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Thomas Wishart family


Posted By: Mary Campbell Ballard (email)
Date: 5/15/2005 at 14:52:32

Wishart Family

--Mary Campbell Ballard

This is a tale of three brothers, all born in Red River Settlement, Manitoba, Canada to
Thomas,(Sr.) and Barbara Spence Wishart. Solomon, born April 15, 1825; Elijah, born 1835
(Was he a twin of Mary?); and Thomas, born 1839.

The 1840, Iowa Territory, First District of Clayton, Sheet No: 6A, Reel no: M704-101,
Page No: 5, Enumerated by: J. W. Griffith on line 22 lists Thos Wishheart with 2 males
0-5 (Elijah H. and Thomas), 1 male 10-15 (Solomon), 1 male 30-40 (?), 1 male 40-50 (Thomas),
1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, and 1 female 30-40 (Barbara).

Thomas, (Sr.) died at Turkey Junction, Clayton County, Iowa sometime after this census
and before November 5, 1840, when his estate went through probate.

The Millville Township, Clayton County, Iowa census lists Barbary Wishhart in
the household of Edmund B. Lyons and the two boys Thomas, age 10 and Elijah (listed as a
girl named Elisa), age 14, living in Jefferson Township, Clayton County, Iowa in the Richard
Pearson household.

1. Solomon, a young adult, is found on the 1850 census living in Chippewa Township,
Chippewa County, Wisconsin, pg. 112, line 30 with the Indian Trader, George Warren, working
as a laborer.

Apparently, sometime shortly after this census was taken, Solomon left Chippewa.

By 1860, Solomon was married to Emma or Anna Last Name Unknown and living in Jasper
County, Texas. The Newton Post Office, Jasper County, Texas census, Image #:241, Roll:
M653_1298, enumerated on June 28, 1860 by Darrin McMahan, lists on lines 24-29 in
household # 117: Solomon Wishard, age 35, male, farmer, value of personal estate-$50, born
Minnesota; Anna, age 24, female, born Georgia; Thomas, male, age 6, born Texas; George,
male, age 4, born Texas; Henry, male, age 2, born Texas; and David, male, age 2/12, born

Compare this to the Newton Post Office, Jasper County, Texas census, Image#:240, Roll:
M653_1298, enumerated on July 28, 1860 by the same Darrin McMahan which lists on lines
9-15 in household # 108: Solomon Wishard, age 36, male, farmer, value of personal estate-
$50, born in Minnesota; Emma, female, age 25, born Georgia; Thomas, male, age 7, born
Texas; George, male, age 5, born Texas; Seth, male, age 3, born Texas; David, male, age
3/12, born Texas, and E. A. Barker, age 27, male, farming, born Michigan.

Why did Solomon choose to migrate to Texas? Was it the warmer climate? Did it have to
do with the offer of free land? Perhaps the Indian trading? I don't know. I'm still trying to
find the answer to this question. Perhaps I'll never know.

On May 24, 1862, Solomon enlisted as a substitute for Rufus A. Winn in Company I, 13
Texas Cavalry. From his complete military file, I know Solomon was detailed duty at
hospital from July 20, 1862 to August 27, 1862. Nurse at Camp Nelson since 23 November
1862 on the November Regimental Return. The Company Muster Roll for November &
December 1862 shows he was detailed at Camp Nelson take care of sick (Then there are 3
blank lines before this entry--) & nurse appears in columns of nurses pursuit cancelled.
The Regimental Return for April 1865 shows Solomon was a Color Corporal. His complete
file includes some kind of pay slip for commitation of rations while on detached service
returning from hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas to Austin Prison, Texas. (That is, if I'm
reading it right. It is handwritten and very hard to read.) Anyway, on October 25, 1862,
he received $12. His complete military record is very incomplete. The rest of it is just
showing he was present at the different muster rolls. He was discharged at the end of the
war with the rank of private. He appears as Soloman Wishard, Houston County on the
"Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865" by Linda Mearse.

