 1834 at Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

CHILDREN born in Holland from www.wiewaswie.nl
Jan Hermanus Betten born 6 Jan 1835 at Utrecht he died 7 June 1835 Utrecht.
Jacoba Betten born 6 Apr 1836 Utrecht
Jan Betten born 14 Aug 1838 Utrecht
Hermanus Betten born 28 July 1840 Utrecht he died 17 Sep 1840 Utrecht
Hermanus Betten born 13 Aug 1841 Utrecht, he reportly died in Pella at about 9 years.
Antonie Jacob Betten born 16 Sep 1843 Noordeloos Zuid Holland Neth.
Gerrigje Betten born 25 Mar 1846 Nooedeloos Zuid Holland Neth.

IMMIGRATION record Dutch Immigrants to America
A J. Betten arrived 10 Jun 1847 port of arrival Baltimore Maryland, age 33, husband, departed from Rotterdam on Ship Nagasaki, accommodations Steerage.
Pella Souvenir Book of 1922 page 34 – A. J. Betten, Mrs. A. J. Betten, Jacoba, Jan, Hermanus, Antonia (actually Antonie) and Gerritje among the passengers who sailed on the Good Ship Nagasaki, which left Rotterdam Holland, April 11, 1847 for Baltimore.

PELLA SOUVENIR BOOK 1922 Page 144 Biographies
Rev. A. J. Betten (includes a picture which is at the end of this BIOS)
Long before the ships that brought our fathers to America had sailed from Holland, an organization had been formed of which Rev. H. P. Scholte was the President and Rev. A. J. Betten the Vice president. Later he was one of the two men who had charge of the colonists’ affairs on board the good ship, ‘The Nagasaki’. After their arrival here, in 1847, Mr. Betten bought the farm which is well known to the present generation as the John Boot home farm, located some miles northwest of Pella. In 1849 he removed to Pella and entered the mercantile business. While he did not follow his calling as a Minister during his life in Pella, to the extent of taking regular charge of one of the congregations, yet for many years he was one of the leaders in the religious life of the community, and before the regular denominational congregations were established in Pella, he years after the planting of that colony in Sioux County, he removed there and made his home with his son, Antonie Betten, in Orange City, until the time of his death.

DOCUMENTORY of Pella years – A few excerpts and summarizing pertaining to the Betten family life have been taken from the following documentary – “A. J. Betten: The Other Pioneer Pella Dominie” by Earl Wm. Kennedy, pages 97-104.

Born in 1813 in the City of Utrecht, A. J. Betten was the younger son of Jan Betten, a wool carder (called a stocking maker by A. J. who died when A. J. was only seven. His mother, Jacoba Klomp, remarried three and a half years later, to another wool carder, Jan Veldhuizen. Little is known of a. J.’s early life, except that he was exempted from national militia service in 1832, partly because of a ‘weak chest.” Two years later, when he was not yet twenty-one, he married Jacob Harmiena van der Hagt, two and a half years his senior. Betten earned his living as a shopkeeper until around 1840, when he began studying for the ministry under H. P. Scholte, the Secession pastor in Utrecht.

When the revival and Secession movement came to the Reformed Curch Community in Utrecht in 1835, Betten’s step-father (Jan Veldhuizen), Betten and his wife, and other family members all took part in the exodus from the National State Reformed public church. They met in Betten’s home and later calling Scholte to be the Utrecht pastor in 1939 and the Seceders movement developed and moved along. Betten received his education for the ministry from Scholte, Betten was ordained to the ministry in July of 1842 in Noordeloos Zuid Holland, eventually Betten and his people followed Scholte to Pella.

When the time came for many of the Secession people to leave for America, Scholte was chosen president of the Society for Emigration to North America which formed in 1846; his vice president was A. J. Betten. Betten was in charge of the emigrants for the voyage aboard “ The Nagasaki” from Rotterdam to Baltimore in the spring of 1847, then on to St. Louis, then on to Pella.

