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The Vinton Cook Book

~ Second Edition ~
Methodist Episcopal Church Vinton, Iowa
Compiled by the First Division Pastor's Aid Society 1928

A Collection of Recipes 'Tried, Tested and True' Contributed by Members and Friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Vinton, Iowa. Compiled by the First Division Pastor's Aid Society 1928. "For nothing lovelier can be found in woman than to study household good."

Foreword: We take pleasure in presenting to our friends this revised and enlarged collection of recipes, for we feel that the usefulness of the book will justify its appearance in the company of housekeeper's aids.

The compilers bespeak a liberal patronage for the advertisers whose cooperation has helped to make this book possible, and for the recipes they ask the confident use which the name of the contributors justify.

The Compilers:
                    Adams, Mrs. U. G.
                    Allen, Mrs. E. K.
                    Amen, Adelaide
                    Ames, Mrs. A.L.
                    Bassett, Mrs.
                    Bassett, Mrs. Hazel
                    Bassett, Mrs. S. 
                    Bassett, Mrs. Sherman
                    Beller, Mrs. M. B.
                    Berry, Mrs. Cole   
                    Bickel, Mrs. George H.
                    Bickel, Mrs. W. E.
                    Bills, Mrs. Burt  
                    Black, Mrs. C. T. 
                    Blocher, Pearl
                    Bolenbaugh, Mrs. O. 
                    Booth, Mrs. A. M.  
                    Bordewick, Hazel
                    Bostrom, Mrs. Annie
                    Bostrom, Mrs. Carl 
                    Britt, Edna
                    Britt, Mrs. Edna   
                    Brown, Mrs. C. P.  
                    Burkhart, Mrs. C. J.
                    Burkhart, Mrs. Clarence
                    Burnham, Mrs. G. W.
                    Buxton, Mrs.
                    C.,  Mrs. J. W.  
                    Carl,  Mrs. N. P.
                    Carrier, Mrs. Joe 
                    Chinn, Leah Thompson
                    Christianson, Mrs. P. O.
                    Christianson, Mrs. Port 
                    Collins, Mrs. M. J.
                    Conger, Agnes
                    Conger, Lucile
                    Conger, Lucille
                    Conger, Mrs. Wesley
                    Conter, Mrs. P. G. 
                    Conter, Mrs. P. J. 
                    Cox, Mrs. D. L.  
                    Cox, Mrs. Delbert
                    Croft, Marion Hart
                    Culp, Mrs. Theo.
                    Daun, Mrs. L. A.
                    Deardoff, Mrs. A. W.
                    Deardorf, Cornelia
                    Detrick, Mrs. Elmer  
                    Downs, Mrs. J. C.
                    Driscoll, Mrs. James
                    Driscoll, Mrs. Jas. 
                    Eddy, Mrs.
                    Ellis, Mrs. Gitty  
                    Ellis, Mrs. Hoyt   
                    Ellis, Mrs. L. W.  
                    Elms, Mrs. John    
                    Elson, Mrs. R. B.  
                    Fagan, Mrs. Chas.  
                    Feeney, Mrs. E. C. 
                    Fischer, Mrs. H. M.
                    Fischer, Margaret E.
                    Fisher, Mrs. Fred   
                    Fisher, Grace
                    Fisher, Miss Grace  
                    Fletcher, Mrs. F. C. 
                    Flynn, Mrs. H. 
                    Fowler, Mrs. A. M. 
                    Fowler, Ruth
                    Fry, Mrs. Clark 
                    Fry, Mrs. M. D. 
                    Fry, Mrs. Merle 
                    G., F. J.
                    Gale, Mrs. E. M.
                    Gale, Mrs. Geo. 
                    Garn, Mrs. E. M.
                    George, Mrs. Florence
                    George, Mrs. Florence
