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Rural Teachers - 1919


With Better Conditions Than Ever the Rural Schools Are Now Nearly all Open and Teachers Report.

Below is a list of the rural schools and the teachers in each district that have sent in the post card that should come from each school at the end of the first day. Those schools omitted are the schools that have not reported, have not yet secured teachers or because of small attendance have been closed. Eleven schools are without teachers and three have been closed; four may be closed later if the attendance does not increase.

Many of the schools have made alterations and plans for the this year that will be beneficial and Miss Della Lutes, county superintendent, believes that this will be a very successful year.
The superintendents of the city and town schools are:
Atkins — Miss Katie Lynch.
Belle Plaine — James R. McCicker.
Garrison — Harrison W. Busby.
Keystone — Lawrence Bolenbaugh.
Luzerne — Lois Grady.
Mt. Auburn — S. C. E. Palmers.
Newhall — R. E. Valentine.
Norway — 0. P. Dill.
Shellsburg — L. E. Davison.
Urban — Mr. Van Der Veen.
Van Horne — R. E. Ballard.
Vinton — K. D. Miller.

The rural schools and teachers: 

Big Grove Township.
No. 1— Annie Johnson.
No. 2— Mary Lynch.
No. 3— Vivian Barkdoll.
No. 4— Hazel Steward.
No. 5— Charlotte Shaw.
No. 6— Stella Noe.
No. 7— Miss Campbell.
No. 8— Miss Bielein.
No. 9— Eva Shultz.

Bruce Township.
No  1— Pearl Strohecker.
No. 2— Leda Ritter.
No. 5— Laura Sturtz.
No. 6— Esther Kerstetter.
No. 7— Laura Overman
No. 8— Jennie Crane.
No. 9— Irene Cullen.

Eldorado Township.
No. 3— Hazel Andrews.
No. 4— Helen Green.
No. 5— Emma Schultz.
No. 7— Leone Roland.

Fremont Township.
No. 1— Alta Meek.
No. 2— Mary Kettler.
No. 3— Mary Raher.	
No. 4— Elias Christenson.
No. 5— Ethel Baker.
No. 7— Miss Stark.	
No. 8— Louise Gerhold.
No. 9— Anna Christenson.

Leroy Townslilp.
No. 2— Alice Robertson.
No. 4— Carrie Ridenour.
No. 5— Bridget Hogan.
No. 6— Edna Harden.
No. 8— Miss Brady.
No. 9— Mary Kirkpatrick.

Monroe Township.
No. 1— Lucile White.
No. 2— Gertrude Shaffer.
No. 3—Elsie Baker.
No. 4— Nelda Schreider.
No. 5— Laura Bunker.
No. 6— Ellen Lynch. 
No. 7— Viola Kersten.
No. 8— Mattie Noeller.
No. 9— Minnie Dilcher.

Taylor Townslilp.
No. 2—Olive Thompson.
No. 3—Margaret Donovan.
No. 4—Marie King.
No. 5—Emma Weber.
No. 6—Mabel Webb.
No. 8—Gladys Rice.
No. 9—Fannie Gaston.
No. 10—Hazel Rogers.

Union Township.
No. 1— Margarite Fitzgerald.
No. 2— Lillian Harrison.
No. 3— Mary Wilson.
No. 5— Miss Pearson.
No. 7— Helen Kepner.
No. 8— Miss Williams.
No. 9— Ellen Carlson.

Benton Townslilp.
No. 2— Edna Evans.
No. 4— Ava Evans.
No. 5— Naomi Smouse.
No. 6— Lilian Browne.
No. 7— Maud Sinkey.

Canton Townsldp.
No. 1— Martha Williams.
No. 2— Nettie Dickinson.
No. 3— Mary Johnson.
No. 4— Irene Roll.
No. 5— Lillian Maxwell.
No. 6— Leta Jones.
No. 7— Mary Meek.

Cedar Township.
No. 1— Ida Miles.
No. 2— Iva Miller.
No. 3— Glee Hall.
No. 5— Ethel Lynberg.
No. 6— Bertha Fry.
No. 9— Evelyn Berbohm.
No. 10— Bessie Shaffer.

Eden Township.
No. 2— Doris Miller.
No. 3— Helen Welton.
No. 4— Helen Gilchrist.
No. 5— Vera Remington.
No. 6— Bernice Beatty.
No. 9— Helen Steinke.

Florence Township.
No. 1—Sadie Alberts.

Homer Township.
No. 1— Lucy Trego.
No. 3— Mabel Harrington.
No. 4— Ruth Welton.
No. 5— Esther Radeke.
No. 8— Edna Schoelerman.
No. 9— Lillian Enders.

No. 2— Minnie Strullmeyer.
No. 7— Gladys Will.
No. 8— Miss Burrows.
No. 10— Theresa Graf.

Jackson Township.
No. 1—Marguerite Wyman.
No. 2—Lee Ludden.
No. 3—Ruth Herring.
No. 4—Harriet Wilson.
No. 5—Hazel Urmy.
No. 6—Tracy Jones.

Kane Township.
No. 1— Irene Schenken.
No. 2— Blanche M. Hall.
No. 7— Katherine Farrell
No. 8— Margaret Wilson.

Polk Township.
No. 3— Leone Pitts.
No. 4— Adah McCright.
No. 9— Lois Bassett.
No. 11— Ferol Martin.
No. 12— Mabel Montgomery.
No. 13— Florence Burrell.

St. Clair Township.
No. 1— Helen Taylor.
No. 2— Lillian Delaney.
No. 3— Marie Huff.
No. 4— Edna Lozur.
No. 5— Jessie Brenna.
No. 8— Mary Davin.
No. 10— Mary Waychoff.

Taylor Township.
No. 3— Maud Noeller.

Harrison Township.
No. 1— Vivian Bassett.
No. 2— Nancy McMillan.
No. 4— Muriel Pauley.
No. 5— Elsie Davin.
No. 6— Clara Keller.
Printed in The Vinton Eagle
Tuesday, September 9, 1919

Transcribed by John Shuck.
October 2022

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