Upon settling in Pella, Betten, a city man, got a farm for the first couple of years. Young, Henry Hospers later mayor of Pella and Orange City, described Betten’s situation in a letter to his father dated 26 April 1848. The dominie (Betten) lived in a log house on a farm about an hour and a quarter (walking time) from Pella, with a 36-acre fenced field of grain near the Skunk River. “Entering his hog house, which is very narrow, one sees various books, along with a clock which adorns the rough oak logs in a peculiar way. Toward evening, one usually sees Dominie Betten, sitting on a horse, with a cap and farmer’s jacket, dressed totally as a countryman, looking for his grazing cows. His wife and children, who are all well contented, seem fairly pleased with American life, yet when one gets into conversation with her, one always hears, ‘What a difference, your mother will learn something, etc. etc. ‘” In that first year, Betten preached at the Sunday morning services in Pella, a six mile walk one way.

Betten moved to town by about the spring of 1850 and became a merchant. He took part in civic affairs and was elected to various offices over the years.
(Further - much of the body of the documentation is about religious church leadership and conflicts in the early years.).

Getting back to 1850 and the Betten family; In December of that year his wife died, leaving him with six children between the ages of two and fourteen. Widowed barely more than three months, Betten married, in March of 1851, a childless twenty-two year old widow, of seven months, sixteen years younger than he. Presumably there was more involved here than finding a housekeeper/baby sitter – since he already had one of his oldest daughter, aged fifteen, only seven years younger than her step-mother. The then Mrs. Betten was “Jaantje’ Adriaantje van Pelt, widow of Cornelis Kuiper. The large Kuiper family had come to Pella in 1849.

As the lines from William Congreve’s “The old Bachelor” put it, “Thus grief still treads upon the heels of pleasure: Marry’d in haste, we may repent in leisure.” The domestic life of Dominie Betten played a crucial role in his undoing as a minister, for the Pella church dismissed him because he could not keep order in his own family. Alluding to the problems in the family it was reported that there was extreme disunity between him and his wife so that even the children were out of the house. Not only did Betten and his wife not get along reportedly the family says that she would hide his preaching clothes, and more than one of the minor children by his first marriage were no longer living at home, possibly at odds with the new ‘mother.’ It is most likely it is at this time when Betten’s oldest son, Jan, then aged nineteen, left home, never to return. However, this may be, why the church questioned in such circumstances, could Betten function as pastor for the edification of the congregation. The documentary continued with much bantering among factions to and fro of Scholte’s followers, in the new congregations on various aspects of setting up churches and protocol in the new colony. As time continued Betten was more or less in limbo with being part of the church leadership a pastor or not.

Perhaps his personal affairs contributed to his uncertainty, for it was just at this point that Betten’s marriage again ‘reared its ugly head.’ For the rest of the decade of the 1860s Betten was preaching at one or more places in or near Pella, in a kind of ecclesiastical limbo.

Betten took with him to the Netherlands a less positive report …about his marriage, to his mother, a woman who knew about marital difficulties first- hand, according to consistory minutes. “Dominie Betten’s wife must abstain from participating in the Lord’s Supper as long as she and her husband live in disunity.” As far as can be discerned from the records available, Jaantje Betten was more to blame than A. J. for their lack of domestic harmony. Despite his troubles, Betten entertained a certain amount of respect and prominence in the community.

He divorced then left Pella about 1875, settling in Orange city, Iowa March 1876, to live with his second son by his first wife. His son A. J. Jr had gone there in 1871. He spent the rest of his days as a “superannuated” clergyman. The divorce and removal to Orange city did not entirely rid him of the embarrassment of his former wife and their children, because she and they also settled in Orange City by 1878, she had a brother in that area. Jaantje Van Pelt Betten died rather suddenly in 1887 at fifty eight years. She was buried in the Orange City cemetery under her maiden name.

His last years were spent in the Orange City area doing some preaching in outlying country school houses and occasionally as substitute at the First Reformed Church of Orange City. As the 1880s passed, Betten withdrew increasingly from public life, largely due to his growing deafness. Unfortunately, there are few if any writings from A. J. Betten’s own pen to rely upon for his own words.

The summary of Dr. Kennedy’s documentation was evaluated and reduced to emphasize the life of Rev. A. J. Betten for this BIOS, by Sioux County genealogists, Wilma J. Vande Berg and Glenda De Vries.

CHRONOLOGICAL vital informative events in the life of the Betten family in Pella:

CENSUS of 1850 Lake Prairie, Marion County Iowa
Antonie J. Betten age 37 born about 1813 Netherlands, Occupation Merchant, $1500 real estate.
Wife: Jacoba H. Vander Hagt age 39 born about 1811 Netherlands. Children: All born in the Netherlands except Dingena, Jacoba 14, Jan 12, Hermanus 9, Antonie 6, Gerrigje 4 and Dingena 1.