                    Gerberich, Mrs. F. L.
                    Gilchrist, Mrs. L. K.
                    Goodell, Mrs. Lizzie 
                    Goodell, Mrs. Paul   
                    Gordon, Mrs. Glen    
                    Gow, Mrs. Faith  
                    Gow, Faith J.
                    Graham, Mrs. Mary 
                    Grant, Mrs. Edward
                    Green, Mrs. Cass  
                    Greenwalt, Mrs. F. P., Jr. 
                    Griffin, Mrs. Adelaide   
                    Griffin, Mrs. C. C.  
                    Griffin, Mrs. C. C., Jr.
                    Guenther, Grace Knapp
                    H., Mrs. J. A.  
                    Haish, Mrs. Guy 
                    Haish, Mrs. J. G.  
                    Halgren, Mrs. Grant
                    Hall, Mrs. Fred    
                    Harper, Mrs. Milo  
                    Hart, Mrs. James   
                    Hart, Mrs. Russell 
                    Harter, Mrs. Addie 
                    Harter, S. R.
                    Hartley, Mrs. J. 
                    Hauser, Mrs. Wm. 
                    Henderson, Mrs. C. A. 
                    Henderson, Mary Brown
                    Hensing, Mrs. Maud    
                    Hill, Mrs. C. S. 
                    Hite, Mrs. Elmer 
                    Hite, Mrs. Louise
                    Houlihan, Mrs. A. C.
                    Huffman, Corinne Gordon
                    Hulse, Mrs. W. C.
                    Inger, Mrs. R. C.
                    Inman, Mrs. Chas.
                    Inman, Mrs. Flo
                    Inman, Flora A.
                    Jameson, Mrs. F. S.
                    Jenkins, Mrs. W. H.
                    Jervis, Miss Alice S.   
                    Jewett, Miss Lillian
                    Jewitt, Miss L. M.  
                    Jones, Mrs. Miles
                    Jones, Mrs. T. J.
                    Kellogg, Cora
                    Kellogg, Mrs. Cora W.
                    Kennan, Mrs. Tell    
                    King, E. Clark
                    Kirkland, Mrs. L. J. 
                    Kirkpatrick, Mrs.
                    Kline, Lelia N.
                    Knapp, Esther
                    Knapp, Miss Esther 
                    Knapp, Mrs. Geo. R.
                    Knowles, Miss
                    Knupp, Mrs. A. C.  
                    Kray, Mrs. Wm. C.  
                    Kruse, Mrs. H. G.  
                    Kruse, Mrs. M. P.  
                    La Grange, Mrs. Arthur 
                    Lannighill, Mrs.
                    Lent, Mrs. R.
                    Lent, Mrs. Ralph 
                    Leverich, Mrs. Arthur
                    Lilja, Mrs. John  
                    Luckey, Mrs. Edna 
                    Luckey, Mrs. J. E.
                    Lynk, Mrs. Charles
                    Lyons, Mrs. Frank 
                    Main, Mrs. Winifred 
                    Marietta, Mrs. J. E.
                    Markham, Mrs. Oren  
                    Martin, Dora H.
                    Martin, Mrs. F. J.
                    Mc Caleb, Mrs.
                    Mc Elroy, Mrs. G. D.
                    Mc Elroy, Grace
                    Mc Elroy, Mrs. H. H.
                    Mc Intyre, Irene
                    Mc Kee, Mrs.
                    Mc Lane, Miss Anna   
                    Mc Lean, Anna Downs
                    Mc Lean, Elsie May
                    Mease, Mrs. B. G.  
                    Melberg, Mrs. Amos 
                    Mellot, Mrs. E. V.   
                    Miller, Mrs. A. J.   
                    Miller, Mrs. C. W.   
                    Miller, Mrs. Earl E. 
                    Miller, Mrs. Frances 
                    Miller, Mrs. Harold  
                    Miller, Mrs. K. D.   
                    Mossman, Mrs. Hugh   
                    Muhl, Mrs. Theo.   
                    Murray, Mrs. C. J. 
                    Mussman, Mrs. A. F.