What happened to Solomon's first family? By the time of his listing on the "Confeder-
ate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865" there was only a wife and child included.
By 1870, he was remarried to my g-g-grandmother, Francis Little, daughter of Raliegh
and Nancy Little. Fancis was born December 9, 1850 in Attala County, Mississippi.
Although I've tried looking everywhere I can think of and placed numerous postings on
different mailing lists, I've found no trace or either his first wife or the children.

The 1870, Precinct 1, Bowie County, Texas, Boston Post Office, Roll: M 593_1576,
Page: 431, Image: 163, line 37 & 38, household # 24 enumerated August 10, 1870 by
Wm. L. Mabry, lists: Wishard, Solomon, age 45,white, male, Engineer of Mill, value of
personal estate: $250, born N. T., father of foreign birth, male citizen of U. S. of 21 years of
age and upwards; and Francis, age 19, white,female, Keeping house, born Louisiana,
can't write. (Francis family had been living in Rapides Parish, Louisiana just prior to their
move to Texas--I wonder how the enumerator asked the question?)

The 1880 census at Ancestry.com has the family indexed under the surname of
Wishom--the enumeraters handwriting was inferior and could have been translated
that way. The 1880, Precinct 1, Bowie County, Texas, Roll: T 9_1292, Page: 7B, ED 1,
enumerated on June 8, 1880 by M. Elliott, household # 86, on lines 28-34 lists:
Wishard, S., white, male, age 56, married, Laborer, can't read, can't write, born Texas;
Francis, white, female, age 27, wife, married, Keeps House, has a fever, can't read, can't
write, born Mississippi, father born Kentucky, mother born Georgia; John, white, male,
age 8, son, at school, born Texas; Jas. R., white, male, age 6, son, at school, born
Texas; S. R., white, male, age 3, son, at home, born Texas; M. A., white, female, age
2/12, born March, daughter, at home, born Texas; and Watkins, Mina, mulatto, female,
age 20, boards, single, Cook, can't read, can't write, born Texas, father born Georgia,
mother born in U. S.

I haven't been able to find when or where Solomon died, but was probably before

2. Thomas Wishart was living in the household of Thomas Wilson in 1860. The 1860
Silver Creek, Stephenson County, Illinois, Roll: M 653_230, Page: 0, census enum-
erated on June 21, 1860 by J. A. Bigalow on lines 36-40 and on the next page on lines
1-11 in household # 446 lists: Thomas Wilson, 54, male, Farmer, Value of Real Estate--
$7,000, Value of Personal Estate--$1100, born in Pennsylvania; Atty A., 45, female,
born in Pennsylvania; Mary, age 16, female, born in Illinois, attended school within
the year; Isadore, age 13, female, born in Illinois, attended school within the year;
Lucy, age 11, female, born in Illinois, attended school within the year; Victora Wilson,
age 8, female, born in Illinois, attended school within the year; Lydia, age 3, female,
born in Illinois; William Rinn, age 3, male, born in Illinois, attended school within the
year; Thos. Washart, age 24, male, born in Iowa, attended school within the year;
Adam Wilson, age 86, male, Farmer, born in England; Lucy, age 88, female, born in
England; Mary A., age 52, female, born in Pennsylvania; Jane, age 44, female, born
in Pennsylvania; Maria May, age 23, female, com. s. teacher, born in Vermont; Urias
Eaton, age 28, male, born in New York; John Storer, age 26, male, Value of Real
Estate--$800, born in Wisconsin.

On April 19, 1861, at Freeport, Illinois, Thomas enlisted in the 11 Illinois Infantry
Regiment, Company A when it was first formed and served until it was disbanded on
July 30, 1861. Then on August 15, 1861, at Freeport, Illinois, Thomas enlisted in the
26 Infantry Regiment, Company B when it was first formed and served until his
death on November 21, 1863. The company muster roll shows he had been sent
sick to Gayosa Hospital at Memphis, Tennessee on September 30, 1863. Interestingly,
on the company muster roll dated February 29, 1864, it makes note of his death and
'accounts settled on final statement', but in another handwriting at the bottom, it
states, "Name not borne on Co. muster out roll of Regt."

