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Red Bush
contributed by  Jon Kime

My Grandmother was born in 1901 at the farm home of her Grandmother, Sarah Brumwell. The Brumwell home was located a quarter-mile east of the Upper Stone School House, on the south side of the road. However if you were to ask her where she was born, she would say "Red Brush".

At the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries,the old town of Benton City was surrounded many trees and a thick underbrush. "Red Brush got it's name because of the large percentage of Oak timber and when the leaves of the Oak froze in the fall they turned in color of a deep red and many trees kept their leaves all winter." BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS by Edward R Brumwell, 1986, page 50. I was told the Benton County Historical society has a copy of this book.

Edward Brumwell was the son of Jim brumwell and a Grandson of Jacob and Sarah Brumwell.


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