                    Nichols, Mrs. Lola 
                    Norwood, Ida L.
                    Oleson, Signe
                    Palmer, Mrs.
                    Palmer, Mrs. Eber 
                    Palmer, Mrs. F. E.
                    Parcell, Mrs. Charles
                    Parzybok, Mrs. S.
                    Pauley, Mrs. Barton
                    Payne, Mrs. Louie  
                    Peterson, Mrs. O.  
                    Peterson, Mrs. Ole 
                    Pitts, Mrs. Bert   
                    Planck, Mrs.
                    Planck, Mrs. C. C.
                    Port, Mrs. Alice  
                    Port, Mrs. Alice Wilcox
                    Porter, Grace Miller
                    Primrose, Bertha
                    Quinn, Mrs. Porte 
                    Railsback, Mrs. S. E.
                    Rasley, Mrs. J. A.   
                    Reid, Mrs. Alma 
                    Reid, Mrs. Chas.
                    Reid, Mrs. Chas.
                    Riddiough, Mrs.
                    Ridge, Mrs. Will
                    Rife, Mrs. E. S.
                    Rockwell, Kathryn Mc Elroy
                    Roseman, Emma Janet Ray
                    Ruger, Mrs.
                    Ruhl, Mrs. J. A.
                    Salsbery, Mrs. Rose  
                    Schaelar, Mrs. Albert
                    Schlotfelt, Mrs. Clint
                    Schnoor, Mrs. E. V.   
                    Scribner, Mrs.
                    Sebeck, Mrs. Wm. 
                    Sheets, Mrs. Rose  
                    Sherman, Mrs. B. R.
                    Shreeves, Anna
                    Shreeves, Mrs. Russell
                    Shreeves, Virginia
                    Siegel, Mrs. Sam 
                    Smith, Mrs. E. H.  
                    Smouse, Mrs. Carl  
                    Spencer, Mrs. Dean 
                    Spike, Mrs.
                    St. Clair, Mrs. G. M.
                    St. Clair, Mrs. Glen 
                    Stewart, Mrs. Sarah  
                    Stoecker, Mrs. L. 
                    Story, Elizabeth
                    Strong, Mrs. H. L.
                    Struve, Laura
                    Struve, Rena
                    Swisher, Mrs. L. A.
                    T., Mrs. H. M.
                    Thompson, Mrs. John
                    Thompson, Mrs. Will
                    Tilson, Mrs. D.
                    Tilson, Mrs. Dave 
                    Tinkham, Mrs.
                    Tinkham, Mrs. E. M.
                    Tobin, Mrs. Hamilton
                    Tobin, Mrs. M. J.   
                    Traer, Mrs. J. F.   
                    Ullom, Helen
                    Ullom, Mrs. S. A.   
                    Wallace, Mrs. Rebecca
                    Wandschneider, Mary
                    Ward, Mrs. A. C.
                    Waterstradt, Mrs. F. C.
                    Watson, Mrs. Blanche
                    Weisflog, Mrs. T. F.
                    Wells, Alice J.
                    Wells, Mrs. H. E. 
                    Welton, Mrs. H. G.
                    Wenner, Mrs. Carl 
                    Wenner, Mrs. Gerald M.
                    Weyer, Mrs. Leland
                    Whipple, Clara
                    Whipple, Mrs. S. T.
                    White, Mrs. Arthur 
                    Whitney, Mrs. J. P.
                    Whitney, Mrs. J. P.
                    Widdis, Tacie Robinson
                    Will, Mrs. C. L.
                    Williams, Mrs. C. G.
                    Wilson, Mrs. J. N.  
                    Wilson, Mrs. James  
                    Wise, Anna
                    Wise, Mrs. Geo.
                    Woodhouse, Mrs. G. R.
                    Wright, Mrs. T. H.   
                    Wyman, Mrs. Ray
                    Young, Mrs. E. F.

Transcribed by Beverly Petersen
Submitted on October 20th, 1997 to the IAGenWeb Project

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