MARRIAGE to Wife #2 Adriana Van Pelt 1829-1887 married March 25, 1851 she was 22 and he was 38. She was first married to Cornelis Kuiper or Kuyper on October 27, 1848 in Charlois Zuid Holland.

CENSUS of 1860 Pella, Marion, Iowa (first wife has passed on Dec 1850)
Anthony J. Betten age 46 born about 1814 Netherlands, occupation Merchant, real estate value $2800 personal value $700. Wife: Adriana Van Pelt, Kuyper, Betten age 30 born about 1830 Netherlands
Children: Anthony 16, Gerrigje 14, Dingena 11, Hermanus 4 and Dirk 1.

CENSUS of 1870 Pella, Marion, Iowa
Anthonie J. Betten age 57 born about 1813 Netherlands, was a general merchant, Estate and personal value $5,000. Wife: Adriana Betten age 41 born Netherlands. Children: Hermann 14, Derk 11, Jacob 9, Adriana 7 and Isaac 4 (children of 2nd wife).

CENSUS of 1880 Orange City, Sioux Iowa
Antonie J. Betten age 66 born about 1814 Holland, father of Head of House, he was divorced, Occupation Clergyman. Living in the Household of son Antonie J. Betten age 35, wife Mary 34, Children Antonie J. 13, Derk 11, Herman 9, Mary Jane 7, Jacoba 5, Cornelis 2.
Living with them Antonie J. Betten 66 Father.

DIED – Mrs. Adriana Betten 1830-1887
OBITUARY in De Volksvriend of May 19, 1887 In Dutch
Dinsdagmorgen is hier plotseling overleden Mej. Adriana Betten, geboren Van Pelt. Sinds cenigen tijd was ze bij afwiseling niet wel. Haar einde kwam eachter nog zeer ongedacht. Zij bereikte den leeftijd van ruim achtenvijftig Jaren. De begrafenis zal vandaag plaats heffen, waarbij aan het sterfhuis toespraken zullen worden gehouden door Rev. S. Bolks en Rev. J. A. De Spelder.
On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Adriana Betten, born Van Pelt, passed away suddenly here. For some time she had not been well with change. Her end came very unexpectedly. She reached the age of over fifty-eight years. The funeral will take place today, with speeches being given at the funeral home by Rev. S. Bolks and Rev. J.A. De Spelder.
(She was living separately from A. J. Betten in 1880 with her children that were at home yet. Her death notice in the paper was rather unceremonious)

DIED – Antonie Jacob Betten Sr. died December 6, 1900 Orange City Iowa
OBITUARY - Sioux County Herald of Dec 12, 1900 p.5
A. J. Betten, Sr.
The subject of this sketch was born at Utrecht, Holland in 1813 and died at Orange City Dec. 6th, 1900. Mr. Betten was no ordinary man and his life deserves more than passing notice. He was married in 1834 and ordained a minister in 1842. In 1847 an organization called the Christian Union for Emigration was formed in his native land and Mr. Betten became vice president. One year later four vessels laden with well-to do Hollanders started from Rotterdam for Baltimore. The passage by sailing vessel at that time required nearly two months so the party which left in April did not reach the new continent until June. A few of the leaders looked over St. Louis for awhile and finally a settlement was made at Pella in September From that time on Mr. Betten's life was an active one.

He preached in the school houses on Sunday and engaged in business during the week. There were no courts in Pella and offenses were tried by the church consistory before the congregation. If one of the colony was guilty of lying he was pretty apt to find himself confronted by the elders and pastors whose reproof was sometimes the hardest kind of punishment. Mr. Betten found him amid many duties to prosecute a critical study of the bible and was deeply learned in biblical lore. Especially interesting to him were scriptural references to the second coming of Christ and it has been thought that he meditated a book along this line. It was the very vigor and independence of his mind, perhaps, which led him to decline to be bound by any formal church rules or regulations though everyone recognized his piety and upright character. He came to Sioux county in 1872.

His physical frame was a strong one and death came last Thursday only after a long illness, The funeral on Saturday was largely attended, The pallbearers were Adrianus Kuyper, T. H. Muilenburg, D. H. Schalekamp, L. Knook, A. Van der Meide, H. J. Van der Waa. Dr. Steffens, Revs. Kolyn and Winter officiated at the last sad rites which were very impressive.
(Note: The grave marker for A. J. Betten, Sr. is no longer standing.)

