West High School

1909 ~ 1910

The year 1909 - 1910 has been a most successful one for the Athletic Association. The officers for the past year were:


Joe Chapman ...................................President
Blanche Thompson .........................Vice President
Nathan Sharp ...................................Treasurer
Harriett Ryan ....................................Secretary


Expenditures for the year amount to about $700, which exceeds by a large margin the expenses of the association in previous years, but despite this fact the association owes only about $20.00. This success is due to two reasons: Athletics have received better support this season than ever before and the gate receipts have been far better than in preceding years; also, the association cleared $157.00 from the play they gave in January. There would have been some $65.00 ahead had not the expenses been so heavy in sending the basketball team to the Madison tournament.

Since expenses have been unusually heavy the association has been more than successful in playing even. Football, which has been an unknown game at West High for a long period was revived at the beginning of the present year. Most of the team was composed of raw material, but under the supervision of Coach Kenyon they were able to make a remarkably good showing against a number of older teams. They started the season by defeating Oelwein 22 to 0. The second scheduled game was played with the Coe Freshmen team at Cedar Rapids, where we were defeated 10 to 0. The game was played on a wet field and against a heavier team but in spite of the handicap every man gave a good account of himself. We next met Dubuque H. S. at Dubuque and were defeated 6 to 5 in a very fast game. The last game of the season was lost to East Waterloo H. S. 5 to 0. The members of the squad were:


Jay Sweitzer [captain] QB
Harold Cole, C
Roy Duke, RG
Nathan Sharp, LH
Joe Chapman, LE
Guy Schlaburg, RH
Bruce Gates, LT
Arthur Rackliffe, RG
Walter Trask, LG
Clarence Speer, LT
Harold Whittle, RE
Burdette Smith, FB
Glenn Whittle, RT
Hugh Clary, Sub Half

W's were awarded to Trask, Smith, Sharp, Speer, H. Whittle, Cole, Duke and Schlaburg.




The past season has been above average in West High's basket ball history. At the begiining of the season prospects seemed poor, as only two of the old team remainded. Harold Whittle was elected captain and through his work, together with Coach Mallory's and the aid of a willing bunch of "try outs," a championship team was brought forth. Only two of the scheduled games were lost during the season, one to Marshalltown and one to Grundy Center. The team did remarkably speedy and precise team work and in most every case proved more than a match for their opponents.

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