This is the transcription of his discharge:

I certify, on honor, that Thomas Wishhart a Private of Captain James P. Davis
Company (B) of the 26th Regiment of Infantry VOLUNTEERS, of the State of Illinois,
born in Clayton County, State of Iowa, aged 24 years; 5 feet 7 inches high; Dark
complexion, Black eyes, Black hair, and by occupation a Farmer, having joined the
company on its original organization at Freeport, Ill., and enrolled in it at the muster
into the service of the United States at Camp Butler, Ill., on the 28th day of August,
1861 for the term of three years and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY
with his Company in 26th Ill. Infantry to the present date, is now deceased. Said
Thomas Wishhart died of disease at the Gayosa Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., Nov.
21st, 1863.

The said Thomas Wishhart was last paid by Paymaster Major Greenawalt to
include the 30th day of June, 1863, and has pay due him from that time to the
present date; he is entitled to pay and subsistence for TRAVELING to place of
enrollment and whatever other allowances are authorized to volunteer soldiers,
or militia, so discharged. He has received 68 28/100 dollars, advanced by the
United States on account of CLOTHING.

His clothing account was last settled Aug. 31st, 1862.

Given in Duplicate, at Freeport, Ill., this 25th day of Jan., 1864.

James P. Davis


Commanding Company.

I've been unable to locate the gravesite of Thomas, but I've been told he is
probably one of the unknown soldiers buried in the National Cemetery at
Memphis, Tennessee.

3. Elijah was living in Agency City, Wapello County, Iowa when he enlisted on
May 6, 1861 at Ottumwa, Iowa in 2 Iowa Infantry Regiment, Company K. He re-
enlisted on December 23rd, 1863 at Pulaski, Tennessee on condition he could
"have a furlough of at least (30) thirty days in his state before expiration of
original term of enlistment in compliance with G. O. No. 371 A. G. O. Washington,
D. C."

Transcription of re-enlistment paper:

I, Elijah H. Wishart, born in Dubuque County, in the State of Iowa, aged 27
years, and by occupation a mechanic, DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have
volunteered this 23rd day of Dec. 1863 to serve as a SOLDIER in the Army of the
United States of America, for the period of THREE YEARS unless sooner dis-
charged by proper authority: Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations,
and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers. And I, Elijah H.
Wishart, do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United
States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all
their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the
orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers ap-
pointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.
Sworn and subscribed to, at Pulaski, Tenn. this 23rd day of Dec., 1863 before
E. E. Mastick.

E. H. Wishart

I certify, on honor, that I have carefully examined the above named Volunteer,
agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that, in my opinion, he
is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way
disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier.

W. A. Turner apt

Surg. 2 Iowa

Examining Surgeon

I certify, on honor, that I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, E. H. Wishart
previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted;
that, to the best of my judgement and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in
accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able bodied soldier,
I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service.

This soldier has Black eyes, Dark hair, Dark complexion, is 5 feet, 10 inches

N. R. Howard, Maj

2nd Regt. of Iowa Infty Volunteers

(A. G. O. No. 74 & 76.)

There is another re-enlistment paper done 2 days later. The only differences are
Elijah is listed as 28 years, instead of dark hair it says black, and his height is 5 feet
9 1/2 inches high.

Elijah was discharged on July 12, 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Name: Wishart, E. H., Rank: P., No. of Reg't: 2, State: Iowa, Co.: K, Information
obtained from Records of: Mis Roll, Vol.: 383, Page: 4.
Captured & parolled at Holly Springs on Dec. 20, 1862. Reported at B. B. Mo., Jan.
9-11, 1863. Present at B. B. Mo. Jany. 31, 63 at B. B. Mo. Feby. 28, 63 absent without

Copied by J C H

On September 9, 1869, Elijah married Jennie Doughtery. This substantiated by
the widow many years later, when she brought in the family bible. 'That the date of
the publication of the bible is 1871. The appearance of the writing in said record
appears to be of an old date.' They may have been married in New Brunswick where
Jennie was born. I haven't been able to find them on the 1870 census or the marriage
record itself. Someone on the Canadian side might have access to these records.