OBITUARY from the De Volkvriend of Dec 13, 1900 In Dutch
In the morning of Thursday, December 6, Rev. A. J. Betten passed away here at the age of over 87 years. Antonie Jacob Betten was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, on the 19th of July 1813, he married Jacoba Hermina Van der Hagt on the 19th Feb 1834. From this marriage were born Jan Hermanus (died young), Jacoba (Mrs. Hugo Kuyper, Pella) Jan (living in Arkansas), Hermanus (died young), Hermanus (deceased aged 9 years in Pella), Antonie Jacob (form here), Gerrigje (Mrs. Jac. Kuyper of Carmel), Dingena (Mrs. Pace , Lincoln, Neb., born at Pella).
On July 12, 1842 A. J. Betten was in Noordeloos by the laying on of the hands of the Elder by Rev. H. P. Scholte, Baay, Wildeboer, Steketee, and Gardenier ordained to the H. Service, after Rev. Scholte had preached on 1 Tim. VI: 13-16.
On the 11th April 1847 Rev. Betten with his wife and children Jacoba, Jan, Hermanus, Antonie Jacob and Gerrigje, left the Netherlands by ship Nagasaki, arrived in Baltimore on the 12th of June and settled on the 2nd Sept. at Pella, IA.
On December 17, 1850, his God-fearing companion was taken from him by death at Pella. She had reached the age of 40 years.
He then married Adriaantje Van Pelt (widow of C. Kuyper), from which marriage were born Hermanus, Dirk, and Adriana (all died young?? Not so…), Hermanus (now in Sioux City), Dirk (in Orange City), Jacob (in Chicago), Adriana (Mrs. Burke, Council Bluffs, IA) and Izak (Chicago) residence.
His illness lasted only a few days. Gone fever, no pain, no distress, the earthly tabernacle was gently broken. The mood of the heart was as one would expect from a very old believer who is passing away.
On Saturday afternoon the remains were taken to the grave, and a great crowd attended the ceremony. Rev. Kolijn led the religious service at home. Ds. Steffens gave a precious discourse in the church of the First Reformed church in response to the words, Isa. 26:19, "Your (God's) dead all live." Rev. J. P. Winter followed in English, with some very appropriate hints, and with prayer and thanksgiving. At the grave, Ds. Winter some more quotations from the Holy Scriptures and Rev. Colin for prayer

CHILDREN summary of the Children of Antonie Betten Sr. with his two wives: Children 1-8 are offspring of the first wife, children 9-14 are from the 2nd wife.

Born In the Netherlands to Antonie and Jacoba:
1. Jan Hermanus Betten born 6 Jan 1835 at Utrecht he died 7 June 1835 Utrecht.

2. Jacoba Betten born 6 Apr 1836 Utrecht Netherlands died 9 Dec 1916 Pella IA
Husband Hugo Kuyper born 5 Aug 1833 Charlois Zuid Holland Netherlands died 13 Mar 1823 Pella IA. Their Children: Jacoba Hermina Kuyper 1859-1950; Maria Kuyper 1861-1931; Antonie Jakob Kuyper 1862-1948; Arie Cornelius Kuyper 1864-1958: Agnes Kuyper McAlister 1866-1952; Sarah J. Kuyper 1870-1957; Adriana “Jennie’ Maria Kuyper 1872-1923; Maggie Kuyper Billiu 1874-1954 and John Herman Kuyper 1876-1951
(Info on this Kuyper family is from a report done by others on ancestry.com.)

3. Jan ‘John’ Charles Betten born 16 Aug 1838 Utrecht died 3 Jun 1916 Little Rock Arkansas burial in the IOOF Cemetery Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas.
( He is the one referred to in Kennedy’s documentation at the 19 yr old son who left home never to return)
Wife – Margarette Abigail Peevy born 13 Feb 1846 Barry Co. MO died 10 February 1910
They were married 26 Jun 1864 Alma, Crawford, Arkansas
A memorial message on Find a Grave and has a picture of the marker.
John Charles Betten was born on August 14th, 1838 in Holland. When the war came, he joined the Confederate cause and fought as a Private in Company G of the 3rd Missouri Cavalry. Even though he wasn't native to the South, he stood with his neighbors in defense of it and it's rights. John survived the war, and returned home. John died on July 3rd, 1916, and was buried in an unmarked grave for ninety-four years until this beautiful military marker was placed.
From a report on ancestry.com done by others, are pictures of bothe Jan and his wife and reports as follows: They were the parents of eight children: William Oscar Betten 1866-1922; Anna Gertrude Betten 1868-1930; Luvenia Alice Betten 1871-1906; Edward R. Betten 1875; Gilbert Thomas Betten 1879-1914 and Charles Louis Betten 1884-1962

