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Late Sleeper
contributed by  Jon Kime

During the first half of the 20th Century it was common in rural America for neighboring farmers, working in their fields, to stop and visit “over the fence”. It was a rest brake for the horses, but mostly it was a chance to exchange news or gossip. Chris and Mattie Addy farmed in Polk Township, section 29, their farm was located 2 miles west and a half mile north of Urbana. The Addy’s neighbors immediately to the east were the Lawrence Kelty’s, to the south were Sam and Bert Kelty and to the west were the Tom Donley’s. Frank Burrell farmed the place immediately to the north. All were related. Most farmers, were up at the crack of dawn and had most of the days work done by mid afternoon. Chris Addy was a notorious late sleeper, by the standards of the day. By the time he arose, did his chores and headed for the field, His neighbors were usually done for the day! The joke among his neighbors was “Has anyone seen Addy?"

This story was told to me by my Dad's Aunt and Uncle Leila and Harry Downing. Chris Addy was Leila's Uncle. Bert Kelty, Tom Donley and Frank Burrell were Harry's Uncles.


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