The 1880 7th Ward, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, pg. 416B, ED 166, enumerated
by A. W. Branch on June 16, 1880 on lines 12-15, household # 108 lists: Wishard, E. H.,
white, male, age 40, married, Wood Turner, born in Spain, father born in Spain, mother
born in Spain; Jennie, white, female, age 32, wife, married, Keeping house, born in New
Brunswick, father born in Ireland, mother born in New Brunswick; Albert M., white, male,
age 5, son, born in Iowa, father born in Spain, mother born in New Brunswick; Halley S.,
white, male, age 3, born in Iowa, father born in Spain, mother born in New Brunswick.
Third street is notated at the side.

The book, "Iowa Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, 1885", on page 235, lists Wishart, E. H.,
Private, Company K, Present Post Office Address--Des Moines.

On November 3, 1885, Jennie died, apparently during childbirth, since the cause of
death was puerperal convulsions (eclampsia?). However, when the physician filled out
the death certificate, he dropped the Mrs., so Jennie's death certificate and then her head-
stone are identified as E. H. Wishart--Emeline had to prove all of this before she could
collect a dime on her widow's pension!!

On May 3, 1887, Elijah married Mrs. Emeline Martin. I believe this to have been Emeline
Thornley, born July 9, 1849 to Edward and Mary J. Thornley.

The 1889 and 1890 Des Moines city directory lists: Edward H. Wishart, Location 2: 614
e s 6th, Business Name: A. Anderson, Occupation: wood turner, City: Des Moines, State:

On December 23, 1890, Elijah applied for his pension: "On this 23 day of Dec A. D:, one
thousand eight hundred and ninety personally appeared before me, a notary public within
and for the county and state aforesaid, Edward H. Wishart aged 54 years, a resident of the
City of Des Moines county of Polk State of Iowa who, being duly sworn according to law,
declares that he is the identical Edward Elijah H. Wishart who was enrolled on the 6 day of
May 1861, in Co K of the 2nd Regt Ia vols. (The enrolling officer made a mistake in his first
name) in the war of the rebellion, and served at least ninety days, and was honorably dis-
charged at Louisville "K" on the day of July 1865. That he is unable to earn a support by
reason of Injury of right leg, nervous debility & malarial poisoning, diarrhea, piles, and dis-
ease of kidneys & hematuria. That said disabilities are not due to his vicious habits, and
are to the best of his knowledge and belief permanent. That he has not applied for pension.
That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the
United States under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890.

He hereby appoints REEVE & GASTON of Des Moines, Ia., his true and lawful attorneys
to prosecute his claim, and hereby agrees to allow them a fee of Ten Dollars to be paid by
the U. S. Pension Agent when his pension is paid. That his post office address is 614 S E
6th St. Des Moines county of Polk, State of Iowa.

Edward H. Wishart

The Des Moines city directory for 1891 lists: Edward H. Wischart, Location 2: 614 e s 6th,
Occupation: Special police, City: Des Moines, State: Iowa

Elijah's son, Sheldon is also listed on this directory: Sheldon Wischart, Location 2: 614
e s 6th, Occupation: teamster, City: Des Moines, State: Iowa.

On June 30, 1891, apparently in the preformance of his duties, Elijah was shot and killed.
The graveyard at Burlington was used as a dumping ground for garbage by a few individuals
and it became necessary to forbid it. On June 30, 1891, Frank Pierce came to the graveyard
with a load of garbage and was informed by E. H. Wishard that he could no longer unload
there. Pierce had a reputation for ugly acts, and he drew two revolvers and shot Wishard.
Pierce was arrested and brought to jail, and by the time he arrived a mob of about five hundred
awaited him. They would have lynched him had not the militia been called out and blank
cartridges used. This was the second time that a mob came near lynching him, as he had been
sought by one in 1888.--From "Iowa History Project", Annals of Iowa, Vol. XI Iowa City, January,
1914, Attempted Lynchings in Iowa by Paul Walton Black.