4. Hermanus Betten born 28 July 1840 Utrecht he died 17 Sep 1840 Utrecht

5. Hermanus Betten born 13 Aug 1841 Utrecht (died at Pella 9 yrs??)

6. Antonie Jacob Betten born 16 Sep 1843 Noordeloos Zuid Holland Neth.
Lived and died Oct 8, 1925 at Orange City
Obituary of Antonie Betten Jr. his wife was Marie Rhynsburger.
Source: Pella Chronicle
Antonie J. Betten was born in Noordloos, Netherlands, September 16, 1843. At the age of four years he came to America with his parents who settled at Pella, Iowa. Here he received his education in the public schools, after which time he worked with his father until the time of his marriage in 1865, to Miss Marie Rhynsburger. For fifteen years after his marriage he was engaged in the mercantile business at Pella and in 1871 came to Sioux County settling at Orange City. He was engaged in the mercantile business here, until he was elected county auditor Sioux County. From this time one, he served the county in the capacity of auditor, treasurer and as member of the Board of Supervisors. He also served the town of Orange City as mayor, councilman and member of the school board. In the church he served as deacon and clerk of the consistory and was a trustee of the N. W. C. A. for many years.
In 1895 he purchased "De Volksvriend" and edited and published it for six years when he sold the paper again and returned to the mercantile business as a member of the firm of the John Vande Steeg Co. He remained here until the store was destroyed by fire when he retired from public life. His wife and three of his children preceded him in death.
In 1898 he was married to Miss Cornelia Vander Linden, who, with his four children survive him. Mr. Betten was a kind and loving husband and father, a good citizen having performed his public duties well. He was prominent in church work having united with the First Reformed Church when a young man and later becoming a member of the American Reformed Church of this city.
His death occurred on Wednesday morning, October 8, 1925. He had been ailing since last April but during the summer improved so much that he was able to be out and enjoy his home and his garden. During the past three weeks he began to fail rapidly, but was not confined to his bed until on Sunday before his death. The children who survive are: Mrs. A. W. Lohr of Berkeley, California; Miss Cocia Betten of Oakland, California, Dr. Cornelius Betten of Ithaca, New York, and Mrs. W. C. Hunter of Fargo, North Dakota. The funeral services were held on Friday, October 9, in the American Reformed Church, Reverend C. De Young conducting the ceremony.

7. Gerrigje Betten born 25 Mar 1846 Noordeloos Zuid Holland Neth. She died 3 Jan 1905 Carmel, Sioux County IA. Husband Jacob Kuyper (Lived at Carmel)
Her obit was very short, so added info from an ancestry.com family report (by others) Jacob Kuyper was born 13 Aug 1834 at Charlois, Zuid Holland Netherlands and
died 17 Jun 1913 at Alton IA. Childrren: Arie Kuyper 1866-1948; Antonie Jacob Kuyper 1868-
1915; Maria Kuyper 1870-1880; Hermanus Kuyper 1872-1942; Jacoba Hermina Kuyper 1874-1946; Jacob R. Kuyper 1876-1946; Aagje ‘Agnes’ Cornelia Kuyper 1878; Jan ‘John’ Kuyper 1880; James Cornelius Kuyper 1882- 1969; and Deona Jane Kuyper 1887-1954.

Born in Pella IA
8. Dingena Betten abt Dec1849 Pella, Iowa
Mrs. Pace of Lincoln NE as indicated in her father’s obit
1880 census of Lincoln NE C. C. Pace was 34 an auctioneer and Mrs. Pace was 30
1900 census of Lincoln NE Cad L. Pace age 55 born Aug 1844 Kentucky married 1874 to Anna D. (Dingena) Pace born Dec 1850 Iowa her parents born in Holland.
In a report on ancestry done by others, Anne Delton/(actually -Betten) was born 25 December 1848 in IA died 25 Oct 1913 Lincoln NE. Apparently no children. Married to Cadwalder Churchill Pace 16 Aug 1844 died 18 Mar 1906 Lincoln NE. Wife Anna D. Pace .

CHILDREN born to Antonie Betten and wife #2 Adriana Van Pelt Kuyper:

This Hermanus Betten’s life is a bit confusing…wife - Clazina = Cynthia, Lena, Klaziena, Clara
9. Hermanus Betten born Aug 1855 Marion Co. IA wife Cynthia Debout born 10 Nov 1857 Noord Brabant Neth died 6 Jun 1947 LeMars, IA child listed Anna Betten 1891-1985
Marriage of Harman Betten on 10 Nov 1876 Le Mars to Lena D.Bondt.
1885 census of Orange City IA Harman Betten born 1857 Marion IA wife Clazina born 1859 Marion IA Children: Jane 7, Josie 5, Antonie 3, John 1 and William 1mo.
Living 1900 census in Orange City, Herman born Aug 1854 IA wife Klaziena De Bont was born Nov 1858 Neth.,married 23 yrs, children: John 17, Jake 16, Minnie 13, Harry 11, Anna 6, Robbie 5.
1910 census had a Herman Betten age 54 born about 1856 IA as a bartender in Chicago. Wife Clara born 1860 children Harry 21 and Robert 17
Cynthia’s death record states she was born Nov 10 1857 she died Jun 6, 1947 a widow of Herman Betten In ‘Cynthia’s’ obit it states she lived in Le Mars for 37 yrs so in 1947 she died, so did they leave Chicago in 1910,
Found his death notice in the DeVolksvriend of Oct 28, 1926 In Dutch
Herman Betten, hier vroeger woonachtig en van 1887-1891 sheriff van Sioux County, is verleden week Dinsdag te Omaha overleden. Hij stierf in een locual hopitaal in den ouderdom van 70 jaar. Hij laat een weduwe, vier dochters en vijf zoons na Woensdag werd hij begraven.
Herman Betten, former resident here and sheriff of Sioux County from 1887-1891, passed away last Tuesday in Omaha. He died in a local hospital at the age of 70 years. He leaves a widow, four daughters and five sons after Wednesday he was buried.
Having nine living children corresponds with the obit of Cynthia Betten his wife.
Suspect they were probably estranged or divorced as no continuity between death accounts.
LeMars Globe of Jun 9, 1947 - Betten Funeral Held this p.m.
Funeral services were held this afternoon at the Wiltgen Funeral Home for Mrs. Cynthia Betten, 35 6th Ave S. E. who passed away at her home on Friday June 6, after an illness of about three weeks. Rev. Frank Anderson was in charge of the services which were held at 2:30 Interment was in the city cemetery.
Cynthia DeBont was born Nov 10, 1857 in Holland. She came to the USA with her parents when she was seven and settled at Pella, Iowa. She later moved to Orange City, and then to Le Mars where she lived for the past 37 years. She was united in marriage to Herman Betten at Pella. She was 89 years, 6 mo. and 26 days at the time of her death. She was preceded in death by her husband, 4 daughters and a son, surviving are 4 sons, William of Chicago, Harry of Redfield SD, Robert of Spencer, Jake of Le Mars; 2 daughters Mrs. Ed Ferrell of Lawton CA and Mrs. Bert Rollinger of Le Mars. Also one brother, Herman De Bont of Newton IA and 25 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

10. Dirk Betten born 14 Nov 1858 Pella IA died 16 Mar 1940 Orange City. Wife Mary Maria Noteboom born 1 Mar 1864 Pella IA died 31 Aug 1957 Sioux County IA.
1880 census Dirk was a saloon keeper age 21 living with mother.
Obit in the LeMars Semi Weekly Sentinel of Mar 19, 1940
Hotel Keeper Many Years Dirk Betten Dies of Old Age
Dirk Betten 81, died Saturday morning in the home of his daugther Mrs. George Lawrence in Sioux City after a long illness Mr. Betten was born Nov 14, 1858 at Pella IA. For many years he conducted the principal hotel in Orange City and was well known in Orange City and in North West IA. He went to Sioux City to live about four years ago. He is survived by his wife Mary, two sons, A. J. Betten of Evanston IL and Harold of Omaha: five daughters; Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. A. C. Palmer of Sioux City, Mrs. Adrian Rieke of Pasadena CA, Mrs. Paul Colby of Morris TN, and Mrs. E. L. Baunt of Little Rock AR.; two brothers, Jacob of Chicago, and J. N. Betten of Milwaukee; and a sister Mrs. P. Prescott of Oshkosh, WI and nine grandchildren.