Governor Drake on Thanksgiving day pardoned out the notorious whisky searcher of Des Moines,
Frank Pierce, who was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the murder of E. H. Wishard.
He had yet two years to serve and should have done so.--From the Fayette County Union
Newspaper, December 3rd & 10th, 1896.

The death certificate says the cause of death was gunshot wound at the hands of Frank
Pierce. It lists the date of death as July 1, 1891 and that he was to be buried in Woodland
Cemetery on July 2.

The WPA Iowa Graves Registration Survey, Polk County, Iowa lists E. L. Wishart, date of death:
July 1, 1891, birth date: 1837, cemetery: Woodland.

Elijah and his wife don't have headstones at this time, although I do plan to make application for a military marker for him. I have is a picture of the location which the cemetery was nice enough to mark with a little plastic flag. It is located in Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa. The cemetery records indicate they are next to each other in Block 15, Lot 208.

From the volumes of documents included in the pension application, wherein Emeline had
to prove that Elijah H. was the same person as Edijah H., Edward H., and E. H. Wishart, that
Elijah was the father of Sheldon Halley Wishart, born January 4, 1877 and Jennie M, born
November 11, 1882. There is also the record of the 1880 census which also gives us Albert M.
Wishart, born about 1875.

Sheldon married two times. In 1910, he was in Spokane, Washington. The census on pg. 86B
lists: Wishart, Sheldon H., head, male white, 34, 1st marriage, married 9 years, number children
born-4, number of children living-3, born Iowa, father born U. S., mother born U. S., house plasterer;
Minnie E., wife, female, white, 37, 1st marriage, married 9 years, number children born-4, number
children living-3, born Illinois, father born Mecklenberg, Germany, mother born Mecklenberg,
Germany; Cecil S., son, male, white, 5, single, born in Washington, father born in Iowa, mother
born in Illinois; Sotan E., son, male, white, 3, single, born in Washington, father born in Iowa,
mother born in Illinois; Ida M., daughter, female, white, 1, single, born in Washington, father
born in Iowa, mother born in Illinois.

The 1930 Maplewood, Multnomal County, Oregon census on pg. 4B lists: Wishart, Sheldon H.,
head, male, white, 51, age at time of marriage-37, born Iowa, father born in US, mother born in US,
plasterer mason; Hannah M., wife, female, white, 40, age at time of marriage-26, born in Idaho,
father born in Utah, mother born in Utah; Gertrude, daughter, female, white, 12, born in Idaho,
father born in Iowa, mother born in Idaho; Gibbs, Jonithan, brother-in-law, male, white, 48, born
in Utah, father born in Utah, mother born in Utah, shipping clerk mail order HS.

Sheldon died November 23, 1947 in Portland, Multnomal County, Oregon, certificate # 4031,
according to the Oregon death index.

Albert Many Wishart was in Laramie, Wyoming in 1900. The Ward 1, Laramie, Albany County,
Wyoming, pg. 27B, ED 7 lists: Wishart, Albert M., head, white, male, birth month-June, birth year-
1874, 25, married, number of years married-0, born in Iowa, father born in Spain, mother born in
Blanada, restraurant keeper, can read, can write, speaks English; Tillie, wife, white, female, birth
month-July, birth year-1875, born in Wyoming, father born in Sweden, mother born in Sweden,
can read, can write, speaks English; it also lists all the restraurant workers. Albert died in San
Mateo, California on December 20, 1956, according to the California Death Index. He was born
on June 15, 1874. I haven't researched him that much as yet.

I've been unable to find Jennie M. Wishart. Unless I happen to get lucky and find a marriage
record it will be hard to identify her.

This is pretty much what I have. If anyone wants copies of the documents, let me know which
ones you are interested in. I need to experiment with my scanner a little to get the copies to show
up better.


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