11. Jacob ‘Jake’ Betten born 10 Sep 1860 or 1861 Marion Co. IA, working in saloon in 1880 living with mother. 1940 living in Chicago (see Dirk’s obit) He married 8 Sep 1886 at Chicago IL to Minnie Van Dorn age 22, he died 14 Oct 1945 Evanston, Cook, IL His death record lists Jacob Betten born 10 Sep 1860 at Teller IA. Died 14 Oct 1945 Evanston Cook IL age 85, he was a printer, wife Minnie. Residence Chicago IL Minnie died 1948.
1900 census lists Jacob Betten born Sep 1861 38 yrs, wife Minnie born July 1865 Illinois, dau Edna born Nov 1888 11 years born IL.
1910 Jacob Betten 49 born 1861 IA wife: Minnie age 44, dau Edna M. Betten 21. 1920 census has same people dau Edna was 26 yrs.
1940 census has same people and dau Edna single age 50. Edna N. Betten born Nov 1888 IL died 1930

12. Adriana ‘Jennie’ Betten Dec 1863 Mr. Burke of Council Bluffs IA died as Jennie B. Prescott 1946 buried at Oshkosh WI.
Jennie Betten married George Burke Mar 17, 1886 Sioux CO. IA.George A. Burke was born May 1861, wife Jennie born Dec 1863 Iowa, Child Emma E. Burke 1886/1887.
1900 census Jennie Betten born Dec 1863 born in Iowa was married to George Burke born May 1861 living in Kane Pottawattamie IA with one child Emma born May 1886 or 4 May 1887 Orange City IA She died 12 May Arlington Heights Ill. She married 1916 to Glen G. Converse, they had two children listed ‘on line’ as John M. Converse 1822-1986 and Margaret Converse 1924-1999.
The 1925 Iowa census has Jennie Betten Prescott born about 1864 Iowa living in Sioux City Iowa married to Percy E. Prescott, born about 1860 England died 19 Nov 1929 Sioux City IA.
They were married 10 May 1919 Chicago IL she was Jennie E. Betten Burke 1866. They later were resident of Sioux City.

13. Jantje Betten 1865- died before 1870. There may have been a daughter Jantje Betten born 1865 at Pella Marion County IA. A family history on line listed her as a still born child. However, there is no evidence of her in the 1870 or 1880 census. So if she was born to Antonie and Adrianna, she must have died at a very young age.

14. Isaac N. Betten born Sep 1866 Marion Co. IA died after 1930 Find a Grave has Isaac N. Betten born 5 Sep 1865 died 10 Aug 1947 buried at Freeport Stephenson Co. Illinois.
1900 census Isaac N. Betten age 33, born Sep 1866 IA living in Libertyville, IL. Wife Minnie H. Betten Married 1899. He was a principal of School. Minnie H. Betten was 30 years of age, no children listed. Wife Wilhelmina Potthast born 5 Jun 1870 died 13 Mar 1952 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1940 Census Isaac age 74 born about 1866 IA, was living in Milwaukee WI wife was Minnie H. Betten age 69. Find a Grave has Minnie H. Betten born 5 Jun 1870 died 13 Mar 1952 buried at Freeport Stephenson Co. IL

ADDITIONAL BOOKS with references to A. J. Betten which can be accessed to read more about his life, career, and teachings.

In the book “Iowa Letters – Dutch Immigrants on the American Frontier” by Johan Stellingwerff, there are many references to A. J. Betten. Pages 37, 45 (has a photo), 46, 111,134,169-70, 192,215.328,335,369; as a public official 173,182, as a teaching elder, 132,146,173,384,385,389; Mentioned 125,128,155,188.

In the book “Dutch immigrant Memoirs and Related Writings by Henry S. Lucas page 582 Index
Betten, Antonie J. jr. 204-215, 223, 227, 518,550-557,561.

In the book Netherlanders in America by Jacob Van Hinte
Page 1117 Betten, A. J. 138, 282,284,286,189,291,365
Betten, A. J. Fr. 479,481,485,488,489, 519


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